Toy SPIDERMAN Toys Halloween Haunted House

Toy SPIDERMAN Toys Halloween Haunted House

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Look boys and girls, it’s not Halloween haunted house. Oh cool Spider-man Wow, it’s a zombie. That’s so cool. Happy Halloween Hey Dino pals. This is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise. We have today’s Let’s play our Halloween prank on the spiderman team House I want you to go scare them Okay, boss. I will give spiderman a big Halloween surprise Good job, zombie. I’m gonna go trick spiderman now, but the haunted house is not finished I need your help boys and girls. Can you help me build the haunted house and scared spiderman? This is gonna be super funny Yay, it’s Halloween, let’s go trick-or-treat spider-man team. That sounds super fun spider-man Where do you want to go trick or treat? I don’t know, but I want to get lots and lots of candy We could go to the avengers headquarters I’m sure Captain American Iron Man will have lots of candy. That’s a great idea Scarlet Spider. Hey, somebody’s coming. Venom what are you doing here? You better not be causing any trouble Don’t worry spider-man, it’s Halloween. And I have a special Halloween surprise for you Okay in this Halloween so we can be friends. I heard you are looking for a place to trick-or-treat on Halloween I know of a awesome place where you can get lots of super good candy awesome venom Where is this place that we can go trick or treat? It’s there the Halloween haunted house what? Did you say Halloween haunted house? That’s scary venom. What if there’s zombies? Haha, are you scared to go to the Halloween haunted house? There’s a big surprise there I do really like surprises. Okay spider-man team Let’s go to the haunted house together so we won’t be scared. Show me no way venom okay, boys and girls, let’s Choose the haunted house boys and girls. Wow, it looks so cool There’s a ghost a skeleton a little kitty and well this house has eyes and sharp teeth So fun let’s open up Haunted house Well, there’s so many pieces let’s build the house together This is an orange piece and these are suits. Let’s push out these shapes And now can we match this shape this shape is for this dancing skeleton it’s a sticker let’s take off the sticker Here’s the sticker now, let’s put on the sticker Awesome This little sculpture is doing a skeleton dance and you see hi. Hi So fun now You also have a little kitty and a ghost Let’s build the little kitty first which shape looks like a kitty. Is it this one or this one? This one looks like kitty. Now, let’s pull up the shape Perfect, let’s check out the Kitty sticker Here’s the sticker and here is the orange sheep Awesome This is a black kitty with yellow eyes She’s so cute. Now. Let’s put the kitty on the base Now we can put the kitty next to mr. Skelton and we still have to make mr. Ghost. Wow, you look so funny he’s smiling and has a yellow bow tie and Here is the shape for the ghost Great now, let’s get the sticker and We have to put the sticker on the Sheep Wow good job boys and girls now let’s put on the base for the ghost Well, it’s so fun, we have a little ghost little skeleton and a super cute kitty Sure is the front of the house it looks like it has Dragon Scale so fun. Let’s put on the yellow One – and his yellow eye goes right here. And here’s the second yellow eye Now we need to pull my eyebrows and high ball Here’s Howl’s let’s take it out of the sheep get off the sticker and Then we can put this level right on the eye how he looks so scary now The other side – Here we go Well looks like this house is – I Now we need to put on the eyebrows the eyebrows are furry Do you know where the eyebrow goes the eyebrow goes right on top of the eye? Looking supercool Eyes but it also needs that mouth It’s got sharp teeth Wow, no, it’s really cool This is a spiderweb. Haunted houses have lots of spider webs on them Wow Looking really spooky And we even have a little bit a little bit It’s gonna hang upside down on the haunted house. Now. Let’s build the floor of the haunted house Last piece Wow, we did it looked like a big spider web now, let’s build the walls of the house These two pieces go on the side Right here This one goes on the other side and this is the back wall of the house it goes right here Good job boys and girls now the haunted house has all four walls, but it’s still missing a roof There’s two pieces one on each side so fun We put on one side of the roof let’s put on the other one it goes on top here. Wow, it looks so cool No, put the house. I’ll do the floor let’s put on the haunted house boys and girls one two, three go ha What is this haunted house missing? We need to put on a fence. What house super fun? Where does the fence go? This white fence goes in the front of the Haunted House. And we have another one for this side Looks really cool and there’s gonna be a little black crow that’s gonna sit on the fence Super cool he can go right here and There’s still more this haunted house has wings like a vampire. They come out of the room. Let’s take out the wings There’s two best wings one for each side of the roof And now for the other side