Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies – Part 9

Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies – Part 9

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What’s in a word, right guys? The term forgotten has pretty much lost all
of it’s meaning thanks to this series–which, I’m pretty confident that we can announce
this now–it’s my favourite series on this channel. I love Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies. It’s so much fun–and I think it’s safe
to say that, most importantly–we’ve all learned a thing or two along the way. Also, it’s pretty important to know, that
if you start this series from the beginning–we’ve compiled 45 of the best forgotten horror movies–ever. So, yeah. Part 10–that’ll be the Top 5. And that’s awesome. Good job everyone. Hello horror fans, what’s going on–and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies–Part
9. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from 2015’s We Are Still Here–which just so happened to clock in at our Number 2 spot
for our last entry in this forgotten horror movie series–and you know what? That movies frickin’ awesome–so it deserves
a second shout out. Also, if you haven’t already taken a look
at this series in its entirety so far–then, now would probably be a good time. Just saying. It’s pretty good. Anyway–on with the show. Kicking off at Number 5–Deathwatch, 2002 And I, for one–am incredibly glad that this
list has made it this far–so we can start unearthing these kind of gems–you know, the
kind of movies that fell down the cracks at the start of the millenium, when straight-to-DVD
horror still stood a chance for earning your favour–and when renting DVDs at supermarkets
or corner shops was still a thing that people did. For the most part, we don’t do that anymore–but
hey, as the old saying goes–time flies when you’re having fun. The thing is, I feel that Deathwatch is the
type of movie that just wouldn’t get any credit unless this movie was recommended–and
you know what? This film has a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes–but
I just do *not* agree. Deathwatch is awesome–it’s a rare entry
to period-drama horror in a setting that rarely gets a look in when it comes to the genre. During a historical period that–truly–defines
the term horror. The Great War. And really, this movie is incredibly unique
in its approach. Written and directed by M.J Bassett, the director
responsible for the likes of Silent Hill: Revelation and 2006’s Wilderness–Deathwatch
tells the tale of a squad of British Soldiers, the Y Company–who after being trapped behind
enemy lines, come across a complex, maze-like network of German Trenches–where they discover
a handful of seemingly terrified German soldiers who have been besieged by some sort of evil. It stars Jamie Bell as Private Charles Shakespeare–who
struggles to keep his head through the twisting tunnels of trench warfare, amongst piles of
corpses–hordes of hungry rats–and lots, and lots of… barbed wire. Yeah, don’t sleep on the barbed wire. You see, what sets this movie apart is that
it plays out like a sort of…paranormal slasher–in a setting that certainly shouldn’t ever
warrant it–but it *works*. And, also, most importantly–Private Quinn–played
by Andy Serkis–absolutely steals the show here, and his performance in this movie is
second to none. Honestly, I have no idea why this movie got
so slated. The performances throughout are excellent. The attention to historical detail is an unexpected
bonus–and whilst this movie *could* have been better if it had a little more production
pampering–for what it’s worth, Deathwatch is a great horror film. It’s far more than the sum of its parts. Swinging in at Number 4–Alone In The Dark,
1982 Don’t worry guys–it’s just a dream. Heh… yeah. And please guys–do not get this movie confused
with the 2005 Uwe Boll flick which is.. all levels of terrible. And also an insult to the awesome video game
series–but, whatever guys. That’s a story for a different time. Because here’s a question for you–if you’re
a brand new psychiatrist at a maximum security psychiatric hospital–what’s the worst thing
that could possibly happen during a three day blackout? Yeah. If you’re curious, watch this movie. Listen, Alone In The Dark has been ridiculed
somewhat for it’s kitschy approach to an otherwise pretty damn terrifying notion–but,
I’d argue against that–and say that’s exactly what sets this movie apart. The reason that Alone In The Dark is so damn
effective, is because it’s–well, it’s pulpy. It’s a little too quirky for its own good–and
that proves to be really, really unnerving. And also, that’s the reason as to why you
can excuse a few things that just–don’t make any sense in this movie. So please, keep that in mind. Written and directed by Jack Sholder–the
