Top 5 Scariest Japanese Horror Movies – Part 2

Top 5 Scariest Japanese Horror Movies – Part 2

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Well – so it seems that the gods of horror
fandom have decreed it, that we must once more head back to the horrifying hallowed
halls of Japanese Horror Cinema – because, well – there’s just too many damn good movies
to cover, so we better flesh it out with some of the best of the best that the Land of the
Rising Sun has to offer. As we so diligently explained in our previous
video – Japanese Horror Cinema is a rich and oftentimes perplexing tapestry of ancient
culture, social psychology and a fantastic mythology of terrifying creation. Equal parts enigmatic and equal parts extremely
brutal – either way, you’re going to be shocked, confused, horrified – and/or all
of the above. Hello horror fans – what’s going on, and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube – Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch – as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scariest Japanese Horror Movies
– Part 2. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from – of course – 2002’s Ju-on – which just so happened to make our Number 2 spot
on our part 1 of this particular series – and still stands up as a horrifying demonstration
of just exactly why Japanese horror cinema is so unique. Don’t put the monster in the closet – put
it under the bed covers. Of course! Anyway – I suppose we better get on with the
show. Kicking off at Number 5 – Cold Fish, 2010 And whilst perhaps not being the most explicitly
classic horror compared to the rest of the entries on this list – 2010’s Cold Fish
is nevertheless filled to the brim with horrifying deeds of a very human nature. Also, if you’re not too good with blood
and gore – you’re probably going to want to avoid this film, as it has it in the bucketloads. And yes, I do mean that literally. In fact, Cold Fish has so much gore that it
oftentimes segues into a very unique, albeit very dark comedy. Written and directed by Sion Sono, Cold Fish
tells the tale of a quiet, unassuming tropical fish shop owner named Shamoto – who crosses
the path of a husband and wife duo who also just-so-happen to own a rival fish-store. And quickly, it seems – their perfect life
is too good to be true, and they harbor a deep, dark and deadly secret. There isn’t a lot to spoil for this film
on the surface – because the true revelation of Cold Fish happens from the onset, and we
quickly realise that something just isn’t quite right about this tale from it’s opening
few scenes. In fact, as explained by Sono and his writing
partner Yoshiki Takahashi – the film is loosely based upon the exploits of two infamous Tokyo
serial killers – a husband and wife duo that owned a pet shop and used the roose to murder
at least four people. Cold Fish is dark – it’s macabre – but it’s
also a fresh departure from the usual paranormal and supernatural facets of Japanese Cinema. And also – as you all probably know – it’s
hella messed up. Next up at number 4 – Infection, 2004 And talking of the paranormal and supernatural
– don’t worry, because this one is all of those things at once – whilst terrifyingly
burrowing its cinematic roots deep into the heart of what makes J-Horror so damn unique. Infected, released in 2004 and written and
directed by Japanese horror heavyweight Masayuki Ochiai – is an oddly familiar tale, partly
rooted in horror convention – but also flipped completely on its head in ways that only J-Horror
can somehow manage. All of the horror hallmarks are there – run-down
mental asylum, suspicious nurses – and even more suspicious doctors – but that’s just
the first few minutes, because then people start melting and green ooze starts seeping
out of people, places – and the walls – and yeah, I don’t even know after that – because
even after the credits role, you’ll still be expecting something gross to emerge. It tells the tale of Dr. Akiba, who is in
the midst of covering up the death of one of his patients, severely burnt and in pain
– whom he and his staff failed to administer the correct drug to treat his wounds. In many ways – Infection is a film about the
morality of medicine – but it also quickly spirals into a frantic, chaotic and abysmal
case of the human mind doing things that it definitely shouldn’t. And also while doing all of that – it still
feels oddly familiar, almost like something straight out of Hammer Horror – or even the
more contemporary Haunting of Hill House. It’s claustrophobic – it’s dripping with
dread and atmosphere – and strangely enough, to a Western Audience – it pretty much flew
straight under the radar. SO – that’s reason enough to give it a watch. Coming in at Number 3 – Reincarnation, 2005 Anddd – the less you know about this film
the better – but still, if you think you were scared by Annabelle or Chucky – then 2005’s
Reincarnation would like to have a word with you, because it’s got a much more horrifying
porcelain doll lurking in it’s cupboard than Western Cinema could ever imagine. Now, I’m going to preface this entry with
the fact that this film won’t be for everyone – and in many ways, you may be washed down
by it’s massively supernatural scope – but, if you can cut past that and just accept it
for what it is – then you’ll find genuine fear lurking in every corner. Written and directed by Takashi Shimizu – the
man responsible for bringing us Ju-On: The Grudge – Reincarnation is exactly what it
says on the tin. A film about reincarnation. But – also – more importantly … a film about
the obsession of reincarnation, and is a horrifying and wholeheartedly new spin on the meaning
of Ghost Story. Reincarnation – much like The Grudge – uses
