Top 5 Korean Horror Movies You Need to Watch | Halloween Edition

Top 5 Korean Horror Movies You Need to Watch | Halloween Edition

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Hello friends welcome back to Cine Club.
For the month of October I’m gonna be serving some horror goodness. All my
videos for the month will be related to horror movies. If you are new to my
channel you might not know I am what horror fans call a scaredy-cat,
but I’ve decided to brave up for the season and watch horror movies every day. I started watching the movies in September and I’m still standing. Don’t
worry a total breakdown is coming for sure. But in the meantime let’s start
with our horror movie talk if you’ve ever had a conversation with a horror
movie fan you’ll know they will always recommend horror foreign films,
especially Japanese horror and while I’m still too scared to ever watch the
original Ringu or The Grudge, I can understand where they’re coming from . But what about Korean horror movies? (nervous laugh) These are no joke my friends. I’ve been
watching a few throughout the years and Korea brings it every time with the
horror. But in this video I’m going to mention five horror Korean movies you
might not have heard about but you need to check out as soon as possible. The
first on the list is Train to Busan. It is safe to say that my least favorite
sub genre of horror is zombie movies. I just feel like they bring one thing to
the table and we have seen it before. However that is not the case with Train
to Busan. The movie centers on an absentee father who is taking a train to
Busan with his young daughter to take her to her mother. As they depart, an
infected woman on the train begins to ‘zombify’ and attack people on board. Everything quickly escalates after that and the surviving passengers try to make
their way to Busan, where the infection hasn’t reached, without getting bitten or
killed. It’s a classic zombie apocalypse with a few twists. The fact
that they are stuck in the moving train and they have no choice but to move back
and forth and sometimes pass through where the zombies are… well that adds a
lot of tension. The side characters are interesting and even the inclusion of
humor here and there adds to the story. The design of the zombies is scary but
interesting and the way the movie explores humanity in the middle of a
crisis, whether it’s good bad or selfish, just adds an interesting layer to the
movie. In terms of scary I would say the movie is 5 screams out of 10 but you
will be on the edge of your seat throughout the whole thing. Also it turns
out the movies a hell of a lot more sentimental than I had expected so for
that I will give it extra points. Train to Busan is currently available to watch
on US Netflix and if not you can watch it on
Shudder if you’re looking for a good horror movie to watch. My next choice for Korean horror films is Tale of Two Sisters. This one is a bit older if you
consider 2003 old [In my mind 2003 happened like six years ago, but that’s
like an older person problem] Anyway if Anyway, you are into psychological horror Tale
of Two Sisters is for you. Directed by Kim Ji-Woon Tale of Two
Sisters focuses on two sisters coming back home as one of them is released
from a mental institution. But coming back home only brings up horrible things
from the past and dark twisted things begin to happen. The movie was remade to an American adaptation about six years later but please… don’t watch it. The
movie begins as a slow burner and it invites you to try and figure out what
is happening and make your own theories. It has a very unnerving atmosphere and
the dark overly decorated house just adds to that. The production design is
stunning the cinematography is brilliant and the acting of course is superb. In
terms of scare I say there’s only three good ones but sometimes it’s about
quality and not quantity. I give it about six screams out of ten in the scare
scale but the journey is definitely worth taking. Next up on the list and
probably my favorite is The Wailing. If you’re a seasoned horror fan and movies like train to Busan are just too mild for you or if you’re just looking to
have your head f***d with and want to feel strange for a few days then The
Wailing is the one for you. The Wailing follows a bumbling stumbling cop who is
investigating a strange infection that is taking over the village, making people
crazy and dangerous. Everything takes a more personal turn when his daughter
becomes infected and he will stop at nothing to save her. This movie is one of
the best emotional roller coasters I’ve ever been on. The movie is long, like 2
hours and 40 minutes, and throughout that time you go through different theories
and emotions as to what’s happening. For the first 40 minutes you think you’re
watching a slightly funny zombie movie as the cop stumbles its way through the
case and is terrified by everything that’s happening. But then the movie
dives into something deeper and tackle some serious questions about
good and evil faith and religion. What is good? Do we know it when we see it? Do we think something is bad or evil depending on how we look at it? All of these
questions are presented in the movie in the form of xenophobia, racism, evil
spirits and benevolent ghosts. The movie also explores the question ‘why do bad
