Top Haunted Places In Mumbai

Top Haunted Places In Mumbai

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Hello friends , Do you know that Mumbai is a place of 7 island. Mumbai is a city where people dreams get true. People call this city ‘Mayanagri’ The city of dreams. There is a saying that whoever went to this city Either he becomes a star or a get lost in the brightness. This is why people call her ‘City of Dreams’. But for Mumbaikar she will be ‘Amchi Mumbai’ always. You might have visited mumbai many times but, do you know that there are many haunted places in Mumbai One of them is ‘Tower of Silence’ This is a cemetery ground for Parsi people. Parsi people leave the dead bodies here to be eaten by birds. There are many things popular regarding this place in locals. No one use to come here . Fast winding in night with quite silence. People says that they have heard creaming and crying sounds many times in night. This is the most haunted in Mumbai. 2nd place is called Aarey milk colony This place is popular in locals as picnic spot. We can see good number of people during day. But as soon as it becomes dark , no one comes here. It is mind that during night ghosts roam all over this place. 3rd place is ‘Asiatic Library’ This is biggest library in India Building itself is very old that triggers negative vibes . Anyone can guess that this building is haunted. The place is famous for its magnetic properties that people do not want to leave this place. People says that the britishers ghost lives here. Friends the next place is ‘Mukesh Mills’ in colaba. This place was in list of industries that used to employ a large group of people in India. Many films has been shooted here in the past. There is a famous tale regarding this place that once during shooting here and film a soul of man entered actress body. and she started speaking like a man. Friends , you might have heard about ‘Taj Mahal Hotel’ in Mumbai. This place is listed in Mumbai’s top places. This is a very royal place There are many story that are famous regarding this place today. Even today, the architect that built this hotel W A Chambers , ghost lives here as he committed suicide when he found that the hotel was built in the opposite direction to his actual architectural plan. Many guests including the staff have experienced the ghostly activities in the old wing. Last but not the least place is ‘Sanjay Gandhi National Park’ This is a very popular place This park is believed to be haunted by the ghost of people who lost their lives here due to animals attacks friends , please like and share this video , and subscribe my channel to get latest interesting stories updates. Thank You.


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