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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – (FBE) For gaming today,
you’ll be using the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset.
– Brah! That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted
to try one of these. – It’s fricking awesome. You can move around,
so it’s really advanced too. – I bet you’ve missed being on my head. Have they been good to you? – (FBE) Are you ready to find out
what you’re playing? – Yes, I’m ready. – Is it a scary game? – I’m in, like, a desert area,
and this just seems like horror. – I think I’m on Mars
because I see the rover here. – (FBE) You’ll be playing through
a few levels of the campaign to see how well you do
while trying to uncover the secrets of The Brookhaven Experiment. – Oh, this is a– oh, this is a campaign. I thought it was just like
a challenge thing. (gun fires)
– Ooh-hoo-hoo! ♪ Here I go ♪ – Oh, no. Oh that– (groans). Dang, this is real! – (squealing) No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. I want out. I want out.
– (dispatcher) This is Kali. Maintain radio silence,
and look out for hostiles. Always check your six, over. – Oh, I’m like a special agent? – So I got to look out for hostiles,
and I’m in a burning building? – (Kali) Always check your six, over.
– Always check my six? Oh god. (gasping) Oh my god,
oh my god! – Oh, what is that? What is that? – Oh, whoa, whoa! Wait, where’s my gun? I only have a machete! – What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do? I can’t shoot you. Come on, I’m gonna have to stab him? – Oh god, this is too real!
This is too real. – Wait, how do I kill it? Oh my god. No, no, no, no, no. (whimpering) Get out– oh god! Hoo. – I don’t want to fight anyone. (squealing) Please, no! That is so scary! I hate this. – Come here! Oh, that’s cool. – Okay. – (Kali) I’ve got reports of a large herd
of hostiles in your area. – A large group of hostiles,
that’s not good. – (Kali) You’d better unholster, over. – Ooh, I got it! I got the gun. – Oh, I have a gun. – (Kali) I hope that gun
of yours is loaded. – “I hope that gun of yours is loaded.” It’s not– (gasping) “Squeeze
grip buttons to reload.” (loading gun)
Oh. – “Wave one,” okay,
this is like Call of Duty. I’ve played Call of Duty: Zombies before, so I sort of know what I’m doing, except now I’m in the actual game. – Oh god. Oh god,
I don’t like this at all. Oh god!
(firing) Die, die, die, die, die! Please die.
(reloading) (firing) Why isn’t he dying?
Why isn’t he dying? (chamber clicks) They’re not dying fast enough. (firing) – I don’t want to move! God, why don’t they die? (firing) (chamber clicks)
Oh shoot. Come on! (firing) – I can’t tell if I’m hitting him. Oh, okay, I got him. (firing) – Holy crap, this thing is so strong. – Head shot. Hoo-hoo. Another one.
(firing) (chamber clicking)
Okay, now reload. Okay, machete, I’m just gonna use this
while I’m reloading. Hwah! What up?
(man groaning) (zombie snarling)
– Oh my god! Okay. (panting) – Oh, I hate this. (screaming) (giggling) Oh my god!
(chamber clicking) No, I hate this! – That’s pretty dope. Whoa-ho-ho! Aah! That fricking scared
the living crap out of me! – Oh god! Oh my god! Oh, that came out of nowhere! (zombies snarling)
(screaming) Oh no! (screaming) (laughing) Oh god! (zombies snarling) – (shrieking) Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Guys, no, no, I survived,
but not mentally. – Oh, I survived. – (groaning) I don’t like this game. – (FBE) You survived the first wave, so between waves now,
you’ll get a chance to upgrade your equipment. – Okay, my heart
is still beating from that, but that’s so cool that we get upgrades. – I can either choose health or ammo. – Additional ammo sounds pretty good, but I also will probably die,
so I might need the first aid kit. So I’m gonna go with the first aid kit. – So I think I want to choose
the additional ammo then, because, I mean,
my health is already full. (firing) – Now what? Oh, what is this? I can choose a new gun or something? – “Specter, a lightweight pistol
with a high rate of fire.” Let’s do it! – “Laser Sight, enhance your aim
with a laser beam.” That sounds kind of cool. Okay, and, apparently,
that’s the only one I can pick, so laser sight it is. – I can choose
a new throwable upgrade. – I don’t need this. I think the mine is pretty good because I can put it, like, behind me. – “Will detonate when anything
gets close to it.” Ooh! Let’s go. – Choosing the Molotov.
Okay, there, I think I got it. (firing) – Oh god, back to wave– wave two. Okay, wave one was bad enough. (booming footsteps)
– No! No, what is that? – You’re humongous! How am I supposed to kill you? – (screaming) Okay, okay–
