Top 15 Scariest Halloween Stories That Actually Happened

Top 15 Scariest Halloween Stories That Actually Happened

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15. Simon Says
You know how, on Halloween, your senses are heightened. You start hearing things, seeing things that
don’t really exist. Paranoia sets in, and you don’t know whether
or not you can trust your own senses. Well, AmandaKnowsAll knows the feeling, as
she began questioning her own senses during one Halloween long ago. When she was seven, her babysitter took her
trick-or-treating. Amanda was a witch this Halloween. They’d finished all the houses in her neighborhood
and headed over to the next. This is when, out of the corner of her eye,
Amanda saw someone dressed in a big black hooded cloak. Whenever Amanda would turn around, he’d
be there, lurking in the distance, looking towards them, watching them. Although Amanda was creeped out by the stalker,
she assumed the cloaked being was just your average parent, corralling a group of trick-or-treaters. But she would soon be proven wrong. Once they’d hit up the final house in the
area, they returned home through a small park that led back to Amanda’s neighborhood. It was dark as the devil’s soul. Silent. There was no one. Amanda’s babysitter suggested that they
play “Simon Says.” Apparently, she started getting nervous about
the hooded being, as well, who was still following them. “Simon says walk faster,” the babysitter
urged Amanda. And soon, “Simon says start running.” Amanda and her babysitter ran, until Amanda’s
hat flew off. She came to a halt to pick up her hat and,
behind them, she saw the hooded man chasing them. “To this day I still get chills when I picture
him,” Amanda writes. “First, I have never seen anyone run that
fast, it was like his feet weren’t even touching the ground, but worse, under the
hood he had no face, just a black shadow or hole where his face should have been.” Amanda’s babysitter took action, picking
her up and racing out of the park. She called the police, but they never caught
the culprit…if they could even catch a demon. Although Amanda assumes it was likely just
a masked man, trying to scare people, she’ll always remember the void under his hood. No face. Just darkness. 14. Horrific Hayride
Halloween hayrides are the height of fun. Usually, there are some antics along the way
that are supposed to scare you. Everyone knows they’re just tricks, however,
so it’s all fun and games. That is, until it isn’t. One group of around 40 hayriders viewed a
haunting sight that was very real…and very devastating. Brian Jewell often performed a stunt along
the hayride route, wherein he’d pretend to be hanging from the gallows. Though he’d appear to be suspended, his
feet would be on solid ground. But this night, the stunt went haywire, when
the hayriders arrived to find Jewell had accidentally hanged himself for real. “He’s supposed to have the noose around
his neck, but it’s not a noose that tightens,” said the prosecutor, James Holzapfel. “Jewell would step down about one foot to
the ground, making it appear he had been hanged.” Usually, Jewel gave a speech while the wagon
drove by. When he was silent, the tractor driver grew
worried. And he had reason to worry. Holzapfel said that the stunt had always worked,
and the gallows was checked to see if there had been foul play. None was ever found. 13. The Hallucination
Redditor KillerOrangeCat tells a Halloween night story that will keep you up at night. One Halloween, when he was 16 years old, he
was home alone in his parents’ house. He felt a migraine coming on, so decided to
put out a bowl of candy with a note saying no one was home and to take one. He’d check in with the security cameras
just in case there were any problems. And so every time he woke up, he checked in. Everything seemed fine. That is, until one time, he woke up and tried
to turn and check the clock. He couldn’t move, due to sleep paralysis. During this paralysis, he’d often hallucinate
as well – both auditory and visual hallucinations. The OP tried to go back to sleep, but he heard
a creaking sound. His bedroom door was being opened. He peaked through the darkness, and what he
saw sent his pulse racing. One of Jabba the Hutt’s green goblin-like
guards was peering through the crack in the doorway. The OP stared at him, and he looked back. Then he opened the door and came inside. The OP closed his eyes, wishing his hallucination
away, but he heard the creature creeping around the room. Once the door closed again and there was no
more creeping, he fell back asleep. It was only later, when he woke up and could
move that he saw that the house had been robbed. It wasn’t a hallucination at all: someone
