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Where is my daughter? People who just disappear. He gets in your head. Like a virus. (uncontrollable screaming) Hallie! Hallie! Oh No! No Hallie…Hallie No! It’s Him. (gasping. crying) [church bell in distance] (echoed baby laughter) (church bells) (party laughter) Are you aware that Olivia is in love with your boyfriend? Aaayyy! No she’s not. Will you stop! Uh, Penelope? Dan? Make out with Olivia. Let’s get this party started! Oh! (laughter) Tight. Carter? Truth. What are your intentions with our sweet Olivia? I needed to find someone with friends that I could trick into coming here. I could tell Olivia was an easy target. I brought you all up here cuz I’m okay with strangers dying if it means I get to live. What the hell!?! The game’s real. Wherever you go? Whatever you do…it’ll find you… You ok? Yeah. Something really weird has been going on ever since Mexico. Oh, come on I’m serious. I’m seeing things. Truth or Dare? Dare. I know it sounds insane. Just a little. This fine young lady here dared me to show you my biznaass! Seen it before…not impressed. Carter said “tell the truth or you die. Do the dare or you die”. Refuse to play… You know screw this, man. You die. We’re not playing the game… It’s playing us. So what do we do? Only choose truth. Markie’s constantly cheating on Lucas! Lucas Wait! I’m sorry. Touch me again, and I’ll break that hand Truth. That’s not how this works. Only the game decides . Break Olivia’s hand. You have to do it! Look, as pissed as I am at your right now there’s no way I’m gonna break your hand. You don’t really have a choice. God just do it! [hammer smash./ bones breaking] (screams in pain) This game is too smart. Half the people in this photo are now dead. We need to find out what started all this. How do we get out of this game alive? You can’t. It’s on the ends with all the players are dead. And your turns next. Dare me to choose which one of you to kill. No! Truth or Dare? I’m gonna ask you a series of questions I want you to respond truthfully Have you ever hurt someone? Yes Have you ever experienced anything you’d consider… Abnormal? Yes. Last question. Do you know what mutants are? Did you know baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adult ones? They haven’t learned how to control how much venom they secrete. All of you are dangerous…that’s why you’re here. What is this place? She’s in the hospital. It’s a haunted house! You’re being through a lot. Get some rest. (muffled screaming) [crickets chirping] He’s in my head. (echoed children’s laughter) This is Alise. I need help. Things are happening in my house. And they said you know about this stuff. May ask where you live? I live in 5 Keys New Mexico. This house was my family’s house. Alise? When did these occurrences start? Soon after we moved in. I’ve seen ghosts before. All those years ago. I can see things too But this one’s different Alise, there’s someone right in front of you There’s nothing. Somebody has to go and hit find them. I can help. This way. Be careful. Trust me. Alise! These hauntings can be terrifying things. Shhhhhhhh. Its gargantuan seven storied structure with no apparent rhyme or reason. Each maze of halls more confusing than the next. It’s under never-ending construction. It is built on the orders of a grieving widow. Sarah Winchester is the majority shareholder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. You want to take it away from her. Your worried about her sanity Dr. Price? Do you believe in ghosts doctor? I do not believe in anything I cannot see or study I can feel it In the air. in the walls. This spirit has a power we’ve not seen before It has found us. How long did you say we’re gonna be here for? You said that I would be back before graduation. You should see our mountain house. I thought you guys were selling. I just have to leave for a bit on Sundays during open houses It’s good to see some new faces. You must be logan. Everybody knows everybody in these small towns, huh. So sorry for what happened to your husband. I lost my husband a few years back Seth…it’s like it moves in and never leaves. Sam searched the entire house, there’s no one here.ago We had a open house her ea few days ago. Maybe someone found a spare key laying around, or maybe someone stayed Probably just some kids trying to scare the newcomers Didn’t feel like kids. who’s that Hey? Who’s that? Hey!?! Hey something is clearly going on Something Is Clearly Going On! Hello? Is anyone there? That’s always nice to know you have someone nearby The quiet out here can get real loud Can you describe its fall? No. Start from the beginning. What do you think I do when you’re away? Do you think I’m out in the garden pining looking at the sky? Why aren’t you here? I gotta leave a day early. Your husband’s here. Let me see him. He’s extremely ill. You have to tell me where he was…what he was doing. It was his decision to go in. It’s something they termed the shimmer. They’ve sent in drones and teams of people, but nothing comes back. But something has. You’re a biologist who served in the military. If I knew what happened I could save his life. The boundary is getting bigger. It’s expanding. We’re talking cities…states. You need to know what’s inside. So do I. It’s beautiful Check this out it’s like they’re stuck in a continuous mutation. ANything interesting there? No. Sharks have teeth like that. It’s not possible. You can’t cross great different spieces What is it? The soldiers on the last expedition They went crazy or something in here kill them. Something’s come through the fence. Through the fence? We have to go back, I can’t go back we can camp here tonight It’s destroying everything. It’s not destroying… It’s making something new Hey, can I go to a movie with Riley tonight? With R-i-l-e-y. You grandparents are coming for dinner tonight. Remember? Awesome grandpa telling is disgusting Vietnam stories. Take my advice don’t ever have kids. Everything just revolves around you doesn’t it? Yeah whatever. What is the rush today? Its like were waiting for buffet. What’s going on? Is that Mackenna’s mom? Multiple reports are now coming in of parents murdering their own children Listen to me! we have to get out of the house before mom and dad come home. Dad? You put your right foot in – you take your right foot out – you do the hokey pokey and you…. Mom? Yes, its mommy, mommy’s here. Are you two alright? We’re not coming out. Okay, you have to leave YOUR GONNA OPEN THIS DOOR!!! This is a really great idea honey. I forgot Your parents. That was tonight? Please. Come on please! (Music From Truck: “I think We’re Alone Now” – Tiffany) Agghh…OH MY GOD!!! LEAVE US ALONE!!! But we’ve just started. You leave tomorrow at dawn. Then you come right back. No site seeing. No side traps. Lord… Make me a channel of thy peace… Where there are shadows… I may bring light Where there is discord… Harmony. This is why we don’t go on wild goose chase supply runs, so people don’t die for nothing for nothing. It wasn’t for nothing. Just relax. My job is to keep people safe, and I decide how that’s done. Where there is sadness…I may bring…Joy. Lord… Cramps that I seek… To understand. This brain is still working. They’re learning! It is by dying… Like one awakens to eternal life.