now, let’s put on the sharp teeth on the bottom Well Boys and girls we did it. This haunted house looks super cool Wow, it’s got really really big wings like a bat really really scary Skeleton you live inside the house with the little ghosts and a little cat poo. It’s time to trick-or-treat on Halloween Well, good job team spider-man we’re at the haunted house and it looks so cool We have to go look for the big Halloween surprise now Yes, it’s a scary zombie Don’t be scared Spiderman Team. I’m a friendly zombie and Venom told me to give you guys a big surprise So I have a lot of spiderman toys surprise for you guys Wow, that’s cool. Mr. Zombie No, you’re not supposed to give them a big surprise with toys. The big surprise is to scare them Whoops, sorry, but I’m a Friendly zombie. I don’t scare people Good I’m trying to play a prank on us, but don’t worry Yeah, we get Spiderman toys surprise. It’s gonna be awesome Thanks to that boys and girls help. We got to build this awesome Halloween haunted house now Spider-man and you boys and girls get Spiderman surprise toys Awesome boys and girls what spider-man toys do you won again? Super awesome Spiderman toys. Happy Halloween. Let’s go trick or treat and open up some surprise toys This is super awesome. We got a lot of Spiderman toys surprise There’s a really big spider-man and Spiderman Halloween toys. Awesome. Let’s open up. This is really big spider-man first Cool this spider-man has a giant helmet. He’s red and blue and when you push his head His eyes changed now. Here’s one small one big guy. Oh No, his eyes are really small like he’s really angry And now this spider-man happen again super fun And this is awesome spider-man trick-or-treat Halloween set there’s a spider-man they flip a spider-man necklace and a super cool spider-man with Pumpkin, let’s open up this toy One two and Three three spider-man toys. This is a spider-man pin. You can wear it on your t-shirt You can see spider-man with a lot of super cool spider-man pumpkins and when you push the pig well Spider-man can glow that’s so awesome. And here is a spider-man necklace that you can wear It can glow – that’s super cool. Now you can see super cool lights in the dark This is a spider-man bracelet. Let’s wear the spider-man playset boys and girls Well, the bracelet looks super cool. Now. I’m part of the spider-man team. Let’s open up these surprise toys There’s a cool Spiderman toy behind each door. Let’s open up this one first what if we can Well, it’s a paw patrol Chase candy And this one’s good and we drop Marshall. He’s so clumsy Wow These candies look super yummy yummy We have a vanilla Marshall flavor and a strawberry Skye candy and a blueberry chase candy these lollipops Are super awesome for Halloween trick-or-treat? Let’s close this door and open up the green door 1 2 3 open sesame. Why don’t we get boys and girls? Wow, we got a zombie. Wow This zombie is dressed up for Halloween – he’s dressed up like a superhero zombie and look This is brain Let’s put the braid back on – zombie super zombie to the rescue. Ha ha that was really fun Now let’s open up. This red door red is the color of spider-man suit 1 2 3 open Cool we got a fidget spinner. That’s so awesome. And when you push the lights wow, there’s lights on this Fidget spinner. Let’s give it a spin So cool boys and girls now spider-man is gonna ride the fitted spinner. Wow, so cool Spider-man is using the fidget spinner like a hoverboard. That’s so awesome. Go Spider-man we got spider-man Halloween decoration and Halloween candies. Now, let’s get more Halloween toys. Let’s open up Well, there’s a treasure chest, this is a blue treasure chest what’s inside the treasure chest Is it gonna be golden treasure 1 2 3 open? Wow, you got a lot of gold Awesome boys and girls, this is a golden crown. That’s so cool. Let’s put on spider-man And then we have a golden water Cup So pretty and we have a lot of gold coins. Well, we can buy a lot of cool toys awesome We’re gonna open up more toys. It’s open up this door right here. This is an orange door open sesame’ Super cool we got yoshi Yoshi is green and he’s ready really fast on the clouds you she is friends with Mario He has a really long tongue. It’s super key. Let’s go Yoshi. Oh Good job your Yoshi. And now we have another door here. What are we gonna get? One? Two, three Open Sesame What’s up, boys and girls? Well, it’s a Spider Man mystery bag. There’s ultimate spider-man blue Iron Man That’s so cool. Let’s open up this toy and get some spider-man Here we go Well, we got two toys One is Batman a little These superheroes are super tiny the Spider Man looks like he’s ready to use His spider webs and Batman is wearing his super Batman armor, then enjoys a super spiderman has an awesome Ironman Spider suit. Halloween, where’s spider-man it’s super duper fun spider-man went to the Haunted House and Awesome toy this is so cool boys and girls have a happy Halloween gets lots and lots of candy for tick treating. And let’s watch the next toy Rex video. Thanks for watching dino pals you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club


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