1. I suspect I speak for most of the internet when I say that I would kill to be in a shadowrun game run by Mike Rugnetta 

    In lieu of running a million participant shadowrun game, you should consider making a roleplaying podcast. Like Nerd Poker except better. 

  2. I believe that the difference between horror movies and news networks is related to an argument that I always make : Being scared Vs Being shocked/surprised. The difference really is that horror movies supply not only the tried-and-true ''jump scare'' but also a supportive atmosphere to get the viewer into the mood. On the other hand, news networks provide only the 'big surprise' without any sort of build-up or suspense.

    It's like when your sibling jumps out at you to scare you in your house : When they say ''Ha Ha, I scared you'', you're not actually properly scared, you were just surprised because you weren't expecting that. It is the same argument that I make with 'Five Nights at Freddy's'. Five nights at Freddy's is one of the few games that I would truly call a ''Horror'' game because it builds up an atmosphere as well as the jump scare if you fail: The constant threat of failure is always there, and the jump scare merely serves as a tool to deliver the fear with one final push.

    On the other hand, 'Outlast' (keep in mind I haven't played either of these games) seems to rely entirely on the jump scares to ''frighten'' you. Really though, you are just being surprised by something you didn't expect. The fear dissipates a few minutes after the scare happens, similar to cable news stories: You don't lie in bed scared at night after seeing a story about Ebola or ISIS. However, I would call the feeling of fear from horror movies and atmospheric games like 'Five Nights at Freddy's' ''true horror'' because the feeling of fear stays with the viewer/player long after the experience is over.

    Although, I don't really play horror games or watch horror movies, so I don't really know first hand.

  3. I agree that watching horror often occurs in a social setting although most of my movie and TV show viewing and even gaming whether horror or not is connected to being social. It isn't often when I watch a movie by myself by my lonesome. But what then is to be said of horror books? With the exception of actually telling or reading scary stories which may be one of the oldest forms forms of horror enjoyed by humans (I don't know I wasn't there when the first horror story was told),
    there are plenty of people who enjoy reading and experiencing horror by the lamp of their single personal bed lamp.

    While there can still be a socializing element when you get together with other fans of that horrific work if art, I think there is an element satisfaction from experiencing a horrific story that happens without social interference.

    I think that in there is an aspect to experiencing a scary story … ah it makes us stronger maybe? Maybe some take satisfaction in saying, "Well i would do a lot better in that situation or have avoided it entirely."

    Or maybe it overshadows the other problems we face every day and makes these quotidian horrors more bearable?

    I don't know for sure but I believe there is an element to experiencing horror that we are innately drawn to not just for the social aspect, but for our own personal edification.

  4. I really don't agree that story isn't important to Gameplay. That seems dumb to me. It's like saying a movie is JUST about the visuals. Sure, visuals are probably the most important things to a film, but most great films combine that with great audio, scriptwriting, acting etcetera. 

  5. you make a wonderful point, and i totally agree with you. However, you fail to got the distance: if cable news netwtorks function like horror movies, what are the implications? what is the proper response? do we wish to see the ourselves thrown into a "New York World" type of sensationalism that focuses on stories that entertain terrify? What if "horror proper" is being treated like entertainment? While we sensationalize Ebola and school shootings, they are indeed beyond our control and horrifying. the true horror is that the audience of cable news networks can afford to feel the security and entertainment a horror movie provides when hearing about horror proper. there's a scary Halloween thought!

  6. Hello, I am here to tell a story of me using one of those fallacy videos and how nothing worked. It started with a discussion about tape measures and how I like the kind that counted in inches(12,13,14 etc) and not the kind that counted in feet (11, 1 foot, 1 ,2 ,3 etc) because if was easier to measure things with. Instead i was told that i was bad at math and I knew nothing about tape measures. So i sent them the The Ad Hominem Fallacy video. Instead of watching the video they just told me I was wrong and that if you look hard enough you can find anything on the internet. Gosh do I strongly dislike my parents (cause no one believes you if you say you hate somebody).

  7. i have comment once on a video and you SIR made me to commant again. 

