TOP 7 SCARY MOVIES (2019) 🎭 Ghost, Horror, Paranormal & Thriller Trailers

TOP 7 SCARY MOVIES (2019) 🎭 Ghost, Horror, Paranormal & Thriller Trailers

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this job is not for everyone because it
er’s because the only coworkers are cadavers I heard there were issues yes
there were issues but I’m much better now welcome to the team
you’re the new girl Megan well I got a weird one for ya
her name is Hannah grace and her family was performing an exorcism or something
on her something went wrong you know what they say if an exorcism isn’t
completed evil will find a new vessel I believe when you die you dies end of
story then you’re up for it I could handle it when you die you died
you know you die you’ve gotta focus end of story hominid trace is beautiful right it’s
definitely not Boston oh here we go okay so what do you think
wow this whole place is ours I even got him to throw a whole forest as a new
backyard it was a miss kids used to dare each
other go into the woods at night they knew the power of that place they feared
it those woods belong to something else the round is bad god it may be just some crazy folktale but
there is something up in those woods something brings things back sometimes dead is better neighbor hey welcome to the neighborhood
hi I’m Larissa just moved in she’s about to film in it clinically dead you need
to know there may be some residual effects I want to see my baby baby to
see cold please nosy woman and her daughter she’s obsessed with me she just
stares at me watches me all day from her window up there do you believe in possession I’ve seen
many things when you died in the hospital you went
through the gate that divides life and death the spirit she’s determined very
powerful Larissa do not let hurry little boxes made of ticky tacky little
boxes on the side and they all look just the same you want to control your life
but life isn’t a science experiment you can’t contain your world forever
try doing one thing that scares you over break okay
yeah this serves as an entry voucher for meiosis escape rows the first escape I
must immerse the room yet and win a million dollars so when does the game
start I think this is the escape room we
should look for clues what are we looking for here anything that looks
like a puzzle or code it looks like an oven dial that’s creepy as hell for 15 months talk about immersive what’s wrong with
you that was real Wow dumb question are we outside sooner get this figured out
soon we get the hell out of here they’re watching us they know everyone’s
our relations everything about us this is my hospital bed me too they made
these rooms for us I’ve never seen things that weren’t there before that’s why they chose us and they all
look you guys feel pushing further do you know anything about Verona the reaping woman it was a folk down – so stay in the car okay and please
don’t wake up your sister I try to stubborn who did you try to
stop I don’t know the curse of la Llorona why did you
write about hotel limits I think I don’t understand why it was so frightening
after I learned more about its sordid history are you seriously gonna ditch
the vlog over one hotel this is different I also watch horror movies
that doesn’t mean that I believe in everything that I see in them got me with friends ahead he’s great
isn’t he what’s up minions drop the mic here many
people don’t know this but in real life serial king in 1913 right here is the
dumpster where David Olaf you’ve dumped his dismembered body I just had an
incredible phone call they just told me that if I do get fifty thousand
subscribers by the end of Halloween weekend okay that’s okay it’s in a hotel
that the unenlightened claim is mildly haunted you know got a couple of
security cams here spy cam setup for the button we are no first layer of dark
days and from here on out we’re rolling 24/7 you bring into it
guys guys know about the elevator original right you enter the elevator on
the first floor alone you then go to following for the other that’s what you don’t get Mike it’s not
about them being real provoking more subscribers guys come on I think I made
a mistake and I have to finish you know nurturing genius these are a
little prodigy miles isn’t like other kid this intelligence is off the charts
I don’t have an exact score but it’ll be very high
he’s special on me what’s wrong with miles is having a very
difficult time making friends I want you to tell me everything that you are going
to I don’t remember anything miles his brain is extremely well
developed you may need a specialist you must be miles miles is dangerous I don’t
feel safe with him in the house he’s so different now I feel like I
don’t know him you


  1. TOP 7 SCARY MOVIES 🎭 Ghost, Horror, Paranormal & Thriller Trailers (2019)
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