Top 5 Most Terrifying Modern Horror Series

Top 5 Most Terrifying Modern Horror Series

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Television–despite popular belief, won’t
melt your mind. Well, that’s unless you accidentally tune
into David Cronenberg’s Videodrome–but that’s a different story entirely. The thing is, although we’re often wound
up in the comings and goings of horror cinema on the silver screen–more often than not,
that small little box known as a T.V is the better vessel for long form horror stories. You see, instead of just 2 or so hours to
get terrified–we have an entire seasons worth, perhaps even several. Thankfully for us, we’re living in the Golden
Age of Television, and horror–certainly hasn’t been left behind. Let’s take a look. Hello horror fans, what’s going on–and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Most Terrifying Modern Horror
Series. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from the resounding British anthology series, Black Mirror–created by the genius that is
Charlie Brooker. That particular clip was from the awesome
Season 4 entry, Metalhead–which indeed is very much a horror episode. However, I wouldn’t ever say that Black
Mirror is consistently horror–and so, today, it ends up as our most honorable of honorable
mentions. Also it’s important to note that by Modern–we
mean anything released after 2000–as we’ve already got a best TV series list of the 20th
century, so if you haven’t seen that–go watch it! Kicking off at Number 5–Dead Set, 2008 Because–talking about Charlie Brooker and
horror–he certainly already has that feather well and truly tucked within his cap. Listen, I’m not gonna stand here and fanboy
over Charlie Brooker for an entire video, although I certainly could–but it’s important
to note that the man is a genius–and one of his finest attempts in the horror genre
as a whole, was with 2008’s Dead Set–and for a series that was only five episodes long–it
certainly earned its place on this list. Yeah, whilst it’s coming in at Number 5,
down to the short length of its span–don’t let that dissuade you, because this is one
of the finest zombie horror series ever created. You know, over in the United Kingdom–we like
to poke fun at things, but more importantly–we like to poke fun at ourselves. What better way to do that than to take one
of our already existing shows–Big Brother–and then turn it into a horrifying satire of cannibalistic
zombies. And really, it’s a perfect equation–because
as the series initially sets out, what better place to try and survive the zombie apocalypse
than within the Big Brother house. The show itself, beginning with Episode 1:
Outbreak–takes place primarily on the actual set of the Big Brother Series. The five episodes–which were aired over five
consecutive nights–slowly unravelled everyone’s biggest fear–and no, it wasn’t the renewal
of another Big Brother season–but instead, the arrival of a zombie outbreak. Listen, the actual mechanics of the apocalypse
don’t need any kind of wider explanation–although, in classic Danny Boyle-esque fashion, it’s
origin is touched on–because it doesn’t matter. The fear behind this series was within it’s
simplistic approach–and it works, so, so well. I mean, to even lay on the authenticity–Davina
McCall herself appears in this series, alongside Krishnan Guru-Murthy–and a whole host of
actual Big Brother contestants. I can’t say anymore–Dead Set. It’s short and sweet–and it’s one of
the finest modern horror series ever created. Swinging in at Number 4–Scream Queens, 2015 Alright guys. Okay. Listen. Calm down. I get it, I know that I’m going to pick
up some flack for featuring this particular entry, but hear me out–because one thing
that we’ve been lacking in our healthy, balanced horror diet–is horror comedy, and
if you’re asking me–this show is one of the finest demonstrations of that in recent
memory. Also–listen, this one goes without saying,
but no, this show is not scary–at all, so consider this a 4 out of 5 kind of list on
the terror scale. But now that’s out of the way–we can firmly
establish that Scream Queens–is frickin’ fantastic. I loved this show, and I myself was actually
surprised as to how much I found myself adoring it. We often talk about the function of horror
comedy–which is to take all of the tropes and styles of the horror genre and then poke
fun at them–and that’s exactly what this series does. And whilst you might think the other series
by the same creators, American Horror Story, should have featured on this list–I just
don’t think it’s consistent enough to stand up to some of the other traditionally
more terrifying entries on this Top 5. Scream Queens though–is horror comedy–and
it only gets better. Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian
Brennan, the first season of Scream Queens tells the tale of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority
as they’re threatened by the reemergence of a serial killer known as the Red Devil. The sorority is led by the one and only Chanel
Oberlin, played by the remarkable Emma Roberts–who carries this show in the palm of her hand. Honestly, she is phenomenal in this series–and
alongside her fellow Channels, Numbers 2, 3 and 5 played by Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd
and Abigail Breslin–the show descends into chaos in classic 90s slasher style. This show is Mean Girls meets every slasher
movie made–and because of that, it’s brilliant. I don’t care what anyone says–Scream Queens
is great. Next up at Number 3–The Strain, 2014 Okay. Now we can get between the meat and bones
of the television terror that plagues this list. The Strain–a show which many of you may know,
one of the most inventive and genuinely terrifying pieces of vampire fiction in recent times. And who better to deliver that, than the main
man himself–Guillermo del Toro, alongside the awesome horror novelist, Chuck Hogan. And you know what? The production history behind this TV series
just makes me admire del Toro even more as an uncompromising champion of the screen. Initially, back in 2006–after pitching the
concept of this series to Fox–del Toro outright refused, as a number of Fox Executives wanted
to turn into a comedy. Imagine that?! Imagine one of the most inventive and forward
thinking pieces of vampire literature being turned into a comedy. Yeah, thankfully for us though–del Toro instead
teamed up with novelist Chuck Hogan, outlined the incredible depth of his story–and then
a few years later, networks were begging the duo to pick it up. The Strain, spanning over four awesome seasons–the
