Turkish Horror Movie: Alamet i Kıyamet (with English Subtitles). CLICK Captions.

Turkish Horror Movie: Alamet i Kıyamet (with English Subtitles). CLICK Captions.

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When it passes: A year as a month, a month
as a week, a week as a day, a day as an hour.When the people compete
against each other on building. The judgment day is close… March 13th. Will you never fear God? Man alive! Never again, my God! You can’t destroy this holy place,
the house of God! I won’t let you to destroy it! Your mosque is mine now. For God’s sake! For God’s sake! A mosque will be demolished
to build a shopping mall? Are you all there? Man alive! Huh? I give you a week. Pull up stakes. I go to the state. I go to channels, to newspapers, to all of them! Go where you want! The mosque will be demolished. Estate of the Heavens and
the Earth only belongs to Him. God will not allow you. I got necessary permissions. Infidel! God damn you! One week! God will not forgive you!
Won’t forgive you! *A Sign Of Doomsday: The Sect* It’s so hot. I hate hotel rooms. It hasn’t rained for 3 months, isn’t it normal? I’m tired of meeting in the hotel. We could have gone to you-too. Can Ekimoğlu. You don’t even know a way of Bağcılar. Do you love me? Yes. Are you going to divorce your wife? No. At least, you are honest. I have a surprise for you. But you need to hold on. How long will I wait? You are so hot. How long will I wait? You won’t be able to succeed! God forgive me! Can?
-What happened? What are you doing?
– I’m brushing my teeth. I had a nightmare. Come here. What did you have?
– Do not ever leave me, okay? What are you doing? Can! It hurts, Can! Don’t! Please! Caaaan! Caaan! Why are you screaming? Caaan! Shhh! You’re going to fall asleep. I had a lot of nightmares. Phew, I’ll fall faint from the heat.
It’s hotter than Lebanon, I swear. They say they would close down the factory
until it rains, if it goes like this a while more. What? What will we do?
– Your job is easy. You find a rich husband and it’ll be okay. :))
– Ali, do not blather! Okay, I made a joke.
– Do not make such jokes! Elif Şener? Telephone?
– Come on, run run. Yes? Hey, would it be ever called here?
Don’t be silly! What? Really? Okay, I go out in an hour.
No, not now. In an hour… Come on, kisses. Hello? I love you. As a result of the volcanic eruption in Indonesia,
The sky in most of Asia has been fuming.It is said that the number of dead
would be stated in thousands.
Television is open. Sorry about that. What are these? Well, these are in all the departments here. A huge fire happened here in the past and
half of the building became unusable. Then they renewed without
ruining the inner texture. Think like a historical monument.
Apart from that, the goods are very qualified. Look at. Strange. I was told that you preferred it as furnished. It is ours? No, it’s just yours. Will you excuse us for a moment?
– Of course. Can, I’m ashamed.
And what about my other house? I take care of everything. Do not worry.
It is paid a year’s rent for this place. I want you to be comfortable, Elif. If you like it, this house is yours. Clothes, trinkets, everything will come here. Hmm… And this is… my last surprise.
– Really? Your Volkswagen Beetle is waiting
for you down there. – I love you. $$ But there’s something you need
to know about this house. What is it?
– No stairs. You would say that, right?
– Yes, there are no stairs. Ups-and-downs will be
done with an elevator. How’s that? There was in the entrance. It’s just for a basement. I mean it’s apart from
the apartment. It belongs to a private institution. Entry-exit is strictly forbidden.
For your information. It isn’t a problem, is it? No, but it’s weird, I mean.
An apartment without stairs… I’ve heard it first time. Live in in peace, Darling. :P~~ Let’s talk outside. Thank you. Come on then. Where have you been?
You were with her, weren’t you? I’ll find her and make life miserable for her! You don’t even answer me! Here, it’s your manhood!
Grow some balls… Maybe you have a child… Hello, Daughter. We’re your nextdoor. I am Füsun, and it’s my husband Atilla. Hello. I am Elif. Say ‘Welcome’ to her, Atilla. Here, ours is such a kind. Anyway. Welcome.
Are you happy with your home? I just got here but it’s very nice… We also got here that you just got here. 🙂
Now you don’t have any food. We were going to ask you to dinner. But now…
