Top 10 Scary Christmas Movies

Top 10 Scary Christmas Movies

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Its that time of the year…Killer Santas, Killer Snowmen and for whatever the reason a bunch of Billy’s. Ahhh you gotta love Christmas horror movies The top ten scary Christmas movies is based on anything horror related from horror family all the way to a horror comedy Comment down below let us know what is your favorite Christmas horror movie? Mask killer Santa Claus is set loose in a town of Wisconsin. Can a deputy sheriff stop him or will more bodies drop Silent Night is one of the better slasher remakes with a storyline that is very different than the original Silent Night is loosely based on the real-life, Covina Massacre Joann kills her husband on Christmas Eve At the same time a homicidal maniac who is dressed as Santa Claus is lurking outside of her house It seems someone has made the naughty list A serial killer Jack Frost gets exposed into a chemical accident that turns him into an unstoppable snowman now Jack Frost seeks revenge on a sheriff who was responsible for his downfall You either love this movie or hate it. Personally we love it It has a perfect blend of horror and comedy. and the scene with Shannon Elizabeth
will either makes you cringe or laugh Harry who was tired of being pushed around just about had enough of it and snapped Harry would put on a Santa suit and reward people in a good list and kill whoever wasn’t a bad list Christmas Eve was one of those 80 slasher films that hasn’t been forgotten But it’s truly a hidden gem with a great cast. I highly recommend checking this out It does a great job telling a story of a guy. Just mentally losing it The Warren’s travel to London, England to investigate a paranormal haunting During a Christmas season a family is being haunted by not only a ghost But also a famous urban legend monster in The Crooked Man. Oh, let’s not forget. There’s also a demonic nun Conjuring 2 is loosely based on the real-life investigation of the Enfield poltergeist Billy a mentally disturbed man breaks into a sorority house and one by one he begins his killing spree Black Christmas would be one of the early inspirations of the 80s slasher genre Billy witnesses the murder of his parents by killer Santa Claus. Ten years has gone by and like it or not Billy will have to join in on the holiday fun This time he’ll dress up as Santa Claus and go on a murdering rampage on those who made his naughty list Jack Skellington the pumpkin king of Halloween town has become bored of his own holiday of Halloween Jack decides to kidnap Santa Claus and take over Christmas. What could go wrong bringing the Halloween spirit to Christmas? What could go wrong bringing the Halloween spirit to Christmas? Krampus, Santa Clauses opposite punishes the wicked, while Santa Claus rewards the good With the Christmas spirit at an all-time low. it’s time for Krampus and his minions to lift everybody’s spirits like it or not the residents of a small, Ohio town will have to try to survive the holidays or fall prey to Krampus During the holidays Randall gives his son Billy a new pet and a name him gizmo awwww How adorable. This is the rare creature known as the Mogwai and you must follow three strict rules? But the consequences were never told to either Randall or Billy Of course all the rules would be broken and gizmo soon spawned out more Mogwai’s who would soon evolved into an army of gremlins The town of Kingston Falls will soon find out why you should obey the three simple rules You can’t beat a movie of a gizmo, stripe and all the different personalities of each of the gremlins Also throw in the holiday settings and you have yourself a Christmas classic


  1. Great list my friends though I'd switch #2 and #1, mostly family ties being a Krampus myself. Also I recommend to you this season a Movie Riff of the Holiday blunder: Santa Conquers The Martians riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000

  2. Never really thought of the Conjuring 2 as a Christmas Horror but I guess it is and like to think of the Nightmare Before Christmas as a Halloween and Christmas film great top 10 guys and to cure the post Christmas blues I bring Halloween In January season 3 starts New Year's Day Halloween In January III.

  3. I love all of the hijinks the gremlins get into. There are a few in there I haven't seen and I should finish watching Jack Frost.

  4. I always identify with movies about people tired of getting pushed around.. think I will heck out "Christmas Evil" this Christmas

  5. Great list guys. I think Black Christmas is the most overrated horror movie. Its okay but I take Christmas Evil and Silent Night. Deadly Night over it. My only complaint is Santa Slay didn't make it

  6. I personally really enjoy Jack Frost. It's stupid and corny, but for me that's the appeal. I love hokey horror movies that really know how to hit the mark.

  7. I love gremlins it’s grate my mum laughs when a lady get shot thew the roof on her chair lifts and gizmo is adorable

  8. Merry Christmas! Amazing list, guys! Some really good choices on this list, especially the Silent Night Remake, Krampus, and Gremlins. Gotta love Christmas!

  9. lol I gotta say I love Jack Frost. Jack Frost doesn't take themselves serious but its a fun xmas horror movie. Jack Frost 2 the worst xmas horror movie

  10. The original Black Christmas is still my personal favorite, and something I watch every year around the holidays. The realness and psychological aspects of it is still as effective in 2017 as it was in 1974. The cinematography is well done, and It's possibly one of the most terrifying Horror films of all time and definitely a pioneer. Also, it's nice to see "Christmas Evil" get some recognition. It's one of the most underrated Christmas Horror films of all time, and in many ways better than 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' in my opinion.

  11. My opinions on a few films…

    Love the Silent Night remake, the Tales of the Crypt original and remake are both, Jack Frost…ah, yeah. No. lol Like the Conjuring 2, love the Black Christmas original so much! Love the Nightmare Before Christmas alright, Krampus was really good, and Gremlins were good from the first and second. Love it. Say, you guys want me to do the count down videos again…? Please?

  12. Great video πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

    Advice: Show short scenes in the movies (if you Can) it would make the video’s much more intersting!😜 but still it’s a great video

  13. Nightmare brefore Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie but I watched Jack Frost several times when I was little in the spring and summer. For my mom is sleeping and Dad at work. 😏😏😺

  14. I am going to admit i dont know any christmas evil movies you said except the number 6 conjuring. But belive me or not i will watch those.

  15. Some Other films that could have made this list. Include: Dead End(2003), Santa’s Slay(2005), Wind Chill(2007), P2(2007), Blackout(2007), The Children(2008), Silent Night Zombie Night(2009), Rare Exports(2010), Christmas Horror Story(2015), Better Watch Out(2016).

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