Top 5 Scary Horror Movies That Came True

Top 5 Scary Horror Movies That Came True

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Now — I’m an adamant believer that horror
films to cause crimes — just like video games to make you want to steal a car or rob a bank
— well — at least that’s me anyway. But a few of these numbers on our list certainly
challenge that belief. With a genre as bloodthirsty as horror — it’s
not a far reach to imagine that some unstable mind might find solace in an onscreen serial
killer or vampire. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, we’re going
to be listing off the 5 Scary Horror Movies That Came True. Before we begin be sure to stick around until
the end of the video where I’ll be responding to a few of your comments. Let’s jump in. 5 Saw
There are 8 films in the Saw franchise — each focusing on gruesome and bloody ways to torture
a human being in order to judge there moral compass. The sadistic killer Jigsaw — sets up torturous
challenges for each new victim — mutilating themselves in order to earn freedom — or
a slow and painful death. We all know the story — but in a shocking
turn of events it crossed over from fiction into reality in 2009 when two teenages boys
— 14 and 15 — were charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated kidnapping
after someone overheard the boys planning to kidnap — torture — and murder a group
of people. They had planned to set up a series of Saw-style
games for each of their targets — in order to teach them a lesson for supposedly harming
others. They had even set up cameras to document their
games — much like the sadistic killer does in the Saw movies. 4 The Conjuring
We’re all familiar with The Conjuring films — especially on the channel — two paranormal
investigators and demonologists — Ed and Lorraine Warren — summoned to the home of
The Perrons after a supernatural presence has made itself known. It’s a frightening tale — but more frightening
still — the actors in the film were subjects of weird goings on during filming. During the making of the film the real family
visited the set several times — but Carolyn — the mother — refused set foot anywhere
near the set. Various bizarre happenings began to occur. While the Perron family were visiting, strong
winds seemed to surround even during still days — where no trees were blowing. During this time Carolyn was sat at home in
Atlanta — and reported feeling an evil presence in her home before she fell and was taken
to the hospital. Even the director — James Wan — reported
strange goings on. Saying that one night while working late in
his office, his dog began to violently growl. He investigated — but found nothing — yet
the dog continued — staring into a corner at some unseen entity. Not long after the dog’s head began to move
— as though following something across the room. 3 Scream
In 1996 Scream was released — one of the many trailblazers in the slasher subgenre. It was an instant classic. Although a somewhat comedic film — it surprisingly
inspired a few real life events shortly after its release. In 1998, Mario Padilla, a 16 year old — and
his 14 year old cousin confessed to the stabbing of Gina Castillo — Padilla’s mother. The 14 year old confessing to holding her
down while Padilla stabbed her 45 times. Their crime was referred to as “The Scream
Murder” — after they confessed to being inspired by the film — plotting to go on
a murder spree — even purchasing two ghostface masks as seen in the films — as well as a
voice changer. 2 Queen of the Damned
Released in 2002, Queen of the Damned follows the legendary Vampire Lestat — who has reinvented
himself as an American rock star in the music scene — awaking Akasha — the Queen of all
vampires — from her slumber. Vowing to make Lestat her king — however
— during this time a young woman from London falls in love with the rock star vampire. Creating quite the pickle. Now — in 2002 — Allan Menzies murdered his
friend Thomas McKendrick — after Menzies claimed he had been visited one night by Akasha
— the female vampire from the film. Who had supposedly offered him eternal life
as a vampire if he killed the people she told him to. Once Menzies murdered McKendrick with a hammer
— he drank his blood and ate his flesh — before burying him in a shallow grave. Now — it’s clear that he was inspired by
the film and it’s reported that he had watched it up to 100 times before commiting the vile
acts. 1 Rosemary’s Baby
Released in 1968 and directed by Roman Polanski — Rosemary’s Baby focuses on a pregnant
woman who believes her husband has made a pact with a Satan worshipping cult — offering
up their unborn child as a sacrifice. Now — in 1969 while Polanski was working
in London his pregnant wife — Sharon Tate — was left at their LA home with a few friends
— and on the evening August 8th they were viciously murdered by members of the Manson
Family under instruction of Charles Manson. Now — I’m not saying that Manson was inspired
by Polanski’s film — but it’s certainly an odd coincidence — considering Tate was
due to give birth two weeks after she was brutally murdered. Well, there we have it! What do you guys think? Did you know about these crimes? Were there any that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments below and perhaps we can do a part 2. Before I go I just want to respond to a few
comments from one of our last videos, Top 5 Scary Demons You can Actually Summon. Frank Pitts said “Damn Lucy, where have
you been all my life” — in the dark depths of the underworld, Frank, that’s where. Red Dragon said “You only had 2 demons on
this list. The others were scary games. WTF is up with this list?” — well Red Dragon — the games I listed allow
you to summon demons — hence why they are on the list. Please pay attention. James Mckeehan said “This video would be
much more effective if you demonstrated at least one summoning” — well James, according
to you guys I’m already creepy enough — I think me summoning a demon would push you
all over the edge. Don Barker said “Is it just me or is your
camera overexposing your face? — Actually Don — no — I am just THAT pale. And finally Andrew Richards said “You seem
to use your hands a lot, not a bad thing I quite like it. Are you from the UK? If so where?” — Well — as you can tell Andrew I’m not
naturally a hand talker but put me in front of a camera and they just have a mind of their
own. And yes — I am from the UK — originally
Hertfordshire. If you haven’t already be sure to give this
video a big thumbs up — subscribe, and turn on notifications so you never miss another
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  2. #1 they aren’t the same thing. Manson was trying to start a race war. Rosemary doesn’t die in the film. No one has had sex with the devil and birthed his child.