    This "Chrismas-Deco-Halloween" joke cracked me up XD

  8. Oh my goodness, House of Leaves flashed up on the screen for an instant. Since you brought it up, IdeaChannel, please, please do an episode on House of Leaves. I don't care what it's about anymore; I've been waiting for a House of Leaves episode for quite some time. In the past, I thought you could do an episode on the audience's role in certain media, the nature of meta-narrative, or the relevancy of literary criticism, but I've waited too long to be picky. Please do a House of Leaves episode, and make it about whatever you want.

  9. Man, I would love to use your videos in class. I teach English in junior high school in Japan. I try to teach them about foreign culture. But unfortunately your language is too difficult for them. I would like to use vsauce but the same issue. I sometimes use vsauce 2 mind blow and lut. those are a little easier. Buzzfeed works pretty well in esl. As u may know language, culture and humor are intertwined. Things we Americans laugh at sometimes dont translate, and vice versa. Japanese version of spongebob often have completely different jokes because culturally grounded joke directly translated makes no sense to those whove not experienced the aspects involved. took me a while before i could laugh at japanese humor.

  10. I teach an upper division undergraduate course on Gender and Education and have considered showing your video about Bronies when we have our discussion about masculinity (we also read articles like Kimmel's "Masculinity as Homophobia" and an analysis of Butler).  I find that showing videos in class helps students connect the concepts from their readings to the actual real-world applications.

  11. Assuming the whole idea about Horror movies being social is correct, isn't weird that horror games are usually recommended to be played Alone in the Dark(Pun very much intended). It just kinda weird that the social aspect wouldn't care over to games as well.

    Also I find horror games actually scary. Most horror movie I can't suspend my belief to actually get scared(sure I get startled sometimes, but I don't feel anticipation up to that point and after it passes it passes.). But with games I can, or rather with games it plays of actually fears I have. I like the bad tank controls of Survival Horror in the 90's, plays in to my very real fear of trying to escape something but not being able to because my legs decide to stop working.

  12. I wouldn't call Cable news Horror News but more of a Action News. So much of editing is trying to make something out of nothing in so many cases. The Host will say something and the music starts in the background in a subliminal way and leads in to the action happening on the streets or someplace. The host gives exposition while the person on the other side goes in to action mode vis-a-vis trying to show how horrible the place/event is and how it is difficult to get out of here. Think about it! these are fundamentals of building Action. Explain a problem. Show the problem. Then show a person suffering from the problem and trying to get out of it. As a return you get viewers to empathize/sympathize and grab the attention of the viewer so that he does not change the channel. And, don't forget the dramatic/emotional music.

  13. I love watching horror movies with friends, but I watch horror movies all the time often by myself. In fact a different way that it becomes social is the sharing of horror DVDs. I was an officer in my college horror film club, and so, had a lot of friends who were horror junkies as well. So we were always borrowing and lending DVDs to each other and then fangirling about them together when we would watch them. So its not always about watching it together, but sharing the experience when we got something really cool.

  14. Many prolific viewers of horror movies watch them to celebrate violence, not to get scared silly.  Violence in the news isn't gratuitous.  What they do is far more frightening.  News broadcasts sterilize real human atrocity and then sensationalize it. 

    Gore-fests don't frighten me, but a cold faced news anchor with a big grin switching from the topic of a local flower show to a brutal killing without skipping a beat scares me to death.

  15. I was going to suppose the common ground with both arenas is the maximum exploitation of their viewers' fears and a proposed loss of security based on a ludicrous fiction. As someone else pointed out, horror movies can go further down the visceral/gory path than cable news because horror movie audiences are paying permission, whereas cable news is ubiquitous and thus should be more mindful of variable sensibilities. I suppose watching in groups helps in both cases; watching horror movies with friends gives you the subtle reassurance that no matter what is taking place, there's safety in numbers and simultaneously a subtle reminder that others are present, so you can't freak out as completely as you might alone. With cable news, the group viewing can either reinforce or deflect the horror presented. Although a vocal advocate of the cable news' presentation might feel spouting off to a group is more rewarding than shouting at a TV alone.

