Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror Movies – Part 3

Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror Movies – Part 3

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Creatures! That are features! In a movie! Ahhh! They’ve returned. Yeah, sorry about that guys–but I’m running
out of ways to creatively usher in this title to this particular list series–because as
it so appears, you guys are absolutely ravenous for this kind of horror spectacular. And I said that as a compliment–because over
two parts of this series so far, we’ve managed to cover some absolutely terrifying cinematic
depictions of the titular creatures of the features–and luckily for us–there is plenty
more where that came from. So, let’s take a look, shall we? Hello horror fans–what’s going on, and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror
Movies–Part 3. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from the 1996 thriller, The Ghost and the Darkness, starring Michael Douglas and the
fantastic Val Kilmer–detailing the true story of the Tsavo Man-Eaters–two lions that besieged
a small town in Kenya in 1898. And you know what? I was so pleased to see several of you mentioning
that movie in relation to this list–because I remember watching that film with my old
man as a kid and being absolutely terrified at the thought of man-eating lions. SO yeah–with a smile on my face–consider
it todays most honorable of honorable mentions. On with the show. Kicking off at Number 5–Razorback, 1984 Because speaking of real-life man-eating lions–move
over, as per usual, Australia has got a thing or two to add. Or, should we say–a tusk or two. Razorback–a film that, rightfully so, has
been requested on several occasions for this channel, and not just with this list series. And you know what? I think the winds have finally settled just
right–because in many ways, Razorback is very much an acquired taste. But don’t let that fool you too much–because
whilst on the surface this film is very much a tongue-in-cheek relic of the 80s–deep beneath
the surface, there is an incredibly unique creature feature that irks on the surreal
more so than the popcorn chewing disasterpieces that we’ve come to expect. And it happened at a strange time in Australian
Cinematic History–at the tail end of what is known as Ozploitation Cinema–an awesome
oddity of cinematic history that produced some strange movies indeed. However, by 1984–with the release of Razorback,
they’d pretty much perfected the form–and the result was horror riddled brilliance indeed. Written by Everett de Roche, Razorback was
based upon the novel of the same name by Peter Brennan–and it had the directing clout to
back it up. Directed by Russell Mulcahy, the man that
would go on to direct Highlander–there can be only one–part of the biggest appeal of
Razorback is just how damn beautiful it is. Really, this film is a feast for the eyes–and
it’s perhaps one of the only B-Movie esque creature features that could ever pull of
a bizarre dream sequence smack-bang in the middle of the second act. Because–despite it trying it’s utmost not
too–this film just works. Razorback is just a neat-little package of
horror goodness–and a giant razorback boar terrorising the Australian Outback. It tells the tale of Jake Cullen, played by
Bill Kerr–whose grandson is kidnapped and eaten alive by a giant Razorback Boar one
night in the darkened outback–where Jake himself is ultimately blamed for his murder. What ensues, on the surface, is a tale of
reckless revenge at any cost–a husband searching for a wife, an old man searching for closure–all
in the midst of a disenfranchised society losing its identity. Errr. Yeah. Whilst it may not seem it–Razorback covers
some pretty weighty themes–and it looks amazing whilst doing so. Swinging in at Number 4–Life, 2017 You know what? I didn’t expect too–but I actually really
enjoyed this movie. And although it’s more so wrapped up in
the trappings of a sci-fi popcorn thriller–it very much has all of the key components for
a genuinely unnerving creature feature horror. Which–may I add, is a pretty difficult thing
to do. Because this film makes you think–and that’s
part and parcel as to how it delivers its horror–and I’m fine with that. Also, it stars Jake Gyllenhaal–and I am pretty
sure it goes without saying, but the man can’t make a bad movie if he tried. I’m sorry if you disagree with my guys–but
Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the finest actors of our time, and 2017’s Life is no exception! Directed by Daniel Espinosa with writing credits
from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers responsible for Zombieland and Deadpool–Life
tells the tale of an unmanned space probe that returns from Mars with strange soil samples,
potentially containing evidence of extraterrestrial life. Thankfully though, the inhabitants of this
near-future Earth are wise enough to keep this new lifeform form, far, far from the
