VAMPIRE | “Blood Drive” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

VAMPIRE | “Blood Drive” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

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(knuckles cracking) (door clunking) (crunching) (paper rustling) (pen scratching) (clunking) (straps rattling) (needle pinging) – Squeeze. (toy squeaking) (chair clunking) (soothing elevator music) (knuckles cracking) (tube rattling) (dramatic music) (toy squeaking) (dramatic music) (elevator music) (monster growling) (loud yelling and screaming) (patients screaming) – Bad guys forever. (screaming) – Stop drop and roll, stop drop and roll. Shake really fast. Shake it off, shake it off. Neutralize the burn.


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  2. Man:'YELLS'

    Me:please be normal thats just normal i have bloody noses that do more damage and i drink de blood

  3. Nope screw that fucking vampire
    Never getting bittin by that vampire
    Nah hell nah that doctor is a bitch

  4. The same the same the same the you tube video time the same the same the same the same the same the same the

  5. Lol beard guy is my cousin. I thiiiink I remember him saying that the reason his character doesn't react more to being strapped to the chair is because he's high on horse tranquilizers. He might have been kidding.

  6. Why do they need the vampires in the room, can't they just be in a separate room? Like, there' s a hole in the wall and the tube goes in there? Also, why play soothing music when you're giving blood? What you need is adrenalizing music, the kind that gets the heart pumping, thereby more blood. And faster, too.
    It's just like cows. Keep them alive, unknowing, so they'd come back for more food/medicine.

    Also, I would totally donate blood to feed vamps, just saying. So long as they don't kill me, of course.

  7. Dammit, I really love vampires and would love to watch this video but just
    Watching blood drawn from this dude is too much for me.

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