WATER’S EDGE | “Woe Bones” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

WATER’S EDGE | “Woe Bones” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

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(man screams) – Where is he? That (mumbles) We saw you with it. – Someone help! Help me, please! – Where is it? (mumbles) (man screams) Where is it? (mumbles) (man moans) – Hey! Don’t you lie to us, asshole. (man grunting) – You tell me (mumbles) (man laughs) – Fuck you. – Jackson! (man grunting) (yells) – He ain’t never talkin’. (Jackson mumbles) – [Jackson] (mumbles) at peace for our brother’s death. (man yells) (creature screeches) – Listen. That’s the monster. (object thuds) (creature groans) (boards creaking) (creature yells) What do we do? (creature groaning) – We kill it. For what it did to Will. (man humming) Shut up. (object tapping) It’s nothin’. (body part squishes) (screams) – Jackson! (Jackson moans) (moaning) (creature screams) (man humming) (man mumbles) (birds chirping) – [Lexi] We’re gonna have WiFi, right? – [Man] No. No WiFi, no landline. We are off the grid. No more pitiful looks in town, our neighbors showing up with casseroles. How’s that sound? – Okay. We have to get WiFi, though. We’re not savages. – Yes, ma’am. (seatbelt unfastens) (car door closes) (eerie whispering) (birds chirp) (low-key mysterious music) Lex, you hungry? – Where’s my tracking chair? – I, I left it at the other house. I’ll build you a new one. – But I want Mom’s chair. – Okay. (Lexi sniffles) Hey, hey. Hey, hey, Lexi. Hey. I’ll go get Mom’s chair tomorrow, okay? Honey, you have to remember, even though Mom’s not with us anymore, she’s always gonna be right here for you. And so will I. Now why don’t you go outside and play? It’s a beautiful day out. – All my friends say there are monsters in this part of the woods. The monsters, they… Eat up all the sad people because the monsters are sad too. – You’re telling me you
believe in monsters now? Come on, go outside and play. But don’t stray too far, all right? (door closes) (eerie ambient music) (flies buzz) (bird chirps) (eerie whispering) – [Woman] Lexi. – Mommy? – Lexi? Lex? – [Woman] Come closer. – Shit. (eerie, suspenseful music) Lexi! – Touch the water and you can get me back. – Lexi! Lexi! Lexi? – [Woman] One. – [Man] No. Two.
– No! – [Woman] Three. – No, no, no, no! No, no. – [Woman] Let her work. She used to be a nurse. – [Woman] Seven, eight, nine. (man panting) – [Man] Laura? (bird chirps) (object thuds) Laura? – [Man] Run! (creature screeches) (man grunts) (creature screeches) (leaves rustles) (creature screeches) Lexi? (man humming) Lexi. (creature screeches) Calm down. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be okay. (door thudding) (creature screeching) (object thuds) (ax clangs lightly) (creature screeches) No, no. Shit. Lexi, come back! (leaves rustling) – Boo! (laughs) – Damn it. – You ain’t never been a good shot. Couldn’t shoot an animal
if it was dead anyway. (laughs) – Hey, I ain’t going any further. I’m telling y’all, there
are monsters in these parts. The creeps in these woods
are said to tempt you with your deepest desires. And those fall prey, they may become one of the… The woe bones. Used to be people. Now they’re just feeding. Lonely and desperate souls. Trying to make themselves
feel whole again. – That’s a lot of crap. – Listen. People go missing in
these woods all the time. What do you think got my friend Caleb? He came out to these woods, got separated from his friends. And something got him. (terrifying music) (creature groans) (Ellie scoffs) – What have you been smokin’? Can you hook your big sister up with some? (laughs) – To hell with y’all. – [Ellie] Come on. (creature screeches) (panting) – Oh, shit. Holy shit. Shit. (breathing heavily) (creature screeches) – No, wait, wait, wait, wait! – Jackson! Ellie! I got proof! I saw, I saw a goddamn monster behind me! Look, I told you! I got it, I got (mumbles) – [Ellie] Holy hell! Will! (intense, pounding music) (liquid drips) (body splats) (Ellie retches) (creature screeches) – Lexi, run! (creature screeches) – Come on (mumbles) to the road. Come on. No, come. Come on, run! – [Jackson] I can’t. (creature screeches) – Jackson! (creature screeches) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (mumbles) (yells) No. Your brother. You did it. You killed our brother. So we killed your father. Maybe we can call it even. (screaming) (soft, haunting piano music) (creature screeches) (bird caws) (bird chirping) (creature growls) (creature hisses) (creature growls) – It’s okay. Eat. That’s for you. (creature groans) (woman gasps) (woman panting) – [Announcer] Watch new
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  1. It begins with the action. That's great. In most short stories videos they make the beginning so slow. But I don't like flash backs. They take too long in a story. A full movie could be made from this. There's enough to reveal like how that girl at the end knew that when you show no fear they would not kill you.

  2. Thank you for restoring my faith in horror genre. Movies these days aren't doing it. Your stories are top notch, and original. Character design is well thought out and believable.

    This one had some really great actors, sets and the concept and creature are fantastic. I loved this and wish I could see this developed further. This is a top YouTube video for me.

  3. Purple Light! 😀 Purple Chrystals are in that lake. They transform people into Monsters, like in Camp.
    This Monster Hunter Girl – Is she Alice Q.?

  4. I wonder if that one arm woman is the same character from the Brute story who got the Brute to go back into his door

  5. bruh when she was like u killed my brother we killed ur father so we can call it even I was like naahhh kill that bitch then the next scence her stomach is being ripped apart and I started lmao am I wrong for that??? xD

  6. omg!!!, it’s creppy and cry nie umiem angielskiego ale to jest smutne
    O mój Boże ! To jest straszne cały czas bałam się ze coś mi wyskoczy XD
    A lubie horrory nawet kocham ale tak się bałam ze coś mi wyskoczy !!
    To jest takie smutne nawet potwór cierpiał ?????

  7. Woe Bones is a combination of Look-See and Mordeo because as you can see the lake lures you in and you get lured in by the desire to get dead loved ones back (Im talking about how the concept of the pond luring you with that is similar to looksee's concept)and if you get lured in you become a woe bone (Similar to mordeo's concept because after some circumstances you become some miniature monster of the real monster itself or a manifestation of it similar to mordeo's case)

  8. That's the girl who lost her arm to the monster in the closet in the woods what is it called the brute or some

  9. Wow messed up his little sister turned into a monster by touching this purple stuff and bcuz she seen her mom in the water she paid the price of being a monster. Its sad but cool at the same time ?? me i would have never touched it. I think that when an much older monster dies they turn into purple goo and a living human needs to touch so that monster can be reborn even though ur a monster u still have ur human memories

  10. lmao rip to whoever went out into that swamp to pretend to eat some dude when Lexi first talks abt the monster

  11. Why is it that whenever I watch a creature feature now after I've read and played the Witcher series, all I want is a Witcher to come in and take care of the whole mess

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