  16. I think it's important to note that most horror movies have themes that give hope to the audience in the end, something that keeps you invested in the characters you're watching to keep the violence from feeling meaningless. News networks commonly pick stories that are relatable to their target demographic, or will follow up the stories involving real horror with something that's lighthearted despite whatever else they have to cover for that day (politics or mainstream media stories typically).

  17. Here's an idea:  Organize your playlists so they play in chronological order.  I enjoy the response segments at the end of shows, but I'm usually watching at work, and am just letting the playlist do its job to "play all."  Therefore I hear the responses before I watch the video the responses are for.

    I could manually reverse the order of the videos by clicking on them, but that defeats half the reason of a playlist (the other half being that they're conveniently grouped together for me.  Thank you for that!)

    It would take some effort on your part, but I can't imagine much.

  18. Hi Idea Channel, letting you know we watch your videos in class!
    I recommended to my Contextual Studies teacher that we watch the IKEA video as part of our study of the IKEA experience and to use as a reference in our ethical essays this semester, and he actually decided to use it. It was pretty spooky.
    (This was in Melbourne Australia, as part of a Graphic Design course)

  19. Terrified?  No, dude.  I'm an English teacher, and I use your videos in class on several occasions. 

    My AP 11th graders will watch: Logical Fallacies (for our argumentative writing unit)
    Does Fiction Exist (ft. Harry Potter),  Are Cell Phones Replacing Reality (for our unit on Modernism)
    Currently trying to work Is Call of Duty a Moral Choice video into some lessons as well, probably for all of my classes, not just the nerds. 

    So, your life's ambition as been realized:  your YouTube vids are being shown in a county high school in Mississippi.  Woot.  Woot? 

  20. Interesting video! Now, I'm not the kind of person to enjoy horror movies, partly because I hate being scared and partly because I'm spiritual sensitive so watching horrors makes me feel "weird". What strikes me though from listening to my my horror-loving friends is the fact that horror movies seem to rely heavily on the super natural to create a sense of fear. Quite unrealistic settings. If feels like people forget that the scariest thing is other people.
    There are a lot of ways to create suspense using other elements than supernatural, disease or serial killers. By simply using the human psyche. What if someone created a story where the protagonist seemed crazy? A disorder or a syndrome that makes them interact with the world in different way then usual. But the creator wouldn't let the audience KNOW the protagonist has this disorder or syndrome. Making the audience accept the protagonists reality and slowly unravelling it, making the audience question what's reality and what's hallucinations. Made the right way, that could be really, really creepy.

  21. Dear Mike, you and all the good hard working people behind the scenes of Idea Channel do a fantastic job of providing thought provoking discussion material – this is exactly what educators should do, you should be proud that you've made it into probably more classrooms that you've imagined 🙂 I hope you learn interesting things about how our (I figured since we're always engaged in conversation the ideas shown are not just yours, but ours) ideas are being used in the classroom.

  22. I love horror movies, but I've never seen one that actually scared me. The first adult-rated movie I saw at 16 was The Exorcist and that was only mildly creepy in places. I cannot understand why people get seriously scared at just watching a movie.

  23. Hey Mike, do a video on American Exceptionalism and how it is relevant today. I got this idea while replaying Bioshock Infinite

  24. Seeing as you mentioned that picture of students watching one of your videos in class, what's your opinion on cellphones in the classroom?

  25. I enjoy horror movies with others and don't scare easily…usually because I like when the people I'm watching it with get scared and I don't. Guess it's the "superiority" thing (as much as I sound like a douche for saying that haha)

    I think part of the "horror" aspect of the news is that it reinforces societal values and a sense of togetherness. You know the "pulse" of a society when we show collective horror or trauma over something. And I really think people value that feeling of reinforcement and togetherness.

    Also, I feel like fear is such a powerful emotion, and it's so easy to illicit, that for the 24 hour news junkies out there, it's almost familiar. So familiar that it's comforting, as in, why show anything nuanced when you can stick to the discourse that the world is scary, crazy and is only getting worse. For a lot of people (especially the elderly, who let's face it, make up probably the largest portion of the audience) it's a reinforcement of a message they've already bought into.

