Top Gun (4/8) Movie CLIP – Buzzing the Tower (1986) HD

Top Gun (4/8) Movie CLIP – Buzzing the Tower (1986) HD

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Jester’s dead. Yee-haw! (majestic, victorious theme
playing) Get your butts above
the hard deck And return to base immediately. Yes, sir. Tower, this is ghost rider
requesting a flyby. Negative, ghost rider,
the pattern is full. No. No, mav.
This is not a good idea. Sorry, goose… But it’s time to buzz the tower. (roaring) (gurgling) Goddamn son of a bitch. Goose:
Yee-ha! Ha-ha!
Great balls of fire!


  1. That guy always drinks his coffee at the wrong time, and apparently never wants to give approvals for fly bys. "Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full." "Yeah I got your The pattern is full. Blow me. I'm buzzin the tower and stop drinking so much goddamn coffee."

  2. This is my favourite scene in Top Gun, the music is just perfect. In fact, the whole movie has amazing music and that's one of the best things about the film. Great movie.

  3. Air Boss Johnson: Two of your snot-nose jockeys did a fly-by on my tower at over 400 KNOTS! I want somebody's butt, I want it now, I've HAD IT! [storm out, then bumps into a Yeoman and spills coffee all over his pants]
    Air Boss Johnson: DAMN IT! That's TWICE! I WANT SOME BUTTS!

    And after the second fly-by, he probably shouted out Captain Stinger (Rubber Dogs Shit) and demanded to be transferred back to Top Gun.

  4. The military advisors reading the script had a laugh when they read this scene: they knew if they did that without permission they'd lose their wings, but the idea of buzzing the tower was too good to pass.

  5. una paloma me roso cuando estaba escribeiundo ne la mañana llegaron dos aguilas relais a las 7 58 y 8 2 suert 4.5..…72 yo digo que asi como el aguila rela me emncutra aqui si viajo estados unidos y paso pordonde vive al aguila calva adonde balla me encntrara esa es mi fe por sabran de mi suerte 6.1..6….13

  6. Dismantling of the communist Chinese and North Korean air defenses on the western coast of the United States begins with miniature air launched decoy’s (MALDS), launched as the first wave of the attack. Eagle Strike:

  7. It's funny it's the same ass hole for every fly by could they not have gotten a different actor to shoot every ✈ by.

  8. Just found out some Delta-Airlines flights have This movie in their on-board entertainment system. Since I was going to have an onward flight, I decided to whatch it on that flight, which was longer. But turned out this flight or this plane had a smaller choice of movies and this one wasn't amongst?…
    Now I would always choose Delta if they offer the connection I need and if they aren't more expansive just to whatch that movie up in the air… Interestingly this was the only aircraft themed movie that they had… Im curious for the cabin crews reaction if they See someone watching Top Gun in a0 flight?

  9. "Negative, Ghost Rider." is up there with "We're gonna need a bigger boat." I've lost count on how my times I've heard someone use the line.

  10. They need to have this in the sequel….with the exact same music. I swear, they have to do it. Maverick in an F-22 or F-35…whatever, just do it.

  11. I keep replaying the video from 0:43 just to hear them cheer when they buzz the tower, I think something's wrong with me

  12. So the SUrGEoN scarves in EU and above all in GReY s anatomy are coming from Maverick HELMET mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr SCRUB CAPS right words. Not from Hell's angels scarves. SURE OF IT COpieurs

  13. Breaking news: Tom Cruse passed away…one skeeto…gave him a fly by…no wait! …skettos , puck up jet intake motors. What's a dasiy cutter.

  14. Jester after this video: Maverick! You and Goose get your butts out of that flight gear and up to Vipers office, now!

  15. Funny thing is it is the tower that usually requests a flyby. What does a pilot get out of doing a flyby of the tower? Look at me! Look at me! Lol

  16. My apartment just got buzzed and there's chills on my arms.. I live right next to the Broncos stadium and there must be a silly foosball game going on. but jesus christ this gets my blood going. USAF family. 😀

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