Turkish Horror Movie: Ammar Cin Tarikatı (with english subtitles) Click Captions.

Turkish Horror Movie: Ammar Cin Tarikatı (with english subtitles) Click Captions.

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“We are only a sedition
(we are a trial for you).” Bakara, 102. Today is 18 November 2012. The fear l lived through
left its place to suffering. Everything is mixed
together in a way that… …disables me to define what
is real and what is dream. Knowing that they are with me
everywhere and always… …is making me
more nervous every day. Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Hello? What’s up princes?
I called many times, I was worried about you. I was at the bathroom.. My love, are you okay? I’m fine, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me I’ll be home soon you take care Okay love, kisses. Oh Sema! Sema. Sema. Sema. Sema. Sema. Sema. Leave me alone. Kemal and others are on their way. You should get ready
if you don’t want to stay at home. No one is going to marry you
with this sloppiness. Everything is nice and smooth but… …Canan is tagged along with us… You know… We have to endure her
fake princess attitude. Don’t even ask about it. So to speak,
Barkýn had insisted on inviting Canan. – Oh, forget about it.
– Is Barkýn still in love with her? It looks that way. I really don’t understand
how men think and act. Since there are many girls around… …they become obsessed with one girl. There is not even a single guy
at the school she hasn’t dated. Okay Sema, why do we care? What do you mean ‘why do we care’? I guess you are not jealous about Kemal. Such a flasher!
She has to show those legs of her. There are people who only enjoy
being watched. She is one of them. She doesn’t care about the rest.
She needs to know that everyone wants her. They are here! Are you ready, love? Yes. Yes.
We are coming down. Come on Sema. Hey, I forgot to tell.
My period may start in any minute. – Remind me to get some stuff from the road.
– I have some. My love!
Could you be any more beautiful? – What’s up girl?
– Fine, Kemal. You? Good. Come on. Hi Feride. Hi Jannah Barkýn.
Barkýn! What? Dude, can you drive the car?
I want to sit in the back with my girlfriend. – Come on. Come on dude.
– Welcome girls. – What’s up Barkýn?
– Ready for the adventure. You? – Yet, Feride looks grumpy again.
– We’ll break her in bro, we’ll break her in! We’ll break her in. Look, I told you, I know her. What did I tell you at the house?
Do you see how she is flashing? I hope Barkýn is paying attention
to the road. Friends, we are about to go to the store. Everyone should get what they need. We’ll be far from all these
supplies for two days. Mind that. Dude, there must be a store in 300 meters.
Don’t miss that. Man, should we get one or two
from those recent games? I don’t want to play
football over and over again. What games are you talking about? I’m afraid your girlfriend is not aware of
what a holiday means to us. Dude, we were supposed to tell her that
gradually. Gradually, gradually. Kemal. You are telling me “I organized a trip
for you”, Now I’m hearing about this game. Maybe we should take off,
so you can continue. Oh baby, don’t. No games or Ataris for you Kemal. Dude, she actually said Atari. – Are you coming?
– No, go ahead. I’m going to sleep. Oh, princess is going to sleep. Hello lady!
I’m your love-filled teddy bear! What’s wrong, beautiful lady?
Why are you grumpy? Oh Kemal! Baby, what’s going on?
What’s the matter? Does Jannah have to tag along with us?
She is clearly here to spoil our mood. Is that it? Is this the reason
behind your attitude? My dear, you know how silly Barkýn is.
I talked to him all night. He drank, he drank then
he took things out of his chest, okay? All he cares about is finding a way
to get to know that girl. So, I invited her. What should I do? Why do you care
anyway? Let’s mind our own business. OK, I get it, but what
about her showing off? She takes the front seat
and things like that. So, are you jealous? My dear.
Look, the girl is sick anyway. She acts like a wall clock
when she is not on hermedication. Just try to get by. So what?
What kind of a problem does she make for you? Barkýn. Oh, I love this man. Should we buy
his CD? We can listen him while driving. CD Player of the car is broken.
