Top 5 SCP Monsters That Can NEVER Escape – Part 3

Top 5 SCP Monsters That Can NEVER Escape – Part 3

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The world is a very scary place, wouldn’t
you agree? As individual humans, we are fragile, vulnerable,
hairless monkeys. BUT we have ingenuity and communication on
our side. By telling stories and sharing information,
we can inform our fellow folks on how to avoid danger, protect families, and keep on thriving
as a species! Why do you think most of our oldest stories
are cautionary tales? They teach people how to act, and sometimes
more importantly, how not to act in order to stay alive. Horror stories are no exception to this rule,
although most tend to stick to the tried-and-true “stay away from the bad thing” narrative. SCPs are some of the latest additions to the
horror canon as a whole, and provide us with a plethora of spooky scaries to keep us up
at night and looking over our shoulders. Because I value societal progress, and want
to keep my lovely viewers alive, I’ll share even more info on SCPs with you all. Let’s hope the Foundation can keep these
ones locked up! Hello horror heads, and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube, Top5Scary. I’m your horror host, Keegan Hughes, and
today we have a brand new list detailing some gnarly SCPs! This is PART THREE of our Top 5 SCP Monsters
That Can Never Escape. Before we get started, make sure to give this
video a big thumbs up, and subscribe for more SCP seminars. Let’s take a look! NUMBER FIVE: SCP 659
If you saw Finding Nemo while still a child, you know very well how terrifying waterfowl
with a group mentality can be. I get flashbacks every time someone says MINE… But those gulls have NOTHING on the horrifying
herons I’m about to introduce. SCP 659 is a species of birds, resembling
herons, that display modular intelligence. I’ll get to what that means in a second. There’s only a single flock known to the
Foundation, and they seem to be native to North America, although there have been unconfirmed
sightings in Europe. These birds subsist on any meat they can find,
but will stick to fish if it’s available. When an individual specimen is isolated from
the flock, it acts just like any other heron would. It is more intelligent than your average feathered
friend, however, as it can solve simple problems, use tools, and learn very quickly. Now, to bring us back to modular intelligence. When more than one of these birds comes near
each other, they gain combined intelligence. The more birds there are, the smarter they
become. It seems that there is an approximately 25m
limit to this particular talent though. They do not have a hive-mind, nor do they
display telepathic abilities, but flocks are extremely well-coordinated in their actions. If enough birds gather, they display human-like
intelligence and sapience, and can actually learn at a faster rate than most humans. Some birds have even been documented learning
English and French. They have used these smarts to break out of
Foundation containment on multiple occasions. Upon being brought back in, Foundation researchers
found that keeping each heron isolated at a distance exceeding 25m prevents them from
gaining enough intelligence to escape. All this seems pretty cool, right? Welllllllll. SCP-659 and all of its instances are vigorously
hostile towards humans. And it’s probably our fault! Before the first recorded containment, flocks
in the wild did not display any sort of aggression towards humans. However, as detailed in INCIDENT 659-A, the
birds are none too happy about being contained. Following a containment breach that resulted
in the death of all on-site personnel save a few, the murderous birds were interviewed
by a researcher. The birds had pecked holes in the tires of
all vehicles, cut phone lines, and sent a flying sentry to keep watch over the facility. When asked why they did this, one heron stepped
up to the glass, and wrote messages in blood from another heron in containment at the time. The messages were: Don’t act like don’t
know, you started this, and FREEDOM. Nobody tell Tippi Hedren. NUMBER FOUR: SCP 772
If the bugs from last time didn’t get your skin crawling, this one sure will. 772 is a gigantic species of wasp, possibly
dating back to prehistoric times. DINO-WASPS if you will. A mature adult is typically 60cm, and can
reach up to 70cm when the antenna and ovipositor are included. They have extremely tough exoskeletons, that
are actually resistant to gunfire. Yup, this wasp has been shot and survived. Something tells me RAID won’t work either. These humongous insects will fly around and
deposit their eggs in large mammals, leaving the larvae to hatch and eat their way out. Using their sharp and manoeuvrable egg-tube
they lay between 5 and 20 eggs, all around 6cm in length, before leaving to let the incisions
heal. They can also use their pointy end as a weapon,
stabbing their victims repeatedly, sometimes even resulting in bone penetration. I usually prefer my bones un-penetrated, thank
you very much. The eggs will incubate for 4-12 days, and
as they grow nearer to hatching, stress levels in the host will go up. You know, the kind of stress that happens
when baby wasps are about to hatch under your skin and eat their way out. If you go and see a doctor, it’s likely
they will mistake the bugs as abscesses or tumors. What’s extra fun about this bit is that
as they burrow deeper into you, it will seem like the lumps are going away on their own! Nothing to worry about here, just becoming
a host body for half-meter yellow jackets! The etymologist that discovered 772 actually
cut himself open when he realized what had happened. They remain carnivorous, even after their
pupal stage, and can sometimes become cannibalistic in resource-deficient environments. Thankfully, all reported instances of this
SCP are under Foundation control now, hermetically sealed in a chamber with a maximum capacity
of 15 wasps, to keep them from getting unruly. They’ve been known to break out of enclosures
before. Hopefully the incineration failsafe stays
operational. Kill it with fire! Always a good option. NUMBER THREE: SCP 247
