Veronica (Netflix) Review – Is This the SCARIEST Movie of All Time?  (Veronica movie, Netflix, 2018)

Veronica (Netflix) Review – Is This the SCARIEST Movie of All Time? (Veronica movie, Netflix, 2018)

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welcome back to malevolent elephant you
know Netflix is doing a great job at giving us tons of new content they have
dropped so much stuff lately it’s nearly impossible to keep up the newest
sensation is the movie Veronica which is directed by Paco Plaza who directed the
rec films so he is no stranger to good horror movies the movie is supposedly
based on a true story and is set in the early 1990s in Madrid Spain a young
teenage girl played by Sondra s cocina is living in an apartment and often
tends to her two younger siblings she suspects an evil presence in the
apartment and spends a majority of the movie just trying to kind of figure out
what’s going on the movie involves a Ouija board so that should tell you a
little bit about what the movie is about Veronica is sort of a conjuring esque
type of movie except of course with Spanish subtitles this is a very
artistic and well done horror flick the tension was constant good acting there
was not an overabundance of jump-scares which usually is what brings down horror
movies as you know and it was very very well done once you really get into the
movie you kind of forget that it’s not even in English Veronica at present has
a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes which is a crazy score for a horror movie but I
think that’s kind of high I mean it’s pretty good but there are reports that
some people were hailing this movie as the scariest movie of all time folks
it’s not even close it’s good but not great I did jump a few times but
Veronica is not enough to keep me up at night but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t
have scares or that it’s a poor horror film because that’s not the case I give
Veronica a B+ have you seen Veronica if you haven’t
seen it I encourage you to check it out it’s on Netflix so give it a look it’s
about an hour and 45 minutes and let me know what you think as always don’t
forget to like or dislike the video as this really helps me out and don’t you
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  1. Many are hailing Veronica as the scariest movie EVER! It currently has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Have you seen it? Let me know what you think!

  2. It was really good and kept my attention for sure. No doubt I would b jumping at that scary ass thing. If you havent seen it check it out for a fun night scare ?

  3. Very Powerful Video!! "Exposing Mental illness/The Demonic & The Paranormal Field"
    "Exposing FALSE Exorcist"

  4. Not the "scariest" but definitely a really good horror film. There were some unnerving scenes but the rest came together great without all the unnecessary jumpscares & loud sound effects.

  5. This was a flippin amazing review. Cut straight to the chase, kept it vague enough, told me what I wanted to know, and very good narration! Thank you!!!

  6. I liked the cinematography and acting. In terms of overall story telling, i found it unremarkable. The best movies, even horror movies, have something to say (see Psycho, It Follows, The Witch, The Babadook, Drag Me to Hell). Veronica didn't say much beyond beyond "don't play with Ouija boards."

    There were 3 main scare moments. The scream after the seance (a dumb & loud / jump scare with a cliche mouth stretch). The naked dad moment (the most legitimately unnerving part in the movie, imo). The demon in the hallway (uneventful… especially if you've already watched Signs). Other than those three…"meh." Most of the other horror stuff happens in the climax when you're expecting it. I think the real value of the movie is in the performances and not the scares.

    I agree that it's a B or B+. Good movie, not perfect. Certainly not the scariest ever.

  7. I watched it last night with my grandma and really enjoyed it. Sister Death would totally be my nun name (movie reference).

  8. If youve been a horror fan your entire life then this movie isnt scary at all, I predicted everything that was going to happen in this movie scene by scene and was greatly disappointed, tbh Im tired of these demon possession/haunted house horror movies, they all follow the same tropes and rely on pointless jumpscares, I seriously want the slasher genre to make a comeback even though they can be quite repetitive theirselves but atleast you can mix things up with those. Ill give this movie a 5/10, the only part I would say that was remotely creepy was the naked father part.

  9. Same Ol played out story since The Exorcist. Teenage girl becomes possessed and yada, yada, yada. Unoriginal. Honestly, I find a doctor's office scarier than this movie. 2 quarters of the way through I pulled my phone out and started scrolling through FB. YAWN!

  10. Exactly what I thought. But.. I hae to admit: I had high expectations, because I read it is the "scariest movie 2018", so I was a little disappointed. But it was great though. These kids were acting so good and the atmosphere was definitly there!

  11. It is not that scary. First Ouija scene was good but after that just average stuff. I guess its to overhyped.
    The Soundtrack is nice. Some cool synthie parts and songs from Heroes Del Silencio. I like them anyway.

    For me The Shining and Sinister are much more scarier than Veronica. Even Jaws is scarier?

  12. "You kinda forget that the movie is not even in english". What that even means? As an non native english speaker , i just dont get how that impacts the movie as an experience. Is it just that subtitles take away 90% of your attention, and you cant focus on the movie itself?

  13. I thought it was ok. Alot of accurate predictions throughout the movie but i hate these kind of endings. It's a hit or miss with people I guess

  14. Mainstream scary is not scary at all most of the time. Hell, southbound and vhs are better than this. Remember “scary” to the mainstream is just hipster lingo for “kind of unsettling”

  15. Scariest of all time is a stretch but it's still terrifying and that's coming from someone who almost never gets scared

  16. Meh. The ending was pretty disturbing though. When the cops walked in, that is. Never really seen a movie I've thought was scary though. No old or new movie, to me, really keeps me up at night lol

  17. Well I'm in perfect age to identify with the movie and the scenario. That Film scared the shit out of me. In my opinion the sound design (and that soundtrack with that fucking whistwling) is incredible and so the camera work. The whole atmosphere was so intense to me. Hell that film was so good

  18. I heard some crap that people with weak hearts died watching this, wtf is some one with a weak heart watching a jump scare movie in the first place

  19. This movie isn't even scary. The plot is kinda ok. Jumpscares are lame, so does an atmosphere.

  20. I watched this movie at 1 in the morning, it wasn't scary. It was pretty good but not scary, just another possession movie that we've been shown over and over and over again.

  21. He did rec too awesome es porque yo me gusta este palicula tambien c no ?

  22. jump scares ruin scary movies… what? that means its good. if u goto a comedy and dont laugh or a sad movie and dont cry then it didnt acheive its goal. scary movies are supposed to make you jump. the movie sucks btw.

  23. The fuck is this shit? People are easily afraid of this garbage? If you've been watching horro movies for over a decade, this shit is nothing.

  24. I liked Veronica. I thought it was well done. Not a lot of cheese or horrible casting/acting, like we usually see these days. It's more suspense than terror or out and out gore for the sake of gore.

  25. Bedtime story,child for adults.The world is full of REAL horrors.Wars,epidemics,famine,etc…Those who are terrified of these movies are certainly bored.Instead of filming the REAL problems.Life can be boring for those looking at these movies.Get up and see the real horrors in the world: refugees,starvation,poverty…

  26. I sat there & watch this whole thing only because I'm on the casino bus it's 3 hour on here but believe me I was scared turn a few times

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