There is only radio. Stupid. – Barkýn.
– Yes? Can you stop at a gas station? Come on! Girl, we just left the store. We
asked you many times if you needed anything. I didn’t need to pee back then,
now I do. What do you want me to do
dear Kemal? Pee in your car? Oh, that… Fine then, we’re going to take care of it.
I’m turning back. You wouldn’t stop if it was me. I don’t know why but when the comes to jannah
there is nothing more you both can say. What did we just talk about
at the store my love? Huh? Maybe the girl doesn’t want to
take her medication infront of us. Going to the toilet may be her excuse. – How do you know?
– Why does she need an excuse? It’s just an anti-depressant.
Everyone takes it. OK, cut it out. We just
stopped for two minutes. If you are going to be such a bummer,
we have a problem. Exactly bro!Get rid of everything you own
Your fortune and your destinyHe may come back tomorrow
But he doesn’t like you for today– Man, we didn’t hit him, right?
– What was that? I don’t know man.
He is standing still. Should we take a look? Let’s have a look. Hey, are you all right? We’re looking for the Seher
Mansion, somewhere near here. Do you know how to get there? Oh love, it must be somewhere around.
We will find it. Just drive! Wow. This is super, dude. Bro, it is cold out here. You can
thank me tomorrow. The girls are cold. We are definitely cold. It’s freezing
darling, turn the lights on. I’m freezing. This is our little palace for two days,
friends. What do you think? – My love? Did you like it? – Honestly,
this is better than what I expected. – Bro?
– It’s fit for a king, man. By the way, everyone’s
room is upstairs, except Sema. Why is that? Why
is my room downstairs? Girl, you walk around
like a zombie at nights. I don’t want you to disturb
us going up and down. Let’s check the upstairs rooms.
After that, we should get ready for dinner. I am very hungry.
I may bite someone from hunger… Oh bro, why didn’t you put
Jannah downstairs? Jannah? – Are you okay? – I’m fine. Everything
went black all of a sudden. I’m dizzy. It must be hunger. We should settle down
and start eating before people fall apart. – Are you okay Jannah?
– If you need water or anything… – No. I’m fine, I will be okay.
– Come with me to the room. Take my arm. I bet she is faking it for the attention. And this is our room, my love. In case you didn’t notice,
we have the best room. Oh you, you are sneaky. We earned this girl. Why do you think that
I act like a tour guide since the morning? I am dealing with everything, so they won’t
understand that I gave them crappy rooms! Come on. Okay. What happened? Well. I will tell you something love,
but you wouldn’t like it. – Then tell me slowly, I’m in a good mood.
– My love. Dude! Just the right time! Sorry. Sometimes the cycle
gets messed up because of the stress. – Oh!
– Cut it out! I am stressed out already. Okay, okay.
You are really stressed out today. Then I should give you the present… …so we can start ourweek nicely. – I wonder if you will like it.
– Did you buy me a present? Let’s say I made you one. My love, these are beautiful. My photos. Sky would divide into two, if we let it
Because we were two While a glass of water was
enough to make your hair wet lt was enough for us to be fed
with a piece of bread and few olives lf I kiss you once, the number two
would be offended If I kiss twice, the number three is devastated – So? Did you like my poem?
– It is very nice. But I wish you wrote this
before Cemal Sureyya did. Whoa dude! Whoa! Come on dude, aren’t you
coming down for dinner? Okay bro, we are coming. Get out! This place is cold. All right then, I should take care of that. – Baby why are you coming down? I’m on it.
– I’m here anyway. Too cold. It’s okay.
Let’s get out baby, I’m very hungry. Since you mention the rooms,
you have given me the gloomiest room. They hung up newspapers
and things like that on the window. You know,
people look at old paper. As soon as I looked, I saw
an article about suicide. It got me down. Bro, can you bring few more beers
from the kitchen? Kemal. We are not supposed to go wild
from the first night, right my love? Honey, let’s put it this way… If I can enjoy my holiday out here
by all means… …I won’t drink when we go back
to Istanbul, I promise. – Who else wants?
