1. Me, when I was younger: "Go to sleep, down turn over too quickly, and the scaly creature won't be mad."
    Me after that fear went away: Looks in the mirror "Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure you, me, we're just under my, your bed! What are you doing in the mirror?"

  2. Kid: mommy there a monster under the bed. Me: nooo im not cheating we are moving out of house other kid: mom nooo it’s me that’s the monster

  3. They r probably twins and told to do it to scare us,well guess what,that won't scare me and not that dumb.
    Who didn't get scared and who didn't get scared and who did

  4. I’ve had a creepy dream a little like this, my whole family was in the living room. I got a little thirsty so I went into the kitchen, but my mom was there, she turned around and started talking to me in English, she can only speak Kurdish. And then my actually mom walked in and fainted and the fake mom said something like I’m better I’ll be your mom. And then I had a different dream

  5. this was shocking and the time frame of the video makes it even better.
    I thought this would be some classic monster under the bed. well done.

  6. I heard a story like this but the person on the bed said theirs somebody under my bed and the boy underneath said there’s something on my bed

  7. This was suggested to me by my older brother when i was 11-12 and i got so scared and i still have goosebumps watching this after a long time

  8. What is that one short film that is like this but it's an actual monster under the bed and the parent says "theres nothing under your bed"

  9. Daddy there's someone on my bed yeah it's your twin brother Jacob. Jacob get out of Noah's Bed! And go in your room.

  10. Clearly what is happening here is that this little monster envies the boy because he has a loving father who always tucks him in every night. So he works hard to learn how to disguise himself as the little boy just so that he can know what it is like to truly be loved, even if it is just for a few moments. It's sad really. I would adopt him.

  11. It’s 1:00 am and I imagined going back to my room and seeing myself on my bed and I’d just look at myself and say “Okay we can do some cool shit, but you gotta be cool.”

  12. well if ones a murderous killer child and the other is an innocent son of mine. KILL EM BOTH
    Problem Solved

  13. Alex: You forgot to check under the bed.
    Looks under the bed
    Daddy, there's someone on my bed.
    Me: Vincent, go to your room! I swear!

  14. they stole this and made a shitty movie from it

    even though this one kinda stole it from that creepy pasta – but it feels more like an inspiration for this clip

  15. Hello filmmaker, they copied your short film concept in the cold open of the first episode of Indian Netflix series ‘Typewriter’. I hope you got compensated for it!

  16. Just leave and let them figure it out. Survivor is obviously the chosen one and shall have earned the right to be raised and trained to harness their evil powers and take over the world.

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