1. what the hell did that guy say? i didnt know it was a such thing as a honerable way to kill something living…we dont shoot dear in the face cause it will damage its look when we put it up as a trophy so we shoot it in the body so i can lie there for a few minutes and suffer or it will run a short while befor it calapse the suffer a few minutes… but thats an honerable way to take down a dear….people are stupid..

  2. i would have shot them both with my rifle and took video while doing it…they were there for the taking..wth was these guys thinking.. ohh wait they wanted to be honerable hunters.. well i hunt for the meat not the dammmm sport

  3. Deer stuck in my dad's junk property. I try to help deer to go free. Coyote. Turkey. Rabbit. Drive me crazy. Bat in the barn.

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