surface, for now–and instead it’s captured and kept by the crew of the International
Space Station. Obviously, as you may imagine–this strange
soil sample certainly has a few interesting properties–and the people of Earth are absolutely
thrilled to discover that we are–in fact, not alone in the universe. So much so, that after running a national
school-based competition to name this alien–they decide on dubbing it–Calvin. And what starts as a cutesy little Calvin-esque
amoeba–well, that would be spoilers–but as you’re probably guessing from the title
of this particular list. Yeah, things aren’t pretty. Honestly, I would highly recommend this movie–particularly
if you’re jonesing for a dose of Xenomorphic-esque horror–because in many ways, 2017’s Life
is perhaps more so of a pseudo-origin story to Ridley Scott’s Alien than anything else. And whilst that may be a little bit of a leap–it
also may be telling as to where this particular space vessel is pointed. Hint. Things get pretty bad–and the ending to this
movie is… quite something. Give it a watch. Next up at Number 3–Splinter, 2008 Hey look! It’s Skinny Pete–if only he’d have had
an El Camino at that gas station–maybe he could’ve wound up elsewhere. But wait–what the hell are you talking about
Jack. Less Vince Gilligan–and more… Toby Wilkins? Well, whilst that particular horror director
may leave a few of you scratching your heads–despite this being his first foray into feature-length
filmmaking, for his debut slog–2008’s Splinter is a creature feature piece of work that certainly
deserves to be reckoned with. Really, this movie is pretty damn good. And despite its outward appearance–when we
boil Splinter down, this is an intelligent and remarkably creative entry for an otherwise
unknown director. Why? Because when applied to the creature feature
archetype–it gets pretty much everything right. Intelligent script with little to no exposition. Check. Brilliant acting with some unexpected humour. Check. Gross physical effects and a creative monster? Double check. However, whilst getting all of these things
right–Splinter also manages to turn quite a few things on its head. Mainly being–that this is perhaps one of
the few rare horror films where all pretty much all of the characters actually make smart
choices. Which again, is a rare thing–especially for
a creature feature. It’s a lesson that we should all learn. Written and directed by Toby Wilkins, with
writing credits from Kai Barry and Ian Shorr–Splinter tells the tale of a young couple–Seth Belzer
and Polly Watt–played by Paulo Constanzo and Jill Wanger respectively. Whilst travelling on a romantic camping trip
through the backwoods of Oklahoma–the pair get attacked and carjacked by an escaped convict
named Dennis, played by Shea Wigham–who steals the show in this movie–and eventually, the
unlikely and unfortunate gang end up locked in a gas station–sheltering from a strange
lifeform in the woods. You know what? I almost don’t want to talk about the creature
of this feature–despite, you know–the title and poster of this movie being a pretty huge
giveaway–but trust me, there’s more to it. Splinter is a lesson that we shouldn’t ever
judge a book by it’s cover–particularly if that book is filled with parasitic spikes
and it’s running straight at you. Coming in at Number 2–The Tunnel, 2011 And whilst my reverence for the awesome continent
known only as Australia continues–there is no denying the fact that when it comes to
creature feature horror, they are peerless–given the fact that–well. Put it this way. They were making horror movies about wild
boars in the 80s–and when the ceiling is set that high–the only way is up. Or–down, in this case–beneath the abandoned
underground railway system of Sydney. But before we get to that though–I’d just
like to make a point. You know what, I hate to come across as preachy–but
it irks me a little when people find fault in a found footage film for being too *shaky*–like,
the whole point of found footage is to suspend the suspension of disbelief–and then believe,
if not for a moment, that what we’re watching is real. Yeah, some movies definitely pull it off better
than others–but to find fault with a film just because it’s living up to its promise–eh. I dunno. It’s irksome. And when a film gets it so right–and yet
still get flak, well–such is the case with 2011’s The Tunnel. Directed by Carlo Ledesma and written by Julian
Harvey and Enzo Tedeschi–The Tunnel is perhaps one of the most successful crowd-funded films
of recent times–which also makes it worthy of note here. It tells the tale of Natasha–an Australian
journalist who–following a drought and water shortage in New South Wales–decides to follow
up on the government’s revoked plans to use millions of liters of water trapped in a network
of abandoned train tunnels beneath the city of Sydney. You see, initially–the Australian government
were full steam ahead with this municipal plan–but suddenly, after they’d discovered
something down there–they decided to quickly pretend that they’d never said anything–and
