Top 5 Scary Plot Twists In Horror Movies

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In 2018, a plot twist in a horror film is
expected, it’s rare now to see a film that doesn’t leave viewers with their jaws in
their laps because a movies was completely turned on its head. But in the case of the films we listed today,
they are just a handful of horrors that paved the way for the plot twist trope, and have
remained embedded in our brains since we first encountered them. Hey guys, welcome back to Top 5 Scary Videos,
I’m your host Lucy McPhee. Let me know down in the comments what your
favourite horror plot twist is, and while you’re there make sure you give this video
a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you’re new here. Alright, let’s jump into our list of the
Top 5 Plot Twists in Horror Films. And warning, there are LOTS AND LOTS of spoilers. Like, I literally spoil ever single movie
on this list, so proceed with caution! 5 The Wicker Man
The 1973 British film, not the Nicholas Cage trash that we should never speak of. The Wicker Man follows Police Sergeant Neil
Howie as he travels to an isolated Summerisle in search of a missing girl. But as he arrives, he realizes the inhabitants
are far more sinister than he initially thought. Abandoning Christianity the group practice
Celtic Paganism, and after Howie discovers a series of photographs celebrating the annual
harvest, with a young girl taking on the role as the May Queen, Howie fears the group intend
on sacrificing the young girl in some sort of ritual. On the annual May Day celebration Howie steals
one of the islanders costumes, disguising himself as Punch the fool in order to infiltrate
the celebration. When he does he finds the young girl, getting
her free and fleeing with her through a cave, but as they exit they are ambushed, and the
girl happily returns to the people. It is then that we discover she was never
the true sacrifice, Howie was. After the island leader, Lord Summerisle tells
Howie that he fits their God’s four requirements, he came of his own free will, with the power
of a king, aka represented by law, is a virgin, and is a fool. The islanders then take Howie, and tie him
up inside a giant wicker man statue, setting it ablaze and letting him burn. As his death draws near, Howie curses the
island and the wicker man collapses. 4 The Others
Now, I think we can all agree that this twist left us ALL with our hands covering our mouths. Honestly, over 17 years later, I’m still
shook. The Others follows a family living in an isolated
manor house, with the mother, Grace, played by Nicole Kidman, being forced to care for
her two children who are plagued by an allergy to light. Grace hires three servants to help her with
the house, Bertha Mills, Mr Tuttle, and a mute girl named Lydia. Throughout the film odd events begin to play
out, such as the eldest child Anne claiming that she has seen others in the house, a man,
a woman, an old woman and a young boy named Victor. Even spooking her brother Nicholas by telling
Victor to touch his cheek so he will know that he’s real. Grace begins to hear footsteps around the
house, and finding unlocked doors that were once locked. In one of the more intense scenes, Grace sees
an old woman in one of the rooms, and attacks her, before realizing she has just attacked
her daughter Anne. In the pinnacle scene the children awake,
screaming for their mother after all the curtains in the house have been removed, forcing Grace
to banish the servants after accusing them of the act. After they leave, Bertha Mills orders Mr Tuttle
to uncover the gravestones, which we learn they have been hiding from the family. Leading us to believe they are spirits tormenting
the family. Later the servants return, requesting to speak
to the children. Grace tells them to hide upstairs and out
of sight, and this is when it’s revealed to us that the servants had died of tuberculosis
more than 50 years ago, before telling Grace that she should go talk to the intruders that
are upstairs with her children. This is when we finally learn the true twist
of the movie. The intruders are performing a seance, attempting
to contact the dead after being tormented by spirits. The spirits being Grace and her two children,
who she had killed before shooting herself. It’s a shock to learn the protagonists of
the story we’ve been following have been dead the entire time, and oh boy was it well
executed. 3 Psycho
The film that started it all. Released in 1960 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock,
Psycho follows Marion Crane on the run after stealing $40,000 from her employer. Taking back roads to avoid the fuzz, Marion
stops at Bates Motel to seek shelter during a heavy rainstorm. It’s here that she meets the charming owner,