  26. Mikes eyes scare me. I don't know if it's the contrast of a dark~ish room and a bright screen, the resolution, or something else, but they just seem like dark pits of nothing. So deep.

  27. I am taking a college level political science course in my high school and we were studying argumentative fallacies. My class had to take a test on the fallacies provided in our text books and some others that were not mentioned (and required extensive amounts of Wikipedia exploring). Thanks to your impeccable timing with the publishing of this set of videos, I easily passed my test (I actually forwarded these videos to my professor). I knew watching idea channel would be a good life choice sooner or later. I really enjoy your videos and aim to think with a greater perspective on life as you do so well in each of your videos. Thanks for letting me watch, and for producing a great outlet for higher thinking.

  28. I've often thought that the horror genre can bring a sense of security and safety. The terror lasts the length of the movie and in the movie 'afterglow' but after that, we feel safe because the terrible things didn't happen to us, we're still alive, free, etc. I think we are drawn to the macabre in the same way we are drawn to things like fail videos – it's happening to someone else, not us, therefore we are safe. We aren't the ones being embarrassed or killed.
    On the cable news side, while some of it like elections, wars, and other world-effecting events are fairly important, the rest is just a more reaching form of gossip. We love gossip. We do it at work, among friends, on the internet and news does it on television. Whether it's someone we know or a celebrity we love to hear about how they have failed, tripped up, or just fallen on their symbolic face. It's not happening to us so it's funny. We do the appropriate gasps of horror and shock, the "Oh my goodness" or what-have-you, and then go on with our lives secretly being grateful it's not us.
    The horror genre in my opinion is to shock, terrify and scare, and then leave you with a sense of "glad it wasn't me".

  29. I'm British and used to the bbc news so when I was in America for a bit and watched American news for the first time I was very confused. I tried to find the "real" news channel where there wasn't a feel of reality tv thrown in, the presenters were so openly biased and rude to the guests and events weren't dramatised … but then the advert with the declaration that they were the largest news broadcaster in america came on. I think that there is a definite connection between your news and entertainment but it reminded me more of your reality tele which you seem to be obsessed with based on the volume of it out there rather than horror.  

  30. So are you not even going to adress questions about the fallacies in a video? I mean, i thought that was what Idea Channel was all about. I know it was a different format but still, it's not like there's nothing to talk about. And you threw in the GamerGate thing in the end, what was that for? I mean you know that people are going to react to that but do you really want to avoid the discussion and the controversy? I think it's a real shame, this channel is supposed to be all about discussing all sorts of (possibly controversial) ideas and here you just throw out your allegiance but give no place for discussion? Don't you trust your audience to make a coherent argument, are you afraid of trolls? I'm sorry to say but I'm really dissapointed, normally I quite like idea channel, the things you discuss and the insights.

  31. I should stress that the amount of fear in the news you are refering to is pretty typical to the USA. Here in Québec I feel the news are generally more designed to piss us off (no matter if it is legit or not)…

    To answer your question, I would say, yes, news and horror films share some similarities, however, they do not aim at the very same type of fear, in my opinion. Horror  films are generally more about startling of making you jump, disgust you or make you uneasy; however, the feelings are over as soon as the movie is. News tend to make you feel sorrowful and anxious as long and as often as they can. Just watch the panic when there had been bird flu, swine flu. Ebola does the same right now. There actually are studies showing just how depressed and stressed people who watch continuous news channels are. In some case you can feel under greater stress than the people to whom the event is actually happening:


  32. So I know this channel has stated before that ideas may lie on the liberal side. But this was a perfect chance to present ideas in a non biased way, I mean both sides of the political spectrum have issues they feel are important and will embellish to accomplish goals. As always you brought up the three most conservative news sources to prove your point. Why not show msnbc airing a story about school shootings, when most of the killers have made clear they only did it cuz they knew the entire nation would see it. Or talk about the fact that liberal news sources talk about how women can't even walk around town without worrying about getting kidnapped and raped, even though this accounts to (well the figures are hard to find but estimates are if you include inmates ~ men are raped as much as women annually, and most of those rapes are with intamite partners friends or family). IDK, you decide, but I feel like showing an issue that could likely kill 70-80 thousand people next year (ebola) and call them sensationalist and not talk about the other side of the coin is egregiously biased.