refuse to tell the public exactly why. And–well, being the keen-eyed journalist
that she is, Natasha quickly assembles a team in an attempt to figure out just exactly what
they’re hiding. Well, bad mistake. Because we all know that nothing good lingers
in the sewer system of a city. At the very best, you’re gonna see some
giant mass of sewage–at worse–well, you’re gonna get the monster from The Tunnel. And that’s all I’ll say–because despite
being a movie that certainly doesn’t show a *lot*–The Tunnel is frighteningly effective
at the implication of a horror monster–which in this day and age, is a rare thing to not
only see–but pull off well. And, well–The Tunnel does it to near perfection. Give it a watch. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot–The
Ritual, 2017 And you know what–whilst in many ways this
movie isn’t exactly the most outwardly of creature features–when we truly strip it
all away, all of the warning signs were certainly always there–albeit skewed behind an ancient
Nordic treeline. You see, 2017’s The Ritual is definitely
a terrifying horror movie–although to see the creature feature wood for the trees–you
may have to do a little bit of digging. But not too much digging–because, yeah–you’ve
been warned, the Jotunn is there and you’ve been offered as a sacrifice. You see, the point is–although The Ritual
certainly takes a while to get going–holy shit–when we finally get the payoff–this
is perhaps one of the greatest creature features of this century. And not only that–but it has one of the most
well developed, and well executed creature designs in a long, long time–perhaps ever–because
I don’t say this lightly, the Jotunn could give the xenomorph a run for its money. The thing is–where this movie has it’s
detractions–as in, where we can find fault with it–is in it’s pacing. Unlike Alien, this movie is not perfect. Yes, I agree. The Ritual is slow–it’s a difficult hurdle
to get over–but with repeat viewings, this movie only serves to get better and better
over time. And believe me, that’s hard to pull off
for a creature feature. The thing is–this isn’t just a creature
feature on the surface. It’s much more than that. And it confused some people–I get it. Maybe it’s just me–I enjoy the slow pacing. But holy shit–either way, when it gets going
this film is effective. Directed by David Bruckner with a screenplay
by Joe Barton–2017’s The Ritual is based upon the 2011 novel of the same name by Adam
Nevill. It stars Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier
and Sam Troughton as Luke, Phil, Hutch and Dom respectively–four friends who agree to
hike the Kungsleden forest in Sarek National Park, Northern Sweden–following the death
of their long-time friend Rob, who’s wish it always was to hike the King’s Trail. And, that’s all you really need to know–because
although this film is neatly framed by several interlocking threads that serve to add some
brilliantly earned depth to this movie–all we’re concerned with is the forest and the
many terrors that lurk within it, right? And what begins as a strange series of events–an
odd carved rune in an abandoned cabin–an eviscerated deer left in a tree–or, you know–the
low, rumbling sound of something that certainly isn’t thunder–all manage to twist and turn
their way throughout the forest trail in all their horror glory. If you’ve been put off by this movie–I’d
recommend trying again. Give it some time–because the final act is
certainly worth it. Well, there we have it horror fans–our list
for the Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror Movies–Part 3. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any more to add to this list? Then let us know your thoughts down in the
comment section below, as well as any choice picks of your own. Before we depart from today’s video–lets
first take a quick look at some of your more creative comments from over the past few days. DravenGal says– I bet you don’t think people are catching
the little puns you toss in there, Jack. But some of us do. They’re little hidden treasures, and don’t
worry, I won’t spoil things by pointing them out! — Well, DravenGal–thank you very much, I’m
on my climb to Challenger in the Legendary League of Puns–although, really, I’m hovering
at mid to high gold. And that’s actually a pretty awesome thought
that my puns are like a treasure hunt–I really like that. Hey–how about someone try and see how many
puns you can spot in this video? Oh. Did we just start a new thing? Wait, I hope there’s more than one… Oh well. Have fun either way–and thank you for your
kind words DravenGal. Well unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got
time for in todays video–cheers for sticking around all the way until the end. If you were a fan of this video–or just Top
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    The Tunnel was just a very good found footage movie. It got everything right.
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