– No ifs and buts. We wait for you, Beautiful daughter.
And Uncle Atilla will be very happy. Well, I’ll change my clothes and come then. Weird. Where are you from, Daughter? Originally Konya but I’ve never gone there.
– Is your family there? No. My mother is late. I do not see much with my father.
– Oh why? Oh, I poked my nose into it again. -No.
No problem. I don’t like to talk about my father. I’m born and raised in here. I was even born in this apartment.
So is Uncle Atilla… (recruitment) Oh, how nice. A neighbors love, that is. What’s your occupation, Daughter? I work in a factory.
– I guess you’re in a high place. We have a guest! Does not matter. No, it’s important. Go to room! Good appetite. We can start now. Doruk is our grandson. (recruitment) His family
passed away in a traffic accident 5 years ago. My condolences to you. We try to raise him properly.
We do our level best, but it’s not like a parent, of course. Your job is difficult, of course,
but I wish he ate with us. He’ll learn table manners. How, did you like it? I liked it. There’re figures like this table
and eye even in my house. They’re from the past of the apartment.
Every apartment has it. The realtor mentioned that.
– Are you okay, Daughter? Aww, so sorry. – I wonder if the food didn’t
agree with her. Atilla, bring her water! Please do not bother! My stomach got a little worse, so…
– I’ll make a mint and lemon right now. No. Not necessary. Let me go home. I don’t feel good. I guess a carrying
or something was too much. Do you want me to come along?
-No. Thank you so much. God bless your hands again. Daughter, I wish you rested here. What’s wrong with me?
– What do you feel? I vomit. I feel dizzy. I do not feel normal.
– Very normal. How normal? You are pregnant.
It’s very normal that you don’t feel normal. Four-week. Impossible…. No way. I guess it’s an unexpected guest? If you want, talk to your husband.
– I don’t have a husband. OK. I mean, whoever father is, talk to him.
Decide quickly. I can help you with another matter. What happened to my arm? I do not know. Anyway. Today is the 18th of April.
When shall we meet again? April? You’re wrong. Wrong? But the 30th of March is my birthday. We was going to celebrate it with Can. Do you want me to write a sedative? It may be low by itself, right? I mean, there’s always such a risk, of course,
but now it seems healthy. Does it get hurt
if I have an abortion?The person you have called can not
be reached at the moment.
Please try again later.I’m DYING.Come, Daughter. Come. How are you today?
Do you feel good, Dear Elif? Excuse me, have we met before?
– You’re a weird girl. You had come to drink tea
with Füsun, you know. When? Last week. Are you okay?
– I’m coming from a doc. So I’m a little confused. Oh my sweetheart has come! This piece of lion is my son: Hasan. Glad to meet you.
I have to go. A boy. What? It will be a boy. I felt like that. How a happy, how a nice news! We’re next door whatever you need, Neighbor! Hello? Hello, whom did you call? You scared me.
– Your door was open. Come inside. Are you hungry? Do you drink something? Come then, Let me take you to mom. What happened? Why do not you want to go? Are you afraid of them? Or they harm you? What then? Tell me. They are not my family.
– What are you doing here? We are so sorry.
Atilla, take him home right. We were chatting. Doruk lies a lot to attract attention. Don’t mind him, Daughter. It’s just a child. Anyway. I’m tired. I’ll rest a little.
Have a nice day. Rest, of course, rest.
You’re carrying a life. Pardon me?
– Gönül said that, you’re pregnant. But I just talked to her.
– It’s just old age. All our work is a rumor. But remember, we are with you. I haven’t had time to forget it yet. You are so right, huh. We’re very sorry. Good evening then. Elif, are you crazy?
– What’s happening? Where am I? What are you trying to do? Feigning madness
or something? Or it’s a game for compensation? What compensation?
What are you saying? You started screaming when you resign.
You haven’t come to work for days. I don’t pay a penny, for the record.
It’ll already be closed down. No water, no electricity! Soon we will import
wheat, wheat! We can’t even sell tomatoes! I haven’t come to work for days?
– The only problem is Presidency… Elif? Just a moment! Elif, where have you been? Why don’t you come here? I call you
and you don’t pick it up? Talk to me! Ali, what day is it today? Friday. What’s wrong with you?