man responsible for A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and 1987’s The Hidden–Alone In The Dark
tells the tale of Dr. Dan Potter, a psychiatrist who moves to a small town just outside of
Philadelphia with his family–and takes up a position at a hospital that houses four
particularly heinous criminals. Frank Hawkes, a paranoid former POW. Byron Sutcliff–a pyromaniac preacher. Ronald Elster, an obese child abuser–and
John–The Bleeder–Skagg. A homicidal maniac who enjoys slicing and
dicing a little too much. And, pretty much–the entire premise to this
film is that one quiet evening–the town is hit by a blackout–and these four criminals
escape, with the desire to enact some twisted, tortuous revenge on their new psychiatrist. And whilst that *is* pretty much it, in terms
of narrative–the twisted simplicity of this movie is what sets it apart from the rest. Honestly, this film is terrifying–and whilst
it’s plot isn’t plausible in the slightest–watching this film certainly won’t give you that
reassurance. Also, it’s on YouTube–so yeah, give it
a watch. Next up at Number 3–Mister Frost, 1990 Jeff Goldblum–a name that will certainly
turn a few heads, whatever the title of the movie–and although Goldblum traditionally
has had quite the habit for stealing the show in relatively unknown cult classics–this
one is perhaps one of his more obscure movies–and really, that’s saying something. The thing is with Jeff Goldblum, whilst being
a brilliantly entertaining actor–for the most part, he can’t help but play… well,
himself. Don’t get me wrong–Goldblum is amazing,
but–he’s not exactly the most transformative of actors. This movie though–perhaps more so than any–suits
that style to perfection. And what better role to play–than, well–than
the Devil himself. Written and directed by Phillipe Setbon, Mister
Frost tells the tale of a police detective–named Felix Detweiler, played by Alan Bates–who
after chasing a series of mysterious murders–eventually investigates the report of a dead body at
a remote, French estate–which is owned by the even more mysterious Mister Frost. You see, this film doesn’t lure us on with
any air of mysterious–because pretty much the first scene is Mister Frost himself, admitting–with
very little prompting–that he’d cheerfully just buried a body in his garden. And also, many, many others. And that’s what makes Goldblum’s performance
so damn good in this movie–he’s a perfect, slightly awkward–genuinely convincing pathological
mass murderer–who does the whole thing which such a jovial set of mannerisms–I don’t
know. It’s an incredibly unique brand of cinematic
serial killer that only Jeff Goldblum could deliver. But–it doesn’t end there, because after
Mister Frost is arrested and ultimately placed in an asylum–he does not speak a word for
two years–going completely mute–with the case coming to an end, as the police are completely
unable to establish his identity. And–well, after two years–when Mister Frost
finally speaks and reveals his identity–he lets the world know that he is, in fact, Satan. And whilst, on the surface, this film may
seem slightly ridiculous–please, don’t let it fool you, because Jeff Goldblum is
*not* kidding–and he just may well be the most believable Satan ever captured on screen. This film is super, super underrated–and
is perhaps the definition of a forgotten horror movie. Give it a watch, because it’s certainly
worth your time. Coming in at Number 2–The Hide, 2008 You know what guys? I normally wouldn’t do this–but… considering
the fact that we’ve made it to Part 9 of this series, I think it’s time to pull out
something a little bit special. Now, it’s important to note that this film
isn’t necessarily a horror film–in fact, it’s a matter of personal opinion as to
deciding what genre this movie is at all. But that’s exactly what makes it special. I suppose you could say that The Hide was
a thriller of sorts–a chamber piece, maybe–a gritty-bafta worthy FilmFour kitchen sink
in a Suffolk Marsh kind of set up–if you know then you know, and your guess is as good
as mine. But the one thing that this film certainly
is–is entertaining. I remember first catching this film on the
midnight slot of Film Four’s debut showing–and I was absolutely blown away. And for the non-British amongst you, Film
Four is a filmmaking production company that champions independent British and International
cinema. It’s awesome, really–and it produces stuff
exactly like this. Also, please don’t get this movie confused
with another film of a similar name, Hide–which also came out in 2008, because you may be
very, very confused. Written and directed Marek Losey in his debut
feature film–The Hide tells the tale of a middle aged man named Roy Tunt–played by
the phenomenal Alex MacQueen, a familiar face for fans of British TV–who owns a bird-hide
