Top 5 Scenes That Were Cut From Horror Movies Because They Were Too Scary

Top 5 Scenes That Were Cut From Horror Movies Because They Were Too Scary

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We have covered a lot of horror movies on
this channel — from the scariest — to the most controversial — to the worst — to the
goriest. We’ve seen it all. But what is sometimes worse are the things
we don’t get to see — the things deemed so scary — and SO disturbing that filmmakers
are forced to scrap them on the cutting room floor. So today we’re going to be listing off some
of the scariest of those moments. Hey guys, welcome back to Top 5 Scary Videos,
I’m your host Lucy McPhee and this is the Top 5 Scenes That Were Cut From Horror Movies
Because They Were Too Scary. 5 Eating A Baby – IT
You may be surprised to find out that 2017’s IT was intended to be far more disturbing
and frightening than the final cut we got in movie theatres. Yup, and I mean more disturbing than poor
little Georgie’s arm getting torn off in the first ten minutes of the film. Now, Pennywise doesn’t need much more backstory
for us to know he’s a truly terrible entity — hellbent on destroying lives by eating
children. However — the filmmakers behind the film
were unsure whether that would be enough for audiences — and whether they would understand
just how much of a deprived monster Pennywise is — so, originally there was going to be
a flashback scene where Pennywise forces a woman to choose between letting him eat her
baby or having him destroy the entire town. Yup, if the slaughtering of kids wasn’t
enough — we were going to have to witness an innocent woman giving up her baby so Pennywise
can satiate his hunger. 4 The Hills Have Eyes
Now, the 1977 version of The Hills Have Eyes already has A LOT of controversy surrounding
it — being banned in a number of countries — and not available for home release on VHS
until 1988, and on DVD in 2003. That’s quite the lengthy wait. So as you can imagine, the film is shocking
— but what’s more shocking is the footage that didn’t make the cut — the stuff that
was even too controversial to be banned. So, as we know, The Hills Have Eyes is a survival
film about a family being chased by deformed cannibals who live in the Nevada Hills. Now — I’m just going to list off a handful
of scenes that were deemed to violent and frightening to leave in the original cut. 1. The scene where two of the cannibals kidnap
a baby. 2. The scene where one character beats a cannibal
with an axe. 3. AND arguably the goriest — the scene where
one of the cannibals eats a survivor’s arms but not before shoving the fingers of that
arm into the survivors eyes — gouging them out. HOLY SHIT. Yup — it’s no wonder this film was banned
for so long — even the final cut is a tough watch — what with all the rape and torture
— but my god, I never want to see the uncut version — I don’t want a dismembered arm
going into an eye socket. No thank you! 3 The Human Centipede 2
I’m sure almost all of you will be surprised that there were some things that didn’t
make the final cut of this film — cos dear god, the stuff that did is truly, TRULY traumatizing. The film features the kidnapping of a group
of people — stapling mouth to anus – and removing their teeth. So, what could possibly be worse? Well — I warn you know — what I’m about
to tell you is horrifying — and if you’re sensitive to the discussion of rape and torture
please skip ahead to the next number. In a cut scene, Martin — the psychopath torturing
his human centipede — wraps his penis in barbed wire and rapes the tail end of the
centipede. Yep. Truly disgusting — and how anyone could possibly
deem this as entertainment should be shut away in a psychiatric facility immediately. What’s worse — it was eventually re-inserted
into the unrated director’s cut in the US — so watch if you dare — but if you do — I’m
judging. 2 From Beyond
From Beyond is a very loose adaptation of a story by one of my favourite authors, H.P. Lovecraft. The film is crazy — truly crazy. It follows two scientist who make a machine
that allow users to see beyond reality. Sounds fun — but trust me, it’s not. One of the doctors ends up getting sucked
into anti-reality and returns as a crazed monster — hellbent on killing everything
and everyone — very Event Horizon – esque. The final cut was disturbing and bloody — but
one particular scene they were forced to cut it’s truly beyond anything I’ve seen. No pun intended. The scene showed one of the scientist biting
out a woman’s eye and sucking out her brains through the hole. YUP. Horrifying. I think it’s safe to say that we’re ALL
thankful that moment didn’t end up on the big screen — I’m happy seeing eyes in sockets
and brains in head. Thank you. 1 The Hell Dimension – Event Horizon
Another movie inspired by the works of Lovecraft — Event Horizon is a trip — and a highly
overlooked horror sci-fi in my opinion. After docking on a spaceship that has been
sending out a distress call — the crew begin to suffer from violent hallucinations. At one point in the film audiences watch on
as the crew discover a video log of the original crew’s descent into the hell dimension. We only witness a few seconds — but what
we see is enough to keep us awake at night — even now. What we see are writhing naked bodies — the
crew eating other — and even a guy being sodomized by a pipe. Now — the director, Paul W.S Anderson wasn’t
sure what would end up on the cutting room floor — surprisingly that didn’t — but
what did is even more horrifying. He filmed a simulated rape scene that was
apparently so intense he hired adult performers in order for the scene to be more believable. Other moments included — legs being crushed
— screws drilled into teeth — and a woman’s breasts being ripped off. The original footage may never be found — and
I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Well there we have it! Were these scenes scary enough for you? Were there any that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below, but before you go, be sure to give this video a big thumbs up,
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  2. Ohmy NOPE, I watched The Human Centipede 2 once 7 years later it still creeps me the hell out. Haven't watched it since.