– I’d drink. You can’t control even your face.
You don’t know what you are saying. – You are unattractive, keep that in mind.
– You are exaggerating! Aside from everything,
this house is little spooky. You feel that way because
of their lack of attention. We could have fun if they
were willing to talk to us. For God’s sake, you were
saying that everything is great… What happened? I don’t know. …when we first arrived – This house feels like the
Addams Family house. – What? It’s like the house of Addams Family. Girl, that’s our thing.
Retro trip. – Anyway, we know how to stay
at 5 star hotels. – I wish. What is it girl?
Is this house making you frightened? This is good, girl. Look, we are
together. We will cuddle and sleep. It is normal if she gets frightened, bro.
There is a cemetery close by. Where? I didn’t see it. Honestly, I didn’t see it either but if there
is a village, there must be a cemetery. Look, look, look at her face! No, this place is been through a lot
after all. I believe in things like that. What things? No Feride, don’t. Don’t. I am the one who is drinking, you are
the ones who get dizzy from the fumes. My love, you surprised me. Be surprised as much as you want.
Those are true stories after all. So far how many of you guys
have witnessed a fantastic event? I haven’t. Everyone knows they take
shelter in forgotten places. Who are you talking about? Who? The jinn. What the hell? What the hell was that? We are in the highlands.
These things happen, dude. The real estate agent said that. He said
“You may have drops in voltage occasionally”. – Acoincidence.
– No, the jinn caused this. Skrew your university certificates! Don’t be rude, my love.
Okay, let’s change the subject. This moron was suggesting we go on a hike on
the Lycian way together last year. Dude, I guess you would abandon me
at the beginning of the path. Honestly, even though
I don’t agree with what Feride thinks… Sorry.
Sorry, you are a shaman, aren’t you? I am not a shaman, brother.
Shamanism is my thesis subject. But you can’t deny that their existence has
another dimension and they are feeding on it. So, what are they going to do, man?
I beg your pardon but are they going to… …find us at this mountain and kiss? No, they wouldn’t do anything to you
if you are honest and truthful. She is right.
They have their own order. It is not a problem as
long as you don’t intervene. But it is another case
if you mess with them. That’s what I am talking about. What happens ifyou mess with them?
What happens then? Look, we are organic entities, right? Organic entities feed on
what you see on this table. – Is this okay until now?
– Okay. – Okay, I will explain this at an
elementary school level. – Explain. But they are inorganic entities.
I mean, an energy form. Therefore, they feed on energy forms. I mean on fear, joy and
so on which people emit. It’s enough now, we should
change the subject now. Naturally, this energy is
highly valuable in their realm. I also have to add these to
what Barkýn said: They may take ourform, look
and act like we do occasionally. Boom! I am very frightened right now.
I am terribly frightened. Okay, let’s go to bed my love. Okay, enough.
Everyone in here is a dimension expert. – Get up.
– Wait a minute baby. I really wonder where this stupid
conversation is going to end. I have a question. You believe in the jinn and magic and so on.
How old are you, man? What’s the connection, man? What’s the connection? Magic issue is
irrelevant to what I was talking about. But you still believe in it, don’t you? Well, I never experienced but
it is something real after all. It is definitely something real
but people should stay away from it. If such a thing was real, people who are
capable of that would rule the world. Maybe they already are. To hell man! Why do you have to see everything
in a materialistic way? Some people practice it to unite with
their lovers. Some do it to separate lovers. Hold on. I’d rather not have a girlfriend
than have one who loves me this way. Love can make you do anything. – What the!
– Who is that at this time of night? Let me check it out. No one even moved, man! Hey, do you think your jinn are here? Look, look at her face! Good evening, sorry to bother you.
