Top 5 Horror Movies On Netflix You’ve Never Heard Of

Top 5 Horror Movies On Netflix You’ve Never Heard Of

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Number 5, Wyrmwood Road of the dead. Wyrmwood
is a cool quirky yet scary movie out of Australia. That begins with a tension building story
focused on a guy who has been deeply disturbed by his first encounter with the zombie virus.
He was out hunting in the woods with his brothers and as soon as they all got there they felt
like something was off. We went bush, there was a strange feeling in the air, dead silent.
Later that night, as they’re sitting around the camp fire, they see shooting stars and
that feeling intensifies. The next day he wakes up to one brother dead and the other
a zombie. And this is only the start of a movie which explores what people will do to
survive. In a weird, quirky, yet realistic way. Think Shawn of the Dead but done in a
serious manner. Number 4, Dark Skies. Dark Skies is all about building tension and atmosphere.
It sets its moments of calm vs its moments of fear in juxtaposition, in order to accentuate
the fear that you feel. (House alarm going off) Stay with your brother! This movie is brought to you by the same producer that brought you Paranormal Activity and Insidious. So
think that style of movie, but with aliens. So if you find the idea of an alien hovering
over your bed in the middle of the night as you’re waking up much more terrifying than
a ghost, then this movie is for you. Number 3, PontyPool. Pontypool follows a rebellious
late night DJ, he’s stuck as the DJ of a small town in the middle of nowhere in the dead
of winter. Things really starts kicking off when the
radio station’s weatherman calls in to report a horde of people massing near a doctor’s
office. People have just died Grant. I don’t know what the hell has just happened! We’re
going to have to see if we can ah. Grant! Ken? Ken? Are you there Ken? We’ve got to
get some information on what is clearly happening! We’ve got nothing on this Grant. We’ve got
to get some information on what is clearly happening. Christ, this is 5 kilometers from
here. Can’t be more than 3 eh, 5 kilometers from the station itself. A series of terrifying
phone calls lead to a feeling of dread and eventually begin unraveling a mystery that
isn’t what you though it would be. The fact that Pontypool only ever takes
you outside of the radio station on two occuraces once in the beginning and for a few seconds
in the middle of the film makes this a horror movie almost exclusively built on dialog.
That is what makes this movie my number 3 choice. It knows when to build tension and
when to be funny, when things get a little too weird. Number 2, Hush. Hush follows the
story of a deaf writer living alone with only a few neighbors within walking distance. The
tension quickly escalates as you see a masked man, right outside of her door, murdering
someone. The problem being since she’s deaf, she can’t hear it and, only you, the viewer are privy to this information. Maddie! Maddie please see me! Maddie please help me! This is only the beginning of an intelligent and realistic cat and mouse game that is one to for the ages. You won’t find any horror movie victim clichés here . I think he’s gone. I have
to make a break for it! Looks like there’s weapons over there. Go! Which one should I
choose? The fact that what is happening to the victim could easily happen to you or me
is what makes this movie so horrific. There are no aliens, zombies, no ghost… it’s just
a masked man coming to kill you! , Number 1, The Babadook. The Babadook- 6 years old
The Babadook may be the most well known out of all the movies I’ve chosen but it deserves
this spot on the list. It is simply one of the best movies of the genre in recent years.
This Australian horror movie tells the story of a single mother and her extremely disobedient child,
named Samuel. And you can tell through great camera angles and acting the distain that the mother has for her son, even though she’s doing everything she can to love him. One
night, as they’re both going to bed, her son Samuel finds a book, that neither one of them
know the origin of, they don’t know where it came from. As she begins reading it to
him. They quick realize it’s not meant for kids, as it tells a terrifying story. This
is what he wears on top, he’s funny don’t you think? See him in your room and night
and you won’t sleep a wink. Mom did they hurt the boy? Mom? Does it live under the bed?
Mom? Mommy! Mommy! And this is just the beginning of where the strange things start happening . Through
great storytelling and almost exclusively practical effects The Babadook achieves what
no other horror movie has in recent years and that’s why it’s my number one choice.
Babadook, dook dooooooookkkk! Be sure to let me know what you thought of my choices for
the top 5 and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you’re interested in
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  1. How many of you did I get with the jump scare? ☺️ I even got myself once while editing haha

  2. can you recommend something like dark skies, in the sense where it builds atmosphere and tension, thats what i am going for thanks!

  3. wow I watched the video then I saw how much subs u have and I'm just thinking why ur the perfect top 5 youtuber but y only 35 sub's don't worry man I will shout u out and try my best to help u grow

  4. babadook was an amazing masterpiece of a horror movie and is by far one of my favorite movies. I especially like the dynamic of the little boy for you are left guessing if there is something wrong, and you are left guessing long after the movie ends. it's intriguing and beautiful

  5. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is hilarious. I'm a little immature, and this movie hit my funny bone. It was great. Dark Skies, was great. It really was interesting, and scary. Its really rare that i'm scared after a horror movie. (I'm kind of a horror movie junkie.) I really recommend Dark Skies. I've never heard of Ponty Pool, so thanks for the suggestion. 😀 I've seen Hush on Netflix but i've been putting it off, so thanks again for the suggestion. Last but certainly NOT least, The Babadook was terrifying. If you want nightmares, this is the movie for it.

    This is the first video i've watched of yours. You've got my subscription. Thanks! (thumbs up)

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