  3. This channel never disappoints with the scare factor. Not exactly the best video before I plan to sleep but hey, Who needs sleep anyway?

  4. Horror is everywhere u look, everyone has there own definition of what fear is,, yay I was named after Maharat from Queen of the damned! and I'm a twin my brother's name is Marius! 💕😎

  5. I love ur vids Lucy. U make it super awesome with ur no nonsense, no bullshit attitude towards the dark, creepy, and unknown. Ur the bomb 💣

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  8. Saw doesn't really enjoy the torture he metes out. He just figures this happened to you because you didn't learn the lessons he was trying to make you realize, so you suffered a cruel fate. It's your fault really, is his belief.

  9. Yeah, the delusions of the mentally ill don't qualify as the Queen of the Damned coming true.
    Most of these stories have only the thinnest anecdotal thread to connect them to the actual movies they supposedly recreated in real life.

  10. Lucy I know this is a little off topic but I have to say it, your hair looks so much better in my opinion when it's down. It is truly beautiful up as well it highlights how amazing your bone structure is but I have to say that is just my opinion, I prefer seeing you with it down. Thank u for all the charming narrations I honestly love your work on this channel and I look forward to seeing what you have up for us next. Keep up the brilliant work.!!!

  11. I absolutely love all the creepy and scary content this channel brings me keep up the good work oh and I got to ask am I the only one with a little crush on Lucy LOL hey Lucy if you're ever in Texas hit me up😉 lol😅😅😅

  12. darn it Lucy! you are so intimidating, no wonder they chose you as a speaker for scary vids. when I look in your eyes, i see someone you should'int mess with. keep up the good work. : )

  13. What dose the Manson murders have to do with Rosemary's baby?.. only because the director's wife was having a baby and he made a movie about a baby? Wow.. that's ridiculous.

  14. Lucy!! living out my dream narrating all things creepy out of the UK ….. I'm from Sussex, I love all things spiritual, have you had any experiences yourself in either the UK or where you are based now?

  15. Apparently, near where I lived as a kid, a guy dressed up like Jason Voorhees (including a hockey mask) and stabbed a woman to death, literally cutting her heart out in the process. He was found a few miles away from the crime scene dead, hanging by a rope around his neck from a tree, his own death was not necessarily suicide and possibly a vigilante killing.

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    Two perfect sides of the same eldritch, demonic, and horrific coin. Don't ever change. Cheers!

  18. I have seen all of these film's many times & I have loads of books on serial killer's, watched hundreds of Documentary's & film's on them. The psychology & the depths of human depravity is fascinating, also the forensics involved in the capture of these ppl/monsters is also fascinating 😎🤙 I mean that the human race has been killing each other since the dawn of time, the only difference now is that we have better tools to do it & better science to capture them!

  19. This guy went on a 4 day killing spree he killed 5 people because he was inspired by the purge he threatened to go on a killing spree in the city I live in Louisville

  20. What about a top 5 vampire movies ever made? I would picks…. 1) We are the Nght _ German -English dubbed 2) Bram Stoker's Dracula 3) Fright night 1+2 (original and remake) 4)Near Dark 5) Interview with the Vampire. Special Nod to Queen of the Damned – if Alliyah had lived, they would have made it better…they had to kill her weirdly in the end because of her untimely passing. 😊😊😊😊

  21. 03:36 He was visited by a tree who told him to kill people?! I think you meant to say akasha not acacia.

  22. Ha, "horror movies promote crimes"? What about detective movies – manuals for criminals? Absolute majority of horror movies can hardly teach unstable teenagers to copycat demons, aliens, ghosts etc – no special abilities. Can any bullied girl become S.King's Carrie? What about Westerns and the ultimate thing – war movies? The bigots who pose as "the good shepherds" would like us, "the sheep", to watch only musical comedies? Though I just don't like them Saws.

  23. I guess some non-supernatural films about rape, torture and murder might affect the minds of some unstable teenagers, especially those bullied by others and too shy to approach girls. Mothers of Jason Woorhees (Friday 13) and Norman Bates (Psycho) constantly warned their respective sons against "vile dirty girls". At best turning them into gays, at worst – into female-haring psychopaths. I've met such mothers in my life.

  24. A not-so-lethal or mutilating game show that recently sprung up on Netflix is called "Flinch" or something to that effect. It reminds me of Saw and seems a bit more intense than Fear Factor was. There's an airy and jovial presentation of it, but overall rather horrifying.

  25. Funny, EVERY scary movie ever made has stories on how creepy scary things happened on set. It's called "publicity".

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