Top 5 Scary Movies On Netflix Right Now – Part 2

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My favourite topic is back! Scary movies! Not long ago we brought you scary movies on
Netflix, and you guys loved it so much we’re back with a part 2. Hey guys, welcome back to Top 5 Scary Videos,
I’m your host Lucy McPhee. Now, in our first part I tried my best to
cover Netflix Original movies, but this time I’ve branched out. Warning, I’ve only listed films that are
currently on Netflix Canada, so if you don’t see them popping up on your server, don’t
shoot the messenger! Before we jump in, make sure you leave me
a comment down below and let me know what your favourite scary film is, and while you’re
down there be sure to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe so you never miss
another scary vid. Ok, let’s jump into our list of the Top
5 Scary Movies on Netflix Part 2. 5 The Wailing
Released in 2016, The Wailing is a South Korean horror film about a policeman investigating
a series of grisly murders in a small town. After a disease begins to spread across the
small village, causing intense rashes and violent outbursts, our protagonist meets a
young women who tells him about the Japanese stranger. Spotted deep in the woods the Japanese man
has been seen by locals eating the carcasses of a deer’s, while donning electric red eyes. Our protagonist begins to have nightmarish
dreams about the stranger, and soon after his daughter becomes sick with the small town
plague that’s been haunting the village. The family soon enlist a shaman to heal the
daughter and rid her of the demonic force that’s plagued her body. It’s an excellent film, and I don’t want
to go into too much detail, because the last quarter is truly cinema at its finest. 4 As Above So Below
I feel like a broken record on this channel, but I hate the catacombs, they terrify me
SO much. And this film pushes those fears to the max. As Above So Below is a found-footage film
centered on a young explorer who has uncovered the secret location to the Philosophers Stone…yep,
it’s a Harry Potter wannabe, but whatever. She gathers a group of Paris residents and
a trusted friend and they delve deep into the catacomb tunnels to find a secret passageway
leading to the legendary stone. However, what they experience down in the
tunnels is more than any of them bargained for, they all become plagued by nightmarish
hallucinations, centered on their deepest and darkest fears. What ensues is the blurring of the real and
the imaginary, and what our characters must do to conquer their own personal demons while
lost deep under a city built on bones. It’s chilling, claustrophobic, but above
all, one of the most original horror films I have seen to date. 3 It Follows
A 2014 supernatural horror, It Follows follows Jay, a young student who goes on a date with
a guy and after they sleep together her date incapacitates her, tying her to a wheelchair
and leading her to a large abandoned building. He informs Jay that she will be followed by
an evil entity that only she can see, and if the entity catches her, it will kill her. The only way to get rid of it, is to pass
it on to someone else by sleeping with them. We then see a naked women in the distance,
slowly walking towards the abandoned building. It’s a truly frightening introduction to
one of the eeriest horror films from the past decade, and what ensues is equally as terrifying. Jay bands together with a handful of friends
in an attempt to murder the entity, which as we know from most supernatural horrors,
you can’t kill something that’s not alive. The climax is intense, and the ending bittersweet,
but for a film that has a shape shifting antagonist, and relies on classic horror movie tropes,
it’s one of the scariest films ever made in my opinion. 2 The Conjuring
You can all breathe a sigh of relief. The film you have literally ALL been requesting
is here. Yes, I read the comments, and I can safely
say 80% of them were filled with anger at the fact The Conjuring didn’t make our part
one. But, like I said, I did my best to steer clear
of big name films, and focus solely on smaller, indie flicks. However, the moment is finally here. Released in 2013, The Conjuring is a supernatural
horror directed by James Wan. It follows the story of the Perron family
and the evil forces lurking inside their new farmhouse. After a handful of paranormal events occur,
such as a clapping ghost lurking in the dark, and a spirit atop the childrens wardrobe,
the Perron’s are forced to call in two demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren. They investigate the house, discovering it
once belonged to an accused witch, Bathsheba, who cursed the land after sacrificing her
own baby. What ensues is the spirit world mixing with
the living, the mother eventually becoming possessed by Bathsheba herself, and an intense
exorcism that breaks all of our hearts. Though scary, it is a very moving film about
the bond and will of one family to overcome all obstacles, however malevolent they are. 1 Apostle
This is a brand new addition to the Netflix archive, only being released on the streaming
service in October, and I have to say, it’s scary, traumatic, bloody, and just plane weird,
in all the right ways. Set in 1905, the film follows Thomas Richardson
who must travel to a remote Welsh Island to free his sister from a mysterious cult. He poses as a convert, and quickly learns
that the island remains fertile through blood sacrifice, and all members are made to leave
an offering outside of their doors every night. The founders begin to suspect an infiltrator
amongst his followers, and what ensues is a bloody showdown between not just Thomas
and the founders, but also the other followers who are slowly being awakened to the grim
nature of the cult. There is family sacrifice, purification rituals,
and a hand crank torture device that still haunts me. It has a slow and eerie start, but very quickly
becomes a gory thrill fest, and the ending holds a very shocking turn of events for our
protagonist. Well there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any that we missed? Leave us a comment down below and perhaps
we can do a part 2. If you’re a fan of horror film be sure to
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miss another scary vid. And until next time, see ya later.

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