– No, no. What is the date? May 14th. Elif?The person you have called can not
be reached at the moment.
Please try again later.I’ve made my decision. I don’t want this baby.
– Father doesn’t want it? I did not talk to him,
but he also would agree with me. Impossible.
– Believe me, the father is not a problem. No. Impossible, because
you missed the legal process. What’s the date? June 15th. But you told me you would help me? It’s been 2 months since that day, Elif. Are you okay?
– I am not! I’m going crazy or sick! I don’t remember how we came to today.
Did I sleep or what? I’m going nuts. You were just here last week.
You were in a good mood. You told me you wanted to
give birth and to be a mother. I don’t remember such a thing. Look, you and the baby are very healthy. Pre-natal women are stressed
and go into depression. I mean, it may offend your feelings,
to decide this abortion. I have a psychiatrist friend,
I want you to see him. Do you have anything else you want to say? No. Where is your family? We don’t see.
I’m not really lying. And I’m not making up any of this. I don’t understand
how the time passes. I have terrible dreams. The woman you saw, tried to take your baby? No. I mean, I do not know. I will be frank. Noises, crying, paranoia,
all of them may happen during pregnancy. It seems your pregnancy
wasn’t so planned. You feel lonely. A loneliness in the degree of illness may be
a cause of loss of time perception. Try to spend time with your family,
friends, neighbors. – I have no family. I do not have friends either. My neighbors, they are strange people. If I put on the record what you say,
you will enter the control. And then they’ll take your baby from you. Do you want this? I don’t know. – Except drugs what I write,
my advice to you: is you not to be lonely. Meet someone. It’s the best way
to prevent the time chaos. What is that table? It was here when I moved in. Thanks for your time.
Now I feel better myself. Look at the inglourious! How can he leave you alone
in such a situation, Elif? He doesn’t know the situation. You have to do tell it to him at all costs. Look, I’m with you. Come on.
– I say to you his phone is off. Call the house then.
If his wife picks it up, make up an excuse. You need to talk to him in some way.
He need to know it, Elif. Yes? Uhh, hello.
We’re trying to reach Sir Can, but his phone is off.
And it’s a state of emergency. What is your name? Uhhh, Merve. Wait then, Merve. Can, it’s calling you up? Yes?
– Can, it’s me. Are you crazy?
– I’m pregnant, Can. I can’t have the baby aborted, because it’s expired.
– Don’t be silly. You won’t have an abortion anyway.
Understand? Come, let’s talk then. I can’t come there now. I’ll go abroad. I will send you too much money before I go. Just don’t do anything stupid. Can, I say ‘I am afraid’.
Don’t you understand? There’s nothing to be afraid of, Sweetheart.
We are together. We’ll have a baby, Elif. It’s our baby. I love you. Do not worry. I need to hang up now. But I… Hello? What happened? What did he say? I want to go out at night.
– Elif, are you all right? It’s a time warp again…
– Ali! What did the guy say, tell me?
– Never mind what he said. Are you going to go out with me at night or not? I’m asking one more favor of you?
– What? Could you explore the apartment where I live in? The apartment? – Yes. I mean, I wonder if
something strange happened earlier. OK. Thank you very much. See you at night. Dear, my cat escaped, so I’m looking for it. How did your cat get my house? It’s just a cat, you know, Dear?
It goes in and out everywhere. I don’t know it and don’t love it. Come to dinner, I made fish.
– No. I will go out at night.
– Where? To dance with your permission.
– But, Dear, it’s not right when you’re pregnant! Lady Gönül, look,
I’m not wanting to behave rudely. Look, you need to sit at home and rest.For centuries, it has been looking for this book.
– Uhh, anyway, let’s not go in there too much.
You said there’s more than one sign.Is there something we need
to know & see and that we missed?
You are blind, blind!A hadith from Berzenci:
“Two Muslim armies will fight.”
Iran-Iraq War: 1980.A year before that, in 1979,
been shed blood in the Kaaba.
Minarets have risen in these lands.
They’ve luxuriously furnished inside.
High prayers voices were hearing,
but there was no believer inside.
These are all signs.Eclipse of the sun is close in end of the world.
Droughts will increase. What else…
There are two major events