a layered and framed narrative device to tell it’s paranormal tale – albeit one that covers
a massive scope. In parenthesis – we are slowly drip fed the
story of a Psychology Professor – who became obsessed with the notion of reincarnation,
and was *so* convinced by his findings that he murdered a hotel full of people – including
his own family and children – and filmed the whole thing for research purposes before taking
his own life. And that’s just the lynch-pin that binds
this film together – so if you’re scared by that notion already – then trust me, it
only gets worse. This film is genuinely terrifying, but it
requires some patient viewing – as the atmosphere and dread slowly sink in. But trust me – if you do let it sink in – it’s
really scary. Swinging in at Number 2 – One Missed Call,
2003 And my word – is this film scary. Yes. The answer to that question is yes. And also no – not the 2008 Western Remake. Because that’s a call that you should always
miss – unless you like terrible films, which in that case – give it a watch! Also, I’d like to point out that in our
part one of this list – I pronounced Takashi Miike as Takashi Mike, and I’m sorry – genuinely. But I’ve actually been pronouncing it Mike
for like over a decade now, so thanks for the the heads up I guess – who knew! Anyway – that’s besides the point, because
what would you do if you got a voicemail – from yourself – from the future – telling you precisely
when you were going to die? Yeah. Exactly. One Missed Call. Directed by Takashi Miike – nailed it – One
Missed Call is based upon the novel of the same name by Yasushi Akimoto – that subsequently
spawned one of the most renowned franchises in Japanese Horror. And it’s also important to note, that – this
film won’t be breaking any boundaries. It’s nothing new – it’s almost startlingly
in line with the likes of Pulse – The Ring – The Grudge – and perhaps even Cure way before
that – but like with many delights of J-Horror – it’s in the execution of One Missed Call
that truly cements its place in the hallowed halls of horror cinema. For those of you that haven’t seen it – there
are some genuinely bone-chilling scenes in this film – many of which will take you completely
off guard, but not in the tropey – overdone half-baked jumpscare kind of way – because
after all, these guys invented jumpscares. There’s not much more I can say – go into
this film with a fresh head – get terrified, rinse and repeat. Golden. And finally – coming in at our Number 1 spot
– Noroi: The Curse, 2005 And we should definitely talk a little bit
about originality – because there’s a reason that our Number 1 spot is reserved for such
a curveball that is 2005’s Noroi: The Curse – and that reason is, well – that’s actually
nothing quite like it in Japanese Horror. In many ways, although it didn’t give birth
to the found footage genre – it has the exact same impact as The Blair Witch Project did
to a Western audience – something, completely unique – and in that uniqueness – is a horrifying
sense of dread. This film is slow. It’s long – and it’s narrative is winding
and intricate. But if you let it fully absorb you – it’s
a horror experience like no other. Written and directed by Koji Shiraishi – Noroi:
The Curse is a found-footage horror – presented as documentary, following the exploits of
Masafumi Kobayashi – an endearing paranormal expert that disappeared during the making
of his most disturbing documentary, The Curse. In the same fashion of the Blair Witch Project
– we as an audience experience the whole thing posthumously – well, perhaps posthumously
– because that would be spoilers, right? Of course – giving away any more will detract
from this films intention – but believe me when I say that Noroi pulls no punches the
deeper and further it goes into it’s strange, perplexing, bizarre and horrifying descent
into demonic madness. This film is Lovecraftian in it’s scope
– and although we’ve covered it before in our Found Footage Lists – it definitely deserves
its place as one of Japan’s most uniquely terrifying horror movies. And if I haven’t managed to convince you
yet – just watch it. Because the majority of it’s closing scenes
will probably burn themselves into your minds eye – and then you won’t be able to *not*
watch it. Yikes. Well – there we have it horror fans – our
part 2 list for the Top 5 Scariest Japanese Horror Movies. What did you guys think? Do you agree? Do you have more to add of your own? Or do you just have something interesting
and insightful to add? Let us know your thoughts – as well as any
choice picks down in the comment section below. Before we depart from today’s video though
– let’s first take a quick look at some of your more resounding remarks from over
the past few days. NEO says — Hello Jack, I’m a newly minted subscriber
– also a security guard. Your channels videos keep me alert and entertained
– all at the same time when I do my job on the graveyard shift – so thank you, you all
rock. — No NEO, thank you! Because without people such as yourself pushing
the boundaries of when and where to watch horror content, we’d have no charming comments
to read from. And what better way to scare yourself whilst
at work – than with some Japanese Horror Movies! Welcome aboard – and don’t work too hard! Well – on that note horror fans – unfortunately
that’s all we’ve got time for in today’s video. Cheers for sticking around all the way until
the end. If you were a fan of this video – or just
Top 5 Scary Videos in particular, then please, be a dear and hit that thumbs up button, as
well as that subscribe bell – and I’ll be seeing you in the next one. As per usual, I’ve been your horror host
Jack Finch – you’ve been watching Top 5 Scary Videos – and until next time, you take
it easy.