If Banksy and an SCP had a baby, this would be it. A can of spray paint with many variable colours,
this SCP has the consistency of normal paint. Grossly enough, it has been discovered that
the composition is 28% hemoglobin, 12% gastric acid, and 60% regular paint. Once sprayed on a wall, it will spread until
covering the entire wall and any walls attached. This usually takes the form of large, disturbing
designs. Any building taken over by it will be converted
into organisms that function similarly to species of the Anthozoa class. Common examples are anemones, stony corals,
and soft corals. Buildings infected by SCP 247 are predatory,
and will lure victims in by emitting alarming noises. Broken glass, loud coughing, painful whines
and whimpers will all be heard by passersby. Once a human enters, these noises will stop
immediately. Victims are then suctioned into the building’s
newly formed gastrovascular cavity, and often grabbed by entities known as SCP-274-2. These are humanoid figures wearing gas masks
that can flatten out and take the form of graffiti. Our gas mask-wearing assailants will spray
victims in the eyes and mouth with SCP-274, which has a blinding and numbing effect. It is assumed that victims are then assimilated
into instances of SCP-274-2. If there are too many of these humanoids in
any particular building, one will leave to spray a new one. If left unchecked, it is estimated that it
could take over a large city in less than a month. Currently, Foundation Task Force Pi-1, aka
City Slickers, is watching all known instances, preventing folks from entering, and burning
down infected buildings. NUMBER TWO: SCP 2675
Ah, Russia. This SCP is a Soviet-made, Arktika-class nuclear-powered
icebreaker ship named Sibir. Official records say it was retired, but later
it was found that it disappeared while investigating an anomalous artifact in the Arctic Ocean. It can spontaneously change shape, and add
new structures equipment, and weaponry. Also, it generates neutron radiation. The water around it is often seen glowing
blue. This shapeshifting ship can also vanish from
one location and manifest elsewhere. The limits and nature of this power are currently
unknown, although the use of it often coincides with a spike in radiation. Unfortunately, this kickass ship is hostile
and dangerous. Come on! Can’t we just have cool stuff? On board is a discrete entity, known as SCP
2675-1. It appears to be an adult human male, fluent
in Russian, French, and English. Intelligent and violent, he claims to be a
herald of a previously undocumented God. In a transmission from the ship, 2675-1 announces
that he sails for the god child, born of the atom. He and his crew are no longer life, but time
and energy. Based on information from other transmissions
and reports, we have a vague idea of how he and the ship came to be. At some point while investigating the anomaly
in the Arctic Ocean, something happened to the nuclear power source aboard the Sibir. This vaporized everyone on board, but allowed
them to re-materialize in this host-entity. Think Dr. Manhattan at sea. Those de-and-reconstructed now see nuclear
power as a god child, who needs to be cradled and cared for, whose love needs to be shared
with all men. So this sea-faring blue ghoul wants everyone
to be broken down into atoms, so that they can see the warmth and love of the atomic
godchild. Love it! NUMBER ONE: SCP 2521
This one is absolutely fascinating, and if you haven’t heard of it already I would
recommend checking out the original report on the SCP Wiki. Unfortunately, I am dooming myself and all
of you by speaking about it aloud. Knowledge is power, but the way this works
means we’re all screwed, sorry! Stop listening now if you enjoy living and
breathing with a grand total of zero tentacles pulling you to an unknown zone. Ok. SCP 2521 is a humanoid entity, over 2m in
height, with sticky tendrils at the end of each arm. It appears to be black, or dark grey, with
an odd little pentagon-shaped head. It can pass through solid objects, and as
such is difficult to contain. It absolutely LOVES collecting information
about itself, and really likes when people discuss it aloud. Any instance of written or spoken information
about SCP 2521 can be sensed by it, and will promptly be collected. Yes, this includes people who know and speak
about it. Where does it take this information? Nobody knows. Personally, I like the idea that it takes
all of this information to some unnamed location and protects it like a dragon hoarding gold. Thankfully for the Foundation, SCP 2521 doesn’t
seem to understand anything done up in symbols or pictographs. Pictures, videos, signs, and graphics are
all fair game too. So, considering now that I have been speaking
very candidly about our tentacled friend, I should probably get going. Stick to symbols folks! OUTRO
But of course, I can’t leave without giving you guys an outro! That would be super unprofessional! Plus, I want to know if I missed any good
SCPs! And if anyone knows how to escape this grey
weirdo now that I’ve doomed myself! So please, let me know what you think down
in the comments! Speaking of comments! Let’s have a look at some of the more insightful
things you’ve had to say since the last video! Metal Peasant asks “So what is the SCP above
your lip?” Good question! There’s acutally a very well-written SCP-style
entry in the comments of the our first Top 5 SCP Monsters That Can Never Escape video. Shout out wattrocks. Caleb D says “Dude that shirt is f**** dope”
I can only assume you’re saying fricken, and thanks! Cori aquin says “I’d let keegan murder
me” Ok, sure, but if you’re dead who’s gonna
help me hide the body? Rita Miller says “So that’s what happened
to the thermostat from room 1408” I mean, the room exploded in a fiery cacophony… Or did it? I suppose we’ve only just begun. R.J. Ehlert says “One time a friend of mine saw
a treasure chest and opened it. A big tongue came out to grab him, and the
chest ate him” But who told you what he saw? I think this might be a mimic imitating R.J. I’ll keep my distance for now.


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