that’s– no, calm down, dude. (firing) – (shrieking) Oh my god!
Oh my god!!! – (FBE) You can select an item
using the thumb pad. – Oh, there it is.
There we go. Select– no, wait– what do I–?
– (FBE) Just pull the trigger and throw it. – This is scary. Oh, that’s pretty cool.
(explosion) Oh, I didn’t want to do that.
Crap, go back to gun. Go back to gun!
Go back to gun! Oh god. (reloading)
(firing) – Okay, all right, no– mmm–
slow down, slow down. Oh gosh, wave two,
you’re killing me already. (firing) – (Kali) From town square,
you’ll see the lab. – Town square, you’ll see the lab. What lab? – (Kali) The fire will light your way.
– The fire will light my way. – Okay, that wasn’t as bad.
I didn’t get hit. I survived. That was it? – Yo! But now I feel like
town square is gonna be really dark, which is gonna be a lot more scarier. – (moaning) – No! Oh god. – (Kali) You’d better
be using your flashlight if you’re not already. – “Press thumbpad
to switch to flashlight.” – Let’s see if there’s
a battery thing that’s– all right, so there’s only 300
of this, so I gotta use this– – (Kali) Don’t turn that flashlight
on unless you need it. – Okay, don’t turn it on unless I need it. – (Kali) You should see
the Brookhaven sign from here, and that’s where you’re headed. Clear a path and be ready for anything. – Oh, nope.
(firing) Nope. (firing)
– Oh god, I hate you. Die, die, die. – Okay, now it’s like three little doorways
that I can shoot them from. It’s, like, literally all my surroundings. Okay. Really? Dude, seriously, like, come on. This is not how you get girls to like you. – This isn’t that bad. They’re not, like, coming at me. (firing) (chamber clicking)
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Get that away from– is it dead?
Where did it go? (firing)
– Why is he walking like that? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Come on. No, no, no, no, no!!! (firing)
(whimpering) Oh no! He charged me and I hated it. I closed my eyes, I’ll admit it. – Yo, this is barely the third round
and my heart’s already pounding, and it’s like, I know it’s not real,
but it feels so real. – Okay, yeah, I’ll definitely need that. – Additional ammo, stick with that. Come at me. “Wave number two, stay vigilant. You never know when an enemy
will sneak up behind you.” – I feel like it’s about
to be really hard. – I feel like I have to be
really smart about this, and always be scanning my surroundings. (firing) – Yo, this one’s pissed off! (grunting) (firing) – No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (chamber clicking)
No, no, no! (firing) Okay, I forgot it doesn’t actually hurt. – (Kali) We didn’t mean
for any of this to happen. We were just curious. What danger is it to peek?
– Shut up, lady! – (Kali) Indoors, you only have
to worry about hostiles that can fit through doorways. Outdoors, you’d better have enough ammo
for the bigger specimens. – Wait, what the hell? – What are you? What are you?
What are you? You’re humongous. This is all because
of the Brookhaven Experiment. – All right, well,
tell my family I love them. – Oh, okay, there it is. All right, let’s make sure we’re reloaded, and let’s go say hi. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! No, okay– that’s not gonna work. All right. Okay. This thing is taking a lot longer to die. – Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap! Okay, I got him. – It’s really big and I don’t like it. (zombie growls) Oh, wait, easy money. – (Kali) When you get
into that building, you need to make
your way to the basement. It’s time to move.
Kali out. – All right, I did it. – Yeah, I survived! – Do I have to play that level? – Oh god.
(firing) Basement. Lab and basement are, like,
the worst words to go together. – Well, maybe this
where the thing started, and I feel like that’s where
all the zombies are gonna be. – Now, this, this terrifying. – (Kali) …in position.
(static interference) (Kali) If you found the generator…
(static interference) – Ugh. – I literally can’t understand
anything this girl is saying. Something about hostiles
and something about a generator. – Oh god, I see some from the dark.
(loading gun) – Mm.
(firing) – I’m really trying
to be smart in how I shoot, instead of just shooting everywhere. – I’m gonna try and shoot you now.
Don’t come charging. I said don’t come charging! Stop, there we go. – I wish I could move around
so I could, like, hide. (firing)
(zomblie snarling) (firing)
– (sharp exhale) They’re kind of easy now. Like, they were really scary at first, but now I know you can
just wait until they run at you. – These guys are a lot easier to take out