before the doomsday.
Later on, earthquake…Oh, can’t you listen to reason? How old are you? 25. Do you know me? You’re a bitch!
You know that, don’t you, Merve? Or I should have said “Elif”? Do you want to give birth to this baby? Can told you that? Of course, Can did. And he doesn’t want to see you again. You are lying. He’s not even abroad or something. He’s at home. Me, I mean he’s waiting for his wife. He doesn’t want both you and that bastard. I’ll come back here and kill you
if you call “Can” up again! Hopefully you’re beautiful. And you’re in luck, I will help you. How? – There is a gynecologist
I know. Name is Faruk. I told him about the situation. He’s a little old, but he does a good job.
He’s gonna take care of you. Youth. What a nice thing, isn’t it? Forget Can. Enjoy this house. Go find another married man.
A lot of them around. Huhhm. But don’t forget what I told you! I say, I wonder if you give up the idea
of going out at night? – Go away! Elif? My drink is over.
I’ll take myself one. Do you want one too? Huff ! Ha, finally.
Pardon me! Excuse me? Oh, a blow-out so… Hellooo? – How did I get here? +Shh, calm, calm, won’t hurt.
– What are you doing? +Won’t hurt a lot. Tell me the date?
– Your tension is a little high. Answer me!
– August 10th. I talked to my psychiatrist friend. He said that what happened to you is temporary.
It’s called depersonalization. I’ve seen you 3 times in the last a month. You were all right,
You were happy. Do you hear me? Elif? Elif? Come on in. What are they doing here? They’ve brought you here for the last a month. They take care of you like their own girls.
– It repents me. She’s already our daughter. And what a beautiful girl. Don’t worry, Daughter.
We will never leave you alone. Thank you. Don’t worry….Our pain is too big. We’ve lost our brothers,
our parents, our children, the thousands.
The authorities warn the people for aftershocks.They ask everybody to act sensitivelyin order to avoid another August 17th.
– August 17th.
Ali, what date is it today?
– September 17th. Elif, please don’t hang up. Why would I hang up? You haven’t picked my call up for weeks.
Look, I can’t reach you. No. No, I… I do not remember it.
– Listen to me. You had asked me to explore if there’s
something weird about the apartment. A woman who lived in that apartment before you,
committed suicide a few months ago. After the fact, her husband moved out of.
I found his new address. I don’t know what’s that got
to do with your pregnancy, but if it relieves you,
we may go talk to him. Ali, please dont leave me alone. Elif? Look, broach the subject slowly, okay? I mean, after all, the guy’s wife is dead. It’s natural if he says something wrong. Yes please?
– Peace be with you. Uhh, we were looking for Sir Kaan.
Kaan Yamoğlu. You’ve found it itself. Yes, I’m listening you. First of all, my condolences to you.
– Oh, this matter. Are you a journalist or something?
– No. No. I live in the apartment where
you lived in with your wife. How nice.
It’s a very good quality apartment. We had beautiful memories there. Pardon, but didn’t your wife die there?
– Elif? What’s something you wanted to ask me? Do you have anything to say
about the apartment? Was there a situation disturbing you or your wife? For example, neighbors?
– The neighbors are very good. Lady Füsun helped us a lot. Thank her. They’re all so. As to my wife, she was having
psychological issues for a long time. On top of that, she couldn’t bear
that great responsibility. What responsibility?
– Motherhood. My wife was pregnant. We’re having a rough time of it, so… Elif? Elif? Let me bring the water. She was here. “The Wednesday Witch.” It shows up when I wrote what you described. It is usually in red. Its body is full of bruises and dents.
Quite ugly. Quite powerful.
It haunts pregnant women and…. Then what? Never mind. Tell me? It eats their babies. – If it wanted to harm
the baby, it would have done it by now. And a story is that: Foreigners called it “Lilith”. It is Adam’s first wife. Adam’s first wife.
Yes, but later, it rebels and gives birth to
hundreds of genie children. When children were
slaughtered as punishment, It’s sworn to haunt
the mankind, with the devil. It waits for the rebirth day of the devil. Oh, what is the devil? “Dajjal.” (Antichrist-Lucifer) It’s trying to protect the baby. Wait, wait. What is it? No way, Elif.
You can’t be believing that? Oh, can you please read it? This figure is emerged as
