Top 10 Scary Netflix TV Shows You Must Watch

Top 10 Scary Netflix TV Shows You Must Watch

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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we are talking about the Top 10 SCARIEST Netflix TV Shows that you have to watch. Since a certain TV show that is on this list
came out in October I feel like people are well in to the horror tv series genre…. No longer is horror just 2 hours of a movie….it’s
12 or more hours of a show! Yikes. Keep those screams coming! Before we get into this list, I want to ask
you guys what your favourite scary movie is ? I’m actually a bit of a wimp when it comes
to scary films – I found 2001 a Space Odyssey – one of my favourite films – really scary! Is there anything cooler and scarier than
space? No! Okay let’s do this
10 – The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Okay, listen, I know that this is aimed at
teenagers, but it is also actually really scary! Did you guys watch it? It was gory and terrifying at times! The series is a revamp of the 90s Tv Show
Sabrina the Teenage Witch, only the new offering is blood thirsty! Sabrina has to choose whether or not to sign
her soul to the devil, but that isn’t even the half of it – there are hanging witches,
murders, demonic horseman, human sacrifice and more. -I trust good old Rotten Tomatoes – they
seem to be pretty right on the money – they gave the show 90% – I loved Kiernan Shipka
as Sabrina and apparently, she will be back for season 2. 9 – Dexter
Okay but really I am talking seasons 1 – 4…maybe don’t watch the final 4. Dexter is about a Blood Spatter analyst slash
serial killer – a guy with a blood lust so strong that he has to murder on the reg. He only really murders bad people though – but
when you kill bad people, bad things can happen to you…and your family. Dexter honestly had me pretty terrified at
times, and some of it is HELLA GOREY. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 77% but I feel it’s
the final four seasons bringing it down! It gives season 2 100%. 8 – American Horror Story
So far there are 8 seasons of American Horror Story and each season is different – we’ve
had Murder House, Asylum, Covern, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult and Apocalypse… although
the last one had the people from Covern in. Whatever the theme, it is always truly spooky
and pretty messed up. Not only are the storylines excellent – the
acting is too…Jessica Lange who plays Constance. The show has already been confirmed for a
ninth and tenth season – if you’re ready for some bloody, gore, death and mind games… American Horror Story is for you. Did someone say Blood and Gore…. It must be time to talk about SLASHER at number
7 This Netflix Series started up in 2016 and
pays homage to 90s slasher movies! The series was films in my mate Ontario, Canada
– too! Woo. The premise is basically a woman who returns
to her small town where here parents wee murdered when she was young. On her return, a whole new spate of killings
commences! The tagline of the show is – Everyone has
a past – hers will kill you…. So… expect some deaths. Rotten tomatoes is going with 80 percent on
this one, and I have to agree. I struggled to watch this one alone. Okay I COULD NOT watch this next one alone…I
started watching this next one my ex boyfriend buuut then we broke up and now I can’t finish
the show because I am too scared – we have Hannibal at number 6
So this is kind of a different take on Hannibal Lecter – the cannibal. This one stars the terrifying but fabulous
Mads Mikkelsen as psychiatrist, Dr Hannibal Lecter. Yes, Doctor. Honey is getting in your brain too. So obviously as a cannibal, we see the doctor
killing people, buuuut some people are killed in really grizzly ways. Hannibal is a gourmand, he loves food…. He loves food cooked with people. Not only do you see him eat human flesh, you
also watch him feed it to other people – not least an FBI agent investigating the spate
of deaths. Like I said, this is gross…the most scarring
part of this show was watching Hannibal enjoy growing mushrooms through corpses. THANK YOU, NEXT….. honestly, though… the
storyline is good…. but the gore… I just cant do this one on my own. Rotten tomatoes gives it 89% so… it is probably
worth getting through it if you can. 5 – The Walking Dead
I’ve actually never watched the Walking Dead because zombies scare me – but Danny
watches it…although his feedback seems to be that, like Dexter, it has gone on too long. Some say season 5 was a highlight and things
really picked up again in season 9 – so… I don’t know, maybe there is further hope! SO The Walking Dead started up in 2010 and
is your classic Zombie horror. Rotting reanimated flesh? You gotcha! Sheriff Rick Grimes Wakes up from a coma and
finds the world in ruins. I did watch the first episode….and the little
girl zombie was enough for me! I also went to the Walking Dead attraction
at Universal studios and it was gory. Zombies. The Walking Dead has 80 % on Rotten Toms. 4 – Crazyhead
So….just for a light comic break from the all the serious horror, Crazyhead IS really
scary, but it is also funny…British funny… if that is your jam! It is created by the same people as Misfits…. And it is legit insane. The story follows Amy, a bored bowling ally
worker who can see demons and Raquel, a demon hunter. Exorcisms, the gates of hell. It is kind of like a British Buffy I guess. Oh god I miss Buffy. Did you guys here that they’re reviving
Buffy? Sadly there is only one series…. But you should watch it! It has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes! 3 – Scream
So you may have seen the Scream movies, but in 2015 it was transferred to the small screen
for an offshoot. It seems the town of Lakewood has been pretty
quiet after all the death it saw in the 90s and early 00s…that is until now when a highschool
student is murdered. This version of scream has cyberbullying too,
bringing it into the modern age. YES the ghost face mask is present and correct…as
are knives. Lots of knives and blood and gore. Hurrah. Another film reboot with a twist…. At number 2 we have an offshoot from psycho 2 – Bates Motel
The character of Norman Bates is based on the real life murderer Ed Gein who made human
leather furniture and made a human skin masks so he could dress as his victims. Great. The Hitchcock movie that inspired this horrifying
Netflix series is considered one of films all time greats, so there was a lot of pressure
on Bates Motel to be good….and it seems to have stepped up to the task. The Bates motel is of course the roadside
hotel run by killer Norman Bates….you know, where Guests check in but they don’t always
check out. Anyway, the action here takes place before
psycho – when Bayes is a teen and young adult – so we see the makings of a psycho. There are 5 seasons to watch….annnnnd again,
I would love to watch this but I am farrrrrr too scared to go it alone. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a very very solid
93% so….. So at number one, we have the show that everyone
is raving about. 1 – The Haunting of Hill House
The Haunting of Hill House is loosely based on the horror novel by Shirley Jackson and
is your classic haunted house tale but told so so well in so so scarily! A family move into the home to renovate it
but get far more than they bargain for when they encounter a whole hosts of ghosts – Bent
neck lady, bowler hat guy and that mysterious red room…… it is a literal house of horrors
and it seems that one the house has you, you can’t leave. EVERYONE was talking about this show when
it came it – it was a real success story for Netflix – and I still standby the fact
that there really isn’t anything scarier than a spooky old foggy house….you know
that feeling that someone is watching you…… that is basically the whole show for you. Rotten Tomatoes certifies it fresh, with 92%….
so….it’s scary…. But it isn’t just indulgent, it is fantastic. But horrifying. The Haunting of Hill House can and will give
you nightmares. OKAY….. that was the Top 10 Scary Netflix
TV Shows You Must Watch ! – any furth recs? Comments from Scary Disney Plot Twists
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  1. It's a bit late to comment, but oh wells.. The Birds is probably one of my absolute favourite scary/horror movies. You just can't beat Alfred Hitchcock.

