Where Blood Lies (a short horror film)

Where Blood Lies (a short horror film)

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(man crying) Please, don’t kill me I know nothing, I’m not from this village Bitte! I’m only passing through, I’m a merchant I’m not like these people. They’re blasphemers, whores, devil worshippers! They’re bad people, but me I’m Christian Please I don’t know about the creatures! How about you? Are you from here? Are you native? Where is the vampire? Please, I don’t know Just tell me I don’t know you disappoint me Please no! No… stop I will tell you speak spare their lives and I will tell you everything you where it is. oh my friend words are very cheap in this land you are going to bring us to it and you are going to help us capture it or I an assure you everyone in your village will die a painful death do you understand? these are evil monsters with strength of gods that’s exactly why we want to find them watch out! there! I saw something when sun shines, it sleeps we should hurry tell me something, Hunter How is it you know so much about these creatures? they attacked my village killed my wife only daughter and me survive how old is she? she’s ten but she’s not good. very ill we will make sure that you and your daughter are well taken care of we are almost there come we’ll be awarded the silver medal from the Fuhrer I just want this war to be over with Dr. Mengele’s breed of supersoldiers we can win the war, kill all the bolsheviks and hang that pig Stalin The Fuhrer has made many broken promises don’t say that I’ve heard the stories coming from the east our forces are getting slaughtered I don’t believe that somethings are easier to believe. there it is. according to our research, a bullet through the head works fine I am old fashioned. after you. open it. you swine! now… Emelia Emelia its me, it’s your papa drink my dear, drink i will come back, with more for you, more of them my little girl my sweet little girl


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  2. Those German helmets look distorted almost like they are British police helmets. Even the actors don't look German. Also Germans were clean shaven in WW2 with the exception of U-boat personnel. Short film FAIL!

  3. It looks like a Hollywood movie….. Nazis shooting innocent people in the first minute…..
    Can’t get more Hollywood than that……..

  4. Ah, you use some retro lens here, looks like russian lenses? The Look is very suitable. Wich camera u use?
    Btw. the german sounds like shit 😉 but the Film is nice

  5. I like occult themes, i like nazi themes, thanks to Heinrich Himmler that he was crazy and was creating some kind of historical topic to make this feels "realistic". Beside the fact that some Romanians in rural regions still believe in those things like vampires and ghosts. The acting is really good, but I dont like the fact that they was talking english. Some time you are hearing some German, but the leader was always talking english… Even with the Romanian hunter… Feels wrong. Work better with subtitles next time. Because I hope you will do a second part! I would appreciate it! Great work overall!

  6. Fantastic short to watch, the acting, the scenery, the music and a bit of suspense were all there.
    Thankyou for making it.

  7. The atrocities performed on Eastern Europe's vampires is an often overlooked crime committed by the Nazis.
    Never forget.

  8. Only gripe about this film is that the soldiers are Wehrmacht not SS. But that’s just the annoying history buff side of me.

  9. A full length movie might stretch the premise too much. This, as a short, is well night perfect – M R James would have loved it. I feel sorry for the two young squaddies! Of course the officer cuts and runs, leaving them to their fate. Its what you would expect!

  10. If all the vamps got united they would have defeated the Nazis in one night..

    Careful with Hitler coz he got the spear of Longinus

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