a result of merger of Devil and Lilith. The organization (the sect) called “Knights Templar”
was declared a satanist by the Church in 1310 and was roasted alive,
for they worshipped the goat in this picture. Oh, they are gone crazy.
Why are we reading these? – Go on. After “Templars” dispersed,
they came together again and continued to worship “Baphomet”. I guess “Baphomet” is a name of this goat.
– I can see that. After “Knights Templar” had
been hidden for years, they’ve appeared again
under the name of “illuminati”. Because this organization, which uses
World Leaders as puppets, have to remain secret. Their greatest weapons are their symbols. In architecture, in media, in clothes,
in money, everywhere. Oh, what are you doing?
– That’s enough. I will starve to death. How do you know these names? My father was an imam, so… How? Are you serious? But you’re not religious at all? He was very religious, but he never considered
as a sin to beat my mother. Sorry. One day, he beat her so much that,
my mother ran away with me. He never loved both me and my mother. So if it’s piety, so am I then. That’s why you don’t see him? I need to get out of that house. Get out then. I’m pregnant and have no place to stay. If you want, you could stay with me. No. I don’t want to be on your back. Don’t be silly, Elif. Look, I’m always with you. Come on. End of discussion. Thank you. Let’s go take your stuff.
– No. I don’t want you to come there.
– Why? My neighbors. I’m afraid of them. I’ll take it and be right back, okay? OK.Can, I can’t reach you. I’m coming
to your house. I have no other choice.
Daughter, do you have the time? 10:30 Pardon?
Isn’t it the house of Can Ekimoğlu? It was. Sir Can and his wife passed away. Are you okay, Sis?Earthquakes, solar eclipse, smokes;
what you said has showed up one by one, Hodja.
Look, I don’t say that…
You yourself, signs of doom,
If you’ve opened and read the Quran,
you would have seen who says that.
Let’s come to the Antichrist subject.
Is there any information about when it comes from?
A hadith says:An important event happens
at the beginning of every century.
And at the beginning of A century,
Dajjal (Antichrist) will show up.
And another hadith says:‘The lifetime of a Ummah will exceed
1000 years, but it won’t see 1500’.
Here, it shows:the time we are currently in.
– Who is Dajjal? What is it?
It’s Zionism according to some,
Capitalism according to some,
Communism according to some.But Dajjal is Dajjal!Satan is much more scary
than your dreams. It’s alive.
Well, where will it come from?In some movies, it comes from
America, of Europe, of Russia.
Whereas, the sword that “Jesus”
and “Mahdi” will use to kill Dajjal;
I mean, “David’s sword”.
Do you know where it is?
Where is?
– Ah, my ignorant daughter, ahh!
In Topkapı Palace!In Sacred Relics Section.Go, visit and see.“The last owner of the sword
will be Jesus Christ” writes on it.
Dajjal will come to the World, not gorgeously
but secretly, from the simplest place.
I mean, Dajjal may be among us.Maybe it’s inside of us.May God’s peace and mercy be upon you.May God’s peace and mercy be upon you.Seyit? I need your help? Seyit, what is wrong with you? You don’t often remember what you did, how the time passed, do you, Daughter? I have a look at that:
Days, even months have passed. A hadith says that: If the Doomsday is close,
it passes: years as months, months as days, days as hours. What is this supposed to mean? Who found this house? A friend of mine. While “Solomon” was building his temple, Satan is tired of taking orders from him and instigates the mortal wall workers. But the foreman “Hiram” is devoted to
“Solomon” and is honorable. Journeymen fall into temptation and kill him. The partnership that started
between Satan and journeymen that day, has been going on
as secret organizations until today. These organizations have been waiting for Dajjal’s return for thousands of years. The one eye is the symbol of “illuminati.” Because Dajjal has one eye too. “Heretic” will be written on its forehead. Why do the people help it?
They are crazy? They help it for what it promised to
journeymen thousands of years ago. After Dajjal comes to this World,
it will hide from “Masjid” for a long time. In that period, these organizations
will make it invisible by establishing states
and creating wars. Remember, Daughter: Jinn are its helper. Children, women, men,
