Top 10 Smartest Movie Villains

Top 10 Smartest Movie Villains

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they’re big they’re bad and they’re smarter than you because it’s all part of the plan welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten smartest movie villains I’m glad to have your board mr. Bhalla for this list we’re looking at big screen bad guys with brains you must break through the fog of Lies the Jedi have created around you while they might know how to throw a punch these ingenious evildoers rely primarily on their super smarts and complex plots just so you know there are some pretty big spoilers ahead so look out but until then we do not alter the plan number 10 Colonel Hans Landa inglorious basterds well I’m very familiar with you and your family I have no way of knowing if you are familiar with Who I am are you aware of my existence a shrewd detective like officer who speaks multiple languages senior j’tia this nefarious Nazi is an evil version of Sherlock Holmes complete with his classy pipe sitting in your chair would probably say the same thing only instead of solving crimes Landa uses his powers of deduction to hunt down runaway jews an expert interrogator who reads people instantly you’re sheltering enemies of the state not Landa is smart enough to never let patriotism get in the way and knows when it’s time to switch sides I would like the United States of America to purchase property for me in a Nantucket Island as a reward for all the countless lives I’ve saved by bringing an attorney of the National Socialist Party to a swift death and imagined in do you have all that Seth while he occasionally struggles with English expressions bingo this sly SS officer is definitely the cleverest character Quentin Tarantino has ever created is that the way you say that’s a bingo you just say bingo bingo how fun number nine Khan Noonien Singh the Star Trek franchise while you don’t want to meet the Borg Queen or general Chang in a dark alley neither comes close to Khan I’ll chase him round the moons of nubira and round the antares maelstrom and round perdition’s flames before I give him up a genetically engineered dictator this deep-space super human is brainy beefy and isn’t big on forgiveness in the Wrath of Khan he goes full out a hab in his quest to kill Kirk using everything from a terraforming device to brain parasites you see very young enter through the ears and wrap themselves around the city brew cortex this has the effect of rendering the victim extremely susceptible to suggestion over 30 years later he returned as a one-man army trying to take out Starfleet in star trek into darkness a smokescreen to conceal my true identity my name is whether young or old Khan is the most evil Einstein the enterprise ever encountered if you want to know why I did what I did go and take a look give me one reason why I should listen to you I can give you 72 and they’re on board your ship captain they have been all along number eight John Kramer also known as the jigsaw killer the Saw franchise [Music] after learning he has an inoperable tumor John Kramer tries to end it all [Music] but when he survives his suicide attempt Kramer decides to help others stop wasting their lives by building death traps an educated killer with a civil engineering background jigsaw puts his degree to use building machines out of rube Goldberg’s worst nightmares from razor wires to shotgun collars jigsaws traps are sadistically clever forcing victims to make life-changing decisions that’s a problem you’re gonna have to solve before it’s too late and either you learn your lesson or this crafty killer says game over most people are so ungrateful but not anymore number seven hans gruber diehard impeccably dressed and incredibly suave this culture criminal killed as easily as he quoted classic literature leading a team of hackers and thieves Hans Gruber planned on drilling into a high-tech vault and stealing six hundred and forty million dollars in negotiable bearer bonds and this German mastermind came prepared with his heist planned to a teeth Gruber masqueraded as a hostage taking terrorists conning the FBI into playing along with his elaborate scheme who said we were terrorists if only a certain cowboy cop hadn’t gotten a machine gun this stylish super villain would have gotten away clean do you really think you have a chance against us at mr. cowboy number six the Joker The Dark Knight what do you believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger in this superhero spectacle Bruce Wayne is equipped with the latest crime-fighting gadgets and still has trouble outwitting the Clown Prince of Crime the most philosophical baddie on our list the Joker doesn’t care about money he’s playing for bigger stakes like Harvey Dent introduce a little anarchy this self-proclaimed agent of chaos is a first-rate trickster bluffing and besting Batman at every turn while he hates making plans this conniving crook is more than a match for the Caped Crusader I took Gotham’s White Knight and I brought him down it wasn’t hard see madness as you know is like gravity all it takes is a little push number five auric Goldfinger Goldfinger you expect me to talk James