  1. 00:03 Slender Man
    02:26 Truth or Dare
    04:55 The New Mutants
    06:54 Insidious 4
    08:55 Winchester
    10:36 The Open House
    12:38 A Quiet Place
    14:52 Annihilation
    17:17 Mom and Dad
    19:16 The Strangers
    20:19 Day of the Dead

  2. It's 2:37AM I watched this thinking it will be scary……I'm highly disappointed.

    I just realized that my pic is smiling like in the Truth or dare. ?

  3. the open house was probably one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. one of those ones that makes you feel dumb af for watching the whole thing ?

  4. All the movies here are an absolute joke except for A Quiet Place. I loved the insidious series, but the fourth felt a little disappointing to me for an ending, the first 3 were such great films, 4 didn’t cut it for me

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  6. I've watched truth or dare It's not scary It is just a bunch of people dying if they don't do a dare. At the end the curse is still alive cause that guy didn't cut his tounge

  7. Slender Man sucked ass
    Truth or Dare was a joke
    Winchester was just trash
    And day if the dead is just a rapist but a horny zombie

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  9. From that top movies, I liked only the Day of the Dead. Just watched it, using boxxy software with german subtitles. Nice free app.

  10. Mara/mama/lights out/Anabella/conjuring/the rings/baby blue's/it's a live/don't breath/insidious/see no evil/finel destination………more

  11. Whaaaaat? The open house is like the worst movie ever… The second i saw its on the top 10 i stoped watching this cause clearly you dont know shit about horror movies

  12. Can  you tell me the name of the movie?

    A married couple goes to a honeymoon.

    Going into a dark street, a taxi picks them up and offers them to go to a party. They accept and go. Then the woman makes a pregnancy test and it is positive. It turns out that the child is possessed. And finally the woman gives birth to him and dies and takes the baby. And the mаn goes to jail. Then another pair goes to a honeymoon and takes pictures of the Eiffel Tower and is again on the same taxi

  13. Great movie trailer i can't wait to watch this coming August 🙂 But im feeling hungry? It's good to eat pasta while watching your favorite movie right? Check the link also on how to cook spaghetti.

  14. Truth or Dare reminds me of an anime called Ousama Game(The King's Game) where everyone dies if they don't comply with the order.

  15. Slender man was an absolute disappointment they could have done so much more with it. I had to turn it off half way through cuz it was so bad

  16. ? in the slender man trailer. When I saw the name all I saw was ender man and thought that was the name ? I’m dumb af

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