if you have accuracy. Whaaaaaa! No matter what, even if it’s just a game, I don’t care what people say,
this thing is actually really scary. (firing) – Oh, thank god. (firing) – My flashlight’s about to– no! Oh, I survived, though. I didn’t know it could run out of battery. – I’m gonna go with ammo,
and if I die… congratulations, Reina,
you screwed yourself over. – I don’t need first aid.
Additional ammo… – (sighing) Okay. Where are we coming from? (zombie snarling) – God! God, where is
that sound coming from? That’s freaking me out. (groaning) Oh– oh god. Okay.
(firing) – Where are they at, though? Okay, there’s a runner right away,
right off the bat. (firing) (zombie snarling)
Ooh! Let’s go. – I don’t like that at all. Who are you?! Oh, how do I throw a Molotov? Hooooooooo, yes, this. Go. (bottle shatters, explosion) (grunting) Die, please. – All right.
(thundering footsteps) (bottle shatters, explosion) – No!
(zombie snarls) Well, that’s the rest of those. – That one’s huge. Oh, wait, but it’s slow. But it won’t die.
Are you kidding me? (firing) – Oh, what the heck, bro? Throw a grenade, throw a grenade,
throw a grenade. (explosions) We gotta take down–
oh, it’s down! All right, that’s perfect. – Throw, throw, throw! Okay, well, that took care of him pretty– I bet there’s gonna be
another one coming, though. (zombie snarling)
– (screaming) Oh my god! Oh my god. Get off!
Get away, get away, get away. – (screaming) No, no, no!
They’re coming everywhere. I don’t have my light.
I don’t have my light. It hit me– oh, I’m
hitting with the light. I’m so dumb. (firing) (firing) (chamber clicks)
– Oh god. No, no, no, no, no, no! Go faster!
(firing) (shrieking) (firing) Get out, get out, get out. Oh, thank god, okay. – Where’s my flashlight? – (Kali) You wouldn’t believe
what we were up to in that place. The limitations of space flight
and imaging technology being as they were, I mean,
seeing as much as they could from a three dimensional universe, what can we see
where we haven’t been looking? – What? – Are we done?
Are we done, you stupid lady? – (Kali) Could we see the past, the future? Could we see other dimensions entirely? – What? This lady
is just rambling on about these philosophical ideas. – (groaning) (sighing) Oh my god, I made it. – (FBE) Well, that’s it for today. – I feel like I did great. I conquered my fear. – Oh my god. (groaning) – Thank god! – It’s scary, and as much
as I hated it in the beginning, I wouldn’t mind doing it again. – It’s just so advanced. It’s crazy how far video games have come. – It was really scary
and it felt realistic because, like, I literally
had adrenaline going and my arms hurt so bad,
and I’m, like, sweating. – It makes me scared crapless. When you’re growing up, like,
you see them on the screen, but you don’t expect them
to actually feel like they’re right next to you, attacking you. That was honestly one
of the best games I’ve ever played. – Thanks for watching
this episode of gaming here on the React channel. – Thank you guys
so much for always watching and supporting us, and sending
in videos and stuff like that. We love you guys. Keep doing it. – Comment below what games
we should play next. – Subscribe! New gaming
episodes every single week. – See you next time
from another dimension! – Everybody, Derek here,
producer from the React channel, I don’t know what they
were all jumping about. This can’t be that scary. Anyways, check out some
of these other videos below. You might just find something you like. All right, here we– AAH! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


  1. Je connais bien ce jeu, je l'ai fini en entier et je confirme que c'est un très bon jeu VR. Si ce n'est l'un des meilleurs jeux VR à avoir absolument pour les amateurs de VR.

  2. So if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, I think everyone's safest bet is to have a teenage girl as a wingman since the guys are bigger wimps in this video, haha.

  3. Teens react to Dragon Age: Inquisition. I feel it's gonna take too many hours to be one episode though. Is there anything against my suggesting it? Did they play it before or Origins or II?

  4. I want to see them playing old racing games, particularly games like Grand Prix Legends, or even Gran Turismo is fine, please?

  5. This is probably the best VR experience you have shown. Even as a spectator, I was on the edge of my seat. My favorite was definitely Tori, she sounded terrified as hell. Haha. Keep making these great videos. Kudos.

  6. Teens react to ARAYA Demo (Horror Game). It's available on Steam. Please? Thank you React Channel. Love the videos. More power to your channel. 🙂

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