Top 7 Most Dangerous Military Snipers

Top 7 Most Dangerous Military Snipers

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Top 7 Deadliest Military Snipers The military sniper is one of the more alluring
combat positions in general favor. While widely storied in television and film, the actual
role of a professional sniper is that of a highly evolved, trained and dedicated marksman
with an almost patriarchal role (regardless of gender) as the protector of fellow soldiers
and the overseer of a mission. By the mid 1800s, the role of a sniper became a necessary
component in modern warfare – with more and more companies developing equipment and weaponry
for the heavy task. Although there has been literally hundreds of prolific snipers in
the history of combat, the following seven have proven their worth not just by kill count,
but also by distance, accuracy and sheer career importance. Let’s take a look at seven of
the deadliest snipers in history. Number seven – Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina,
Soviet Red Army Roza Shanina is one of the more well-known
snipers in history. With a marksman record of 59 confirmed kills, her extremely short
career was spectacular and relatively unheard of. Joining the Soviet Army after the killing
of her brother in 1941, she quickly amassed a stunning amount of accomplishments soon
after. Receiving both Orders of Glory and Medal of Valor awards during her four year
stint – even rising to command the 1st Sniper Platoon (184th Rifle Division). Severely injured
while shielding a wounded artillery officer, she was found with her chest torn open by
a shell fragment in 1945. Shanina died the following day in January at the incredibly
young age of 20. Number six – Rob Furlong, Canadian Forces Rob Furlong, a Newfoundland, Canada native
– made his ranks as a Corporal with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian
Light Infantry in 2002. Fighting in Afghanistan, Furlong and his team of snipers were sent
in to neutralize a threat on Canadian and American territory via three insurgents that
were setting up mortar attacks. Holding up position in the mountainside, Furlong identified
the targets and took aim – firing three times. With a distance of 2,430 meters, the third
kill shot became the longest confirmed sniper kill in history at the time. Although he was
eventually bested by a British Army sniper in 2009, he was awarded the Bronze Star for
his display in combat by the United States Army. Number five – Adelbert Waldron, United States
Army United States Army sniper Adelbert Waldron
was, at one point, the record holder for most confirmed kills by an American sniper – an
impressive number (even back then) at 109. Deployed in Vietnam, he is widely considered
to be amongst the most accurate snipers in American combat history. Michael Lee Lanning
recounted a mission he executed with Waldron – saying, “an enemy sniper on-shore pecked
away at the boat. While everyone else on board strained to find the antagonist, who was firing
from the shoreline over 900 meters away, Sergeant Waldron took up his sniper rifle and picked
off the Vietcong out of the top of a coconut tree with one shot.” He remains a prolific
example of excellence. Number four – Carlos Norman Hathcock, United
States Army An impressive amount of books and films have
been based around the career and sheer excellence of Hathcock’s prolific sniper record – and
with good reason. With 93 confirmed kills in the Vietnam War alone, he became one of
the most famous snipers in history with a $30,000 North Vietnamese bounty on his head.
His primary role in the war was to stalk and neutralize enemy snipers in the jungle of
Vietnam – one that he was staggeringly good at. Utilizing a technique in which he would
use the reflection of the sun to shine off of the lens of his enemy’s scope, he would
expertly sink a shot into his target’s eyes – believed to be the innovator of this now-classic
sniper trope. Dangerously accurate, indeed. Number three – Chris Kyle, United States Navy
SEAL Recently made famous by his autobiography
(and subsequent film adaptation) American Sniper, Chris Kyle’s unbelievable career
has elevated him to the most lethal sniper in American history with a jaw-dropping kill
count of 160 confirmed and another 95 claimed but unverified kills during the four tours
of duty he served in Iraq. Nicknamed “the Devil of Ramadi” by the enemy, he also had
a bounty placed on his head – being attacked multiple times by IEDs and coming under fire
twice himself – earning two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars and numerous other decorations.
Sadly, he and friend Chad Littlefield were senselessly killed by a former Marine at a
shooting range near his home in Texas in 2013. Number two – Vasily Zaytsev, Soviet Red Army Known best to Americans as the main protagonist
in the historically inaccurate film Enemy At The Gates, he is remembered rather as a
hero of the Soviet Union during World War II in his homeland of Russia. Serving in the
Red Army on the Eastern Front, he actually first saw combat that led to him becoming
notable in the Battle of Stalingrad. During the city’s German siege, he racked up a
confirmed kill count of 242 – with the bulk of the numbers reportedly just in the month
of November alone. The Red Army even used his likeness to intimidate German soldiers
in their propaganda – Even being awarded the highest distinction known as: The Hero of
the Soviet Union prior to him leaving and joining into the Communist Party in 1943. Number one – Simo Häyhä, Finnish Army Although Häyhä remains a relatively unknown
example of sniper excellence – his career represents him as the most lethal and prolific
marksman of all time. Nicknamed “White Death”, he would dress in all-white camouflage when
braving the -40(F) degree conditions of Northern Finland. Setting out daily for nearly 100
straight days in a row, he amassed an incredible 505 Red Army member deaths in that time period
alone. When added with his Red Army Sieges (where he employed a submachine gun), his
total record amounts to 705 kills. When a shot in the face rendered him unable to continue
action, he remained unconscious until the day peace was declared between Finland and
the Soviet Union. He lived to be 96 years old and is regarded to be the most prolific
sniper in military history to the day. Thank you for watching Interesting Top 7s!
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  1. Weighted heavy on the American side. Francis Pegahmagabow a Canadian first nations sniper in WW1 had 378 kills and captured 300. The highest decorated first nations soldier in Canadian history.

