Top 5 Scariest Female Horror Movie Villians

Top 5 Scariest Female Horror Movie Villians

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Women in horror films are typically confined
to a stereotypical role: whether it’s the innocent virgin, the cheerleader, or the morally
uptight girl. The formula goes that if they are good enough,
they will survive the horror onslaught. However, there are a handful of women out
there that are not limited to these set of roles, and are instead murderous villains,
hellbent on destroying everything in their path. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going
to be counting down the Top 5 Scariest Female Horror Movie Villains. Lets jump in. 5 Ginger Fitzgerald – Ginger Snaps
Ginger from Ginger Snaps is a teenager obsessed with the morbid side of life — and someone
who is simply afraid to grow up. She then gets bitten by a werewolf, and begins
to experience animalistic symptoms. Now, there is a push and pull between Ginger’s
humanity, and her beastly nature, which makes you almost sympathize with the character — almost. Over the course of the film her beastly side
begins to win, and Ginger begins to grow teeth, extra hair, and even a tail. Now — the film is a perfect metaphor for
puberty — and we watch on as Ginger grows in confidence and aggressiveness as she becomes
more wolflike — quickly learning that she is no longer afraid of growing up. However, Ginger’s humanity slips away, and
although she is becoming more confident and independent, she is also growing increasingly
more bloodthirsty — which leads her to tear apart a guidance counselor, a janitor, and
a drug dealer. 4 Pamela Voorhees – Friday the 13th
Like our other numbers, Pamela is a terrifying villain, because she’s a somewhat normal
human — to an extent — though her circumstances get more and more absurd through the course
of the Friday the 13th franchise. However, let’s focus on the first film,
where her role was genuinely shocking, and very important. So, back in the day 15 year old Pamela got
pregnant by a man named Elias Voorhees — she gives birth, to Jason, of course — who has
hydrocephalus. Pamela is incredibly protective of her son,
to the point that she refuses to send him to school. However, Pamela still has to provide for him,
so she takes a job at Camp Crystal Lake as a cook, and Jason comes along. He is relentlessly teased for his deformity,
and during one night he goes for a late night swim in order to prove he is good at something. However, he drowns, tragically, and Pamela
blames the camp counselors who were not looking after her son. Following the incident Pamela begins to hear
Jason’s voice, telling her to kill the counselors who are supposedly responsible for his death. So, what does she do? She goes on a killing spree, and the camp
closes after the grisly murders. The camp eventually reopens, and Pamela is
compelled to kill once again. You can’t help but feel bad for Pamela,
who suffered an incredibly tragic event — but to murder the counselors that weren’t even
connected to the murder, instead of receiving help for her mental health issues, well I
think she should have reconsidered. 3 Julia Cotton – Hellraiser
While some villains have redeeming qualities, or a logical rationale for why they act the
way they act — there are some out there that are just straight up evil. Julia Cotton is one of those. She is the stepmother of Kristy Cotton in
Hellraiser, and had an affair with her brother-in-law, Frank. So the family dynamic is a little funky right
off the bat. Frank is also a self-centered creepy who shares
a very weird connection with Julia. When Frank goes missing, aftering solving
a mysterious puzzle box that lands him in hell with the demonic Cenobites, the family
move into his home. Kristy’s father Larry injures himself and
bleeds all over the spot where Frank died, and somehow this allows for Frank to come
back from the dead, skinless, and begin to terrorize everyone. Now most people would quake in fear and flee
the scene — however, not Julia, no. She instead procures victims for Franks, as
he needs blood to fully rebuild his body. In the end Julia meets her demise when Kristy
calls back the Cenobites and lets them take Frank back to Hell — during which time Julia
gets stabbed, dies, and is doomed for eternity. 2 Margaret White – Carrie
Margaret White still haunts me to this day — her daughter Carrie has a horribly difficult
life — and mostly due to her Mother’s overbearing qualities. So, backstory for this who have never watched
the film. Carrie tells the story of a high school outcast
with supernatural powers. She is shy and incredibly naive and the other
students relentlessly torment her for this. But more so for the fact that she doesn’t
know basic facts about her own body. Like a period. With the opening scene showing Carrie getting
her first period, screaming and crying in terror, and her classmates tossing tampons
and pads at her yelling “plug it up. Plug it up.” Not nice. Not nice at all. Now, this is all horrifying enough, but let’s
talk about Carrie’s mum, who is arguably worse. She’s an unyielding religious mum, who tells
Carrie that her menstruation is the result of sinful thoughts — so she locks Carrie
in a closet and forces her to pray for forgiveness. So, when Carrie gains telekinetic powers she
wreaks havoc on her classmates as well as her mother — who meets a very, very grisly
end. 1 Annie Wilkes – Misery
Annie Wilkes is arguably the most chilling villain on our entire list, and that’s because
she is merely a human — and evil can lurk behind any door, even your seemingly friendly
neighbor, or the woman that rescues you after you wreck your car. At first, Wilkes seems far too sweet to even
be considered evil — she’s the type of woman that you wouldn’t think twice about
— a cozy sweater wearing, sweetheart who seems to have everyone’s best intentions
at heart. But oh boy, were we wrong. After novelist, Paul Sheldon, crashes his
car, Wilkes rescues him, and brings him back to her home to recover. However, when he awakes, Wilkes tells him
that she is his number one fan — and she is a particularly big fan of his novels featuring
Misery Chastain. She informs Paul that help is on the way,
but of course, there is a blizzard outside, so the snow is delaying things. She nurses Paul, and as a thanks he lets Wilkes
read the first draft of his latest novel — and, well, Annie hates it. A lot. To the point that she smashes Paul’s ankles
with a hammer. Yup. Paul soon figures out that Annie never
even called for help — and that no one even knows where he is. During which time Wilkes forces him to write
a new Misery novel — while inflicting more pain and torture upon the helpless writer. Annie Wilkes is the kind of evil that will
haunt your dreams for years to come. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any female baddies that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below and perhaps we can do a part 2. If you haven’t already be sure to give this
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  1. I’m gonna guess who they are before it starts and reply to myself if I was right.
    No particular order
    Annie Wilkes (Misery)
    Mrs. Vorhees (Friday the 13th)
    Samara/Sadako Yamamura (The Ring/Ringu)
    Asami Yamazaki (Audition)
    Akasha or Carrie White, I cant decide

