Ukrainian Special Forces, Who Hunted After Rebel Leaders, are Caught in Lugansk

Ukrainian Special Forces, Who Hunted After Rebel Leaders, are Caught in Lugansk

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Lugansk People’s Republic law enforcement
detained a group of Ukrainian terrorists, who, a month ago, blew up the car of Oleg Anashchenko,
one of the militia commanders. Saboteurs were part
of a conspiratorial group, which was sent to the LPR specifically
for organizing terrorist attacks. Each one is part of Ukrainian Army’s Special Forces. According to on-the-spot information, they could also be involved in the killing
of Givi, the battalion commander. Report of Alexander Sladkov. The Lugansk People’s Republic Ministry of State Security
reported about a major victory. A sabotage group was detained. Interrogations, confessions. Warehouses with weapons and ammunition were found. And major crimes were uncovered. This is one of the clandestine apartments
in which they found weapons and explosives. These are the members
of the Ukrainian sabotage group. And their confessions. I went through additional training, which was conducted by American instructors
on the Khmelnitskaya base of the 8th Regiment. Our first task was to destroy the Pobeda Power Plant
near Sverdlovka in August 2016. The Ministry for State Security
has information on attempts by Ukrainian Special Forces to assassinate international mission personnel
working in the Lugansk People’s Republic. LPR Special Forces employees affirm that special forces are being trained in Ukraine
to organize murders and sabotage in Russia. Currently, a combined detachment
of the 8th Special Purpose Regiment, consisting of 120-150 people,
is being deployed in Starobelsk. Four subversive and reconnaissance groups
consisting of 12 to 17 people have been formed. In Belgorod… Now, a group like this is located in Belgorod, in the Russian Federation,
to eliminate Russian troops. Last August, six Ukrainian subversive groups operated
on Lugansk People’s Republic territory. Some of their members were detained,
and some were killed. Their biggest terrorist attack committed,
was the murder of Oleg Anashchenko, the head of LPR’s people’s militia. Sergei took a high-capacity bomb, and put it under the driver’s seat,
in his Toyota Land Cruiser 100. I triggered the explosive device
that blew up his car and he died. This is that non-lethal aid to Ukraine –
the training of art of killing. Preparation of the 8th Regiment
and other special purpose units is carried out by
the military instructors from Lithuania, the United States, and other NATO countries, in the training centers located
on Ukraine’s territory. Leonid Pasechnik, the head
of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR, says that Ukrainian specialists
are related to other high-profile murders, including the murder of
Mikhail Tolstykh, who used the call sign “Givi,” which was committed a month ago in Donetsk. Alexander Sladkov, Vladimir Averin, Igor Uklein,
Andrei Rudenko, Oleg Bondarenko,Vesti, Donbass

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