Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Remakes  – Part 2

Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Remakes – Part 2

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Alright horror fans – strap in – because there
are some … video presentations, I don’t want to call them horror movies – that just
can’t hide away from the all-seeing-eye of creativity and the passionate originality
that is so synonymous with horror cinema. Now, don’t get me wrong – because I don’t
want to bash anyone that has the drive to film, produce and pull the strings necessary
to get a movie made – never mind a horror movie – but that’s never an excuse to take
a cinematic masterpiece, pull off its arms – rearrange it’s teeth, slap it in a shiny
new pair of dungarees and try and call it by the same name. No. That’s just a step too far. What’s going on horror fans – and welcome
back to the scariest channel on YouTube, Top 5 Scary Videos. As always, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch – and I’m sure you’ve already seen Lucy’s Part 1 of this list – so join me,
as we take a look at the Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Remakes – Part 2. Roll the clip. The bad horror remakes! That’s who’s here! How can you even forgive that? You compare that clip – to this – You can see what I mean, right? Well, believe me when I say this folks, it
can – and it will – get worse. Hold on to your hats. Before we dive into this list though folks,
you know the drill by now – if you’re a fan of this video, horror cinema, or just
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that subscribe bell – so you can stay up to date with our latest and greatest uploads. Kicking off at Number 5 – The Hitcher, 2007. Michael Bay, am I right? Now, I’m not going to lie – I’m a massive
fan of Sean Bean, no one can pull off a death scene better than the main man himself – but
when you compare his John Ryder to that of Rutger Hauer’s – ah, it’s not even the
same sport. The 2007 remake, directed by Dave Meyers and
produced by Michael Bay – is so far away from the 1986 original that it’s not even funny. Now – I’m all for taking different spins
on horror classics, but when you completely rewrite its DNA – you fail to get the point
of pastiche. And what does Michael Bay do? He sticks a bazillion helicopters and automatic
rifles into a high speed chase scene and makes the whole thing go boom. The saddest thing about 2007’s The Hitcher
is that it’s just straight up boring. For a film with such a simple pretext – creepy
man stalks guy on lonely highway – David Meyers really makes a point of falling asleep at
the wheel. And what do we get as a result of that in
a futile attempt to try and wake us up? Just straight up pointless gore – cheap tricks
– shock tactics – and a failure to even understand the subtle charm of the 1986 original. Two thumbs down. Coming in at Number 4 – The Omen, 2006 And I still find it hilarious that literally
the only reason that this film came into existence was because someone realised they could make
a shed tonne of money if they released an Omen film on the 6th of June 2006. And I actually paid money to see this film. And there was a Catholic priest at the screening. The whole thing was just a massive cash grab
for what was essentially an elaborate marketing campaign. I mean – you can’t blame them. I can’t complain – I paid money. But jzeesh – what a terrible movie. And really – the question we should be asking
is, how do you take a movie about the literal spawn of Satan and somehow make it boring? Richard Donner’s 1976 slow-burning thriller
is perhaps one of the greatest horror movies of all time – building itself up with an eerie
sense of dread, crawling through the dilemma of whether or not to kill an evil child. The original is brilliant, because we’re
always questioning – maybe, just maybe – this Damien kid isn’t the son of Lucifer after
all – and Gregory Peck’s character is potentially going crazy. Yeah – none of that in the 2006 film. Just a creepy looking kid on a scooter. Nothing to see here. Next up at Number 3 – The Thing, 2011. Alright – I’ll admit it guys, this one is
a personal bias. It’s a grudge match. And if I’m being truly fair – this film
never fully pledged itself as a remake, but intended to be a prequel. Well – in that case – call it something else. In all fairness, John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece
is a remake in itself, of 1951’s The Thing from Another World – but, you know, let’s
be honest. There’s only one movie called The Thing. And sadly – it’s not this one. By far though, this is the best film on this
list – and it’s got some real talent attached to it. Sadly – it doesn’t live up in any shape
or form to its namesake, and as my man Omar Little said in The Wire – you come at the
King, you best not miss. For a film that is intended to be the pastiche
of a slow burning, claustrophobic whodunnit – this entire movie is shot in wide. Also, for a story that features a bunch of
colleagues who’ve been trapped in an arctic waystation for supposedly months on end – these
guys act like they’ve just met each other. Also the CGI just straight up sucks. I’ll admit it – I’m being a bit of a snob
in this one, but I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. Swinging in at Number 2 – Poltergeist, 2015. And uhhhh – it’s just getting worse guys. This film was so sad. It was unnecessary. Nobody wanted it, nobody asked for it. Just because Paranormal Activity was a success
doesn’t mean you have to butcher a classic. And again, which you may begin to pick up
a theme in this list – it was just straight up boring. Play that clip back again. Listen to how empty it is. Just pure nothingness – and not in a good
way. That’s the whole film, I’m not even kidding. Oh – and of course, they just had to release
it in 3D too – because apparently everyone wanted that. Alright – please, please, don’t get me wrong. I love Sam Rockwell – and his performance
in this film was stellar. You could tell that he was trying to add some
form of life to it with every fibre of his being – but it just fell on deaf ears. I’m pretty sure that no one wanted to remake
this movie, but it happened anyway – and what we’re left with is a forgettable, cheap,
throwaway version of an absolute horror classic. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – Day of
the Dead, 2008. I wish I had some bleach to pour into my eyes
after watching this film. That’s exactly how it felt, those annoyed,
panicked screams. Straight up guys – 2008’s Day of the Dead
is a terrible movie. You want to know how little anyone cared about
making this movie? Mena Suvari’s character, that she’s referred
to the whole time throughout the film – is listed as a completely different name in the
closing credits. The main character – yeah, no one cared to
change it. If that’s not revealing – I don’t know
what is. George Romero is to zombie-horror as Odin
is to beards and ale. It is a sad state of affairs that an entire
studio took his 1985 zombie tour-de-force and thought it’d be a great idea to ride
off his name and create a steaming pile of poorly CGI’d organs. It doesn’t even fall in the realm of so
bad it’s good. It’s just freakin’ terrible. Nobody, at no point – sat down and read this
script and said out loud, you know what – this is going to be a great zombie movie that gives
a nice subtle nod to George Romero’s passion for horror, and we’re going to do the best
of our ability to create that. Nah – they just said – brains, zombies, money. And – well, it didn’t even make any money. Don’t watch it, save yourself 86 minutes
of your life. Well – there we have it horror fans – cheers
for sticking around for my rant. What do you think is the worst horror movie
remake of all time? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box
down below. Before you depart though – let’s take a
look at some of your most entertaining comments from the past few days. Chad Worley says – The thing is… Hollywood needs to stop trying to milk these
classics for as much money as possible. They need to be creative again, not repetitive. And I 100% agree Chad Worley – that’s the
perfect analysis. Sadly though, money makes the world go round
– and the pitch of an authentic original sometimes is too great a risk for a studio to take. But – there is hope – just take a look at
some of the awesome horror flicks from the past few years, Get Out – Hereditary – The
Haunting of Hill House. There’s still hope yet. Marcus says – As a rule, I don’t watch remakes. Well Marcus buddy, you’re a smart guy. Ignorance is bliss, right? Well – unfortunately folks that’s all we’ve
got time for in today’s video – cheers for sticking around all the way to the end. Make sure to hit that thumbs up button, and
show some love in the comment box down below. As always, I’ve been your host Jack Finch
– you’ve been watching Top 5 Scary Videos – and until next time, you take it easy.