had actually stood over him in a goblin costume while he pretended to sleep. 12. Parents’ First Date
Halloween was roaring in like a ghost train, when a redditor by the username, rwbingham,
and his friends decided to tell ghost stories. One of these ghost stories would haunt the
group for the rest of their lives. Although it doesn’t sound like haunted material,
one of his friends told a true story about her parents’ first date that would win any
scary story contest. The date went well, if a little awkward, and
as they were saying goodnight, his friend’s dad said they should head out on a midnight
hike at Provo Canyon. Probably not a good idea…in fact, definitely
not. The guy knew the area, because he was a rock
climber, so his friend’s mother agreed. They drove to the mouth of the canyon and
headed out on their midnight hike. A new moon and thousands of stars shined overhead. Very romantic, some might say. That is, until a “bad feeling” started
to set in. The path in front of them was about to pass
below overhanging trees. It would put them in complete darkness. The guy’s gut kept telling him to turn back,
but he marched on. The woman also felt the same feeling of dread. As they pressed on, the feeling of dread was
explained by something soft bumping against the man’s foot. The soft object was laid out in the path,
but they couldn’t see what it was. It was too dark. They didn’t want to know what it was either;
instead, they bolted from the forest and didn’t look back. rwbingham writes: “Years later, after being
married for some time, they were watching an interview with…Ted Bundy. In response to a question asking him to describe
the time that he felt the closest to being caught, he explained about the night that
he lured a girl into Provo Canyon, and had just (taken her life), when he heard some
people coming up the trail.” Bundy said he’d hidden in the trees just
before they’d arrived, and he watched as a random guy walked straight into the girl. This would definitely rank number one on a
list of the Top 15 creepiest first dates ever. 11. The Kew Riots
Riots are spontaneous, unpredictable, and they can grow out-of-hand in the blink of
an eye. So imagine how wild a riot might get on one
of the most unpredictable nights of the year: Halloween night. That’s what happened in 1945 in Kew Beach,
Toronto. Area highschoolers decided to riot there,
lighting bonfires along a main road, and filling them with fencing and gasoline. When the police showed up, the kids didn’t
back down. Instead, they started chucking rocks at the
police. They even blocked firetrucks from the road. It seems, they wanted their bonfires to light
up the night. Police managed to get hold of 13 rioters. But when they arrested them and locked them
up at the central booking station, 7,000 rioters came to their defense. Only water cannons and tear gas could disperse
them, and many ended up with a record that night. No one knows why those young men and women
became so aggressive on Halloween. Perhaps something evil possessed them. 10. The Moaning Man
Redditor John_Locke_4815 tells a tale of a particularly scary Halloween when he was in
sixth grade. He and his friends, Brendan and Nick, went
trick-or-treating as zombies. Although they had a good night, a single horrifying
memory haunts him to this day. At around ten o’clock, the Halloween parties
were hitting off, and kids were heading home to pass out from all the candy. John and his friends were caught out amongst
the hullabaloo of children racing home and older kids and adults winding their way to
happening parties. They ducked onto a darker, road-less-traveled
to be away from the crowd. Most of the houses were dark. A rare light still shone, but mostly the street
lamps lit the way. No people, just the boys. That’s when they saw him. A young man with a mask on stood on the curb
of an intersection, holding a pillowcase. The boys raced away, when the young man began
to moan. He watched them all the way down the sidewalk. But the boys made it to Nick’s aunt’s
house, unscathed. Or so they thought… They were sitting inside, when John spied
someone out of the front room window. In his own words: “In the dark, I could
make out a white mask, like the guy at the bus stop. He was just standing in somebody’s yard, looking
to the window.” John told his buddies, but they didn’t believe
him. When they headed out, the guy wasn’t there
anymore. But, sure enough, when they arrived at another
intersection, there stood the young man, watching them, moaning. Again, they kept on walking. At another intersection, they stopped to rest
and eat some candy. As John was star-gazing, there was a rustling
in some nearby bushes. The boys sprang to their feet, as the moaning