  33. Ever play Silent Hill? I played that alone in the dark around midnight years and I feel scared just thinking about it.

  34. I've never drawn a correlation between the two, but those are two forms of media (horror movies and news programs) that I refuse to consume, and now that I think of it, for similar reasons.

  35. When we were descussing performative biographies in our Danish class (I'm from Denmark, and the class teaches on the subjects of Danish art, literature, films and media) I made a point related to your "Does Fiction Exist?" video and linked my class to it. I'm also going to recommend the fallacy video in my Rhetorics class when our teacher starts teaching argumentation. The videos are all relevant for a number of classes (and a bit more interesting than the normal curriculum)

  36. Dango is pronounced like "Dawn-go" (basically). It's Japanese for "dumpling". Dangos are especially well-known from the anime Clannad.
    Just thought I'd clear that one up.

  37. What about videogames? Most horror videogames are better played alone since isolation is part of the experience, for example in Alien Isolation, Metroid, Castlevania, RE and Dead Space, the solitude is a key factor of the gameplay and level design. When franchises like RE and Dead Space go for co op they lose all the horror elementa.

  38. so…that's why I don't like the news… the same way I don't like horror films! makes me uneasy, so I don't watch it. call me ignorant, I know enough of what's out there. Thank you, News, for making me feel stressful every minute.

  39. This idea is really bright: it brings great insights about social dynamics. Especially, about consumptions of information by social groups, including reasons, why people unite in groups to consume information. Fascinating.

  40. Has anyone seen the Youtube ad for Far Cry 4 describing one of the machine guns? I swear the voice sounds exactly like Mike towards the end

  41. Maybe we are attracted by horror movies because it's part of our nature, I mean like they said "the curiosity killed the cat" we are curious by nature if not we would still probably be living on caverns, Horror or the horror genre as you mentioned could be part of something we don't know and as our nature acts we are curious to know what happens, like on the movie "signs" the aline had like two seconds showing on screen still we were impulsed to try to see it, to try to look behind the door to watch it even if that could mean something bad. As for news its the same they put violence and bad things because as we are curious and we have never had that experience before that's something we want to see, this could apply to everything, from people that like gore to people that stop when a accident happens to really simply do nothing but watch, maybe we are curious by nature and something pushes us to see, watch or ear everything we don't know even if that could be bad for us.

  42. I agree that their is a deer in the headlights/fascination with the horrific common to both news and horror movies but at the same time, I'm a lifelong fan of horror, extending beyond movies and into everything from haunted houses around Halloween to studying serial killers to horror themed music and I don't like cable news shockutainment. It isn't just that I see it as fear mongering that tries to pass over-blown danger as actual education, I don't find it appealing in the ways I find horror or serial killers appealing. When you look at the audience for serial killers they'll talk about how fascinating they find the killers and those that enjoy Haunted Houses will describe it as good, scary fun. In other words neither group sees the horror that enamors them as truly serious. Do the people following the news see it as entertaining fun at the end of the day or do they see themselves as keeping up with truly serious business? Since I'm not part of the cable news audience I don't know.

    Maybe it's just me. In the lyrics of Weird Al Yankorvic

    "If you like the six o'clock news than you'll love NATURE TRAIL TO HELL!" – Nature Trail To Hell

  43. No. Horror Movies scare or interest me. News just depresses me and makes me want to stop reading or watching the news. :I

  44. You talk about how people watch movies with other people to know something for certain in the uncertainty of the movie. I think that it might also be a measure with which people remove themselves from immersion into the film experience. We try and get surround sound and shun talking and sit in dark rooms for many video games, TV shows, and other types of movies. Significantly less so in the horror genre, I feel. Sitting there with your friends watching these movies is a way to remind oneself that danger is not actually imminent, that this is a movie on a screen and these people cannot really come kill you. You get too scared about it, and then there is your friend sitting (relatively) calmly right next to you, and it gives you a frame of reference that you can't have by yourself. Maintaining that stronger fourth wall by keeping friends around to prevent that full immersive experience I think is a strong factor in why people watch horror films in groups.