  2. haunted hill house is a good movie .. tnx for recommemding me that video .. Ive watch all the episode and its great and awesome .. ??????

  3. i watched dexter but I thought dexter was a detecter not a murdere

    oh wait. just remembered. this is Netflix not shows that are not on Netflix.

  4. Omg I'm so happy crazy heads is on here ? it's so good but I'm pissed there's no season 2… scream and ahs and sabrina are great too

  5. The best Horror film ever in my opinion is John Carpenters The Thing, it’s just filled with dread and uneasiness making you fill with distrust. To me there is nothing as scary as not knowing who to trust in a situation like that has a shap shifting killer alien

  6. I love this list but I never seen Hannibal and it's not on my Netflix. My favorite on this list is American Horror Story and Haunting of Hill House; highly recommend for horror fans.

  7. hey i have commented on a few videos now and this one is no different i have watch a haunting on hill house and i didnt find it scary but i did enjoy it i said the first episode was boring ten minutes inn but ended up binge watching the whole series and really liked it and agree with rotten tomatoes verdict

  8. I'm gonna sound stupid cause I'm kind of a whimp when it comes to certain horror movies (I acknowledge that fact btw) but how about the movie Hellboy? I haven't really seen much of it but from all I HAVE SEEN, it's a good movie!

  9. Most of these aren’t even horror. Does this girl even know what true horror is? That’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Hemlock Grove? Penny Dreadful? Stranger Things?

  10. Sabrina was dope don't get all bent up on the satanic stuff i love super natural stuff but it's Jesus Christ all day this way lol

  11. Netflix doesnt own a lot of these. Like Walking Dead but yeah since you can watch it on Netflix then fine..??

  12. Haunting of the hill house, the sinner, chambers are hands down the best horror/thriller on netflix. Would love to watch more season of them.
    Also the comment section is raging about ahs, so I'm going to give it a try

  13. I would 10/10 recommend haunted hills is by far the best show I’ve watched. Therefore, whatcha it motherfuckers, thank me later fools ?

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