Top 5 Horror Movie Monsters You Would Want To Be Your Valentine

Top 5 Horror Movie Monsters You Would Want To Be Your Valentine

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Happy Valentines Day everybody! If you’re celebrating with someone that’s
great! And if you’re not,
even better. Cos this list is for you. There’s no denying that some movie monsters
out there are downright sexy. Let’s face it — it makes a film morally
ambiguous when we find ourself lusting after the
main villain. I mean, Michael Myers, that mask, that posture,
that expensive, fancy ass looking blade. He’s a catch. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, we’re going
to be list off some of the most desirable movie monsters with our list of the Top 5
Scary Horror Movie Monsters You Would Want To Be Your
Valentine. Before we begin be sure to stick around until
the end of the video where I’ll be responding to a few of your comments. Let’s jump in. 5 Black Phillip, The Witch
Before we talk about how much of an icon Black Phillip is — let’s first discuss how groundbreaking
— and reinventing, The Witch is for the horror
genre. Pop culture has been rife with depictions
of New England witchcraft — from Practical Magic, to Hocus
Pocus, to The Crucible. There are an abundance of films out there
for you entertainment pleasure — but none of them can really be considered
scary — enter, The Witch, released in 2016 and directed by
Robert Eggers. The film follows a puritan family in 1630
as they embark on an isolated existence after becoming exiled from their community. Things then descend rapidly for the family
— children begin disappearing into the woods — and the oldest
daughter is accused of witchcraft. It’s a slow burner but
the is by far the best demonstration of the drawn out eeriness of an isolated life. But let’s get down to
business — Black Phillip. He is the excitable Billy Goat who just so
happens to be the devil — yup. But
what we’re really here for is his transformation in the final moments of the film — where
he reveals himself to be much more than livestock — but
a man — the devil. Played by one of my good friends,
Daniel Chaudhry — shoutout, Daniel — there’s no denying that he is a looker. And many fans of the film
were quick to jump on the Black Phillip wagon — creating fanfic — fan art — and propelling
this monster into horror movie history. Come on, it’s the devil. We all want to be in his good graces — plus,
he can turn into a goat? Milk for days, guys! Come on. 4 Pennywise, IT
Now, no offence to Tim Curry — but I’m talking Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of the
demonic dancing clown here. Once you get past the dude wanting to rip
your limbs off and consume you whole — sending you
into the depths of the Macroverse — he is a real catch — let’s be honest. Let’s just list off some of his
more desirable traits. He can dance — surprising well for an eternal
shapeshifting entity. I guess when
you have been around for so long, you begin to pick up some new tricks along the way. Yes — he has
a receding hairline — BUT the hair he does have is lush as fuck. Plus he’s a redhead — a very
desirable trait these days — and rare, don’t forget that. His outfits leave a lot to be desired — but
he plays the clown part well, and would always
be a hit at any party — just perhaps a party that doesn’t involve kids. Not only that — but combined with another
monster on our list he has become something of a gay icon
— and that says it all. Just buy him some moisturizer and you’re
good to go. Speaking of gay icon…. 3 The Babadook
Just like The Witch, I could preach all day long about why The Babadook is one of the
best horror films of all time. Amelia is a single mother, raising a problematic
child, who, to put it bluntly, just seems to be getting weirder and weirder. To each their own. He throw tantrums, wont sleep, and gets into
fights with other kids. Not only that — but he keeps complaining
that there’s a scary-ass monster in a top hat stalking him. Yup — that monster is The Babadook and I
welcome him with open arms into my life. To begin — he’s classy. Anyone that wears a top hat after the 19th
century is an icon and a trailblazer — also maybe a little hipster
but I can get past that. He can hover — yep — I don’t know if