  2. Good video but you start off with a fallacy. A true sniper always shoots from cover, they do NOT stick their weapon out the window.

  3. Is it only me who think Simo Hayha was a good personality gentleman? I see it by his eye sight.
    Cheers from Indonesia

  4. At the 11 second mark of this video, it shows a sniper "hanging out a window"…DUH!! Snipers don't hang out of windows…period! Snipers hide and are never seen! THAT'S WHY THEY ARE CALLED "SNIPERS"! So whoever put this video together didn't bother "researching too much about snipers"…and should be shot with a ball of his own shit!

  5. Good vid but Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Norman Hathcock II was a marine and the glint off the scope thing was not a learned ploy rather just a common advantage when NOT facing the sun.Also Gunny also knew the trick of watching the birds in the area.They see a lot and can save your life if you know how to read them.

  6. Whomever made this video is a moron. GySgt. Carlos Hathcock was NOT in the U.S. Army. He was a MARINE. Do your homework, for Christ sakes!

  7. Makes a TOP 7 video but doesnt include ww2 germanys most deadly sniper "Matthäus Hetzenauer" a Austrian sniper than got around 700 kills and got a kill on 1100meters

  8. where are all the canadians??? Francis Pegahmagabow with 378 kills at the WW1 and many others and we got best long range too!!!! but your vidéo was cool tho.

  9. "Regardless of gender" Shows men in full armor, then a woman in Jean's and top

  10. Ludmila Pavlitjenko was one of if not The deadliest woman sniper with 309 kills. She should have been included in this list.

  11. Francis Pegahmagowbow, Corporal (final rank Sergeant Major), Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War One. Final confirmed kill tally was 378. Credited with capturing some 300 more. An aboriginal Ojibway from the Parry Sound a, he received the British Military Medal with two Bars. There is speculation that he would have received the DCM or VC had he not been First Nations.

  12. There is no such thing as a deadly sniper it is the person behind the gun making it a weapon,” if I drive a truck through New York Citi and kill 500 people the trucks purpose is not to kill people: liberal life owned

  13. I can't believe they used that female sniper with only 53 kills and not Ljudmila Pavlichenko with more than 300 kills! Also Zeitsev had more than 300 kills. Simo is pronounced Shimo in Finnish.

  14. You missed another female Russian sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, WWII Credited with 309 kills. After the war she was sent to America to tour and speak of the war. She was befriended by none other than Eleanor Roosevelt.

  15. If you are so good you can snipe up that many kill's, with a white feather in your cap. Carlos Hathcock. #1


  17. Honorable mention- Jack Hinson (CSA) at 57 years old had 100 kills of Union troops (the vast majority being officers) during the US Civil War.

  18. . . Where's juba baghdad sniper he destroyed the American army because of that he is not on the list. . .

  19. As they say never mess with a man who has just 1 gun. because he probably knows how to use it. In Simo's case very true.

  20. gotta be the goat to be 5'3'', dress up in ragged clothes and go in -40 degree frigid tundra while holding back an entire nation by yourself.

  21. Add Zachariah Firoved
    United States Of AMERICA
    see me in american civil war #2
    Most social democrats and liberal kills confirmed

  22. This only means they have been in more Wars. The amount they kill means although they are fantastic and this last one definitely was. It is still down to how many Wars the Snipper has been in.

  23. Roza Shanina? 59 kils? What?
    Where is Lyudmila Pavlichenko the deadliest woman in history? She had more then 300 confirmed kils.

  24. Russian Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a female, had 309 kills against the German Army. She nor the other female snipers of WW 2 aren’t mentioned

  25. I need proof of those confirmed kills cause wtf can prove them 😎? Like seriously in a battlefield who sit and count 1 2 3 4 I just shoot and kill not counting

  26. Get your facts right mate! Chris Kyle at 3rd best sniper in history are you for real? Did you forget Billy Sing the Australian sniper in WW1 who killed over 300 Turks.

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