  3. damn Lucy these deleted scenes sound horrible… and i never knew the hills have eyes was originally made in 1977, i have the box set for number and 2.

    and why didnt you put the human scentipede 1st? i havent even seen the 2nd not planning to see the 3rd but 1st was the most disgusting movie i ever watched that i had nightmares for weeks

  4. I've watched a bunch of these videos expecting to be scared or at least entertained I have not been scared and have been seldom entertained

  5. A part of my sadistic brain when it comes to horror movies and cuts why cut them out for a horror movie, but my other sensible side when it comes to rape scenes those makes me in lack of better words uncomfortable.

  6. If inflation gets any higher will the 3rd IT movie have Dollarwise in it😂
    Also who the Hell are you to judge anyone?!

  7. Lucy is hot & I love it when she swears, it’s just so random. I said Jack was my favorite BUT I forgot about Lucy… sorry I forgot you, I mix up you & Top10. I know your the same company BUT I like this better. Top10 has turned me off by all their ads, I mean I realize you gotta make the money, BUT 4 ads in a 10min clip is excessive, yah?

  8. Beautiful young woman does a great job in this video , BUT her pupils look kinda strange . almost like slit pupils .

  9. In my opinion noone of the human centepede movies should ever been made.
    So bad and only made for the purpose to shock the audience.
    And not well executed such.

  10. I like most horror movies and they don't easily disturb me, but horror and torture porn arent the same the second has a way different genre to be called just horror.

  11. Lucy, u r so pretty, u ruin the videos. I cannot b properly terrified, while I am writing kissy-face poems to you!

  12. Ah the brain sucking seen in From Beyond must have been put back in because the version i have has that scene. TBH it's not that bad, I've seen a lot worse that was left in movies.

  13. A VERY fun list..! (make of that what you will.) But..? as the #1 on this list, (always did like Event Horizon), perhaps a Top 5 of either Paul W.S. Andersons' most gruesome, or simply his best, films. (Perhaps both!)
    Say what you will, but the man ~does~ have a metric ton of films to his credit. A little separation of the good and the bad seems to be in order…

  14. It wasn't scary at all. It was a fucking romp of the worst kind, you want a real Stephen King horror movie, The Shining.

  15. If you hate eyes then you’ll hate my aunts job, she transplants eyes from dead bodies into living people. Her first day she had to do it to a 3 year old baby

  16. The only movie I've seen from this list was Event Horizon, and it didn't bother me at all. I'd have to say you're extremely sensitive to make believe. The only thing that bothers me is any type of demons, devils, ghosts, etc, mainly because those are REAL!
    Some of these movies I wouldn't waste my time watching like the centipede………..

  17. The hell dimension showed in the final cut of event horizon was truly terrifying and I wondered what it would feel like viewing the entire full clip..

  18. um.
    I'm sorry lucy but….
    you know these are fantasies right? these are movies…..
    why are you even on this channel? like everything ive heard you say so far is just complaining and judging?
    Wanted to give you a chance but…. you kind of tick off every box for stereotypical female….
    bring back the man please…..

  19. These scenes aren't so much scary as they are simply gruesome. Gross out for the sake of gross out. I'm all for gore, but it's gotta be done in a classy way that fits into the movie, which I think is one reason they were edited out.

  20. Always wondered what the cut scenes from the Event horizon were,especially since noone will see em, now I know, thanks.

  21. Lock me up in that sanitarium cause I love horror super extremely gory gore gore movies..and the centipedes movies are my favorite & that part was cool so was the pennywise and hills have eyes etc etc… What is horror is you remove the scariest part just because some critics cant handle?. Grow some balls ppl…& that's coming from a female horror fan.😷👹👺💀👽🙈🙉🙊👀❤

  22. you know how i know you didnt actually watch event horizon, because you described it as a ship sending a distress signal, lmao. least you stuck to the written script i guess.

  23. When did torture, rape and such become HORROR? Those are grotesque human acts that are not entertaining. I will stick with movie monsters and ghosts 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️👻

  24. My God this woman looks so much like the guy with the beard who usually does these top 5's (not that I'm saying she's masculine or that he's feminine lol) Anyone know if they're both related? Brother/sister maybe? Not that it will keep me up at night, I'm just curious since I tend to watch a lot of thier videos and it's something I've been wondering for a while 🙂

  25. Not to go off subject buy aLucy, you look so damn cute with your hair like that. I’m not hitting on you (unless you want me too) just saying what I see.

  26. they have the colorized version of a human centipede 2 on YouTube. Don’t member and barb wire rape but I wasn’t really watching it. My friend did…he needs help.

  27. You know what……I’m gonna cut back on that other scene that I’m been thinking of could be in IT 2, cause Stephen King’s IT deserves to be disturbing on that kind of level….but, for how fucked up the book is. I’d still love it, anyways for its imagery….the greatest horror experience ever brought to my hands and still love it to this day. I mean, devouring infants is something I heard that’s going to be in the sequel….I’ve seen that movie “mother!” To know how interesting this sequel to the IT movie will get.

  28. Also the original ending of the Hill's have eyes (original ) was that the baby was gonna be killed

  29. I can't comprehend how true Horror movies have descended so far into such abusive gore fests. It isn't about being scared so much anymore, it's about being grossed out. One of the scariest films I've ever seen was "The Haunting of Hill House". It's in Black and White, there is no bloodshed and no gory details, but I guarantee it will scare the PISS out of you!

  30. What they really should have cut was Fishburns chair. So flimsy and looks as though hes afraid to be seated.
    Lucy McPhee the dangerously beautiful host.

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