Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Nepal

Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Nepal

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Everyone seems to know of at least one haunted
house; as kids, there was almost certainly one in our own neighborhood. It could be a rumor, an urban legend or even
the truth, but most of us have heard of some ghost story or paranormal occurrence by a
friend or family member. This list contains the 5 most famous and most
haunted places in Nepal. If you had any experiences of a similar nature,
feel free to tell us about it in the comments. Let’s get started to the list. Water Tank of Dhapasi, Basundhara:
You might have heard of haunted houses, bridges, forests, and parks but
will you believe if I say there is a water tank that is haunted. Yes, it’s true
there is a tank in Basundhara which people believe to be haunted. This tank which was used to store water is
Situated in Dhapasi, Basundhara. Legend has it that a man was first robbed
and then brutally killed. They first
robbed him and later threw him into the water tank and even locked it from
outside. Now the water has dried up, and the tank looks
somewhat like this from inside. But No one dares to go there at night time
because it is said that the spirit of the man still roams around the water tank
at dark. The Haunted Tree of Raniban:
Queen’s forest, or Raniban in Nepali, is the place where this haunted tree
is located. This tree is said to be dangerously haunted,
to that extent where people avoid passing through that tree, especially
at night. Even these Picture were taken at daytime because
nobody dares to step there at night. If you’re about to visit this location, the
locals will warn you to avoid it. Locals say that unusual sounds are heard at
night, people frequently hear a woman crying but when they go there and look,
they find nothing. Some
people even claim to see a ghostly figure sitting at the top of the tree. Legend has it that a girl was once raped and
murdered there, after the two days of the incident the murderer was found
hanged on the same tree. This
incident was even confirmed by the local police. Since then, many paranormal activities had
been reported by the locals. Narayanhiti Royal Palace or Narayanhiti Durbar:
Narayanhiti Durbar has been the witness of the massacre of King Birendra
and his whole family on 1st June 2001. Ten royal members were killed
inside Royal Palace. What actually happened is difficult to say
and the truth may or may not have been revealed. After being the place of massive bloodshed
and tragedy peoples believe that Narayanhiti Palace has become haunted. It locals are to be believed, they have claimed
to heard the sound of Gun firing and crying of the people from the palace
during the stroke of midnight, many pedestrians passing by have
also reported the same. The royal massacre of Nepal was the act of
bloodshed and betrayal costing the life of Ten which may be the cause of
such paranormal activities. Mt. Everest:
The highest peak of the world Mt. Everest is the most prominent spot for
many mountaineers and adventure lovers, but it is also known as the place
of deadly mishaps. Mount Everest has claimed the lives of many
climbers and that may be the is the specific reason why Everest is named
as “The dead zone”. If you are
not alert death may strike you any second. Some people believe that Mt. Everest is haunted
by the ghost of climber Andrew Irvine, who disappeared while trying
to climb the mountain in 1924. He and his friend mountaineer George Mallory,
whose body was found in 1999, were only less than a thousand feet
from becoming the first men to climb Mt. Everest. Irvine’s body has still never been found. People believe that his spirit visits the
tents of other climbers and give them good wishes and confidence in their ascent. There are still many dead
bodies lying on the way to the summit, and this is really spooky. Devghat of Chitwan:
Devghat in Chitwan, also known as Aryaghat is a very well-known place of
Chitwan. Devghat is one of the most haunted places
in Nepal. Devghat is
actually a bank of the river. Devghat is a cremation site where dead bodies
are burnt according to Hindu traditions. Nepal Police found skulls and bones on the
river of the bank in 12th of July, 2009. The case remains still unsolved. It’s also a site of many Aghoris and Tantriks
doing various scary rituals and black magic. But the most exciting part is what the locals
have encountered. Many locals
have reported seeing that at the stroke of midnight some naked women
gather near the river and start dancing by lightning the fire in their own
body. No one dares to go there at night. It is hard to believe, but many
people have reported seeing this frightening scene. Undoubtedly this tops
our chart on the most haunted place in Nepal. If you like this video please give us a thumbs
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