  1. I have seen all of these plus a lot in list 1. Japan has paranormal running in its waters. Just so you know Noroi is a slow burn. It takes a while but you won't be bored. Tell the super psychic I said Hi!

  2. I was hoping Carved (2007) would be on this list, or at least an honourable mention.
    Also, please do a list on Filipino Horror Movies!

    Greetings from The Philippines.

  3. Infection!!! YESSSS!!! Saw that movie years ago and love it! Back in the days of video stores i loved nothing more than finding a store with an excellent J-Horror section to browse thru. Always made a point to compare American remakes and their original when I could to show my kids the differences and discuss how culture plays into cinema. Japanese horror is much creepier and scarier imo.

  4. What can I say! Japan is something else that's why I love that country so much! – I remember when I first saw Infection, It was … damn I got sick, literally! I vomited. I should have not watched it in the big screen. Awesome list Jack! perhaps you can do a part 3? Cheers all the way from the Philippines buddy!

  5. There was a movie i saw called PHONE back then which no one ever mentons. It was great! Maybe I am the only one who saw it lol

  6. I LOVE Infection, Reincarnation and One Missed Call! I love them so much I had to buy them 🙂 Looks like I have few more to get/ watch!

  7. Oh yes one missed call was f*ckin scary the English version was not even close…. This movie gave me nightmares… I'm glad it made it to the list. Had it not, I would have mentioned it. Awesome movie

  8. Watched reincarnation while I had been in the hospital and let me tell you watching jhorror during the haunting hour is just mmm great movie was amazing definitely slow at parts but that doesn’t stop it from being an amazing film

  9. Noroi didn't do anything for me.
    One Missed Call is a lot of fun.
    Infection is awesome! Chilling as hell, and at some point I even got some Lynchian vibes from it.

  10. This is one of the rare occasions that I agree with a #1 pick. Noroi is one of my favorite movies ever, I'm ways recommending it to people. It is legitimately scary.

  11. Reincarnation and One Missed Call are two of my all time favorite Japanese horror films. I’m so glad they made the list.

  12. I was so surprised that you chose Noroi as the number one film…what a great choice. A similar movie with the same level of creepiness is Ju-Rei: The Uncanny, which is pretty freaky even though its low budget does occasionally affect the experience. On a side note, the ringtone from One Missed Call is available for download. 🙂


  14. Infection was the first J-Horror I ever watched; rented it from Movie Gallery (Block Buster's rival).

  15. Great Video thanks for sharing. AND YES reincarnation is a fantastic film !! not seen the rest, but plan on it.

  16. I love Noroi, that film isn't just one of the best J-horror films it's one of the best horror films anywhere, full stop.

  17. One of my greatest fears is that the entities of Japanese horror are somehow actually real…because that would be the worst.

  18. FINALLY someone acknowledges Reincarnation other than me. It's more in depth than The Usual Suspects. I've watched it over 15 times and still find stuff.

    Also: One Missed Call? Beautiful!

  19. What a horror scene intro. That blanket scene from Ju-On really terrorized me during my highschool days.?

  20. I love your lists! I've seen all of these except for Cold Fish and because the rest of Asia does damn good horror movies too, I recommend you do lists for other countries !

  21. That's what i like about Japanese horror movies, they never disappoint you with how creepy as hell

    some if not all of them are.

    Plus, if i remember right, there is one Japanese Horror Film with the ghosts from both The Gudge &

    The Ring. Where the two ghost not only fight but they actually fuse into one spirit.

    I think it was called, Samara vs Sadako. It's a really good Film.

  22. Noroi is one of the best japanese horror movie I've seen and Reincarnation – very scary 🙂 ….Great list ! 🙂 Jack what do you think about Karuto (2013) ? I really enjoy that movie 😉

  23. Why are so many Japanese horror movies long AF! I love horror movies even slow burn ones but as a dad/husband/employee etc. I just can’t dedicate 3 hours to a movie on a regular basis. I also hate watching these a little at a time as I go to sleep since it totally takes away from the movie.

  24. Oh man reincarnation was such a screwed up movie it's my favorite j horror movie it was part of the after dark horror fest right?

  25. Neo's comment at the end is pretty much the same as me. Night security guard watching these and other scary videos throughout the night. Oh the stories I could tell…

  26. Jacky my boy quick question. What number your number 1 movie you won’t watch before going to bed? Or idk maybe that could be a top 5

  27. Funny enough. I had the same Mike situation but in reverse. I kept saying it like Me-kay instead of Mike.

  28. Japan happens to make some of the best makeup there ever was. And still does it amazingly today.

  29. One of the best JAPANESE horror movies just for the storyline and gore factor alone would be Bloody Reunion!

  30. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s not so much as jump scares in J-Horror…it’s more like whatever terrifying thing has always been there, and that we’ve(the characters and the audience)just realized it was present the entire time

  31. As the Gods Will, Death Note (all 3) and for #1 the incredible, beautiful, creepy Rigor Mortis! Rigor Mortis is a feast for the eyes in it's cinematography, all on it's own, incorporating one of the most unique horror tales ever made. I've put it at the top of Best Horror Movies from ANY country list, and with good reason, it's a must watch! (and, I've seen hundreds and hundreds of horror movies from around the world, and Rigor Mortis is amazing!)

  32. The Yanks have really got to learn to LEAVE JAPANESE HORROR ALONE. The Japanese know what they are doing and the Remakes are terrible

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