I guess we are lost. We were looking for Lavey Mansion. You must
be from here. Do you know where is it? No mate, I don’t know.
We are not from here. You can rest inside for a minute,
if you would like to. No, thank you. Our car is right there. Anyway… Sorry We disturbed you.
Good night. You too. Come on. Come on. Come on. My love,… You are playing a game instead of sleeping. Aren’t you bored for God’s sake? I am bored of winning… …he is notbored of losing. He wants to
play the game over and over again. Dude, you are making this up just to show
off. Didn’t I beat you at the first game? Bro, I was barely awake during that. Come on! Oh, nobody is sleeping.
What are you up to? Come Sema, come. – Are you done?
– I’m done. It’s yours. – Go on.
– Dude, it’s your turn. Oh, it’s my turn indeed. – Damn! It went out of bounds!
– Good. Keep going like this. What is good about this dude?
We will lose, man! Press the circle to cross the ball. Exactly. Now hit, slam it. Not for real, dude.
Press that one. Baby, you needto press X.
Not the triangle, the X. – Press this one.
– Spin it. – Press the X, press the X.
– Now, pull that. – Okay, press R2.
– Now run. Press the square to kick. And you need to spin that wheel
at the same time but… No way. How should I do that? Come, Janah – I’m sorry.
– Baby? Anyway, it is late. Let’s not lose
the day tomorrow, let’s go to bed. Don’t step on it. You go to sleep, I’m going to read some. Kemal. Did Janah come downstairs
tonight before me? Good night. I asked you “Did Canan
come before I did?” Kemal. Good night. I’m sorry. Check it now. Nah. That didn’t work. Fuse is on, bulbs are fine. There is still a problem
but I don’t understand. What is it my love? Honestly, we can’t understand. – Janah. Do you think those jinn of yours
did this? – Very funny. – What are we going to do? – Power went off
and on, something was bound to happen. Estate agent said that there
is a generator at the back yard. We should check that out.
I don’t know what else. Then we would leave. We can hang out by candle lights at night.
Even more romantic. Suits me. We should take a look at that generator, huh? She is just like you said, Sema. I had no idea that she is capable of making
so much drama and spoiling everyone’s mood. Did you see the way she is staring? Let me tell you something.
She is not interested in Barkýn. – She is here to spoil our mood.
– Exactly. I wouldn’t stay even for a minute
where I’m not welcome. – Is the power back?
– I don’t know. Nah! It didn’t work again. I don’t want to stay like this Kemal. Love, we came all this way. We need to relax.
We don’t need the power anyway. Does anyone want something from the kitchen? Where to? I am so bored. Did you put those magazines
to my bag? – Yes.
– Okay. THE STORY BEHIND A MAN’S SUICIDE The door was open. I got interested when I saw the
article about the suicide. The door was shut Feride. Did you find what you were looking for? Hey guys, come out here. Let’s go my dear. Such a pity. Feride? Baby? Kemal please take me out of here, please. I’m begging you Kemal, please. I’m not good at all.
I’m begging you, please. Shh, okay, calm down.
Calm down baby. Kemal I really need to get out of here.
Let’s just leave this place. – Baby, no. Why are we leaving my dear?
– I want to get out of here! – There is no need to leave.
– I’m leaving. Don’t be ridiculous love.
What are you talking about? I don’t want to spend even one more
minute in here Kemal! Feride. Oh! Feride! Feride. Feride. Come on love, let’s talk about it, come. Do all these people have to
follow your orders? I’m telling you, just hold on,
we are leaving tomorrow. You’ve been whining since we go there. You didn’t enjoy here
and you didn’t let us enjoy. Enough.
