Top 8 Impressive Horror Movie Plots

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we start the list with one film that Is poorly
rated by most, but after watching it, for our surprise was one of the films we enjoyed
the most, Halle berry and Robert downing jr bring us an interesting mystery drama, with
a supernatural touch, we follow a psychologist called Miranda an expert at knowing what is
rational, and what’s not, while she treats one of her patients, a confuse murderer that
talks about strange supernatural things that lead to the crime, the explanations are of
course quickly dismiss. and after some events, Miranda end up questioning her own reality. you may be wondering why a Spanish movie made
the list, but we really think rec deserves a spot, A horror movie that delivers a first
person disturbing experience. A television reporter and cameraman follow
emergency workers on a normal day, after responding to some calls, they end up trapped in a nightmare
with no way out. if you haven’t watched this movie you must
be living under a rock, but hey don’t worry there is still plenty of time for you to watch
it, this is an amazing movie with a really interesting plot, they present an explanation
about how do people whether dismiss or intervene in a so-called “paranormal” activity,
be prepared to be scared as we follow the warrens, a family of demonologists, while
they help another family that start experiencing disturbing events in a new house. Daniel Radcliffe you may know him from the
harry potter franchise, this is a really well-done movie, with excellent actors and an incredible
plot, if in your mind he is only harry from Hogwarts you really need to give this movie
a shot, in London, a solicitor that goes by the name of Arthur is assigned to travel to
a remote village in order to keep his job, after countless warnings from the residents
of the village telling him to return to London he still doesn’t get it, until he realizes
that the house might be haunted. another excellent movie full of suspense,
a little simplistic if you compare it to what your typical Hollywood movie at the time looked
like, but is one of the first of its kind, it developed the first person video record
genre. three students that travel to Maryland to
make a film on the local Blair Witch legend went missing but their tape was found in the
forest, the footage showed us what they went through, at the time of its release many were
mislead into thinking the footage was actually real. a masterpiece that is not your conventional
horror movie, Amelia is a single mother, she lost her husband in a car accident, on the
way to give birth to her son Samuel, they start experimenting strange things after Samuel
finds a mysterious book called the Babadook. With an incredible ending, this movie is a
must watch. you will be thinking throughout this entire
movie. FBI trainee Clarice is assigned to visit the
imprisoned psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter that was sentenced for being a serial killer
who cannibalized his victims, she tries to find out the identity of another murderer
while going trough the mind of the convicted. is one of the best horror movies ever created,
in the late 1973 and early 1974 people were even known to become ill watching it, the
movie focuses on a 12-year-old girl that goes through dramatic changes in her behavior,
her mother tries seeking help but the doctors could not find the problem, their paths end
up meeting with a semi-sceptic priest that begins to doubt his faith while dealing with
his mother´s terminal sickness. ok guys, that’s it for the video If you enjoyed our content, don’t forget to like and subscribe also if you have any ideas for our next video, you can put them in the comment section down below

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