Top 5 Scariest Video Game Monsters – Part 2

Top 5 Scariest Video Game Monsters – Part 2

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Here be monsters–again! But thankfully for us we’re safe behind
the confines of a screen, comfortable on a couch with a controller clutched in our palms–where
nothing can scare us. Right? Yeah. Wrong. Because if you’ve played any of the titles
that have as of yet featured on this list–then you’ll know that true fear lies within playing
a horror-themed video game. Truth be told, compared to video games, horror
cinema is like having a train on a track. We can’t choose whether a character creaks
open that door–or slowly steps down those steps to the basement–but in video game horror–that’s
exactly the point. We have to do that… and that weight of responsibility
is horrifying. And now, add on to that some of the most nightmare
inducing monstrosities ever imagined. Yeah. You get the picture. Hello horror fans, what’s going on–and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scariest Video Game Monsters–Part
2. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from 1998’s Metal Gear Solid–one of the most awesome games ever made–and also, one
of the most awesome video game bosses ever made–Psycho Mantis. And if you’ve played that boss fight–you’ll
know that there’s nothing like the realisation that Psycho Mantis just read your Memory Card
and saw your Legend of Zelda save and complimented you on your prudence. Yeah.. but it leads me to an important point–a
lot of you in the previous video called for Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R series to feature
on this list–but just like Psycho Mantis–no matter how monsterous they are–they’re
still technically human. So–honorable mentions abound. Kicking off at Number 5 — Dead Hand, Legend
of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Uhh. I mean, what a place to start. Falling down a well and finding this guy is
enough to ruin anyone’s day–whether you’re 8 years old playing Zelda for the first time
on your cousins N64–or a fully grown adult revisiting one of the finest games ever made–every
single time, this horrifying monstrosity of cobblespawn is enough to deeply unsettle you. Why? Because the Dead Hand just doesn’t belong
in a game of such staggering beauty and imagination–we already have an evil–it’s Ganondorf and
his stupid head–so why do we have to face this guy? Well, therein lies the point. The Legend of Zelda is a game about curiosity. By the time you’ve encountered the Dead
Hand, you’ve spent countless hours roaming Hyrule–and after being an Adult, and learning
the Song of Storms–and then being a child again–obviously, you return back to the things
you’ve seen before, and see if anything has changed–eventually you’re going to
end up back here. That’s just the nature of the game. And, then–after all that build up and work
and going out of your way–you head to The Bottom of the Well–and what do you find? This thing. The Dead Hand–a creature so terrifying that
it has no place amongst the most evil of evils in this game. A bizarre–flabby, almost tumorous mass of
flesh covered in spatters of blood–with two tiny arms that end in red spiky spines–and
an enormous–gaping skull of a mouth and teeth. Black, dead eyes–and a jaw that eats Link’s
head in a single chomp. I mean, the fact that it’s also one of the
hardest bosses in the game aside–and I mean, don’t let the outdated graphics fool you–because
encountering the Dead Hand was an experience like no other. There’s no explanation for what it is or
why it’s there–it drops the Lens of Truth and the Hover Boots later on in the Shadow
Temple–that’s all we know. Hell, even the fact that it’s infinite hands
that shoot up from the ground is in question. Are they the same entity? Are they a different creature entirely? Why the hell are there vile, bony skeletal
arms shooting from the ground? I don’t know man. I don’t think I want to know. Swinging in at Number 4–The Gatherers, Amnesia:
The Dark Descent As far as first-person, story-driven survival
horror goes–2010’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent is up there–and if you’ve seen Part 1 of
our Top 5 Scary Video Game Playthroughs, you’ll see me trying to maintain my sanity throughout
as well as my oil supply. Now, for those of you that don’t know–it’s
a frighteningly effective display of horror–down to the fact that it’s a game that gives
you virtually zero tools to combat the horrors that you unearth throughout the game. All you have is an oil lamp, that slowly trickles
away–that you constantly have to resupply as you run the risk of stumbling around Castle
Brennenburg in the pitch black darkness where you’ll undoubtedly go completely insane. And, if that’s not already a nightmare inducing
equation–then we add in these shambling horrors. I mean, just look at them. The Gatherers. The pale, bizarre–slack-jawed–twisted creations
of the secrets that linger within the bowels of Castle Brennenberg. Now, I’ll try my hardest not to spoil anything–because
Amnesia is very much a story driven game, and part of unravelling the games rich lore
is pretty much the primary mechanic and vessel for the horror. The Origin of the Gatherers plays a big part
into *why* these guys are terrifying, and the truth of the matter is–you’ll have
to piece that together through snippets of information. Hint: don’t drink the wine! Listen, this game is incredibly Lovecraftian
in its approach–and it’s fantastic depiction of a classic gothic approach to story driven
horror–BUT–The Gatherers completely stand out on their own as Amnesia’s single-most
horrifying interactivity–because you can’t do anything to combat these guys. You just have to try and hide in a wardrobe
and wait for this whole thing to blow over. Actually, if you’re thinking about playing
Amnesia–I’d recommend just hiding in a wardrobe for the entirety of the game. It’s probably for the best. Next up at Number 3 — The Banshee, Mass Effect
3 Okay–first and foremost, the Mass Effect
series is one of the finest video game series ever created. Period! And yeah, BioWare may have sold their soul
to the devil of late–but there’s no doubting that Commander Shepherd’s universe-saving
tale is unrivaled. I love it–it’s a great series–and the
Banshees are frickin’ horrifying. Fact. Perhaps even more so than the Reaper’s themselves,
but–eh. It also helps to clarify this list–because
the term monster can be interpreted in a few ways–but as so far as humans are concerned
(or aliens in this case)–the act of being transformed into a monster is where we draw
the line. And that’s also where the Banshee’s become
a kind of tragic tale, too. If you know anything about the Mass Effect
universe, this goes without saying–but essentially, the game tells the tale of a universe at war
against an ancient evil–the machine-race of the Reapers that cleanse the galaxy of
all life every 50 thousand or so years. Their grunts, essentially–sci-fi space zombies