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  2. Hey just to let you know the thing movie you listed as a remake is actually just a bad prequel so…. in the nicest way possible please fact check your self next time

  3. Everyone wants to be king today, but all everyone wants to do is sit on someone else's throne or tear down someone's castle then build another in the same place. Kings like good ideas are born not made. These classics were the kings of their times and these remakes are worlds apart from the originals. The time doesn't matter, the feeling it gives you is timeless.

  4. Horror remakes are awful. I've never watched a horror remake and thought to myself gee that was really good, much better than the original. I'm not hating on the people who enjoy them every one should enjoy what they want. But in my opinion these remakes shouldn't exist, especially Rob zombies Halloween 1-2

  5. Hey at least the IT movie remake did well and improve on the original. Now if chapter two can show us the microverse to answer it's true form.

  6. I'll take the Poltergeist remake over the original. The original is SUCH an overrated movie. I remember loving it when it came out, watched it again when the 20th Anniversary version came out and thought, "Huh… this is a terrible movie. It's not scary. It's a family film. Why… why did I like this?" Oh, and I loved The Thing (2011). And of course the original.
    My vote for the worst remake of all time, is easily Rob Zombie's Halloween. He took a literal classic, and destroyed the mythos of Michael Meyers, but giving him a "reason" for being. No… don't make him sympathetic. He's a mindless killer… nothing more. Besides, Zombie is one of the worst filmmakers of all time. He's… guh… the worst.

  7. I’m happy that a nightmare on elm street reboot was not one but I feel like I’m the only one who thought the movie is good

  8. Rob Zombie's Halloween. The whole film was about explaining the mystery behind Michael Myers. I'm still amazed at how he's never realized the mystery is what makes Michael Myers so scary.

  9. Take out the thing (so many horror fans actually appreciated the respect it showed the original) and its actually pretty good. The cgi could’ve been better but it wasn’t poor. Replace the thing with completely unwatchable and uninspired fiasco’s like, the fog, nightmare on elm street, and the haunting.

  10. Stop getting your script from rotten tomatos & Imdb, will ya? You're just reeling out public opinion based on internet reviews & not your own opinion. Fire your researcher as well because the thing 2011 was a prequal, you morons!

  11. Nightmare on Elm Street, Carrie, It's Alive, I Spit on your grave and piranha. Seen a few, but can't name the all off. They need to stop making remakes and leave the classics alone

  12. Paranormal activity sucks not one good one out of way too many old school is better on horror dumb rich people that are scared of everything should not do horror flims paranormal activity what you get stupid Hollywood over tanned dicks

  13. I watched both parts to see if my least favorite remake was actually bad, or if I was being biased. I'm being biased probably lol. But RZ's Halloween can burn

  14. The Day of the Dead and it's 'remake' has nothing to do with each other. One involves a group of soldiers and scientists held up in a bunker long after the onset of the of zombie apocalypse, trying to find a way to save humanity from the end. The other is about a random group of people in a hospital when the zombie virus turns a whole lot of people into the undead. They have to break out and make their way to a government lab for some reason.