  2. Angela (Sleepaway Camp), Tamara (Tamara), Kayako (The Grudge), Irena Gallier (Cat People), Esther (Orphan), La Femme (Inside), Alien Queen (Aliens), Marie (High Tension), Evelyn Draper (Play Misty for Me), Princess (The Loved Ones), The Witches (Suspiria), Mary Shaw (Dead Silence), Asami (Audition), Bathtub Woman (The Shining), The Death (Final Destination), The Nun

  3. Oh, Julia and Anne were the Perfect ones to make this list! Both are Evil for the genuine sake of being Evil! Great Job Lucy!!! 😊

  4. I don’t understand why Clive Barker changed Hellraiser and didn’t stick to the story in novella “The Hellbound Heart” The original story was magnitudes greater than the movie script. Changing the protagonist to Rory’s daughter instead of the good hearted woman who was his friend but truly was in love with him changed the entire story and especially the ending which to me was excellent. Spoilers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> at the end of the novella Rory’s friend Kristy who was in love with him is left with Lemarchand Box given to her by The Engineer to keep, after Frank and Julia are dragged to Hell. Lokking at the Box she starts thinking that if there is a Box to open Hell then there might also be a Box to open Heaven so that she might be able to see her true love Rory again.

    Anyone who like the movie should definitely read the book, it’s quite short even for a novella. Much shorter than Cabal which was also much better than the movie version “Nightbreed” however I actually thought it was a better adaptation than “Hellraiser”, it at least captured the spirit of the novella even with the silly comedy relief that they added in.

  5. Asami from Audition would have been my #1 she was just a human like Annie but much more evil, she didn’t just hobble her boyfriends’ by breaking bones, she did much worse.

  6. And at #1…

    The horrifyingly, unemotional, yet insanely beautiful Lucy McPhee.
    Love this channel, and u Lucy 👀

  7. Watching Misery turned me off to wanting to becoming a famous author, people like that put the fanatic into “fan”, besides most people are just terrible, there are exceptions, but not many, love yall’s videos keep up the awesome work

  8. She deserves the # 1 spot alright! That woman is so damn scary! … Of course you will do a part 2 =) Thanks Lucy!

  9. Great video. A bit off on the story of how Jason drowned, but that isn't immediately essential to the list.

  10. Hold up, akasha from queen of the damned should of been number 1. Her character was so badass until one guy in real life killed his bestfriend and said akasha told him to do it.

  11. It's folks like Annie Wilkes that make me want to carry around an axe if I ever decide to go into writing.

  12. The Mother from Carrie to me is number one because there was a lady like her that use to live in my street thank god she never had children.

  13. Yes!!! Please more videos with Lucy mcphee. She very gorgeous. Not that I hate jack. Just that I love Lucy mcphee

  14. When u die & are waiting in line for heaven angel face lucy will be there to tempt you away from the light, better to reign in hell!

  15. Part 2!!! The gma from hereditary…. the gma from paranormal activity…
    The chick from climax
    The mummy girl

  16. If she-wolfs like ginger existed in reality we'd be fucked people are too weak too take out something with that power I'd rather end myself before she gets the chance

  17. Mommie Dearest – Joan Crawford is a good addition to this.
    Bellatrix Lestrange or Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter
    Esther from Orphan
    Nancy Downs from The Craft
    Regina George from Mean Girls

    You can actually create a separate list for those Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre and the list could go on.

  18. #1 choice reminds me of an Australian woman who murdered and skinned her husband. Her name is Katherine Knight.

  19. I always thought Mademoiselle from Martyrs and Eli from Let Right One In are pretty scary. Also, Aaliyah made an excellent Akasha.

  20. Nice to see Julia Cotton on the list. I've always thought Clare Higgins' performance was underrated.

  21. Mrs. White and Annie Wilkes (along with another villainess from a Stephen King novel made into a movie starring Cathy Bates, Dolores Claiborne) are terrifying because they are very real and plausible rather than cartoonish and over the top and are somewhat sympathetic (and in the book, it explains a bit more as to why Carrie's mother is the way she is). Not only that, but in Annie Wilkes you see one of the best actresses in Hollywood at the top of her game.

  22. The crazy cult leaders of Silent Hill 1 and 2. Sacrificing a young girl by burning her, just because she's different and thereby making her go crazy. Then covering it up and murder everybody who finds out the truth. I still love the ending of the first movie. They git what they deserved in an epic way 😆

  23. What makes Annie Wilkes so viscerally terrifying is that, like Dolores Umbridge, she's a realistic character. Very few of us will ever encounter a Voldemort or Ayesha, but viciously petty bureaucrats and obsessive fans are real.

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