that’s a magic skill he possesses or if he owns a hoverboard — in which case — that
dudes got money. Sign me up. Not only that — but he resides in a story
book — which means he’s not going to be there all the time,
which is even better in my opinion. And more importantly, linking back to our
previous number — he is a gay icon. Why? Well — it’s more profound than you might
think. The story of The Babadook
resonated with a lot of LGBTQ viewers. He’s a character that is only half-acknowledged
by a family — to quote the film — “If it’s in a word,
or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of the Babadook”. For many
LGBTQ viewers, the story of the Babadook is what it feels like to be in your own families
sometimes. 2 Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body
Honestly, this point really needs no explanation — unless you’re a man — in which case,
I’m here for you. Yes, Jennifer is a possessed high school student
turned succubus who sleeps with men before slaying
them — but really it’s Megan Fox — and thumbs aside — she is an absolute babe. She has her flaws — yes. She was a shit friend to Amanda Seyfried — who
was by far the most annoying character in this film — but I’ll
discuss that more in a minute. She entered a strangers van —
became possessed — and now kills people. All valid flaws. But — she’s hot. And seems to dig chicks,
which is something I dig, because I dig chicks. This point is mostly directed to the women
of the world here. Jennifer seems to only slay men — which
is great — she has her arms open for us ladies. Enter Amanda Seyfried who got to share a passionate kiss with the sexy succubus — but pulled
away last minute?! WHAT?! There’s a reason Amanda
Seyfried ends up in a mental hospital. 1 Julie Walker
Who exactly is Julie Walker? She is the hot re-animated zombie from Return
of the Living Dead 3. Now, you may think me crazy for listing a
zombie on here — but have you seen the rest of this list?! Played by Melinda Clarke, this zombie is a
queen in the eyes of many. She was re-animated by her boyfriend after
she died because, he agrees, she is just that hot and
deserves all the things life has to offer — mostly human flesh. But — what truly makes her great is that
she discovered a way to make her cravings go away —
intense pain. Which is a bonus for all you S&M lovers out
there. Not only does she look the part — but
she also kicks the asses of those trying to kill her. Aka, she can protect you! We all need to protecting
sometimes. Especially if it’s by a dominatrix, S&M
loving babe. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any monster hotties that we
missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below and perhaps we can do
a part 2. Before I go though I just want to respond
to a few comments from one of our last videos, Top
5 Scary Horror Movies That Came True. Anja the Devil said “The real scary movie
is dreaming about go to school but then after you wake up
you go to school” — my condolences Anja, I do not miss those days. Nightmare. Joseph Alaniz said “Watch this one billion
times” — That’s a commitment Joseph — I applaud you. Jonathan Heiman said “Oh my I like Jack’s
SCPs a lot, but seeing Lucy almost wink is quite
breathtaking. Am I alone in this? — You might just be alone — by almost wink
was probably an eye spasm. Sorry. *WINK*
Will Bowen said “Lucy McPhee is MY Queen of the Damned” — Fitting title. Thank you. Lee Tatum “
Lucy I know this is a little off topic but I have to say it, your hair looks so much
better in my opinion when it’s down. It is truly beautiful up as well it highlights
how amazing your bone structure is but I have to say that is just my opinion,
I prefer seeing you with it down. Thank u for all the charming
narrations I honestly love your work on this channel and I look forward to seeing what
you have up for us next. Keep up the brilliant work.!!! ”
— Well Lee, lucky for you, my hair is flowing free right now. I
didn’t know you had such a strong opinion about hair. Good to know. I’ll be sure to think of you next time a
wear it up. If you haven’t already be sure to give this
video a big thumbs up, subscribe and turn on notifications so
you never miss another scary vid. If you want to continue on your horror binge
be sure to hit that playlist on your screen — and until next
time, see ya later.