You are not going anywhere. I want to leave,
can you give me the car keys? – Sema. – Don’t be silly Feride,
what are you talking about? My love. Please calm down. Nothing is wrong. You are just stressing yourself out,
don’t do this. We are out of booze bro,
these are the last. Damn! Of course you’ll run out of booze
if you keep drinking all the time. I don’t want to be mean but
how much were you planning to drink? Love, I could drink 4 or 5 more bottles. I haven’t gotten and action
since we go there anyway. That was harsh. Sema? I never seen you with a
boy at the school before. Are you a lesbian? Dude, that was even more harsh. Is this where
the conversation ends? Why do you care, dude?
What does it do with you? Who gave you the right to go that deep
into this girl’s private life? Drink it like men or don’t drink at all. Yes.
Because Feride is very sensitive… …about getting involve
in people’s private life. Janah. He says that he likes you but… …what kind of questions
does he ask in front of you. What is going on? – She scored. Twice.
– You too, shut up! – Girl, what do you think you are doing?
– I’m making up your mind. Do you really want me that much? Come on then. Come on. God damn you all. This is between them, girl. Why do you care? Let them
do what ever they want. What does it have to do with you? It has nothing to do with me.
Mind your own business. You can join Janah and Barkýn
if you want. Sema. May I stay in your room tonight? Go, go, go with Sema. – Shut up, don’t make me even more pissed
off. – Feride, can you come for a second? I’m not going to Kemal. Don’t you dare follow me.
That would make me only more angry. Fine! I’m not going to! I wish we didn’t come here at all. Nevermind, my dear.
I’m sure you will make up tomorrow. I was nervous already. On top
of that, this house is spooky. And on top of everything,
their immoral acts. And we don’t have the power.
I’m suffocating Sema. I’m going to listen some music Sema.
I hope you don’t mind. Okay, enjoy yourself.
I’ve found something to have fun with. I’m listening this since last night.
He is talking about all sorts of weird stuff. Today is 18 November 2012. The fear I lived through
left its place to suffering. Everything is mixed together in
a way that… …enables me to define
what is real and what is a dream. Knowing that they are with me
everywhere and always… …is making me
more nervous every day. Feride He is talking about interesting things.
He finds a connection to the jinn.…but no one else can hear them.to…<...the only thing they are telling me to>do… Let’s begin!…is Death.Wasn’t that Janan’s voice? What did you do to him? – I didn’t do anything.
– You slaughtered the boy! No. I didn’t do anything. Call the police.
Call the police! Kemal, something is happening to my phone. Give me that. Shut up! Shut up! Get out! Get out of here! Open. Please open. Ch-chair. Come, come here. They went quiet. What are we going to do? How are we going to get out of here? I don’t know. I don’t know. These are what Mustafa was
talking about on the tape. They are going to take us like they took him. Who the hell is this Mustafa?
What tape you are talking about? Feride! Help me!
Please open the door. I’m Sema! Don’t open it! They are playing with us.
I’m Sema, Feride! Remember what Mustafa said? Didn’t we listen it together?
They are playing with us. I’m Sema. Feride! Open the door, please! For God’s sake Feride.
Look into my eyes. I’m Sema. They are playing with us.
Please don’t open the door. Help! I leaped up just like you did
after Janah’s scream. I was right behind you, but… …something invisible was holding me back. It felt like I was losting time. I don’t know how long I stayed there.
Then I found myself in front of Janah’s door. Everything is exactly like
how Mustafa describes on the tape. Who the hell is that Mustafa?
Tell me who Mustafa is! I’m done with this! I found a recorder in my room
on our first day here. I got that part. I’m listening the tape since last night. In the beginning, he was
talking about a magic session… …he attended with someone
else and how it went. On the following days,
he starts to talk about… …how he became a slave for a
cult of jinn called Ammar… …and how he got lost between dimensions. Ammar. Ammar is the name of the jinn
who can mix between people. I guess it was haunting this guy,
as I understood. Are you telling me all of these now? Are you joking Kemal?
Would you believe me if I did? We listened with Feride tonight.
Whatever Mustafa said is happening to us. – Was he living in this house?