that do their bidding–are creatures known as Husks, transformed humans and other sentient
species. Whilst there’s a few variants of this horrifying
space-zombie species–Brutes, Cannibals and Ravagers to say the least–The Banshee are
unrivaled in their science fiction horror. Their origin though, that’s where it’s
really bleak–and also kind of sad. The Asari, a race of serene and highly respected
individuals–who are elegant, caring, diplomatic–incredibly capable and also potentially super-powerful
psychics–are one of the most important and prolific races in the game. But when the Reapers get their hands on them? They corrupt them, twisting them into the
vile–incredibly powerful and highly intelligent monstrosities known as The Banshee. And we’re not even talking about how difficult
these things are to combat in the mechanics of the game–because they’re a mini-boss
fight in and of themselves–constantly shrieking a bio-psychic scream as their namesake would
suggest. There’s also a bug that can turn them completely
invisible, making it pretty much guaranteed for her to land her instakill grab–and then
you’re kinda done for. Yeah. Banshees. Coming in at Number 2–The Witches, Left 4
Dead Now, you know that, as I often say over here
at Top 5 Scary Videos–never piss off a witch–in this case, it’s–Don’t startle the Witch. Yeahhh.. Okay. SO, about those Banshees? Well. They pale in comparison to these long-haired
husks of flesh and horror. Sheesh. Do you know how traumatic it is to hear a
Witch sobbing in the distance for the first time? Wait! What’s that I hear? I’m playing a game about zombies–trying
to survive for my life alongside my brave and heroic party–why is there something crying
in the distance? Wait? What’s that? What’s that weird music playing too… Ahhhh. A witch just one shot me. Terrifying. For those of you that don’t know, Left 4
Dead–both the first and second entries of the franchise, are a four-player cooperative
survival video game set during the aftermath of a worldwide zombie outbreak. The Survivors have a relatively straightforward
job–survive, kill as many Infected as you can–and make it to the chopper to get the
hell out of there. Now, whilst the game itself *is* tense and
anxiety inducing by nature–but also fun–much like the Husks of Mass Effect–there are a
variety of horrifying creations to deliver the fear. The Boomer–a zombie that burps and vomits
vile bile everywhere. The Hunter–a stalking monstrosity that slinks
through the shadows. The Smoker–a vile creature with six long
tongues that grab ahold of you. And the Tank–a gigantic, muscle-bound zombie
that does exactly what it stays on the tin. And then there’s The Witch–and all of them
pale in comparison to hear horrifying mechanics. I don’t know what it is–but there’s something
about the possibility of stumbling upon a Witch in any given map that sets her apart
from the rest. Really, you have to experience it to understand
the truth behind it–but just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, you’ve
reset in a safe room–restocked on ammo, ressed the noobs in your party–and then just as
you turn a corner, you hear her, and you tread softly–and you know that it’s going to
be very difficult to survive. Yeah. Don’t startle the witch. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot–Moon
Presence, Bloodborne Yes. Because truth be told–we could probably make
a five point list of pretty much every single creature that features in the fantastic action-RPG
Bloodborne–but, if we have to pick just one–hands down, every single day–it would be the utterly
nightmare-inducing potential cosmic horror, Moon Presence. And also, kind of like with our Number 5 entry,
Dead Hand from Legend of Zelda–you really have to go out of your way to even fight this–thing. Which will probably say something about the
quality of your character–because even trying to execute this boss fight correctly is a
glutton for punishment enough–oh, and you’ll also be near death already–given the fact
that you can only *fight* the Moon Presence after correctly defeating one of the most
impossibly challenging fights and *kinda* final boss of the game–Gehrman the Hunter–who
is pretty much you, but instead wields a horrifying scythe that will one shot you. If you make it through that, then there’s
no chance for respite. Because then–if you’re insane enough and
you eat some Umbilical Cords found scattered throughout the game–yeah, don’t ask. You’ll then find yourself staring at a jet
black moon–and this Lovecraftian Great Old One emerging from the stars to rear its ugly
head and start spewing jet black liquid stuff all over the screen. I mean, listen–Bloodborne is an incredibly
difficult game to play–and in the grand scheme of things, Moon Presence isn’t as difficult
as some of the rest–but it’s in the oddly specific order that you even arrived at its
feet that takes the cake. The fact that this is even in the game says
something about Bloodborne–and visually speaking, this thing is disgusting. Lore wise, there’s also quite a few allusions
to Moon Presence being the literal origin of the point of the game itself–The Hunt–and
given the fact that, if you defeat this cosmic horror–the game possibly ends with you being
pretty much pregnant with it’s seed, ushering forth a continuous cycle of Great Old Ones,
Blood Moons and Eternal Savage Hunts. Yeah. This is our number one. No question. Well, there we have it folks–our list for
the Top 5 Scariest Video Game Monsters–Part 2. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any more to add to this list? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment
section below, as well as any choice picks of your own. Before we depart from today’s video though,
let’s first take a quick look at some of your more creative comments from over the
past few days. First up–RJ Gregory says– Love hearing you talk about these Jack! Random fun question: what 3 items would someone
need to put in a summoning circle to summon you? — Alright, great question RJ–and cheers
for the support. I mean, I’d say, don’t summon anyone without
their prior consent–it’s just not polite. But, I have to admit–I love the reply to
this comment.. Because Teatro Grottesco replies– –Well, one of his 3 t-shirts. — .. You guys are a funny bunch. You really are. Well, on that note–unfortunately that’s
all we’ve got time for in today’s video–cheers for sticking around all the way until the
end. If you were a fan of this video, or just Top
5 Scary Videos in general, then please–be a dear and hit that thumbs up button, as well
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  1. Awesome list as usual .I would add Gears Of War Berserker,
    The Necromorphs from Dead Space,
    But the creature that actually had me running in fear the most in a game was the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation , I actually felt like I was being hunted .