  1. What about Tim Curry as Darkness in Legend? Or Scarlett Johansson "woman" in Under the Skin? Or Gary Oldman as Dracula?

    Also, it makes me happy to know Lucy likes women 🙂

  2. Really? Pennywise the clown and the babadook made the list, yet Pinhead didn't? His intelligence and creativity are fierce. Not to mention that black leather outfit. Lol.

  3. Within a world full of "happy ever after ignorance" I find true solace in a channel that allows me to breathe the reality of horror and HP Lovecraft. With Lucy and John delivering the lists that make my skin crawl with pleasant darkness, trepidation and terror. Thank you for this phenomenally dark channel, my 9 yo Godzilla Jr watches it with me every day. He looks forward to learning more from HP Lovecraft and much more!

  4. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey


  5. I watched The Witch for the first time yesterday and it is a really good horror movie. Thanks to you and Jake for the recommendation.

  6. I know it's not a horror movie per se but… Arnaud from Interview With a Vampire… He's wealthy enough to follow any whim and cultured as well as being hot. I'd gladly let him bite me. ??

  7. Night of the living dead#3 scared the crap out of me! Don't know why. I'm good with all things scary. Don't know why this paticular one got to me.

  8. Who wants to be in the devil good graces. Fucking weird! This chick. The devil dont have good graces, only evil. D+evil=Devil.

  9. Love the videos but you guys really do choose the worst comments to read. Its always flattery based and like in this episode some of them can be really cringy.
    Consider taking from comments that add more to the discussion of previous videos or something?

  10. love The Vid lucy Happy Valentines day Even Though i Dont, Have A Date Tonite I like Julie from Return Of The Living Dead 3 one Of My Fav Zombie Flicks Of The Return Franchise & Why is Selene From UnderWorld on Here, I Guess im, The Only Guy That Likes Her Any way Any way Happy Pre T.G.I.F. !!!

  11. The Babadook was am excellent film, but I just can't see him as "sexy." He's the crushing, overwhelmingness of depression as it consumes you and warps you into a parody of yourself. And knowing from experience…..the least sexy thing in the world is having nothing but sadness tearing you apart from the inside-out.

  12. Is it me or during the last comment does Lucy have an "I just saw a van with 'Free Kandy' written on the side slowly drive by" look on her face?

  13. Hell Boy because he is big and red and caring what's not to love???? But if I had to have a second choice, it would have to be Ash from Evil Dead. He is delightfully sarcastic and knows his way around a chainsaw. Brings new meaning to "hey want to come over and check out my chain saw"?

  14. I would take Black Philipp anytime before Pennywise or the Babadock. Im not gay, but I have to say God that man looks Sexy as Hell (very fitting for the Devil himself).

  15. No love for the Xenomorph Queen? OK so she's a litte grabby, has way way too many (very clingy) kids and isn't exactly tidy but still, she is a good mother and always looks killer.

  16. Thank you Lucy for the shout out to the LGBTQ community. As a genderqueer person myself, I say: Yesss, LGBTQ ?️‍? people can totally love horror too!??‍???

  17. Seriously, I agree with this list! Hehe, I am definitely going to watch that movie The Witch now!
    Lucy be my valentine?

  18. This was fun ^_^

    I do have 2 honorable mentions both from the same movie, Clive Barker's Nightbreed;

    Shuna Sassi

  19. "I dig chicks too." Oh, snap…. 😀

    Seriously though, Lucy, you are absolutely amazing. I love your narrations, and how down-to-earth you are. Keep on being so amazing!!! <3

  20. I thought the LGBTQ icon thing for the Babadook was just because Netflix fucked up and put the movie in the LGBT movies section and people thought it was funny, so fanart and stuff was made for it.

  21. Bill skarsgård’s Pennywise is my favorite. I do find him rather handsome, and terrifying. I have this Pennywise tattooed on my leg!

  22. What about the Man Who Can't Breathe from Insidious Chapter 3? He keeps his victims as "pets" and requires their submission to take them completely. Also, his former victims seem jealous of his latest pet. Wouldn't that make him qualify for this topic? And what about Peloquin from Nightbreed? No doubt he's dead sexy. I'd be meat for that beast anytime.
    Is there a possibility of a part two of this list? Keep up the great work, Lucy. Cheers!

  23. As for Pennywise, Bill's version wasn't his lushish red hair as far as I know. Tim Curry's Pennywise lushish locks WERE actually Tim's own hair! ??

  24. I know he's not a monster in the technical sense, but are we not gonna talk about Hannibal Lecter? That accent…

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