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It’s Baby Jack Jack Hi Boys and Girls Baby Jack Jack find a Haunted House! it’s Baby Jack Jack zombies, let’s get him buddy Go Baby Jack Jack! Hey Dino pals, this is toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise we have today Boys and girls, I’m gonna play a joke on baby Chad Chad Zombie, I’m gonna need your help What joke are you’re gonna play on Baby Jack Jack Let me think Boys and Girls. I Know let’s help Baby Jack Jack to go to the haunted house and sting hands Oh, that sounds like fun Ok zombie you go get Baby Jack Jack. No problem Romeo you later Hey Baby Jack Jack I have a special surprise for you. Do you want to come to that pocket house with me? Hey look for surprise toys? Jambi now The Incredibles can’t find baby Jack Jack Are you ready to go on a superhero mission with be incredible we can’t go yet dad? Baby Jack Jack is not here To the haunted house Yikes, did you say haunted house? That’s really scary. Don’t worry dad Incredible we’ll all go to the haunted house with the boys and girls. We’ll save Baby Jack Jack Okay, boys and girls, let’s go to the haunted house. We’d be incredible Here’s the creepy haunted house there’s a pumpkin a skeleton and there’s the moon let’s open it up guys. Here we go Whoa There’s so many pieces. Let’s build the haunted house There’s a lot of glittery pieces and so many purple pieces and there’s one green piece This is the base first. We need to pop up these holes just like this All done and this is the front of the house, let’s pop out these holes too. This is gonna be a window And here’s another window up here These are the homes really bad All done and now let’s put it onto the base. You just put it inside the holes just like that And this is the back of the house. Here’s the window area and we gotta push out these holes again You put it on the base in these holes right here we line it up just like that And now we have the back and the front of the house put in These parts our stairs. Let’s put in the stairs This stair goes on the bottom right down here and Then we have a bigger step that goes on top of it just like that now you can step on the stairs Now we need to put in the floor right here this big pieces before Let’s put it in. Here we go. We just need to match up the holes Give it a push and then do it to the other side And than a good push and now we have two steps and the floor in our thumb Now, let’s put it inside. This part goes right here and This part goes here it’s the room Now let’s put in the other wall up here here’s that piece The house is coming along almost done guys, this is the one on the lower level and there’s even a little window here Now both sides of the walls are put in perfect, let’s build the front door first we need the side wall for the entrance which is right here and Here’s the front door we’ll push it open Great now the entries is done. Let’s put a roof on it Wow, we finished building the house check it out. All the walls are in Now we need to decorate it. Let’s put on these detail. This is the orange front door we’re gonna peel off the sticker and We’re gonna put it right here That’s the front door now, let’s put on the roof This long black piece is the route for the bottom area. Let’s rip off the sticker Now let’s put in some windows we’re gonna push out the holes in the windows it’s an orange window and it goes right here Great and here’s the window for the top layer And we have one more window here because on the bottom level There we go now we read upon the green door frames one goes on the left and The other one goes on the right-hand side. Just wait here If the windows have green frames two Tanks at the top window Look so good one more window to go Here’s a little two stone that we put right here. This is the scoop from the front door. There we go And then we need a little doorknob Now we can open the door now we can put the moon on the very top and We’ll put a pumpkin there to Just go right at the top and I have a pumpkin right by the front door This spooky Haunted house is done it looks so cool There’s windows doors pumpkin skeleton and it looks so cool, huh? I wonder what monster lives inside Awesome boys and girls that hurts it houses super cool. Look there’s even zombies Haha, but where is Baby Jack Jack? We play a joke on you – It was Baby Jack Jack’s idea and Baby Jack Jack found a lot of special incredible toys surprise Awesome. Let’s go open up some toys surprise No zombie, you’re supposed to scare The Incredibles