they can masquerade as everyone. Seyit? What do you know and not tell me? I beg you, tell me! That’s not the house what is cursed. But that’s you! Elif? Daughter? Seyit, please come to yourself! Seyit, it’s me, Elif! Seyit? Come to yourself!
I need you! Father! Please don’t leave me alone!
– I can’t help you, Daughter. I am sorry! Father! Beautiful daughter, are you okay?
– Do you need us? Hello?
– Lady Elif? Yes.
– I am Gynecologist Dr. Faruk Özarman. We had talked about you
before Lady Nazan was late. She had made a payment.
I want to keep my promise. But I’ve missed the legal process. Hello?
– Lady Elif, do you want it or not? I want it. Where is your place? Çember Sok. No: 3, Osmanbey.
– When? I’ll wait for you right here
at the close of business. How long….. What’s the date?
– You were just fainted in the corridor. I helped you come here. Oh God. You need to get out of here.
Or they will kill you. What did you just say? They killed the previous sister also.
– Who are they? Please take me with you and
get out of here. Or they will harm me. Who are they, who?
– Doruk! Don’t leave me with them.
– Back to home! Would you go, please? I need to go out.
– You may not go out. Applying insecticide to the building.
So, no in-and-out tonight. They haven’t started yet. I’ll be right down.
– No! They’ve started from the ground floor.
So you can’t go out. And you are pregnant. I call the police up.
– OK. Call up, of course. But why? What will you say? Good night then. If you have a problem, Hasan is here. Help! Somebody help! Please someone help!
Help! Where am I? Am I in a hospital? No, you’re at home.
With us. With your family. You also one of them.
– Prepare the water. A short time to birth. Birth? What’s the date?
– Coming! It’s coming! Some problems happened, Beautiful.
but the baby is healthy. What’s the date?
– December 31, 1999. It is its night. Shhh. Easy. Easy. Bring the hot water here right now. Let me go! I beg you, let me go! We can’t let you go. We need you. Someone will come here and find me! Cops will come here!
– Cops? They bust a passage called “Akmar”, when they were looking for us the last time.
Have you heard of it, Gönül? Hah Hah Hah Ha Ha Ha… Let them deal with children
listening to strange musics. But this baby is bigger than you,
than me, than all of us. Why me? What have I done to you? I don’t give birth to it! I won’t give birth to it! You haven’t done anything, Beautiful. An imam took a vow and
said prayer and begged, to save his mosque 9 months ago. What are you talking about?
– But he couldn’t get an answer. Imam came to us as a last
resort and made a spell. But the spell was unlawful in your book. What does it have to do with me?
– Hypocrite tried to sacrifice himself, but what we wanted wasn’t him. Then the imam sacrificed
his own daughter what is it his own life and blood,
as a last resort. That imam was your father.
– Nooo! Before that, Hasan was our first failure. We had hoped for Doruk
but he’s also the same. The last stupid killed herself, but you… you have no guilt. We will succeed tonight.
You are so lucky that… Help! Help!
– Out of the way. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Everybody go out.
I gave her a sedative. Her tension is a little unstable.
– She can’t escape, can she? No. Let’s get out of here. Come on, Daughter. Come on. Father? – Yes Dear?
+ Is it you? – Yes. Wake up, come to yourself…..
Come on. Come. You did this to me? Daughter…. I’ll kill it! Hasan, come here! Elif? Hasaaaan!It haunts pregnant women and eats their
babies……If you have a problem, Hasan is here……
The one eye, illuminati’s……
We’ll have a baby, Elif….
I was alone in the degree of a longing….You need to get out of here,
 or they will kill you…..
Jinn… Dajjal has one eye too…..
Children, women, men…..
Waiting for the devil’s rebirth day…..
Coming! It’s coming!….
Please take me with you and
get out of here, or they’ll harm me……
– Don’t leave me with them….Doruk?
Come, we’re going! Come on, hurry.10….9…..8…7…6…
It is my baby! It is my baby! It is my baby. Please give it to me.>This mosque is mine now.September 11, 2001: A dusty&smoky sedition
will be seen and others will follow it.2003 Baghdad Occupation: Baghdad will be
destroyed by flames at the end of the World.
2004 Tsunami In the East
– 2005 Katrina In the West:>Subduction Events:
one in the East, one in the West.July 2012: The Secred Relics
Department where David’s Sword isexhibited in Topkapı Palace,
was closed to visit.Explore….


