We Try Escaping A Killer Like In “Halloween”

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[Music] horrified if you don’t hit me you’re dead alright guess the next movie we’re doing this is the theme song you ready okay it’s not a hundred percent correct but do you know what that is I have no clue what you’re doing it’s the iconic 1970s film Halloween oh I like that movie Danny Curtis is like cool team babysitter fashions seventies pants in case like you haven’t seen this iconic film which you should in Illinois in this town which I can’t remember there’s a little boy okay and he’s all like I’m gonna find a costume murder my teen sister there’s no real explanation to why that’s happening but then they like take him to a mental hospital and then he’s just there for know for like a long time so then this guy who was like a child killer as in he was a child killing people steals a car and then is like I’m gonna go back to the town and I’m from kill more people and kill more peeps so then they’re like in this little Illinois town all these girls like they don’t have plans I don’t know why it’s not explained why they’re not going out on Halloween anyway let’s get right into the scene that I am most interested in personally film has been building up to this iconic moment right people are dying left and right and up and down and like different ways strangling stabbing whatever so Laurie she’s trying to escape Michael Myers at this point okay and she’s off she’s that’s exactly what she sounds like in a movie too and then she’s like oh my god oh my god I’ve nowhere to escape where am I gonna go closet you should have just like jumped out a window or something maybe that’s not safe I don’t know he’s in the closet she ties it up and she’s all like all right I thought I tricked him maybe he won’t come in here clearly Michael Myers finds her because she’s all there’s someone in there I can hear you guys like cuz he didn’t talk it’s kind of say so he’s like punches through the frickin closet he’s like and then what’s the first thing he does he turns the light bomb he’s awful she like reaches up and then she’s like grab as a wire hanger and then she’s like I’m gonna fashion a shiv out of this and she’s off she’s like making it into a straight wire and then as he’s coming in there with his frickin night she’s like wink hooks him in the eye and then he’s all whoa that’s really dangerous how do you even unfurl a wire hanger that quickly and like make it into an actual ship I don’t know but clearly we have to find out let’s do it let’s stab each other in the eye which one you like oh my god we’re in a closet okay we’re in the 70s yank about this okay we have like gross outfits and like old man shoes this is what we have to do in the scene she has 13 seconds to unfurl to make a little Shiv and then poke him directly in the eye that is so sick when the michael myers person is coming in it’s a punch to this thingy and this is like real wood if you freaking break through this thing you have like wood shard flying at your balls that’s true unfurling the hangar is gonna be really hard I don’t really know if you can do it in 13 seconds I think that you might cut yourself you might actually stab me in the eyeball is not the point I’m supposed to stab you I know but if you like actually stab me in the eyeball that’s the point do we have any protection just in case okay this is what we’re doing for Michael Myers get up we’re just like getting hockey stuff we’re gonna get the legit license Michael Myers Matt but what we’re gonna do is we literally put a piece off the pass underneath the Halloween mask so no penetration oh I’m sorry so the way that we can find out if this is truly bogus or not is by putting some blood capsules near the eyeballs so then when we stab it and the blood starts pouring you killed it literally what do you think about it if you don’t hit me within 13 seconds you’re dead like actually dead then like the movie would have been over yeah so how do we decide who will be Michael Myers so you can be Michael Myers okay also I really want to see you in a hockey outfit be ready to get some blood all over your face I’m gonna freakin go for it are you ready to prep your nails with those wire hangers oh my god that was start I’m so so rude sorry what [Music] oh my god oh my god this is horrifying I don’t think this is working no no she can’t get through no all right well something else yeah all right salami still there yeah great because we replace the actual closet door with a styrofoam one oh cool excited to punch through it yeah right whenever you’re ready okay cool be careful and stuff okay um oh my god oh no oh sorry you didn’t kill me in time Wow good thing my likes square hanger really helps me in the situation the first time I was unprepared for how hard it was to unfurl ahangar oh I think what I need to do it’s like really pop up a lot quicker at the undo it even faster this time all right you ready Salaam yeah let’s do it all right I never went so hard at someone’s face before I’m so sorry all right I got close but I still didn’t get your a bow yeah dude you’re you’re screwed up I would’ve been dead now twice I know right I really have to be better at the stabbing I believe in you dude you can you can totally kill me okay this is my knife oh my god I’m like this is me letting you know that I believe in you thank you so much for your bloody knife support okay ready yeah one two [Music] are you excited we did it we did it I didn’t die I’m really proud of you oh my god I’m sorry what that night you should celebrate but without the knife okay come here I’m so proud of you I will say that it’s not every day that I’m like taking apart hangers to stab people the fact that I could that quickly is shocking to also tough these blood capsules are thick making a wire hanger into a weapon in 13 seconds now focus oh wow that’s creepy actually I think I fell this is a little bit much I think okay can we stop I’m gonna walk okay stop stop it [Music] [Music]

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