Norman Bates. He invites her for a light dinner before she
checks in, she agrees, but as she waits in Norman’s home she overhears an arguments
between him and his mother, Norman later goes on to reveal that his mother is mentally ill
and refuses to let him lead an independent life. Her dinner with Norman leads Marion to have
a change of heart, planning to return the money she stole the next morning, however,
she sadly doesn’t survive that long, as she’s slaughtered in the shower by a shadowy
female figure. A week after Marion’s death her sister Lila
begins to investigate her disappearance, leading her to the Bates Motel. After a series of events Lila finds herself
hiding in the basement to escape from Norman, it is in this moments that the true twist
of the film is revealed. Lila finds Mrs. Bates in a chair, turning
her around we discover she is a mummified corpse, just as Norman runs in wearing his
mother’s clothes, a wig, and wielding the kitchen knife he used to kill Marion. 2 The Sixth Sense
Arguably one of the most highly regarded plot twists on our list, almost all first time
viewers of this film NEVER saw the ending coming. Nor did I. The Sixth Sense follows a child psychologist,
Malcolm Crowe, working with a troubled child haunted by ghosts, Cole Sear. To backtrack, the film begins with an altercation
between Crowe, and one of his former patients, Vincent, who accuses Malcolm of failing him. Vincent shoots Malcolm before turning the
gun on himself. We then jump forward in time, to the relationship
between Malcolm and his wife. It’s grown cold, and they’ve become distant. Malcolm spending most of his time focusing
on his sessions with Cole and his wife occupying herself with work and a new man friend. After a handful of sessions with Cole, Malcolm
believes him to be delusional and considers giving up on him, but after going back to
listen to old session tapes between himself and Vincent, he hears weeps amongst the white
noise, begging for help. Finally believing that their may be some truth
to Cole’s secret. The film take us on a supernatural journey,
following Cole and Malcolm uncovering the reasons for some of the lingering ghosts,
but at the very end of the film we are finally met with our big reveal. When Malcolm comes home he finds his wife
asleep in a chair with their wedding tape on the TV. In her sleep she asks him why he left her,
he of course said he didn’t. It’s then that Malcolm comes to the realization
that perhaps he did. He thinks back to the conversations he had
with Cole about ghosts, and realizes that people have been ignoring him, almost like
he wasn’t even there. He begins to see cold breath coming out of
his wife’s mouth, and turning around he discovers the bullet wound in his side. Thus confirming to us that he’s been dead
the entire time. 1 Saw
Now this is perhaps my favorite plot twist on our list, simply because of how simple,
yet OBVIOUS it was. I mean, looking back, how did we miss this?! But let’s start at the beginning. Saw begins with two men, Lawrence Gordon,
and Adam waking up in a bathroom with their ankles chained to the walls. And between the two is a bloody corpse holding
a revolver and a cassette player. Both men discover they have tapes on them,
informing them of their fate. Adam’s tape tells him to escape, whereas
Lawrence’s tells him to kill Adam. They soon discover a bag containing two hacksaws
in the toilet, Adam breaks his attempting to cut through his chains, throwing it away
in frustration. Lawrence quickly learns that the hacksaws
weren’t meant for the chains, they were meant for their feet. Forcing Lawrence to cut off his own foot to
escape Jigsaw’s trap, and shoots Adam in order to save his family who are being held
hostage by a man named Zep. Zep enters the bathroom to kill Lawrence,
stating that those were his orders, but the still alive Adam overpowers him, and kills
him. Lawrence crawls out of the now open room in
order to find help, leaving Adam chained to the wall. He begins to search Zep’s body for a key
but only find another tape recording, revealing that Zep was just another victim following
Jigsaw’s rules. After this reveal, the corpse in the middle
of the room begins to rise up, removing the fake gunshot wound on his head, revealing
himself as John Kramer, aka, Jigsaw. He tells Adam that the key for his chains
were in the bathtub he first woke up in and that escape was always available, except unbeknownst
to Adam they key fell down the drain when he was freaking out. Thus sealing his fate. Well there we have it! What do you guys think? Don’t forget to leave me a comment down
below telling me what your favorite plot twist is, and while you’re there be sure to give
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