man sprung from the bushes, brandishing a screwdriver. Needless to say, they raced out of there and
never looked back. 9. The Unseen Patient
Redditor Zerbo has a haunted healthcare story that will chill you to the bone. “The ambulance company that I used to work
for had a ‘haunted’ ambulance: rig 12. A lot of EMTs had stories about it, but I
never put much stock in paranormal stuff…that is, until I had my own experience…” As Zerbo tells it, he and his partner were
pulling the late-night shift in a rural community. At 3 AM, it was dark and silent out, and they
were both sleeping in the cab of the ambulance. Mumbling woke Zerbo up; he thought his partner
was trying to wake him. “I’m trying to sleep,” he said, closing
his eyes. But then a male voice said, “Oh my God,
am I dying?” Heavy breathing followed, and it distinctly
sounded like this was coming from the patient compartment. Both Zerbo and his partner jumped up and turned
to look. A few seconds of silence, and then a click
and hiss of an oxygen-bottle regulator. It sounded as though it was leaking. Zerbo turned the lights on, and they raced
from the ambulance, thinking perhaps a homeless person had entered through the rear doors
while they were sleeping. But when they opened the rear doors, nothing. No one. When they checked the oxygen tanks, they were
closed. Not much more sleeping happened that night. 8. Michael Meyers
Redditor OPIncognitus claims that he kept this true story under wraps until revealing
it on Reddit. As one of the oldest trick-or-treaters in
his neighborhood, he had spent the evening out with his friends, collecting candy. At the end of the night, he split from his
friends to head home. The walk home was a long one, and there were
few trick-or-treaters out at that hour. The OP was walking fast down roads he didn’t
often go, when hooting and howling filled the air. The OP turned onto a hill, when he spotted
a group approaching. They were all wearing rubber masks, and one
of them shouted, “What do you have there? Get over here!” The entire group zeroed in on him, as he was
loaded up with three bags of candy. OP recognized their voices and knew they were
a lot older than he was. They told him they’d break his head if he
didn’t stop. But he didn’t listen. An adrenaline rush sent him racing down the
hill. Of course, the gang wasn’t going to let
him off that easily. They followed after. But soon most of them had given up the chase. Most, apart from three members. One of them was dressed as Michael Meyers. He persisted, as the other two also fell behind. Meyers began to make some ground on him, so
the OP made a b-line toward the only house on the block with its lights still on. He made it to the deck and turned to see Meyers
standing a respectable distance down the driveway. The owner of the house, a grizzly old man,
came to the door only to throw candy at him and turn back inside. The OP was alone with Meyers again. He tried to talk to him. He said he wouldn’t leave until Meyers did. Meyers yelled that he would break his knees. After the OP rang the doorbell again, Meyers
began to retreat…but the OP wanted revenge. Spotting a baseball bat in the man’s backyard,
he grabbed it, hid his candy, and followed Meyers up the hill. When he caught up with Meyers, he demanded
an apology. Meyers said what he would give him was a broken
knee. But when Meyers lunged at the OP, he was ready
for it. His bat was ready. Mike Meyers fell to the ground. He groaned there. The OP batted him a few more times for good
measure. Meyers begged him to stop. Although a group of masked men chasing after
you would probably be one of the most frightening realities you might face on Halloween, the
OP came out on top in the end. “I kept that bat under my bed for the next
ten years,” OPIncognitus said, “and it kept me comfortable at night, knowing it was
there.” 7. The Hands
Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a haunted house. And redditor, Shannon_Taggart, has just the
haunted house story to send you running for the hills. A couple houses down from Shannon’s mother,
a young girl mysteriously passed away during the night from a brain aneurysm. When the family went on holiday for a while
to recover from the incident, Shannon’s uncle was asked to look after their pets. Shannon’s mother and father (who were dating)
accompanied the uncle on one occasion. Her mother was a pianist and her father wanted
to be a veterinarian, so the home – which had a grand piano and plenty of pets to care
for – was a win-win. When they arrived, Shannon’s father and
uncle went downstairs, where the animals were kept, while her mother headed for the piano
on the first floor. As she began to play, something brushed past
