Washington Monument Rescue Scene | Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Movie Clip 4K

Washington Monument Rescue Scene | Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Movie Clip 4K

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No, no, no.
Karen, what’s going on up there? The Chitauri core has detonated… …and caused severe structural
damage to the elevator. – Oh, no.
– My friends are up there. What? Don’t worry, ma’am,
everything’s gonna be okay. Excuse me, excuse me.
Oh, my God, that’s tall. Oh, my God. Look at the ceiling. Just stay calm, everyone. Oh, we are all going to die here. Estimating 10 minutes
before catastrophic failure. We’re freaking screwed. Okay, I know that was scary,
but our safety systems are working. The safety systems are completely failing. We’re very safe in here. The occupants are
in imminent mortal danger. Going as fast as I can! – Let’s go.
– Give me your hand. You now have 125 seconds
until catastrophic failure. What?! Why? Unexpected motion has caused
the deterioration to escalate. – How do I get in there?
– Activating reconnaissance drone. Has that been there this whole time?
That’s awesome. Locating optimal entry point. Proceed to southwest window. Karen, I’m on my way. – There’s a lot of glass here.
– You got this. Keep coming, keep coming. Okay. Oh, my God. Okay. What’s wrong?
You’ve reached the southwest window. – Why are you hesitating?
– It’s fine. I’ve just never been this high before. You have also not reinstalled
your parachute… …so a fall from this height
would most likely be lethal. Perfect. Oh, my God. Why is it not breaking? It’s four-inch ballistic glass.
You’ll have to create more momentum. This is D.C. Metro Police.
Identify yourself. My friends are in there! Stop! Return to the ground immediately. – Okay, who’s next?
– Me, it’s my turn. Flash, seriously? What are you doing? – Come on.
– Don’t worry about the trophy. Stand down! Return to the ground immediately. Return to the ground or we will open fire! Go up, go up. I got this. Take my trophy. This is your last chance. I’m gonna die. Break! I did it. Hey, how you doing?
Don’t worry. I got you. – Yes! Yes.
– Hey, hey, hey. – Big guy, quit moving around.
– I’m sorry, sir. Let’s go, let’s go! Okay, okay. – Mr. Harrington, go.
– Ned, come on. – This is your stop.
– Come on, Liz. Go, go, go. Everybody out.
Move it, people. Move it, move it. – Are you sure it’s safe?
– Liz. Liz! You’re okay. You’re okay. Okay. – Oh, my God.
– Good, good. Come on up.
Come on, you guys, stay back. – Come on in.
– You guys good? So is everyone okay? This is your chance, Peter. Kiss her. Thank you. Are you really friends with Peter Parker?


  1. All this movie needed was a little more action and I would have given it a higher grade. I hate to say this, but a person should be ashamed of themselves for getting bullied by a individual that looks like that weak Flash Thompson kid.

  2. I really didn’t like KAREN at all and am glad she wasn’t brought back for FFH. Also Tom is a very good Spider-Man but I still don’t like him having a super suit bc it drifts a bit too far from the Amazing Spider-Man comics.

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