Bond has battled some fearsome foes but none was as wily as auric Goldfinger why saw paths have crossed let’s leave it at that as crafty as he is greedy this double-o scoundrel is an inventive smuggler with an outlandish plot to contaminate Fort Knox’s gold supply with a radioactive bomb an invisible nerve gas which disperses 15 minutes after inducing complete unconsciousness for 24 hours in addition to his extravagant schemes Goldfinger is one spectacular showman using everything from gas to lasers to gold paint to Isis enemies he might monologue occasionally but this brilliant bond baddie has certain we earned the right this is gold Mr Bond all my life I’ve been in love with its color its brilliance number four Emperor Palpatine the Star Wars saga look up the word manipulative in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Emperor Palpatine the son of sky must not become he seems like an upstanding senator but he’s secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith you will not stop me strong in the dark side of the force as well as politics Palpatine builds an army declares himself Emperor and seduces Anakin Skywalker and does all of this right under the nose of the Jedi if you wish to become a complete and wise leader you must embrace a larger view of the force over 20 years later he’s still the smartest guy in the galaxy tempting Luke and controlling Darth Vader who’s no intellectual slouch himself what is thy bidding my master there is great disturbance in force I have felt it number three Hal 9000 2001 a Space Odyssey good afternoon how how’s everything going good afternoon mr. Raymer everything is going extremely well he’s efficient effective and super intelligent let me put it this way mr. aymer the 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made unfortunately he’s losing his mind yes it’s puzzling I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before at first glance Hal 9000 is the perfect choice to run a spaceship on its way to Jupiter how despite your enormous intellect are you ever frustrated by your dependence on people to carry out actions not in the slightest bit I enjoy working with people but when he starts to malfunction astronauts Dave Bowman and Frank Poole decide to shut him down unfortunately Hal reads lips and starts killing off the crew with his creepy calm voice courtesy of Douglas rain pal emits an aura of calm and superiority that makes it all the more disturbing when he won’t let Dave inside all I would argue with you anymore open the doors and this conversation can serve no purpose anymore goodbye number two Roger verbal Kint the usual suspects his name is verbal verbal Kint verbal yeah Roger really people say I talk too much yeah I was just gonna tell you to shut up Kevin Spacey stole the show in seven as religious Psychopaths John Doe but he was at his bad guy best as verbal Kint at that point I wasn’t scared I knew I hadn’t done anything they could give me four besides it was fun I got to make like I was notorious a petty crook with cerebral palsy Kent is one of the few survivors of a heist gone very wrong the driver didn’t see anybody but somebody fucked up when interrogated by police he tells an incredible story about how his crew was manipulated by a mythical gangster named Keyser söze the street outside stuff somebody working for a guy work for a guy I got some money from Keyser Soze you know shit like that timid and naive it’s hard not to trust a verbal story he becomes a myth a spook story that criminals tell their kids at night rat on your pop and Keyser Soze will get you until the last scene when we learned the smartest villains always hide in plain sight greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions I had to kill him then I neutralized John no easy at product Li two billion dollars in the Tachyon research to pluck john’s vision of the future how do you choose to congratulate the greatest criminal mind of our time huh you tell me that I’m brilliant it’s been decided that you will be dressed as a priest to help you get away in the pandemonium afterwards Chun Jin will give you a two-piece Soviet army snipers rifles it fits nicely into a special bag you know what the scariest thing is to not know your place in this world to not know why are you here why do I think there’s never been a Ripley rain today I know it was number one dr. Hannibal Lecter The Silence of the Lambs monie he was only on screen for 16 minutes but that was plenty of time for Hannibal Lecter to terrify audiences with his psychopathic brain power that expires in one week an entree an FBI a psychiatrist with a flair for fine dining this cannibal loves playing mind games with FBI agent Clarice Starling and with his keen understanding of the criminal mind Lecter is the only man who can help catch serial killer Buffalo Bill I’m offering you a psychological profile of Buffalo Bill based on the case evidence I’ll help you catch him carry but Hannibal’s brilliance truly shines when he uses brains and brawn in one of the scariest jail breaks in cinema history do you agree with our list who’s your favorite smart movie villain for more amazing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [Music]