things happen to good people?’ and the answer is somewhat ambiguous and leans more to the idea that things just happen at random. It is a movie worth watching
more than once because it is riddled with clues and tons, and I mean tons, of
religious symbolism. It’s a great movie to talk about four hours after watching
it it’s eerie and uncomfortable and really heavy I absolutely love it it’s
available on Amazon if you want to see it. My next pick for this list is the movie
Thirst. You can never EVER go wrong with watching a movie directed by Chan-wook
Park. In this case if you’re looking for a supernatural erotic horror- yes erotique- then you should watch Thirst. The movie tells the story of a Catholic
priest who ends up becoming a vampire through a blood transfusion when he was
at the brink of death. Now he has all of these dark desires and impulses he never
had when he was a man of God and his believes began to change when he falls
for his friend’s wife. Thirst is a great selection if you’re
starting to get into horror and you’re not super into all the spooky stuff. There is some gore and traditional vampire themes but it’s not particularly
frightening. It’s dark bloody and sexy at times. The mixture of religion with the
vampire themes blend perfectly in that motif of good versus evil, temptation and
divinity. It’s funny at times and very VERY weird at others. There is something
for everyone in this movie and it’s available on Starz if you feel like
watching it. My last choice for the Korean horror
films is Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. I can safely describe my feelings for this
movie in a few words… (lots and lots of cursing) If you’re a fan of found-footage horror Gonjiam is high up on that list. The 2018 movie follows a group of kids
who have a YouTube channel about supernatural events. They decide to visit
one of Korea’s scariest and most haunted places, Gonjiam, an abandoned psychiatric asylum. The group starts off the live stream with some prepared scares to
increase their views. They make it all seem real by bringing additional people
who have no idea that they have planted the scares in the building, so they get
reactions that seem more authentic. But things go quickly wrong as the scares
become real and the ghosts decide to show up. I feel like sometimes these
found footage films will either have a great story line or great scares but
rarely both and Gonjiam definitely has both. The fact that the movie centers on
a real place that has been labeled by CNN as one of the scariest places on
earth grounds the story on reality and it feels like you’re watching a
documentary about the real place at first. Things become creepier by the
minute and the movie plays with your brain since you are never sure if the
next scare is planned by the kids or if in fact it’s happening for real. The
technology they use for the live stream the different GoPros drones and cameras,
help the movie feel a bit more dimensional. You don’t just get one shot
from a shaky cam and imagine what’s happening. But it also makes you feel
like you are right there with them experiencing all the horror. The pace is
quite steady throughout and it keeps you interested in this real abandoned place. But I DO warn you the movie takes a HARD turn into terrifying and traumatic in
the last 20 minutes. It escalates FAST exponentially and without any damn
warning. And I know what you’re thinking… …oh Maria you said you’re a scaredy-cat
maybe it’s just scary for you… no no no no no. TRUST me when I tell you Gonjiam
brings it… hard. So if you’re okay with that and terrifying scatty noises and
demon faces don’t scare you, then by all means, watch it. Just don’t come crying to me, okay? Cuz I’m… I’m still crying about it. So guys, those are my top picks of
Korean horror movies you should watch if you haven’t…. There are definitely many more options out there that you should watch. Whispering Corridors basically launched
the entire genre in Korea but it was impossible to find a copy online. Phone
is also pretty good. It’s not perfect, especially when it comes to the editing,
but I think it’s worth watching. And if you’re gonna say I forgot I Saw the
Devil, well I did not. I just don’t think it’s a horror movie. But by all means
freaking watch it. It’s one of my favorite movies ever. Let me know in the
comments if you have seen any of these movies, and what you think of them. If you have any other suggestions you can let me know down below or on Facebook
Twitter and Instagram. I hope you enjoy this kind of video. It’s a little bit new
for me. If you did like it make sure to like it and subscribe if you haven’t
already. Thanks for watching my first video of this Halloween series I will
see you on our next horror movie date. (spooky noises) Okay I’m done.


  1. Well, looks like I’m watching Thirst and Gonjam. I’ve seen the others and they are all excellent.

  2. I've seen the three first ones, Train to Busan is one of my all time favorite movies! Definitely intrigued by Thirst and Gonjam but the mention of demonic faces in the last one got me hesitant, that shit sticks to me for life 😂 excellent video!

  3. Some of my favorites in there )) Haven't seen "Gonjam", but definitely adding it to my watchlist! Also, so happy to see "Thirst" on this list – not many people talk about it, and it's an excellent vampire movie.

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