Top 5 Scariest Horror Movie Robots

Top 5 Scariest Horror Movie Robots

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For the most part, robots aren’t scary. The only fear they ooze is that of our crumbling
society, that one day we are going to have to succumb to the sentient beings ruling the
world. It takes a lot to make an audience cower at
the appearance of a bot, it’s not through appearance, but through the hardwear, and
the malice that is running through the code. So, today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going
to be counting down our list of the Top 5 Scariest Horror Movie Robots. Before we begin though, be sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. Lets jump in. 5 M.A.R.K.-13 – Hardware Hardware is a highly underrated sci-fi thriller
released back in the 90’s starring none other than Dylan McDermott and Iggy Pop. Hardware is about the head of a cyborg that
reactivates, rebuilds itself, and then goes on a violent rampage in a pace marine’s
girlfriend’s apartment. Now, looking at this film as an insider, it
can almost be too stupid to fathom, with MARK 13 entering the film as a handful of parts
only to rebuild itself and launch a killing spree. It sounds dumb, yes, but it’s haunting,
with its name being a reference to an apocalyptic Biblical passage, with “no flesh will be
spared” being mentioned multiple times throughout. Not only is Mark 13 a robot attached to a
skull-like head, but it is also painted like an American flag, which adds double the fear
factor, cos patriotism. It’s dangerous. Now, what truly makes MARK 13 something horrifying
to feast upon is its sheer brutality throughout Hardware, not to mention its six primary limbs
and three auxiliary limbs, most of which are designed to drill, saw, or, for the most part,
mangle. Yeah, you don’t want to come across MARK
13 in this post-nuclear-war world. 4 Hector Saturn 3
This 1980’s sci-fi horror did not go down in cinematic history, that’s for sure. Directed by Stanley Donen, and starring Farrah
Fawcett, Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel, this film follows two lovers stationed at a remote
base in the asteroid fields of Saturn, who are ultimately intruded upon by a retentive
technocrat from Earth and his charge: a malevolent eight foot robot. A robot named Hector. Now, quite simply, Hector is too good for
this movie, and arguably one of the only redeeming factors that Saturn 3 has. Hector is a towering killer, whose tiny stalk
of a head rises from a muscle-bound body, which is distressing to say the least. However, more distressing still, a scientist
designed Hector to be a possible replacement for researchers on a base orbiting Saturn,
during which time he accidentally transfers his own predatory lust for Farrah Facett into
the robot. Nightmare. This B movie is straight up crazy, and ridiculous,
and sadly Hector can’t save it, but it at least adds a little fear to an otherwise flat
movie. 3 Michael A Boy and His Dog
Now, I may be cheating ever so slightly with this number, as A Boy and His Dog is more
sci-fi and less horror, if anything it could be considered a comedy, but please, just hear
me out. Directed by LQ Jones and starring a very young
Don Johnson, A Boy and His Dog follows, quite literally, a young boy and his telepathic
dog as they wander a post-apocalyptic wasteland together. Now, be warned, this film as not as cute as
it sounds, but is instead incredibly bleak and surreal, with the pair wandering an irradiated
world before discovering an underground utopia. And this is where we meet Michael. Michael is a grinning android in perverted
clown makeup, donning a straw hat and overalls looking like a stereotypical farm-hand. And, as we know there is something inherently
scary about clowns, even when they are androids dressed like farmers. The true horrors of this film like with Michael,
he kills with his hands while smiling with rosy cheeks, as he spends the film ending
lives and crushing heads. It’s a juxtaposition that makes us feel
nothing but discomfort throughout this bleak and tedious journey. 2 Drone Sphere Phantasm
Now, Phantasm is just bat shit crazy, and if you think you know what’s going on in
this film, you probably don’t. Straight up. It’s confusing, weird, yet it has something
special, something that keeps you coming back for more. Released in 1979 and directed by Don Coscarelli,
Phantasm follows a teenage boy and his friends as they face off against a mysterious grave
robber known only as the Tall Man, who keeps a lethal arsenal of weapons with him at all
times. The plot might sound scary enough, but quite
simply, a robot is the most terrifying element of Phantasm. A sentient drone sphere that lodges itself
into its targets heads, before drilling into the brain sending blood squirting through
the drone’s rear port. It’s simply unforgettable, and absolutely
disgusting at first glance, and impossible to unsee. Phantasm, watch it, watch it for the Drone
Sphere, your grey matter depends on it. 1 Ash Alien We often forget about the secondary threat
lurking within Alien. Our mind automatically jumps to the Xenomorph,
the terrifying alien that poses a threat to a space merchant vessel responding to a distress
call. The Xenomorph steals the show, but we can’t
forget about Ash. Ash is the synthetic employee aboard the vessel,
however, his true nature was kept secret from the rest of the crew, who believed, as you
would, that he was merely another human, which is where our problem arises. Ash is a sleeper agent whose sole purpose
it toe board the Nostromo to ensure the Xenomorph is return to the company for study and use
in their bio-weapons division. Now, all is not right with Ash, and it can’t
simply be chalked up to defective programming, no, there is something decidedly non-robotic
about him, something malicious, and this is proven to us when he attacks Ripley. As he’s chasing her around the vessel, and
attempting to choke her with a rolled-up magazine, there’s something animalistic, crazed, even
serial killer about him. He appears less like a robot following orders,
and more like an out of control madman who is relishing in his assault. It doesn’t end there though, even after
Ash is decapitated, he manages to become even more terrifying, but oozing a milk-like substance
during his disturbing interrogation scene. At this point, if you haven’t seen Alien,
what are you doing with your life? Watch it, do it now. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any scary robots that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below. Before I go though, I just want to respond
to a few comments from one of my last videos, Top 5 Scariest Independent Horror Films. Russell Malo said “Pontypool is an amazing
(and still relatively unknown) and instant classic!” – I couldn’t agree more, not many folks
know about Pontypool, but they should. It is one of the greatest horrors we have
ever been blessed with. Plus, it’s Canadian. No You said “What’s up with the quality
of this video? Lucy looks highly exposed haha” — Nope,
I’m just highly pale. Haha. Horrors by Lillie C Nation said “You guys
seriously have some of the most consistent content I’ve ever seen. Thank you for introducing me to Black Mountain
Side, among many others, it was a very well done Lovecraftian film!” — Well thank you Lillie, I’m glad you’re
enjoying the content as well as our movie recommendations! And on that note, if you haven’t already,
be sure to give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe and turn on notifications so you
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  2. Agree with most of it, bgg ut personally, I don't see the drones from Phantasm as robots. They seem more like possessed items to me. But maybe that's just me.

  3. Really, Saturn 3, & A Boy & His Dog? *insert eye-roll*. And the Sentinels from Phantasm ARE NOT ROBOTS!!! and then Ash from Alien…really?! How do you make these lists? What about the Warbeast from Death Machine or the Evolver from Evolver, AMEE from Red Planet, or even the cyber-dog from Rotweiller? All are a lot more terrifying than the four on your list. I said this one, and I will say it again…Canadians know nothing about horror.

  4. While Ash is a pretty evil android, I believe David(Prometheus) was scarier. He succeeded where Ash did not, because he was behind the deaths of multiple characters.

  5. How can you possibly have a "scariest robots" list and never mention The Terminator or HAL 9000? It's got flying billiard balls and some clown-faced nitwit that nobody's ever heard of and "HECTOR", who's about as intimidating as R2-D2. Come on! Seriously?

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