  1. great movie .in this film i can see an excellent sintesis between dario ardgento the italian horror master for the incubatic scenografy of the building as in his master opera inferno ,i can see the genius of ira levin the creator of rosemary s baby .i love turkish horrors movies this film is an important contribute for the kultur and for the lovers of the horror psykological movies

  2. I love Turkish horror movies, I am one of the biggest horror movie fan, n I have not been scard EVER like like I do with these kind of movies!!

  3. Please Upload more Turki Horror Films with English Subtitle…I am from Bangladesh, Only I can Enjoy the Best made films in English Sub. Thank you for this too.

  4. If you don't have faith Satan will come to you so every second,minute or hour always pray to God only god can protect us

  5. L'un des meilleurs film d'horreur avec piège paranormal lié au bases des dogmes les plus répandues mixer dans une angoisse constante. Merci pour le partage et surtout les sous-titres, pour motivé c'est cool. 8,5/10.

  6. She dint said even " awuthu billahi minash shaithan nirrajeem" she is seeking for people help. I feel pity for her, but she deserve that.

  7. Good movie. Brings to mind stories like Rosemary’s Baby, but more current. Thank you for the movie and English subtitles!

  8. اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ عَذَابِ الْقَبْرِ، وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ فِتْنَةِ الْمَسِيحِ الدَّجَّالِ، وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ فِتْنَةِ الْمَحْيَا وَالْمَمَاتِ. اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ الْمَأْثَمِ وَالْمَغْرَمِ

    O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the punishment of the grave, and I seek refuge in You from the trial of the False Messiah, and I seek refuge in You from the trials of life and death. O Allah, I seek refuge in You from sin and from debt.
    Al-Bukhari 1/202, Muslim 1/412

  9. Filmin girişi itikadı bozar. Hoca olan kişinin repliğindeki cümle Allah sizi affetmeyecek! Cümlesi hak nâmına hüküm koymaktan kişiyi dinden çıkarmaya kâfidir. Hoca olan biri katiyen böyle şuursuz konuşmaz.

  10. please can anybody translate ,,doomday"in german? Turkish movie are the best.I like it!Best wishes from germany!Is that mean the last days before the earth break?Sorry my english!Ich versuche es nun in meiner Muttersprache ,ist ,,doomday",das was bei uns Christen der himmlische Weltuntergang ist.?Erdbeben, Feuerregen,Hungersnot und zuletzt der Antichrist?

    Aber bitte,bitte lasst das Tier abschlachten!!!!!!!Indien und Türkei können anscheinend nur Horrorfilme drehen in denenTiere gequält werden!Tiere sind Kreaturen von Gott und nicht dazu da um unsere perversen Gedanken in die Tat um zusetzen!
    Der Mensch ist so schlecht ,kein Tier der Welt kann so grausam sein wie der Mensch!

  11. Dear,
    Watch it for fun… Its a gd movie..
    Bern to turkey once, such a beautiful country n people… Will love to go there again…

  12. This movie is a about true story …. the people's who pray the evil and one eye sign show the illuminate in this time we see all the world illumination are discovered like currency mobile phone one eye camera and banking system …. and one want information about illuminate text me

  13. One can’t expect to fuck good a rich old man to leave his Wife. He don’t even wanna buy you a descent house. You’re just his Sex toy.

  14. Love these Turkish horror movies. Siccin series are so addictive. Much better than the American rubbish they now make.

  15. There have been alot of movies made which are similar to Rosemary ' s baby, but they are just copies. Rosemary ' s baby was a great film.

  16. Holy crap ! that's one of the weirdest house (containing mighty murderers) I've ever seen in my life. Even "Chainsaw massacre" from Europe wasn't that creepy. Thanks to the producers, this particular film has excellent horror environment, set up and perfect music.

  17. Nice twist. We can't find demons if we have faith, if you don't, sometimes it is inside you. Faith is very powerful, Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, who ever you call, God, Allah, believe that he is greater than any evil in this world.

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