her feet. “A cat,” she thought, playing on. “Perhaps it crept up from the basement.” She started playing again and soon felt the
same sensation on her ankles. Looking around, she found nothing. Shrugging it off, she began to play the piano
once more, but that’s when the sensation took a terrible turn: hands grasped her ankles
in a firm grip. She broke away and raced to the head of the
stairs, calling down to her boyfriend and brother. They hurried upstairs and went outside of
the haunted house. “What’s wrong?” her brother asked. “Hands – they grabbed me around the ankles,”
Shannon’s mother replied. Her brother grew pale. “That was a game the daughter who passed
away used to play with her dad,” he said. “She’d crawl under the piano while he
was playing to take him by the ankles and move his feet on the pedals.” Chills, anyone? 6. “Come on in”
One Halloween, JimmyBigBeans visited his cousins, all were teenagers. They were bored, and instead of doing the
bad things bored teenagers do on Halloween they thought they’d go out and try to score
some candy. The neighborhood where these cousins lived
was more than a century old, with ancient, decrepit houses that, according to Jimmy,
“looked like something out of a horror movie.” After earning their candy by knocking on doors,
Jimmy’s cousin double-dog dared him to knock on a rather sinister-looking house. Jimmy didn’t know the area or the history
of the place, so he approached the house like it was nothing, while his cousins hung back. Jimmy knocked. And the door slowly creaked open. The inside of the house was pitch black. Only a dull light shone from a room deep inside. Jimmy recalls, “I remember thinking these
people had gone all out for Halloween because this place was so creepy.” He shouted into the silence, but no one responded…at
least, not yet. As he turned to leave, a woman’s voice whispered,
“Come on in.” Stuck in place, Jimmy couldn’t move if his
life depended on it. “Come on in…we’re here,” the voice
repeated. Scared out of his mind, Jimmy stood frozen
in place. It was only when a loud bang sounded, followed
by pounding footsteps heading towards him from deep in the house, that he turned tail
and ran. Of course, Jimmy’s cousins thought it was
a riot. But when he told them what had happened, their
laughter quickly faded. “That house has been abandoned for years,”
they said. Yet, another haunted house on Halloween. 5. 6 6 6
Redditor zoinks_the_miner was living in her college dorms without a roommate when, one
night around Halloween, she was typing out an essay on her computer with the door shut. She left her room to go to the bathroom right
next door, locking her room behind her, because there had been some thefts on her floor. A couple minutes later, she returned to her
room to find the devil’s number written a couple paragraphs below her own work: 6
6 6. Ghost? Evil spirit? Malware? You decide. 4. Vampire Slayers
In 2004, Matthew Schofield went to Romania to investigate a vampire slaying. He found that a man by the name of Toma Petre
had been unburied, his heart had been torn out, and his body had been burned to ashes,
after which his relatives mixed the ashes together with water and drank it. The “vampire’s” heart was also eaten. Upon police investigation, Flora Marinescu,
Petre’s sister, asked what the problem was. Vampire slaying is illegal in Romania, but
that doesn’t stop people from doing it. In fact, there’s a pattern of vampire-slaying
in this village, with a number of bodies being dug up with similar results. In fact, it’s a tradition that spans generations
in many villages across southern Romania. Most believe their family histories include
vampires, as well as victims of vampires, and they were taught as children how to slay
vampires. 3. Laughing & Moaning
After 40 years, Anne still remembers the terror from Halloween night…terror full of laughter
and moaning. It was 1973, and Ann was 16 years old. She had just moved into a new house that day
which her dad had built. Being that it was Halloween, she went to a
party that night and ended up inviting a friend named Jay back to her place. At around 2:30 AM, they heard a voice the
tone of which they’d never heard before. It was a moan. A moan of anguish. Anguish that turned suddenly into maniacal
laughter. They searched the house, but their search
turned up nothing. But once they’d returned to the couch, they
heard the moaning again. It entered their very souls, and they felt
sadness wash over them. They searched the house and the grounds again,
but nothing. And then, again. The voice. The moan. The laughter. Anne and Jay felt their skin crawl. They felt complete and utter despair. Pure evil ensnared them that night. But what, exactly, that evil was, they would