– I don’t know. But depending on what he says… …they are going to take us all,
Kemal. All of us. Where is that device? In my room. We need to get that. I can’t come. I can’t come. Girls, don’t you understand? Those recordings may be
our only way out of here. There may be parts that you missed. I can’t come. I can’t come. Come on! Come on! Sema! Sema! We won’t be able to get out.
We won’t be able to get out of here. We will.
I promise, we will get out of here. We will get out.Today is 18 November 2012.The fear I lived through
left its place to suffering.Everything is mixed together in
a way that…
…enables me to define
what is real and what is a dream.Knowing that they are with me
everywhere and always……is making me more nervous everyday.What I live through is a nightmare,
or is it real?
I feel them in my cells.Their noises fill
the inside of my head.
The only place they are calling me to,
the only thing they are telling me to do.…is death!He couldn’t make it. They are going to get us.
They are going to get us, too, Kemal.Today is 25 December 2012.It has been a month
since I’ve committed suicide.
I don’t know which dimension I am in.But what is she doing?We both are going to die in here! Feride, Feride.
Who is the “she”? Who is the “she” he is talking about? – They are going to kill us.
– Feride, listen to me. Feride, we will get out.
We will get out.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth.They are from Ammar cult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth. They are from Ammarcult of the jinn.
They feed on bones and filth. Kemal. Kemal. Feride. Feride. Don’t be silly Feride.
Where are you going for God’s sake? You. Mustafa. Mustafa help me please, help! Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure about
what you are going to do? I’ve found the hodja.
I’ve learned what we need. Soil from the grave, things like that. I’m in love with this guy.
I’m crazy in love with him. He doesn’t even look at me.
He is obsessed with Janan. You should see the girl, such a slut.
I don’t know what he sees in her.Cousin. I should be looking after you.I don’t want anything bad
to happen to you.
Help me please, don’t turn me down.I’m Feride Aydýn.Today is 8 April 2013.I haven’t been able to reach Mustafa
in a long time.
This scares me.But whatever we did, it worked.Kemal is my boyfriend now.He treats Janan as if they
had never been together.We are going on a mountain
house this weekend…
…with Kemal, Barkýn,
Sema and I for two days.Worst part of this holiday is……Janan is coming with us.But it’s okay. Being with Kemal
is worth everything to me. We found this tape at Feride’s apartment. It has more. The night you mentioned was
my engagement night with Janan. Barkýn and Sema were there.
They were also with us. On top of that i am dating with Janan
for the last 5 years. With Feride… I can’t even imagine having a relationship
with Feride like this. This never happened. Janan’s housemate Sema
is the closest witness to that. Okay Mr. Kemal, we know all of these. Nothing is wrong with that.
We are not accusing you of anything. Miss Feride’s cause of death is certain.
Acute asthma attack. But… …why would she ever
record a tape like this? Why would she keep talking about
that mountain house she never visited? We are trying to understand these. At the same time… …we are investigating death of a girl
called Suzan. There isn’t a certain similarity
between two cases… …but there is a coincidence in
the deaths of these young people… …they all talk about things
they haven’t done, they all say that they went to
places they haven’t been. As you would appreciate, my clients
don’t necessarily need to know that, captain. Just as Mr. Kemal said,
they were all together… …in front of many
people on that day… …according to witnesses and evidence. Now, if you may… Please. Mysterious Death The Story Behind a Man’s Suicide Willye then take him and his progeny
as protectors rather than Me? (Kehf 50) subtitles.hr


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  12. From malaysia💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💟💟💟❤❤❤💚💚💚💓💓💓💓💝💝💝💙💙💙💖💖💖❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💟💟💟💟💛💛💛💛💛👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Weird same non islamic nude so called nasty evil horrible content hateable damn 😠 yeck shame on you turks 👊 I dont watch any turk stuff

  14. Hi..im not turkish but sooo love your horror movies..watched the siccin 1-4 but still waiting for the 5 &6 with english sub…oh and is waiting for dabbe 5

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