Top 5 Scary Churches Where Praying Won’t Help You

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Whether you’re religious, a ghost hunter,
a history buff, or just a big fan of architecture; there’s not quite like a Church, specifically
an old church. With a lot of them housing some very dark
and tragic events. From fires, to vaults, to restless spirits. Church’s, though they are a sanctuary for
some, can also be some of the scariest places you can encounter. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going
to be counting down our list of the Top 5 Scary Churches Where Praying Won’t Help
You. Let’s jump in. 5 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Key West,
Florida St. Paul’s Church is the fourth church structure
built by St. Paul’s between the 1800’s and early 1900’s, and though it may look
bright and new, this is because the church has been rebuilt numerous, and I mean numerous
times. The original church, made of coral rock was
completed in 1839, however, it was destroyed the Havana Hurricane in 1846and was rebuilt
in 1848. Once again though, the church was destroyed
when the Great Fire of Key West struck in 1886, however, by some good fortune, the Rectory
survived unscathed, and rebuilding once again began on the third structure, ending in 1887. Disaster struck again though in 1909, when
the Church was destroyed by a powerful hurricane — this time though the parish hall survived
as well as the rectory. The Church was once again rebuilt and construction
was completed in 1919. However, during all of these rebuilds, it
was discovered that the site was once a Seminole burial ground — with the land being previously
owned by the Fleming family before the Church was built — and the land was only granted
after the widow was assured her husband’s remains that were interred on the land, would
not be disturbed. However, this is where it gets spooky. Legend has it that this promise was broken,
and widow’s husband, John William Charles Fleming was removed from the site — spookier
still, according to some locals, his ghost still wanders the site. Other apparitions have been reported as well
in the graveyard. One being a ghostly group of children who
were killed in a fire set by a jealous Deacon who taking revenge on his unfaithful wife. Yeah. Yikes. 4 St. Andrew’s On The Red – Selkirk, Canada
Built between 1845 and 1849 to serve the local community of retired Hudson’s Bay Company
personnel, this church is located in a small suburb of Winnipeg, located on a lightly forested
hill with an incredibly impressive Gothic design. It is by far the oldest stone church in Western
Canada, and has definitely had its fair share of paranormal activity. The church became an old campfire story among
young teens, and rebellious kids who would dare their friends to walk backwards around
the Church three times; with the expectation that you would disappear. Now, of course that never actually happened,
but it was still a frightening tale to tell children so they didn’t wander through the
cemetery at night. Now, what makes this Church truly chilling
is that victims of influenza, diphtheria, typhoid and tuberculosis from the early colonial
era were interred here, and their restless spirits are said to still wander the grounds
of the Church. Specifically, some visitors have reported
disembodied red eyes floating through the cemetery, organs playing spontaneously, as
well as a mysterious woman cloaked in white who is known to rattle the gates of the Church. If you dare, you can take a self-guided tour
of the church located in Selkirk, Canada. 3 St. Michan’s Church – Dublin, Ireland
This is an Anglican Church built on the side of an early Norse chapel from 1095, with the
current structure dating back to 1686, undertaken by William Robinson. As it stands, this church is the only parish
church on the north side of the River Liffey surviving from a Viking foundation. Now, the exterior of the church is nothing
to write home about, however, the interior is what we’re going to be discussing – specifically
the Vaults. The Vaults of St. Michan’s (mai-kan) contain
a large amount of mummified remains — with the walls of the vaults containing limestone,
thus keeping the air dry and creating ideal conditions for preservation. Among the remains are the 400-year-old body
of a nun, a 6 and a half foot man believed to have been a crusader, a boy with a severed
right hand and feet, and Henry and John Sheares who took part in the 1798 rebellion. Unfortunately a number of the crypts in the
church’s vaults were damaged by vandals in 1996 and once again in 2019. After the most recent event, the church has
stated that several mummified remains were desecrated by vandals, including the remains
of the nun and the crusader. Tours used to be open, however, after the
recent incident they have been temporarily shut down. Not only will you be dealing with the enraged
spirits of the dead when visiting this church, but also the despicable living. 2 Cathedral of the Assumption of our Lady
– Guadalajara, Mexico Also known as The Guadalajara Cathedral, this
is a Roman Catholic cathedral of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara and was built in 1541 in the
Spanish Renaissance style with Neo-gothic spires. However, though the building is beautiful,
it has been plagued by hauntings and tragic events. On May 30th, 1574 during mass, neighbors fired
shots into the air. Some of the bullets fell onto the cathedral
and started a fire, ultimately damaging the building. A second tragic event truck in 1818 when an
earthquake shook the city, causing the towers and dome to collapse. The cathedral was of course repaired, however
it continues to be in dangers: it was damaged by earthquakes in 1932, 1957, 1985, 1995,
and 2003. However, outside of natural disasters, the
cathedral also has a ghostly side to it. One of the most popular attractions is of
course the Crypt of Archbishops — which is truly chilling. However, more chilling still is the mummified
bodies on display there — with one dating back to the 1700’s, which belongs to a child
that was killed for converting to Catholicism. Some visitors to the Cathedral have claimed
they have seen her eyes blink and have witnessed her hair move. Very spooky indeed. 1 St. Thomas’ Anglican Parish of Mulgoa
– New South Wales, Australia Designed by Reverend Thomas Makinson and built
from 1836 to 1838, this church is incredibly striking with a Gothic Revival design and
is said to be one of the most haunted churches in not just Australia, but in the world. Though the church is youthful look and in
a semi-rural area, it is hiding an incredibly dark and tragic history. Legend has it that two young boys died in
a fire in the bell tower of the church after a prank went horribly wrong. Since that fateful day, any kind of light,
even candles anger the spirits of the boys’ restless spirits. According to a Facebook group “Haunted Places
of Sydney”, they say, I quote, “There’s an urban legend that claims that if you drive
laps around the church at night, the headlights of your carl will switch off, and if you continue,
the car will stall.” However, it isn’t just the church’s legend
that is creepy — the surrounding cemetery is also filled with monuments that date back
almost 200 years, adding to the creepy factor. As of right now, the church is owned by Anglican
Church Property Trust, and was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on
April 2, 1999. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any scary churches that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below and perhaps we can do a part 2. If you haven’t already be sure to give this
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