not give them surprise toys. Oh But I thought you wanted to give them a big surprise, which was toys. No, I want you to scare them. I Only give toys to Baby Jack Jack you ruined my plan zombie brother guys This is super fun boys and girls now. Let’s open up surprise toys weird baby check check, okay? Boys and girls, let’s help baby Jack Jack look for super cool. Incredible surprise toys There’s so many special doors and each one has a special toy for Baby Jack Jack awesome Baby Jack Jack There’s a blue door an incredible door Green Door red door Orange door and purple door. What door do you like baby Jack Jack? Baby Jack pick this purple door. Let’s open up the store for baby Joe Jack 1 2 3 open Wow, what’s that boys and girls Super cool. It’s a Spider Man mystery bag. There’s ultimate spider-man. He’s called miles blue super cool Well, we’ve got a surprise toy. This is a Spider Man keychain. It’s a super special iron spider-man Wow Iron, spider-man’s red just like Baby Jack Jack. He’s got super cool golden arms. Just like a real spider This is a special suit that spider-man gets from his teacher Iron Man He could use it to climb really fast fly and he even has Iron Man strength. That’s so cool And we can also put our awesome piece on this spider-man keychain. That’s super cool Baby Jack Jack awesome Ok, Baby Jack Jack what color do you like next? Baby Jack Jack says because his shirt is red. He’s gonna open it the red door Awesome, where’s the red door boys and girls? It’s right here. Okay Baby Jack Jack open the door one two, two three open What’s in there? Let’s see boys and girls What toy did we get well we got a Edna Mo Edna Moe is baby Jack Jack’s babysitter and she’s a really famous fashion designer. She specializes in designing superhero costumes ha ha Edna has glasses he’s really really smart and her and Baby Jack Jack make a super cool team Okay, Edna how about you pick a color to find a toy for Baby Jack Jack? The blue color girls one, two, three Open Sesame Well, we’ve got another mystery surprise bag, that’s so cool. This is the PJ masks superheroes There are superheroes. Just like The Incredibles baby Jack Jack how awesome there’s Gekko he’s really strong There’s Catboy He’s the leader and he’s really fast and there’s Owlette she is wearing red just like baby Jack Jack That’s so cool. Let’s see. What toy we get. One, two three open super fun Well, we didn’t get a good guy we got Luna Girl She’s a Night Villain and Luna girl is wearing a mask and she wears a black dress with the moon Because she’s Luna girl. She’s holding this super cool Luna wand and she’s riding on the blue Luna board so she can fly Awesome, okay, Baby Jack Jack, you get to pick another door. What color do you like? Awesome Baby Jack Jack wants to open this orange door. That’s super fun. One two or three Open Sesame What’s done? Well, we got another mystery toy bag. This is the trolls super cool. Look there’s Princess poppy she’s a pain troll and there’s a rainbow troll and look there’s Branch There’s a diamond he’s really shiny that’s so cool. Let’s see what trolls we get one two three open Here we go boys and girls Well, we got Cooper Cooper is wearing a green hat He’s got long blue hair and he has a really long neck just like a Giraffe. He’s a pink troll with blue eggs. He’s friends with Princess poppy and DJ they like to party and sing That’s so cool Okay, Baby Jack Jack. We have one more door lab. This is the super special Incredibles door Awesome. Let’s open the door banjo. Check 1 2 2 3 open Wow, what’s there Good job Baby Jack Jack. We got another surprise bag. This is Super Mario look you can get Mario and his brother Luigi and there’s toad Princess Peach and Regular Mario and there’s even Yoshi and Yoshi is red. Just like Baby Jack Jack super fun Let’s see what toy we get boys and girls. Let’s open it up. One two, three. Here we go Well, good job boys and girls look we got a yellow Mario he’s special He’s got a yellow construction hat and look at his pants. They’re red. Just like baby Jack Jack. That’s so fun Well, look at all the toys we got that’s so cool. Baby Jack Jack got a lot of toys and he’s gonna share it with you boys and girls Super Duper awesome Super fun The Incredibles Baby Jack Jack went to the Haunted house and got Surprise toys. that was Super Duper. Awesome You guys are the best boys and girls. Go a baby Jack Jack Thanks for watching. Dino pals. You guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me. 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