  45. This is exactly how I felt as Ebola was breaking out in Dallas and Spain.  A weird sense of uneasy excitement over how it would end, very much like when watching a horror or disaster movie. 

  46. I couldn't disagree more about games that have good stories and bad gameplay being bad games. I have finished games that were nearly broken because I wanted to see how the story ended, and I've dropped games there were otherwise fine because they got a bit too hard, and I wasn't invested in the story.

  47. This comment does not belong

    Once i fell half way in one of grates on the roads and now i kind of have a magnetic fear to them

  48. I disagree that a game with poor mechanics but great story can't be as good as the opposite. Look at the walking dead or any of telltales games. Mechanically (controlling your character, the camera, etc), it feels poor for over a decade ago, yet the walking dead is considered by many to be a masterful game.

    I would also make the same argument for Bioshock Infinite. I would find it very difficult to make a great argument for it being mechanically compelling game. Sure, plasmids are cool, but the shooting feels second rate in a AAA industry saturated with amazing shooting mechanics where that is the core of the game (COD, etc).

    Why people (a lot of people) LOVE that game, is its amazing story. Period. While the mechanics were stronger in my opinion in the original Bioshock, almost no one would go back and play that now if it weren't for the amazing "would you kindly" moments. I think the same will be true for Infinite even 3 years from now.

    I definitely agree with "porque no los dos" when it comes to mechanics and story helping each other out, but the simple fact is that mechanics feel old a few years later (go back any play almost any shooter made 10 years ago vs even a modest modern AAA effort) but a great story is timeless. You go back and play KOTOR one more time not for the now very dated RPG elements, but to see the foreshadowing to the great plot twist. You go back and play Mass Effect I and II not for the great shooting mechanics or how good it feels to drive the macco, but because you want to remember how fun it was meeting Garrus for the first time.

    I guess all I'm trying to say is that if we are striving to create art — and I don't know many people who genuinely love and explore games that don't at least want the medium to progress in that way — then we need to think about how a game will age, and how timeless a great story truly is.

  49. 1 in 10 men is a psychopath and 1 in 10 men enjoys horror movies and rollercoasters. I wonder if there is a correlation between not having many feelings and enjoying the adrenaline rush. 

  50. It's not "Nohl", it's "No-ehl" when you have those two dots over the E. My last name is spelled exactly the same, and pronounced as such. Sorry, pet peeve of mine. .

  51. Yeah, I had a real problem GMing a fallout game in which I wanted to give my players agency, but most of them were happy milling around instead of progressing.

  52. The first time I heard the terms fluff and cruch had to do with warhammer 40k because the fluff rarely matches the crunch.

  53. So Mike (and other Idea Channel watchers), I hate horror movies. Can't stand em'. Not for any critical reason but because they terrify me, which is the point but I suppose but horror movies scare me beyond the point of facination or enjoyment. However, I full caps ADORE horror books and video games, as well as macabra art. Truth be told they scare me just as much as the movies (If not more so) but I willingly eat it up, it's and enjoyable kind fear. I was thinking about it while watching this video and realised it might have something to do with hope. Horror movies usually end… well badly, most of the cast is dead and PLOT TWIST the killer is still alive! But while playing a game I have a sense that I can change things, that I can save poor Miles or Daniel or whomever depending on how well I play. This doesn't explain why I still love horror books (Considering theyre just read instead of watched and I can't change a thing) but still… interesting. Just wanted to know if any of you guys felt the same way or had any more insight into media specific enjoyment! 

  54. Idk how often you go back and read comments, but we talked briefly about your video on the relationship between surveillance and reality tv in class while reading Foucault's "Panopticism." The class was an introduction to postmodernism in the context of challenges to capitalism.

