Top 10 Secrets About Upcoming Movie Sequels!

Top 10 Secrets About Upcoming Movie Sequels!

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In 2017, moviegoers have enjoyed some exciting
sequels such as John Wick 2, Logan, the last installment in the Wolverine trilogy,
and of course everybody’s favorite spacefaring superhero team in Guardians of
the Galaxy Vol. 2. The year that brought the smash hit War for
the Planet of the Apes to theatres, has more sequels in store for us. Here’s a list of the ten most anticipated
movie sequels. JIGSAW:
Horror fans hold on to your hats. The original Saw movie gained a cult following
when it was released in 2004. The eighth installment, Jigsaw, picks up over
a decade after the death of the Jigsaw killer. A series of grisly murders opens a new police
investigation. ANNABELLE: CREATION:
Another of director James Wan’s creepy creations hits theatres this year. The
demonic doll Annabelle will feature in yet another prequel/spinoff: Annabelle:
Creation. Introduced to audiences in the 2013 hit The
Conjuring, the doll proved a major box office success in the follow-up
movie Annabelle. Here’s a sneak peek at
the 2017 sequel. The plot goes way back in time as the focus
shifts to the doll’s origins in a secluded home where it preys
on a group of girls. Janice, a polio-stricken child attracts the
unwanted attention of the evil toy when she wanders alone in a room where a deceased
girl once lived. The story promises
to shed light on Annabelle’s true beginnings. KINGSMAN:
The smash hit Kingsman: The Secret Service caught audiences by surprise in 2015. This year, Eggsy the street-smart British
spy is back and faces a new nemesis played by Julianne Moore. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Eggsy teams
up with US spy agency Statesman. Newcomers Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and
Halle Berry join the high-octane franchise. Despite his apparent death in the original
film, Colin Firth reprises his role as top spy Harry Hart. No doubt, the action will ramp up in this
sequel. DADDY’S HOME 2:
Comedic odd couple Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg hopes to tear up the box office
again in Daddy’s Home 2. But instead of competing for their kids’
attention, Ferrell and Walberg will have to contend with a new
player in town. Mel Gibson joins the cast as Whalberg’s
badass dad in a role reminiscent of Marky Mark’s bad boy persona in the original film. The role marks the veteran actor’s
return to his comedic roots and perhaps Hollywood’s good graces. Trouble ensues when Ferrell’s overly friendly
dad played by John Lithgow joins the family reunion. As expected, the sequel pits the polar opposite
granddads in a battle of wits for the kids’ love. While recreating the same formula that made
the first movie a success, the funny foursome should
provide double the laughs. PACIFIC RIM 2:
Due out at the beginning of 2018, fans have been clamoring for this one for a while. Pacific Rim: Uprising was supposed to come
out in 2017 but was pushed back. The
franchise, which features giant robots inspired by Japanese anime was a surprise hit
when the original film was released four years ago. Pacific Rim was a major draw
overseas, especially in China, becoming the sixth-highest grossing American film
ever in that market. Even though the Jaegers lay a nasty beating
on the undersea monsters in the first movie, it seems a new threat has necessitated
a comeback. And though its main star
Charlie Hunnam was unable to return due to scheduling conflicts, Johnny Boyega
will join the franchise as the new main hero. The film also stars Scott Eastwood,
Charlie Day and Rinko Kikuchi. JUMANJI:
This isn’t a sequel so much as it’s a remake but Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,
gets a special nod nonetheless. Four high school students stuck in detention
get literally sucked inside an old timey video game… and
land in a jungle where adventures await them. Similarly to the 1995 original film, the teenagers
discover that the game transforms their physical appearances. Hot off the success of last year’s Central
Intelligence, stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin
Hart team up again to flex their large and in charge comedic muscles alongside Karen
Gillan of Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who fame. The movie also features Jack Black as a prom
queen stranded in the body of an overweight middle-aged man. Expect plenty of action to make up for the
absence of original star Robin Williams, who passed away in 2014. BLADE RUNNER:
Sci-fi fans rejoice! The Blade Runner sequel is upon us. Blade Runner: 2049 is set
thirty years after the events of the first film. Starring Ryan Gosling, this sweeping
CGI neo-noir also brings back Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard and a futuristic dystopian Los Angeles, where robots and humans
experience violent existential crises. Like Ford’s character in the original, Gosling
plays police detective Officer K, a blade runner who hunts down wayward replicants. But soon, an investigation leads him
on a dark path as he discovers a secret that could signal the end of humanity, as we
know it. He tracks down Deckard, who disappeared thirty
years ago to find out the truth. Things get dicey, as the hunter becomes the
hunted in a world where androids look and feel like humans. JUSTICE LEAGUE:
DC Comics is back with a bang. Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash,
and Batman unite in Justice League, a direct sequel
to last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The superheroes must unite to face super villain
Steppenwolf, leader of an alien menace. Without the recently deceased Superman, the
heroes must defend the planet against the extraterrestrial invaders. Batman assembles the team of metahumans to
give Earth a fighting chance. The
movie introduces DC’s lineup for its extended universe. And despite Superman’s
absence in the trailer, expect the Man of Steel to save the day: actor Henry Cavill
was all over the set during the shoots. Directed by Zach Snyder, the film uses a lot
of digital special effects and features the director’s trademark dark themes and style. If the plot sound similar to 2012’s The
Avengers, it also coincides that its director Joss Whedon completed the movie when
Snyder left to deal with the untimely death of his daughter during post-production. THOR: RAGNAROK
League isn’t the only superhero team to square off with aliens this year. Do you recognize this mean green beast? Marvel has one more sequel coming out
this year: Thor Ragnarok. Thor and the Hulk will team up in the Viking
God’s third solo outing this November. This time, the dangerous Hela the Goddess
of Death invades Asgard. Played by a
devilish Cate Blanchett, she expels Thor from his homeworld. The titular hero ends
up in a duel with the Hulk, gladiator-style. Thor Ragnarok will bring back many fan favourites
like antihero Loki. Many
moviegoers are excited about this one because the film, which will complete Thor’s
trilogy, promises to lead right into the plot line to next year’s Avengers: Infinity War. The story will include many newcomers such
as Jeff Goldblum’s the Grandmaster and Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson. Thor will have his hands full with Hela and
will need all the help he can get, including wildcards Hulk and Loki. Expect Anthony
Hopkins and Benedict Cumberbatch to reprise their roles as Odin and Doctor
Strange respectively. STAR WARS:
To many movie fans, the last two years have been an excruciating torture that won’t
cease until the year’s end. That’s right. Last but not least, the mother of all sequels
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters this Christmas. We’ll finally find out what’s
next in store for Finn, BB-8, Poe Dameron, the rebel alliance and, of course, Rey as
they race to stop Kylo Ren and the Supreme Order’s intergalactic reign of terror. Though we caught a glimpse of him in the last
scene of the Force Awakens, we’ll finally witness the return of Luke Skywalker. And that concludes our list of the ten most
anticipated movie sequels. Don’t forget to
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