Top 5 Scariest Horror Movies 2018 – Part 2

Top 5 Scariest Horror Movies 2018 – Part 2

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Top 5 Scariest Horror Movies 2018 – Part 2 Can you show- 1:58- 2:10
That is a clip from the new Halloween movie that is coming out this October. And yes it looks pretty terrifying. Its not on the list though as it made it on
our part 1 of this list. So make sure you check out part 1 after watching
this video if you havnt already. Ill link it down below. When I made part 1 this trailer wasn’t out
yet- so I had to include it in part 2. Hey guys im Court McGinley and welcome back
to the most amazing top 5. Before we get started I want to remind you
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so you never miss a new video. Alright lets get started on out list of the
top 5 scariest horror movies 2018 Starting off at our number 5 spot–The Meg-
This movie is coming out on August 10th and in it we have- Jason Statham- Ruby Rose- Bingbing
Li- Rainn Wilson- Robert Taylor and others. So basically if your scared of sharks- or
terrifying huge creatures lurking in the deepest depths of the ocean then this movie…its
probably not for you. Personally for me- you just have to say Jason
Statham and I am there. I love his movies. So this movie is actually based on the best
selling novel- The Meg- Written by Steve Alten. In this movie Statham plays a deep sea rescue
diver who is recruited to save the crew members of a research submarine after they are attacked
by the ultimate predator- a pre-historic 75 foot long shark known as the Meg-alodon. Which before this encounter was thought to
be extinct. Yeah im thinking this is going to be as scary
as Jaws was the first time you see it. And I say the first time you see it because
the more and more you watch it the less scary it becomes. But this movie is giving me first time watching
jaws vibes for sure. And Fun fact this shark is extinct meaning
it was actually alive and swimming around at one point in time- yeah they didn’t just
make up this creature for the movie or anything like that. Megalodon means Big tooth and its an extinct
species of shark that actually lived 2.6 million years ago. This is one of the largest and most powerful
predators to have ever lived. The fossil remains of this shark suggest that
they grew up to 59-75 feet. And their huge teeth were built for grabbing
prey and breaking bones. Yeah they definitely sound terrifying. Heres a peek at the trailer- 54-1:05 In at number 4–Revenge- This movie has been
a long time coming. Apparently it was suppose to come out in 2017
but that didn’t happen. So then it came out in Brazil back on May
11th of this year. And its suppose to come out sometime in the
states this year but the date is to be decided. In this movie we have- Matilda Anna Ingrid
Lutz- Kevin Jassens- Vincent Colombe- and Guillaume Bouchede. In this movie we follow Jens story. Jen is a confident- sex proud young woman
who is helicoptered off to a remote getaway for an undisturbed affair with her married
lover Richard. But when his bros show up early for their
annual guys get away things quickly get out of hand. At first things seems to be ok and Jen stays
up partying with the friends. The next morning Richard leaves her with his
friends for a few hours and in that time one of them rapes her while the other keeps watch. Jen then discovers a secret the men are hiding. She tries to run off and then the men chase
her. They come to a cliff and Richard pushes her
off and she lands on a broken branch that goes all the way through her stomach so the
men think shes dead. Somehow she lives and the movie is now a battle
to the death between her and her attempted killers. In the movie little of the assault is shown
as revenge is the key component. Heres a clip-1:26- 1:39 at number 3–A quiet place- This movie came
out on April 6th and its still being played in theaters- yes that’s how much of a positive
response this movie got. Its full of suspense- jump scares- and the
over all concept is just really terrifying. Yeah it’s a great horror movie- so luckily
if you still want to see it in theaters you can. In the movie playing husband and wife are
Emily Blunt and John Kra-sinski who are also married in real life. John also directed and co-wrote this film. And as I said before this movie was instantly
a box office hit. It brought in 324 million worldwide. Critics referred to it as smart and a wickedly
frightening good time. People loved it so much that a sequel is currently
in development. I saw this movie shortly after it came out
and it definitely needs a sequel. Also in the movie we have Noah Jupe playing
the son. And Millicent Simmonds playing the daughter. In the movie the daughter is deaf so they
sought a deaf actress to play this role – and then they came across Millicent. Ok so for those of you who havnt seen it this
movie it centers around a family living in a post-apocalyptic world in 2020. They are forced to live in complete silence
in order to evade a mysterious threat that attacks at any sound. Heres a peek at the film- 1:18-1:28
Coming in at number 2–The Predator- This movie is set to come out on August 13th – yeah
its coming out on a Monday that’s kinda weird. But hey When your making a Predator movie
you can pretty much do whatever you want. We got predator- predator 2- predators- Alien
Vs Predator- yeah a bunch of really popular movies. So no surprise they are making another one. This movie will be taking place between Predator
2 and Predators. In this movie youll see- Olivia Munn- Boyd
Holbrook- Jacob Temblay- Keegan Michael Key and Sterling K Brown among others. In this movie A young boy accidently triggers
the Predators to return to earth. The universes most lethal hunters have genetically
upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. Through the film we flow a bus full of PTSD
army vets who team up with a science teacher to take down the predators when a UFO sighting
leaves them marked for death. They must stop them before anybody becomes
their prey. The trailer for this movie just recently came
out and yeah it looks pretty terrifying- see for your self. 1:13- 1:28
Alright and before we jump into number 1 I just want to remind you guys to please show
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upcoming video then make sure you leave those questions below. And in at number 1–The House that Jack Built-
This movie is set to come out November 29th and In it we have- Uma Therman- Matt Dillon-
Riley Keough- and Siobhan Fallon Hogan Among others. So apparently this is Lars Von Triers most
brutal movie yet. And yes that’s saying a lot. This movie starts Matt Dillon as a highly
intelligent serial killer who charts the evolution of his crimes over a 12 year period through
the 70s and 80s in Washington. This movie is said to be very dark and dreary. Its also said this film celebrates the idea
that life is evil and soulless. So yeah that uhhh… that doesn’t sound
too pleasant. Before hitting theaters this movie had a screening
at the Can film festival. This not only marked the films debut but also
Lars return to the festival after more than 6 years. Heres a look- 1:13- 1:23
Yeah definitely a dark looking movie. Alright and its that time of the video where
I answer your questions and read comments so lets get started. So these questions and comments are from our-Top
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and then they get brought down to the editors and they edit them. So its quite the process. Next- Average Hat asked- Did you like the
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like this…keep doing it. Thank you so much- really appreciate it and
I will. Thanks for watching. Well there you have it that’s our list of
the top 5 scariest horror movies of 2018. As always Thank you so much for watching don’t
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  1. For top 5 scariest movies, if you made a part 3 – I'd probably have to suggest "5 Senses of Fear". This one is an anthology movie with five different stories which each focus on the horror involved in both the story and one of the 5 senses.

    I personally am a bit of a gorehound, so my favorite one was for "Taste", through "Smell" was a a good slow burn as the first story of the movie.

  2. Yeah, my comment is going to be lost in the sea of other comments.
    BTW: if you see this comment thank you!

  3. Hey Courtney! Loved this and yeah I've seen a quiet place pretty scary and freaky! And love watching you, your awesome! 😁❤️

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