  55. News should inform the public instead of trying to scare people into higher ratings for themselves. 24 hrs of exaggerated complaints and finger pointing based almost entirely off of opinions is not serving the public good but rather the company profit margin. 
    As long as people continue to watch such things, they'll keep making it. It's a shame.

  56. since I was a child horror has not scared me, however I love horror films and watching others respond to them with terror.

  57. I always knew there was a connection between my dislike of horror movies and my dislike of the cable news. I would love to get news that isn't specifically designed to scare the crap out of me….

  58. I think that the quality of a video game is more dependent on how story and game play get along. sure i can enjoy a bad story line if the mechanics are immaculate, but that will never be a top tier game. 

  59. Champion's of Norrath had great mechanics, but it doesn't need a story to work (the loose narrative was more than enough). I STILL plug in my Playstation 2 to play it. I do agree with the concept of timing mechanic, though and wish this applied to more games. Works in tabletop games, too.

    Starting in on tabletop roleplaying fluff vs. crunch or story vs. mechanics can cause arguments that last literal years. My opinion? Play with people who enjoy the same kind of fun as you. If you like to roll dice for everything, that's cool, but I don't and I always let players know that before they join my games.  

  60. I had to watch this for my film studies class in relation to Nightcrawler, and honestly I kind of understand the movie a bit better because of this video.

  61. I think a good example for why cable news and even radio stations are inherently social is how when something is happening on the news that's really important to the city you live in, you may call them and tell them to watch the news. I think that this paradigm clearly illustrates the "strength in numbers" philosophy that you spoke about, and how integral it is to news as a whole.

  62. I watch horror movies, and play horror games a lot on my own. Even though  agree with a lot of what has been said, he doesn't really shed light on why you would want to experience horror on your own.

  63. Wait….so are you related to Mike from v sauce lol!? cause you guys sound like you could be brothers lol or at least cousins

  64. I think that the facination with horror is caused by the lust for stimulating certain fealings without any risk or harm to self.

  65. Eye on the TV
    'cause tragedy thrills me
    Whatever flavour
    It happens to be like;
    Killed by the husband
    Drowned by the ocean
    Shot by his own son
    She used the poison in his tea
    And kissed him goodbye
    That's my kind of story
    It's no fun 'til someone dies

    Don't look at me like
    I am a monster
    Frown out your one face
    But with the other
    Stare like a junkie
    Into the TV
    Stare like a zombie
    While the mother
    Holds her child
    Watches him die
    Hands to the sky crying
    Why, oh why?
    'cause I need to watch things die
    From a distance

    Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
    You all need it too, don't lie

    Why can't we just admit it?
    Why can't we just admit it?

    We won't give pause until the blood is flowing
    Neither the brave nor bold
    The writers of stories sold
    We won't give pause until the blood is flowing

    I need to watch things die
    From a good safe distance

    Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
    You all feel the same so
    Why can't we just admit it?

    Blood like rain come down
    Drawn on grave and ground

    Part vampire
    Part warrior
    Carnivore and voyeur
    Stare at the transmittal
    Sing to the death rattle

    La, la, la, la, la, la, la-lie

    Credulous at best, your desire to believe in angels in the hearts of men.
    Pull your head on out your hippy haze and give a listen.
    Shouldn't have to say it all again.
    The universe is hostile. so Impersonal. devour to survive.
    So it is. So it's always been.

    We all feed on tragedy
    It's like blood to a vampire

    Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
    Much better you than I

  66. I can't believe that we've not mentioned Silent Hill (and certain other horror games) and immersive video gaming yet in this OR the previous episode. If nothing else, the book The Terror Engine (https://www.amazon.com/Silent-Hill-Terror-Engine-Landmark/dp/0472051628) is a fantastic exploration of narrative, pacing, and mechanics harmoniously make certain demands of the player to determine the effect that playing Silent Hill has on the player. I know, late comment is late, but I'll catch up one day.

  67. If cable news didn't falsely inflame and misinform, I bet gun control advocates would just disappear into obscurity.

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