  2. I'm not a gamer but my niece is, and she tells me the lore behind some of these games WOW are there some messed up stories. Example… F.N.A.F. that one is twisted.

  3. Got to love The Witch from Left4Dead … we have the same feeling when I 1st heard that disturbing sound! add a part 3 of this Jack!

  4. I love the Moon Presence. Besides the fact that it's not all that hard to kill, (souls vet, sorry. It's one of the only series that I'm genuinely good at.) it really is the heart of lovecraftian horror. It perfectly exemplifies the game and what it's about. Moon Presence IS the final boss of BB and the ending it brings about is probably the most horrifying thing possible. After the night that lasted forever, all the evils, demons, and beasts you've slayn, it won't end well for you. There is no sunrise. After passing the brink of insanity and still holding on you now become the very thing you were hunting. You are now the being that plays with human life. You have fallen into the trap of insight. The worst part, you probably don't even know it happened.

  5. EVERYBODY!!!!! danny has the power of killing you in 7 days if you watch 1 second of this video. 7 days!!!! Great Danny, you just killed all of your suscribers, did you think this plan through now???? Sorry everyone, you will die in 7 days…. Thanks danny….

  6. Great list Jack once again. I remember L4D cos I ran my tf2 clans l4d team, and we were number one in our country. L4D2 Had more specials like the Charger, Jockey, Spitter, and then vs mode was both L4D & L4D's bread and butter(still jam games every now and then). Vs mode is where you could play as zombies killing team of survivors, alternating between survivors and zombies, best score wins. That's the competitive play. & the best part was every stage of a game you play was a chapter to a movie which was the whole map you played from start to Finale. best player on your team needs to creep up to the witch so quietly and shotgun her to the back of the head. ultimate achievement and its one shot. if u miss u die FULLSTOP. and she Still will chase someone else down to kill too.
    EISH THE DAYS WHEN VALVE/STEAM MADE GAMES, WE MISS YOU SO. Anyone say Half Life 3???? Or is it another CS coming 21 years in a row???? Yuck, whahaha.

  7. Envisioned from Dishonored: Death of the Outsider! They can blink, summon minor versions of themselves, and if they hit you it's a one shot kill. They don't trigger hook mines and it takes two springrazer attacks to temporarily disable them (or a fully charged electric bolt shot, and sometimes a drop assassination will work). If you don't kill them fast enough they get up like nothing happened.