quality of which admittedly dips a little in Season 3, but comes back for a phenomenal
final season–was released way back when on July 13th 2014. The show centers around a man named Dr. Ephraim
Goodweather, played by Corey Stoll, the head of a special CDC Unit down as the Canary Project–as
they attempt to unravel a particularly precarious event. An airplane has landed at JFK airport–and
everyone on board is dead, afflicted with an ancient strain of vampirism–passed from
person to person by a species of strange, parasitic worms. I won’t say anymore regarding the Strigoi,
because the premise of the show itself is reason enough to dive into it–but really,
some of the twists and turns this series takes–whilst also fleshing out one of the most intriguing
concepts of vampires in a long time–makes it a must see for any horror fan. Also, there are more than enough genuinely
terrifying moments in this series–I mean, it’s Guillermo del Toro guys. Coming in at Number 2–The Terror, 2018 Okay. Now we’re talking–because what better way
to depict the Most Terrifying Modern Horror Series–than with The Terror itself. Literally, that’s what it’s called–what
did you expect, guys? Now all jokes aside, this show is phenomenal,
it really is–and it was such an undiscovered gem at the time of its release in March of
last year, but now–still–I’m not entirely sure whether it’s receiving the recognition
that it deserves. So what are we waiting for, go and watch it–and
Season 2 is already mid way through, so you’re not missing out too much. Initially created by David Kajganich, the
man responsible for the 2018 remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria–The Terror is an anthology
series–and it’s first season, based upon the Dan Simmons novel of the same name, tells
a particularly terrifying historical tale that occured in the icy wilderness of the
Arctic Circle. One that you may be familiar with. The Franklin Expedition. Where both HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, were
frozen in ice in their attempt to seek the elusive Northwest Passage–but, this tale–is
a little different. I won’t say anything, because it’s well
worth your own discovery–but Season One is phenomenal. The pacing is fantastic–it’s filled to
the brim with anxiety inducing set pieces as things fall from bad to worse–and also,
the performances in season one are absolutely brilliant. Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Ciaran Hinds–all
deliver some remarkable acting–and genuinely, most importantly, this show is terrifying. And the less you know about the horror that
lurks in the arctic, the better. Now, if that sounds awesome–Season 2, titled
as The Terror: Infamy, takes place on the west coast of the US during World War 2–and
centers on a Japanese-American community being haunted by an ancient specter–the bakemono. I haven’t yet seen it, because I’m waiting
for the show to finish in its entirety so I can binge it–but if Season One is anything
to go by, we’re all in for a treat. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot–The
Haunting Of Hill House Ahhhh. Guys. It just has to be. Honestly, I don’t say this lightly–Mike
Flannagan’s The Haunting Of Hill House is one of the finest pieces of television of
the past few decades–and that’s not just including horror. I hate to bound about the term too loosely–but
Hill House truly is a masterpiece. Watching this series, and keep in mind I binged
the whole thing in two days–I knew that I was witnessing something special. I love this show. So much so, that I created a rundown for this
channel detailing just exactly why it was so special to horror as a genre–and if you’d
like more information, go and check that out now–but put it this way. How many horror series have you seen–movies
included–that can bring you to tears in it’s finale? Yeah, maybe I’d had too many beers–but
holy moly this show got to me. Stephen King claimed that this series was
close to a work of genius, and for a series based upon an already pre existing classic
of horror–that’s really saying something. Written and directed by Mike Flanagan, the
man responsible for 2013’s Oculus and 2016’s Hush, The Haunting of Hill House tells the
tale of the Crain Family, their lives split by two opposing timelines–them as adults,
following the effects of their childhood–and them as children as they move into the notorious
Hill House. Based upon the definitive 1959 novel of the
same name by Shirley Jackson, Flanagan takes all of the key components that make up an
iconic haunted house story story–and yet expertly rearranges them for a modern audience. Part of the horror laid out in this series,
isn’t *just* the paranormal–but instead, the very physical. The very personal–and the emotional trauma
presented in this series is just as effective as the spirits that linger in Hill House. This film covers addiction. Obsession–the dangers of isolation, and the
breakdown of the family unit. Really, I could talk about this show for days–and
all of the small details that make it so remarkable are worth discovering on your own. Also, the second season–The Haunting of Bly
Manor–based on the Turn of the Screw by Henry James–is set to be released in 2020. So–there’s something to look forward to–but
until then, just watch this masterpiece of horror on repeat. Well, there we have it horror fans–our list
for the Top 5 Most Terrifying Modern Horror Series. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any more to add to this list? Then let us know your thoughts down in the
comment section below, as well as any choice picks of your own. Before we depart from today’s video though,
let’s first take a quick look at some of your more resounding remarks from over the
past few days. Rebecca Howell says– When will you be making your movie? If you had an opportunity, what would you
make a horror movie about? Great videos, you’ve got another subscriber
from Michigan USA. –Hey Rebecca, welcome aboard and thank you
very much. You know what? That’s a great question. If I was to make a horror movie right now,
I think I’d make something about ghost towns–or, a Lovecraftian Cult mystery set in the Outer
Hebrides. Yeah–actually, that’s what I’d make. Stay tuned for more I guess. Well, on that note–unfortunately, that’s
all we’ve got time for in todays video–cheers for sticking around all the way until the
end. If you were a fan of this video, or just Top
5 Scary Videos in general, then please–be a dear and hit that thumbs up button, as well
as that subscribe bell, and I’ll be seeing you in the next one.