  15. Ok so I'm sure I'll get hell but It remake was AWFUL and I'm 100% positive Pet Sematary remake is going to really suck too!!!!

  16. The thing isn’t a remake but it’s a prequel. And I really enjoyed the movie but I didn’t like the ship scenes. I wish they could have change that

  17. I'm always disappointed when someone brings up "The Hitcher" but they AREN'T talking about an evil green Cockney with a Polo Mint over his eye.

  18. You lost a lot of credibility when you said the Thing prequel was a remake. You should've had Cabin Fever on here, the remake is a shot for shot copy.

  19. For me the worst remake was IT. Pennywise wasn't scary he looked like a creepy perv with a horrible perm. I didn't watch and I won't. You can't remake pennywise. The original penny was amazing just like freedy their both smartasses. Horror movies now days suck its just remakes.

  20. Carrie…..that was some kind of fresh Hell….Death Note…..Willem Dafoe must have done it for the money……and ALL J/K Horrors spoilt by American remakes !!!

  21. Maybe I'm in the dark but I didn't even know half these movies were remade but I'm not surprised anymore it's all about the bottom line

  22. Everyone keeps complaining….. the thing was a prequel not a remake I seen like 5 comments……….. listen to what he said you stupid idiots he said he was a prequel but it’s a personal hate he had to bring up idiots

  23. The worst horror movie remake of all time was the TV remake of The Shining. Even though it's more faithful to the book it's awful!

  24. Yeah Jack and Lucy I have a top 5 theme for you guys, top 5 scary movies we have forgotten and for example 1987 Trick or treat I mean how can someone forget about Ozzy playing a priest in a heavy metal horror movie

  25. The Halloween remakes by Rob Zombie will always be my number one most hated remakes. No one messes with my favourite franchise

  26. the hitcher remake i felt was not a remake or a reboot in any way,it felt like a whole other movie i kind of enjoyed it just because of Sean Bean

  27. I have never seen the remake of The Hitcher because I do not believe any current actor has the chops to do the truly chilling justice Rutger Hauer gave in his performance. Also, I am very bored with FLASH! BOOM!! BANG! in films. I grew up watching all sorts of films, and it just seems that someone in the business of film making has forgotten basics of such. Where is lighting to create or intensify the mood of a scene? I miss the crafting of older films and feel sorry for the persons who have never experienced it.

    On a better note, awesome efforts at presenting horror films. You and the whole crew have earned kudos.

  28. Horror classic remakes are as offensive as some asshat trying to remake the mcu universe. There is no other iron man, no other cap, ant man or Spiderman. There is no other freddy. Carrie. No other candyman.

  29. imo
    Good vid.
    You could spend waaay too much time on this subject.
    Michael Bey…meh…every time.
    The Omen remake…you can blame them.
    The 1951 The Thing is easily the best of the trio.
    CGI is not a replacement for creativity.

  30. I agree that that the thing 2011 wasnt that great but I give big props to the director and producers for their attention to detail. I think they did a great job setting up what happened in the original camp as to what you see in John Carpenters The Thing right down to the axe in the wall. The movie itself wasn't great but they did an awesome job paying homage to the 1982 movie!!

  31. The Thing was a LEGITIMATE prequel to Carpenter's The Thing. And was actually done extremely well. You're completely off with this one.

    It was the other camp from where the dog came from in the beginning of the other film. It ends where the first began.


  32. I'll Disagree with the thing. Beyond that you're pretty spot on. A few scenes from the 2006 omen were good but that movie over all was a disappointment

  33. There are just some movies that should never be remade. The original can't be topped. Can you imagine if they remade The Exorcist. Just couldn't match it

  34. I like the Day of the Dead remake way more than the original which I found incredibly boring. Difference of opinion I guess.

  35. the thing prequel if you can see you will see they actually did it with practical effects.. just the studio went CG..and redid all the shots..

  36. I realize there is a part 3 to this list, but I haven't watched it yet….but how can the Thing prequel possibly be on this list and the shot by shot remake of Psycho isn't????? MEW 4 life!

  37. Micheal bay has to stop trying to remake Scary Movies Period;he screwed Freddie then the Hitcher;just NO SCARY MOVIES,ACTION!!!

  38. In the original "The Hitcher". When C. Thomas Howell was in the diner eating fries and to his horror, picked up a severed finger, had me cracking up!

  39. Oh man, The Hitchhiker ?.. I was pissed!!! And, Day of the Dead!! My favorite movie of all time is Dawn of the Dead. And, Dead of the Dead 3rd. Talk about pissed. Come to think of it. The remake of Dawn of the dead was pathetic!!!

  40. The greatest tragedy still remains the remake of 'Evil Dead' in 2013…. apparently with Sam Raimi's blessing (what was the guy smoking at the time?)

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