    Then in Kingdoms of Amalur there's the Balor, due to its sheer size, the Banshaen who can burp up Murghan to add to the fight, and then there is Tirnoch (spoiler to reveal who this one is).

  8. as far as Mass Effect goes, the most terrifying thing I saw there was a Leviathan in 3rd part. It's like finding Cthulhu himself, while diving into deepest parts of the ocean in armor that is going to crack any moment now. And then you just stay there and say: uhmmmm hi, I'm trying to assemble an army. Wanna join mate?

  9. Personally I don't find the Moon Presence that scary, probably because it comes at the very of the Game, and by that point you've seen stuff that is far scarier than the Moon Presence.

  10. I would have added the Rotten from Dark Souls 2. Literally a monster made up of the rotten corpses of hollows that have been dumped deep into the bowels of the earth

  11. I absolutely adore listening to you and Lucy speak of the horrors we have conjured in literature. This channel has given me great inspiration for my writing

  12. Jack, You amazing man! Great call on the witches from Left 4 Dead! My wife and I still play L4D and L4D2 *all the time*. And the witch on expert will kill you with one hit. Not takes you down to be revived, but dead, back to the safe room. Awesomeness, cheers!

  13. What happened to the full moon background with the witch flying across it?

    And how am I supposed to unlock Reptile now?

  14. Omg, Im in love with you for bring up the Ocarina of Time!! My all time fave game. It was super creepy when first reached the battle with yhe Dead Hand. I love Left 4 Dead also totally agree about the Witches! Many horror themed games are much like a horror movie. I used to watch my cousins play Resident Evil on the original PS just to see the story and back then, the graphics!

  15. Best #1 ever. I defeated the Moon Presence and then freaked out when I became a outer GOD worm. Still really don't understand but it was an awesome experience. Bloodborne is the only From-Soft game I have actually beat. Played all the dark souls but Bloodborne and its Lovecraftian story really hooked me. One of my favorites. love the channel

  16. Just a small correction about the moon presence Jack. The pregnant ending is if you don’t kill it. But if you do kill it you become a infant great one. If you allow it to impregnate you you continue the cycle but if you kill it you end the cycle of the hunt and become a great one.

  17. In regards to the intro, I've always felt that Video games have greater success in storytelling than movies. Video games give the audience a sense of Agency… Movies don't. Also I still have nightmares about the Dead-hand, what eldritch horror inspired Shigeru Miyamoto to make this thing. And yes, it actually does aim for your head.

  18. oh man i love your channel you so good at describing i can really tell how much you love this stuff, but fun little story i went to visit my brother earlier this month and i noticed a new video and i turn it on in his living room and i thought there was this weird echo from the video , long story short i found my brother watching the same video in the other room, we had both subscribed like the same day it was uch cool and weird coincidence! whats the weirdest coincidence you've had recently?

  19. Both protagonists in the Legacy of Kain series. You feed your way through opponents the whole series on either blood or souls as Kain & Raziel respectively. Mmm- MMM, delicious!

  20. 6:44 it was the net code that made these into a real terror, picture it you see it start to blink towards you and you and you dodge backwards (unless your a turian or quarian as their legs don’t bend that way) out of reach, few you made it and you start to run across the map when all of a sudden to are lifted into the air in the animation that starts the one hit kill the banshees can do then suddenly you are pulled back to the banshee (sometimes though multiple walls) and killed, thank you crappy netcode, sorry guys I’m out till you can clear this wave.

    And that’s excluding all the lore reasons these things are a horror show.

  21. I say The Dark Presence from Alan Wake is absolutely terrifying to me. I mean an omnipresent invulnerable entity that can manipulate reality. That is literally the stuff of nightmares. It's kinda Lovecraft in a way.

  22. dont know if it really counts but to me the xenomorph in alien isolation its one thing to hear that hiss in the movies its another to have it stalk you through a space station

  23. The first time I heard a witch, I was anxious. Then, I shot it and regretted my life choices lol ( my friends laughed so hard)

  24. Hey Jack, have you played the MMORPG Secret World? It is a horror mmo that is highly Lovecraftian. I highly recommend.

  25. I am a huge bloodborne fan. There are alot of us and we follow bloodborne like a religion. Come join us jack. There are many secrets to uncover.

  26. I didn't find the banshee scary in the traditional sense. It's more form the fact you take a asari a powerful biotic remove the conscience, add geth tech and augment the power. That's what's scary the sheer power.

  27. Bloodborne was a great depiction of Eldritch horrors Like H.P. Lovecraft monsters and I wish they would make another one.

  28. The invisible water monsters in amnesia scared me more than the gatherers. I damn near broke my chair jumping when I realized what was happening.

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