  1. Lame list! Stupid Scream Queens made this list but not Supernatural, Fear Itself, American Horror Story, The Mist, and more are all better than that. Sorry I am disappointed in you, Jack! But still love ya.

  2. Following you recommendation I watched the Terror, series 1. Not as good as I expected. The strain was far better. Good series but didn't need the creature at all.

  3. Jack.

    Man. I am so disappointed. You picked a Horror Comedy to be on this list and chose Scream Queens over Ash vs Evil Dead?! Shame. Shaaaaaaaame

  4. Channel Zero should definitely be on this list i will put it at number 2, when it comes to being on a list about best horror tv shows.

  5. it’s definitely not terrifying, probably more disturbing (and since it’s an anthology series, some more than others), but i think inside number 9 is amazing. the way an episode can transition from an ordinary drama or comedy to a disturbing, unexpected twist really is a work of genius. if any of you want to watch it, i recommend watching the episode “the 12 days of christine”. the realisation of the twist is incredible and it is all so well done.

  6. Great video as always, Jack. I'm putting The Strain on my binge list.
    @Rebecca Howell, cheers to you fellow horror fan for your amazing comment and welcome to "the scariest channel on YouTube".

  7. Apparently, by the comments you need a part 2…just sayin' – sometimes it's the psychological that is even more terrifying like The Leftovers and Carnivale

  8. American Horror Story and Channel Zero should have least been honorable mentions but thanks for honoring Black Mirror. Black Mirror is an awesome show.

  9. You should check out ‘The Exorcist’ (2016) it’s an amazing show with a great story line and actors perfect for their rolls. It’s only two seasons and cancelled sadly, but what was made was incredible. Also Chambers (2019) on Netflix, unique story line, super creepy, practical effects, just all around great using interesting lore to progress the story. Sadly cancelled after one season and with a promising continuation. But check out both if you want to have your pants creeped off ?

  10. I've always approved your top 5s, and I'm a relatively thick skinned person, but this time I'm very offended and dissapointed that you didn't put American Horror Story on this list.

    Such a shame.

  11. I would make a Lovecraftian occult mystery about the darkness that envelops people from within as they fall prey to the multidimensional Ziegoloth, which crawl unseen but omnipresent within the claustrophobic alleys of the former Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong.
    "All that's wicked stirs beneath the bay," the cult of British colonial opium addicts chant while holding their blood soaked knives and stare into the uncaring abyss of Da'ath. They sway with unearthly rhythm whilst some amongst them engrave esoteric symbols on the floor. At the height of the ill-omened ceremony the ancient metal box at the center of the circle gleams with incandescent darkness and cries out horrific ear piercing shrieks, "Suffer the children! Come to us!"

  12. The terror was one of the greatest tv shows I've ever seen. Just amazing in every single way possible. I'd also maybe put Chernobyl on this list. Not horror exactly, but terrifying.

  13. Ok, mention Scream Queens if you must, but put Outcast in there. Outcast is genuinely creepy, that's hard to do.
    Also, you guys might give Wayward Pines, Salem, and The Exorcist a look.

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