out in the Suffolk Marshes. As you may imagine, Roy is an obsessive bird
watcher–and he’s determined to spy out the last bird on his list–the elusive sociable
plover–to one thing needed to complete the entire British list of birds. But, after awhile spent in his Hide–he’s
unexpectedly joined by a dishevelled and tattooed stranger–a man named Dave John, played by
Phil Campbell–and that’s when Roy’s walkie-talkie buzzes, and picks up a police message about
a local murder–with the suspect fitting Dave John’s description. Listen, that’s all I’ll say–because this
movie is 100% reliant on it’s remarkable narrative–but holy moly does this film earn
it. There is something entirely timeless about
this movie–and in many ways it could’ve been written by Poe or Twain or Hemingway. This film is really, really good–and whilst
it may not seem it, it’s one of the more disturbing indie movies of recent times. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot–The
Hand That Rocks The Cradle, 1992 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand
That Rules The World. And while you may be thinking–wait a minute,
Jack–who’s been packing your pipe–put down the Longbottom Leaf–you smoke too much,
Pip. How the hell is this a forgotten horror movie?! But I’d say–listen, we need to talk about
this film–and yes, it is certainly worthy of this list–because an entire generation
of horror fans are perhaps yet to discover it. And that’s batshit crazy–because this particular
breed of psychological horror-thriller was a period of cinema that is entirely unique
to it’s time. We have to let them know! This film is so nineties it hurts–and yes,
whilst some of its themes are perhaps a little too played out–and yes, whilst perhaps this
movie steals a little bit too much from 1987’s Fatal Attraction–out of all of the psychological
horror movies of the late eighties and early nineties–The Hand That Rocks The Cradle,
for me, stands above the rest–and of late, it’s kind of fallen between the cracks in
the pantheon of horror cinema. And that’s not cool. Directed by Curtis Hanson and written by Amanda
Silver, a brilliant screenwriter responsible for the Planet of the Apes series–The Hand
That Rocks The Cradle tells the tale of Claire Bartel, a happily married woman who is pregnant
with her second child. At a routine check up, she is sexually molested
by her obstetrician, Dr. Victor Mott–and after she reports him to the state medical
board, instead of answering to the charges–he commits suicide. Well, it turns out that the wife of the doctor,
who was also pregnant–lost her baby after an early labor came about due to stress caused
by the ordeal–and quickly swears vengeance on Claire. That woman–is Mrs. Mott–played by the phenomenal
Rebecca De Mornay–and is perhaps one of the most terrifying and underrated villains in
psychological horror. You see, whilst this movie is certainly not
perfect in any sense–it touches on a very particular fear, and that’s exactly what
sets it apart as a psychological thriller. This film requires us to question ourselves
and our own moral position as it plays out in it’s painstaking car-crash manner. Yeah, it’s a little heavy handed in parts–but
my word, is this film entertaining. Also, Julianne Moore plays the best side-character
ever in this film–and if they ever remake this movie, they should add more of her. But yeah–like I said, this movie is 90s horror
101–and it deserves more credit than what it gets. Well, there we have it horror fans–our list
for the Top 5 Scariest Forgotten Horror Movies–Part 9. Wow. Look how far we’ve come guys–and guess
what, Part 10 is just around the corner–because come on, we can’t leave it here, can we? Well, what did you guys think? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment
section below, as well as any choice picks of your own. Before we depart from today’s video–let’s
first take a quick look at some of your more creative comments from Part 8 of this forgotten
horror movies series. First up, Shane Rene says– Best series by far! Keep going! –And thank you Shane! We’re trying–and like I said, we’re certainly
gonna go for a Part 10–purely for the fact that–well, even numbers and all that. Thank you, either way. And finally, Curtis Newton says– Watch “martyrs”–a french movie. –Ahh. Beleive me Curtis, Martyrs is no where near
forgotten–unfortunately, because that movie is messed up–and it can’t be unseen. Ever. Nope. Well, on that note, unfortunately, that’s
all we’ve got time for in todays video–cheers for sticking around all the way until the


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    'May' was on one of the previous lists; 'May' is certainly a cult movie that did not get main stream exposure, but its anything but forgotten. Quite the contrary, 'May' is generally beloved by horror fans.

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