True Pizza Delivery Horror Stories Animated

True Pizza Delivery Horror Stories Animated

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I Was out doing a delivery one late night. It was probably the longest drive I have ever taken for a pizza delivery From the pizza place I worked at it was a 20-minute drive. Which isn’t too crazy out where I live. Plus they ordered four large pies, so I figured it was a party and I would get a much bigger tip. Navigating the dirt roads at night was always annoying though. I pulled up to the given address. It was some old sketchy looking building literally in the middle of a forest clearing. There were no cars parked anywhere or any lights on. I put my car in park and called my boss. I asked him to reread the address at least three times to make sure I typed it in right, but that checked out. I could tell he was in a really bitchy mood, and he told me to at least knock on the door and check it out He would normally get mad if we took back one pie But I was afraid of what he would do if I brought back four. I was insanely unnerved but got out anyway and forced myself to the front door of the building There was no doorbell, so I just knocked really hard I heard nothing and didn’t really expect to hear anything. I was extremely disappointed not because nobody answered the door, but because I was realizing that it was all a waste of time and gas. I knocked one more time out of desperation and then began to hear some kind of rustling noises from inside of the building. I knocked again and yelled that I was the pizza guy. There was silence now I felt a bit more uncomfortable now than before, but before I could turn around I noticed something at the window. There was someone looking through the window. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, all I noticed were their eyes Their eyes were opened wider than I knew possible. Staring intently at me. I was disturbed enough by this and dropped the pizzas and ran back to my car The shitty thing wouldn’t start until turning the key for the third time. I drove off the grass and back onto the dirt road, but I felt the car rocking about shaking and bumping Something wasn’t right. I didn’t make it far from the building before I started hearing a sharp scraping sound coming from outside There was so much resistance that I couldn’t even drive. The car came to a stop I got out of the car to check what the hell was wrong A chill ran up my spine as I began to feel like my heart was constantly skipping beats My tires had been slashed and had completely fallen off the rim Not just the front though… all four tires were slashed I realized somebody did this when I was knocking on the door to that building Instead of running, I got back in the car and locked the doors I was so close to that building I could practically see it from where I was if it weren’t for the trees blocking the view I dialed 911 and explained everything to the operator She told me the cops would be over as soon as possible and that I need to stay hidden I asked her if it was advisable to stay in the car or run And she told me it would be best to stay in the car with the door locked She asked me to stay on the line with her until the cops arrived My whole body was shaking. In all directions there was nothing but dark seemingly endless forest I knew it would take forever for the cops to get there I was not comfortable with sitting in that car so close to whoever did this The next part though is what utterly destroyed me it still shakes me to this day, and I hope nobody ever has to experience this kind of fear As I was scanning all the windows making sure nobody was outside I looked in the rearview mirror And there was the same person The same person I saw at that window eyes open wider than ever I could see now that it was a woman And I could ever so slightly see a smile begin to spread across her face. I opened my door and full on sprinted into the woods not caring how much noise I made I ran until I was out of breath which didn’t take long and I hid behind a giant log on the ground I tried to cover my loud breathing with my hand as I waited and waited for what felt like hours Until I finally heard sirens in the distance [siren sounds] I gathered up all the stamina. I had left to run all the way back in the direction of the dirt road Eventually the glowing red and blue lights came into view And I had never felt better in my life They were parked in front of my car investigating with flashlights I came out yelling at them like a lunatic to help me I fell to the floor and started to gag, almost throwing up from running so much They picked me up and began to question me, to which I explained everything to the best of my ability One of the two cars drove over to the building and the two officers began to search the building They came back with nothing except for a couple of spiky objects These objects were exactly the same as the ones used to slash my tires The cops guessed that it was some kind of sick demented couple, being that I saw the woman But unfortunately they were never found and that still kills me to this day I obviously quit my job right after that and started working at a local grocery store I know that I’ll never forget seeing that woman at the back of my car


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  2. If I found out that all 4 of my tires were slashed I get back in the car grab the gun and a flashlight and run like hell

  3. 911 operator says to stay in broken car
    Fuck that. That's like staying next to a murder scene while it's happening

  4. I have a theory that he planned all this out he also says at 5:58 "these are the exact same ones that were used to slash my tires" like how does he know that he probably took the 4 pies after because everyone would be too focused on the situation. I mean like the evidence is there that he done it like why would he still lie about it.

  5. our teacher puts scary videos for the class to watch and then we watched this vid and then when the swearing came ALL THE ENTIRE CLASS STARTS LAuGHIng

  6. These things are addicting. I’m listening to these while I try to write a Stranger Things fanfiction but I keep wanting to watch them too ?

  7. Ah ffs I’m the hero now

    Here, you’re safe in the comments.

    Here’s everyone:

    We have food

    We also have nature:

    We also have toys and cellphones

    We got cars ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️?????????????????????

    We got weapons
    Have a nice stay!
    You are immune to any comments saying ‘ insert name here just kissed you like to undo’
    Comments! And it is only for one snack (as in u take a snack

  8. This story took me 3 nightmare and when I turned off my light I keep thinking that there someone by me or standing by me when I wake up this story is actually scary as hell like WTF

  9. It’s no wonder I don’t got Pizza Delivers, they’re too scared to deliver them because of this animation video

  10. Me and my younger brother were watching this at 3 in the morning when we orderd pizza from a really dodgy place so we thoughtnof it as the girl beinging the pizza person and we both went to get the pizza it was a pale girl with black hair so we threw her the money slammed the door and ran into the bedroom

  11. why the freak did he get out the car like the doors wear locked i rather see the girl they get out the car and rub becasue she will hear you lol

  12. SkullyRo? they'll would have went inside that house even on deserted road delivering pizza wit trunk fill with bdy parts they went out business tho didn't care what the people had up their sleeves skullyro pizza was ready

  13. I didn’t think it would actually be scary but now I wish I didn’t watch this in my dark room. I’m too scared to turn on my light

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