Top 5 Horror Movies of 2017

Top 5 Horror Movies of 2017

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The year 2017 will be remembered as a year of the horror movies. A ton of big-budget movies flopped or didn’t meet their expectations. While horror movies had the strongest year at the box office Comment down below let us know what is your favorite horror movie of 2017? Tree stuck in a time loop as she must relive the day, she was murdered over and over and over Until she can solve the case and figure out who the mysterious killer is. A slasher take on groundhogs day And they even joke about in the movie Happy death day was no doubt the biggest surprise in 2017 making over a hundred twelve million dollars in the box office Not many slasher films make over a hundred million dollars, so it’s refreshing to see a new slasher join the mix You can definitely be sure a sequel is on the way A Toymaker loses his daughter Annabelle to a fatal accident, but then builds a doll vessel for her spirit Was it really Annabelle? Very rarely does a sequel on this case a prequel I’ll perform the original in every way It does a nice job tying in to the original plot and get ready for a big Easter Egg Two teenage girls were obsessed a real-life death begin to start killing people off so they could bring more attention to themselves Teenagers who want to be famous to social media sounds familiar doesn’t it? I really wanted to see both these wackos get theirs It’s a shame this movie didn’t get a wide release I feel like this would have done well at the box office. You know with couples by the way Not too crazy about the ending but at least its not predictable Jesse moves his family into a new house Which has a bad history of a previous tenant who by the way is out there killing children, but why hmm? Jessie begins to hear voices in his head Uh-oh that can’t be good. I mean is it ever the devil just wants his candy, but what is the candy? Not many people know about devil’s candy But this was a great horror movie. Ray’s character alone really got me hooked in this movie And it has an ending that will make you think The children of a small town of Derry Maine is being haunted by an evil entity who was known as pennywise the dancing clown It’s up to this misfit group known as the losers Club to stop it Really happy how the new adoption came out and glad he went further in with the Georgie scene I mean you had an idea what happened, but to actually see it who was bone-chilling Also, two thumbs up on a new pennywise who is by far today’s biggest horror icon


  1. Get Out was outstanding! Devil's Candy looks very good. Several choices featured appeared fine. Annabelle led me to believe James Wan has become the Ron Howard of horror. Many thanks!

  2. That is a great top 5 great top 5 I did a top 10 video few weeks ago on my top 10 horror films of this year feel free to check it out and don't have nightmares!

  3. I thought the new it was awesome I especially love the final battle scene between the losers club and Pennywise they went straight gangster on them beating his ass like he owed the money have you ever heard of the Netflix movie the babysitter that was awesome as well

  4. Happy death day no way, the only movie I almost walked out of the theater during this year. Almost unwatchable for me. Favorite was the belko experiment.

  5. The problem with the new it movie is the bodycount was to low They didn't even kill off belch in it there woulda been so much they coulda done with that scene

  6. My favorite is a tie between It and Get Out. Both films were keeping me on the edge of my seat and I was really eager to see what would happen next. So much so that I didn't even mind the jumpscares in It.

    Happy Death Day though, I don't really care for the first half hour of the film, mainly because I didn't care for the main girl. But after she first got into her situation, the film started getting much better much more quickly.

  7. IT was alright it didn't scare me much
    Happy death day was shit just plain and simple but it Could be been better without the damn retarded comedy.
    Annabelle creation actually was a good one! Got me on the edge.
    Tragety actually was the interesting one.
    Devils candy was a great horror movie. Because of how interesting it was I consider it one of the best!

    Worst horror movie I've ever seen was the bye bye man!

  8. Hate Get Out and Split. I like Happy Death Day its like a newer slasher films like the ones we saw in the 90's (Urban Legend and I know what you did last summer). I love IT and its the best horror movie in this decade

  9. I think the only horror movies I saw this year were Cult of Chucky and IT. Almost every other horror movie (with a wide release) looked uninspired.

    I'm really looking forward to next year's Halloween. They're bringing back Nick Castle too!

  10. I still haven't seen any of these movies! I got to watch them as soon as they come out on DVD! I agree with this list btw!

  11. Great year for horror movies. The return of new slasher, Pennywise and probably the end of Leatherface , Creeper and Chucky.

  12. i definitely agree with IT being number 1, i loved the original but i think this is almost the first time i can say that the remake was better than the original, dont get me wrong the original was great and they had some parts i would have liked to be in the remake but the remake goes so much further with its development and incorporates like more if what the children are put through and really makes you start being disgusted by the parents.

    also fun fact for IT during the projector scene, that was all true reaction and not acting, that was the first time the kids met IT in costume during that scene so i feel it makes it even better actually makes me laugh because then the person who plays it was like "im so sorry" and the kids were like "your fine bro"

  13. Is it just me or are horror movies getting scarier and scarier? I haven't seen most of these yet, but would have to say "It" is the one that has gotten the most publicity and has been the most influential.

  14. My favorite, of course, is the IT movie. Wicked awesome performances, spine-tingling scenes and tear-jerking moments, especially with what happened to Georgie. Seriously I teared up when I saw that scene after Pennywise's defeat.

  15. Great video guys! To be honest i am kind of disappointed in regards to the horror movies of favorite is definitely IT and what about Mother!? I liked that your number # 3 any good?

  16. I still have to see It, I've seen some small clips though and It (yes, sorta pun-intended lol) looks awesome. Also happy new year! May 2018 be a better year for everyone!

  17. I hate Get Out and Split but I can't discredit both of them. IT, Get Out, Split, Happy Death Day and Jigsaw were all huge box office hits for Horror

  18. 1: IT
    2: Happy Death Day
    3: Jigsaw
    4: RINGS
    5: Death Note
    6: Annabelle: Creation
    7: The Hatred
    8: Cult of Chucky
    9: Get Out
    10: The Mummy

    even tho Get Out sucked, I'd rather watch that than "The Mummy

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