Wes Anderson Horror Trailer – SNL

Wes Anderson Horror Trailer – SNL

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[cheers and applause] [spooky music] – In theaters this Halloween… [screeching] Comes a new vision of horror
like you’ve never seen before. From the twisted mind… of Wes Anderson… [upbeat music] It’s “The Midnight Coterie
of Sinister Intruders,” starring Owen Wilson
as a man in danger. – Wow.
What the heck? There’s a bunch of crazy
people standing in our yard. Hey, hon, I think we’re
about to get murdered. – And his terrified wife,
Gwyneth Paltrow. – You don’t say. – Yeah, look at ’em all! There’s a guy
with a meat cleaver and an old record player. One’s carrying a falcon. There are twins in
matching track suits. Hey, look at that. Why, that’s Danny Glover. – Hello. – A tale of handmade horror. [fast violin music] – Hey, they’ve sent us
some kind of communiqué! – “Dear Homeowner… “Can we kill you? The Murderers.” – “Dear Murderers, “No you may not! The Homeowner.” Hey, kids, come on, let’s
go to the panic room! – We have to protect
ourselves, or we’ll die. – Quick, let’s gather
all our weapons. – Darn. – We should’ve left sooner. – With Tilda Swinton
as the town constable. [knock at door]
– Hey, wow. We’re saved. – Who here are the murderers? I see. – “The New York Times”
calls it, “You Had Me at Wes Anderson.” And “Fangoria” magazine
says, “Da Fuh?” And Alec Baldwin
as the Narrator. [thunder booms] [bicycle bell rings]


  1. Edward Norton’s impression of Owen Wilson is amazing! Especially since both have worked with Wes Anderson many times!

  2. That would be interesting if Wes Anderson directed a horror movie. Also SNL did a fantastic job of capturing a Wes Anderson’s style of his films, it was spot on and man Edward Norton being Owen Wilson lmao

  3. I'm actually optimistic about the idea that Wes Anderson is quirky enough to adopt a parody of his own film-making and make it a real movie.

  4. fast forward to now…Jordan Peele won an Oscar for "Get Out"…so, hopefully, someday soon we can get a real horror film by Wes Anderson…

  5. I watched 20 SNL skits today but I never laughed as hard as hearing Edward Norton saying YARD like Owen Wilson :)))))))))))))

  6. Why is it that SNL’s fake movie trailers look better than 97% of actual movies being released. I genuinely want to see this now ?

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