Top 5 Most Scariest Mask in The History of Horror Movie – The Mask Of Death!

Top 5 Most Scariest Mask in The History of Horror Movie – The Mask Of Death!

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five most scariest masks in the history
of horror movie one Halloween Michael Myers Michael Myers is a nightmare if it
is exist in real life anyone can be killed if you accidentally
meet him and even more frightening Lee he wore a mask with a blank
expressionless face actually this mask is originally a mask character of
Captain Kirk from the movie Star Trek the film crew hallowen directed by
John Carpenter bought it from a toy store then modified it and managed to
make this Michael’s character even more terrible two scream ghost face the mask
called ghost face is actually created by a company named fun world for Halloween
costumes even before Wes Craven produced The Scream movie franchise this mask
design is inspired by Edvard Munch’s the scream and also from the album cover of
Pink Floyd the wall with a simple and iconic shape making this a brilliant
mask of the horror movie three smiley does smile emoticon look friendly
or maybe funny this does not apply to smiley it tells the story of the serial
killers smiley lurks his victim over the Internet the low-budget horror film
released in 2012 only received a rating of three point five on the IMDB site but
that rating has no effect in the list of the most scary masks in this list
because smiley became a hit among horror lovers thanks to the design of his mask four Trick-or-treat Sam Trick-or-treat is a horror movie in
which has four separate stories the film released in 2007 is gaining popularity
because of its terrifying main criminal character named Sam Sam uses a burlap
sack as a mask and anyone who breaks the Halloween rules would be attacked by him
in some scene the mask is torn and it looks like a crossover between a burn
victim and jack-o’-lantern hallo and pumpkin five SAW 3D pig mask pig mask
from the horror movie franchise that in was released in the 2010 titled saw 3d
will close this list of our scary masks ever scary indeed if you ever encounter
anyone with a headed of pig with long hair and a blood in its face
I myself will immediately run on the opposite direction of this thing and
sure I hope it will never happen that’s it thank you for watching and see you in our next video


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