never know. 2. Sid Vicious
The Chelsea Hotel is known for its haunted activities…but none more so than this story,
told by a guest, Brandi Neal, who visited the place on Halloween. One of the creepiest things to happen at this
hotel was when, in 1978, bass player Sid Vicious, allegedly took his girlfriend Nancy Spungen’s
life with a knife in room 100. Sid, himself, passed away before police could
charge him. Brandi’s cousin didn’t know about this
history – or about Sid Vicious at all. But while she was showering at the hotel in
their fifth floor room, she encountered Sid Vicious’ spirit. While Brandi was out, scrounging for some
snacks, her cousin took a shower. In her own words: “She felt immediately
uneasy, and later told me that she sensed a strong presence standing behind her while
she was washing her hair. She says she heard a man whisper in her ear
‘get out,’ then she quickly saw the man before he vanished.” The shower is the last place I’d want to
encounter a ghost. Talk about being vulnerable. Brandi arrived back to the room to find her
cousin panicking and blocking the door closed. She tried to describe what happened and, later,
when they were wandering the haunted hallways of the hotel, they crossed paths with a painting
of Sid Vicious. The cousin came to a halt and claimed that
was who she’d seen in the shower. Sid Vicious wanted them out of the Chelsea
Hotel. The OP had read up on the hotel’s history
via the site Real Paranormal Experiences. The website claimed that these encounters
with Sid Vicious’ ghost were not uncommon. He’d been met in the elevator and in other
areas of the hotel as well. Misery sometimes doesn’t love company though,
because regardless of others claiming similar encounters, Brandi’s cousin couldn’t wait
to leave the hotel the next day. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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your channel will be added in the description. 1. The Headless Pianist
Haunted House. Fall, 1978. Blogger Anne Sawan decided to explore the
old, dilapidated haunted house located behind hers, with only a chain link fence to separate
it from her own. The house was so fallen apart that it looked
as though no one lived there. Newspapers would often sit outside, unread,
until the ancient owner – an old woman – would hobble down to gather them. And a light would always be flickering through
the window at night… Believe it or not, Anne was more interested
in the garage than the home. It was tucked away, nearly camouflaged from
view, in the overgrown backyard. In it, Anne and her friends could just spy
a wooden crate with chains wrapped around it. Needless to say, the locked box was a curiosity
amongst the neighborhood. They believed it held the husband’s body,
probably a headless one, as most thought she did him in. Many claimed to hear the man’s ghost, crying
out, or seeing his headless corpse stumble around the backyard. It was Halloween night, when the sixth grade
Anne was trick-or-treating with her friends. She stopped short at the haunted house. The house was alight, and the old woman sat
outside with a tray of homemade cinnamon and sugar donuts. Anne and her friends believed the donuts were
poisoned, so they ran around the neighborhood, warning everybody. No one went to the old lady’s house. Later that night, Anne was gazing into the
forest trees when she saw a woman racing across her neighbor’s yard, toward the garage. Anne knew she had to warn her. She jumped the fence, where she heard giggling
emanating from the garage. She went in through a broken window in the
back and found a beautiful young woman. The woman apologized for waking her, saying
she had been playing tag “with him” in the woods, until he left. After dancing with Anne, she stroked the wooden
crate, saying that the crate held a piano. She said “he” was a pianist, and she was
a dancer. That is when she shoved a donut in Anne’s
mouth. And then another, and another, and another,
until they were suffocating her. “My hands clawed at my neck,” Anne writes. “I was desperate for air.” When Anne tried to leave, the woman reached
out and grabbed her arm tightly, demanding that she come back to visit, because the woman
was lonely all by her lonesome. Anne made it back home, safe and sound. The next morning, her throat was parched with
cinnamon and sugar. She saw a police car at the house next door. When she went to see what was going on, the
policeman said the old lady had passed away the previous night. The policeman opened up the crate, and there
was a piano inside. Inside the piano? A headless skeleton.


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