Top 10 Worst Christmas Horror Movies

Top 10 Worst Christmas Horror Movies

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While watching some Xmas Horror movies this season we realized there a lot more bad Xmas Horror movies out there. We asked 25 of our youtube buddies to come up with there worst Xmas horror movie list. The top 10 is not based on the opinions of Horror Squad and are fact based on all 25 youtube channels top 10 list. We even asked a few of them to join the video to tell us why they hate it or even like it remember not everybody opinions are the same. So comment down below which movie you feel like shouldn’t be on the list. Xmas is actually meant to be the day of slaying by a Demon known as Santa Claus until he lost a bet to an Angel where he had to be the lovable Santa that we all love for 1000 years. This means that Santa is free from the bet in the year 2005. Uh Oh the day of slaying is back! I really love this movie I try to watch it every Xmas Its a movie about Santa fucking shit up What not to like A group of sorority girls sneak in their boyfriends for a Christmas party but instead find themselves being killed off by someone dressed as Santa Claus. On Xmas Eve, A series of murders run thru a small town in Mass. after a man inherits a family estate which was once served as a Mental insane asylum. I hate to say it but it has that grindhouse feel to it I was just blown away of how good the vision of this movie It reminds of me of a gritty black Xmas On Christmas Eve. A family 4 on their way to a Xmas dinner takes a shortcut which of course in the horror universe is never a good thing. I always forget that Dead End is a Xmas theme movie But it does take place in Xmas Acting not great and plot very predictable You will figure out the twist at the end pretty early on. I did anyways But I dig this movie In this version St. Nicholas is a ghost who kidnaps and murders children but only when there is a full moon on December 5th. A B-horror movie actress is being stalked by an obsessed fan who dresses up as Santa Clause kills of her co stars one by one. Weapon of choice…what else but claws. Its a 1995 b movie The killer doesn’t do a good job as a killer The movie doesn’t portray anything good in this movie If your going to watch a good killer Santa movie I would go watch Christmas Evil or Silent Night, Deadly Night instead A loose remake off the original cult classic 1974 Black Christmas. An escaped maniac returns to his childhood home which is now a sorority house Let the Killing spree begin! There is nothing good about this movie I can’t say anything good about the remake Productions sucked music sucked Typical teen pop crap Lets make another remake crap I don’t wanna be Christmas cookies!! If there was ever a poster child of a pointless money grab movie remake. Its this one!!! neo-Nazi scientists create elves to breed the master race but they need the perfect virgin to complete the task. Its up to a Mall Santa to stop it. ur favorite killer Mutated Snowman Jack Frost returns for revenge and follows Sherieff Tiler to a Caribbean island. The first film was good. 2nd Film not so good Now his in the tropics which makes no sense how he can find Sherieff Tiler off of his blood This movie is so painful to watch I’m sorry but this movie is more comedy then Horror Only good thing is a big body count I kinda remember watching this on HBO and I thought it was okay Ricky who is the little brother of the original killer Billy in the previous movie is at a mental insane asylum and talks to a psychiatrist about how he became a brutal serial killer. It only features one original scene in the whole movie!!! The rest is just part I Its not even fun to watch! Famous line is when Ricky shoots that one neighbor Points the gun at him and says “garbage day!” Most of the movie is part I And just sprinkled in a few new scenes into it The ending was the only original plot II really didn’t do anything for me I didn’t even bother watching the other sequels


  1. Santa's Sleigh is hilarious. "I'm Santa Claus not fucking Dracula" had to be the funniest thing I had ever heard at the time.

  2. I watched Dead End once only (Long time back). Don't really recall it as a Christmas movie as such. At the time I thought it was not to bad of a movie. I would not like to write it of as a worse movie. Or maybe I need to watch it again. Most Christmas horror movies are dire except for the original Black Christmas of cause.

  3. Ok so jack frost…WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAY THE FIRST MOVIE GOOD AND THE SECOND MOVIE IS BAD…… both jack frost movie sucks!!!

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