  1. Where is "V"? (from V for Vendetta). With his great masterpiece bloody vengeance plan, Shakespeare quotations, intelligent dialogues, excellent superhuman fight skills, gentleman manners and even high cooking skills (as Evey said – delicious!)

  2. Other pretty smart villains:
    Professor Moriarty, Judge Wargrave, Zodiac (based on a true story), Tony Wendice, V, John Doe, Bridget Gregory, Catherine Tramell, Brittney Havers… And John Cramer is at least equal to Lecter if not smarter.

  3. Yall, its gettin irritatin when lector is said as most intelligent villian in SOTL. he aint even.the antagonist! He kinda a hero bc without his critical thinking and help he provide starling, frederica bimmel woulda died, and the lambs would keep cryin for miss clarice. Yeag miss jodi and mr anthony hopkins is great, but aint nobody mention the actual confused sociopathic killer james gumm played freakin superb by mr ted levine. All 3 actors gave equally great performances, but the conflicted, dysphoric, and troubled jame gumm was the deepest (his actions and why he do what he do) . Sorry yall, i just get mean when they firhet the ACTUAL villian.

  4. Why is the joker not first
    He beat rhas al Gul in chess
    He manipulates everyone even batman
    He got superman to kill Louis lane with him not knowing
    He is literally a genius

  5. Where the hell is Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb?? The guy literally made over thousands of high tech things but wasn't able to use those effectively due to odd happenings lmao but I still think that guy deserves a recognition, at least here lol

  6. Love the list would've changed the order just a tad but the fact that Moriarty's absence from either Sherlock Holmes or league of extraordinary gentlemen really surprised me

  7. This list must have been extremely bias, the villain from glass was easily top 10 material and the only character i agree with was no.1 hannibal lecter and the joker should have placed much higher in the list. Lex luthor didnt only got an honorable mention and saw was easily top 3, this list is a terrible representation of villains intelligence especially when incorporating the villains feats

  8. I've thought Angela Lansbury acted in those Disney films and Murder, She Wrote as penance for her excellent but evil performance in The Manchurian Candidate.

  9. Hans Gruber recreated the smart villian after it had disappeared from cinema.. Thank you Hans, you are #1 on my list!

  10. Paplpatine because if this happens he’s got a plan for that
    This happens
    That happens
    Darth Vader dies finish for me

  11. oh yeah i just recognized it
    how about javier bardem as "anton chigurh" in no country for old man movie?

  12. now wait a second! why the fuck is Ozymandias only in honorable mentions :,( ! the brainy normal human fooled a god fooled the world , and saved the world and his actions werent undone . this is soo incorrect

  13. I know that it didn't exist when this video came out and that's it's a game villain, but Spider-Man PS4's Doctor Octopus is very smart

  14. 1:26 “instead of solving crimes, he hunts runaway Jews”… what a stupid statement. In Nazi germany runaway Jews were a crime… fucking idiots.

  15. Did you guys ever see 2010? Hal wasnt really the bad guy after the sequel.
    And some persons on the list don't make the cut for "intellegent" enough really. Dude from watchmen or mr glass was brighter than hans gruber or goldfinger. Not to mention the dude from seven or edward norton's character from twillight.
    But cool that dr lecter is spot 1. Almost thought you guys forgot him.

  16. I agree with the top 2… The Usual suspects is one of the best movies I've ever seen along with Avatar 3D (which is the best movie I've seen). the way he fooled everyone was brilliant. I also liked the first Mission Impossible movie for the same reason actually

  17. Kevin Costner as Mr Brooks? Skynet from the Terminator series. Thanos the Mad Titan
    from Avengers Seriously, it's like you're not even trying.

  18. Loki in in the MCU,
    Rumplestilskin in Shrek Forever After,
    William Stryker in the X-Men franchise,
    Ajax in Deadpool,
    President Snow in The Hunger Games franchise,
    Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron,
    Lord Cutler Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World`s End,
    Ras Al Ghal in Batman Begins,
    Howard Payne in Speed,
    Smaug in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug,
    Scar in The Lion King,
    Nathan R Jessup in A Few Good Men,
    Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Spectre
    and Cipher in Fast and Furious 8

  19. "… I'll chase him round the moons of Nebula and round the Antares Maelstrom and round perdition's flames before I give him up …" ~ Khan Nooien Singh
    One of the best lines of dialog I've ever heard.

  20. These are just characters who according to the description are smart but don't demonstrate it through their actions.

  21. I would put Palpatine as #1. The guy pulled off a GALACTIC deception, and not even the most powerful people in the galaxy suspected him. His plan also could have gone wrong in a number of places.

    He wasn't a philosopher, he wasn't a rebel, he was a SERIAL KILLER and nothing else! Cripes, Ledger's portrayal of this freak wasn't even original, he spent half the movie trying to imitate Nicholson's voice. There's only one reason the Academy handed him the Oscar: by the time the ceremony came around, LEDGER WAS DEAD!

  23. 9:14 "Strong in the dark side of the Force as well as politics…" One and the same thing my dear, one and the same…

  24. ROFL… WatchMojo again… Before you talk about movies, at least you should have seen them….
    Although Jigsaw is terminally ill, he has not tried to kill himself. He was operated on and then murdered.
    ….. I do not want to write anything about the rest of that garbage

  25. palpatine is by far the best he manipulated two sides of a intergalactic war plotted the destruction of over 10000 jedi turned anakin skywalker the supposed chosen on killed darth plaugies someone so powerful in the force they could create life and nearly killing luke skywalker if darth vader didn't intervine killed darth vader (by short circuiting his life support) and survived his own death if that isn't impressive i don't know what is and besides he's the senate

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